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15 Restaurants with Beautiful Murals that will Leave You Speechless

Art appreciation <3 What makes your dining experience memorable? Good food and good service, ofcourse! But, let’s not forget, the interiors and look of the restaurant also play a big role. We get fascinated if the place is Instagrammable with beautiful graffiti art murals. Let’s now appreciate these art murals made by local artists with […]

15 Drool-Worthy Buy 1 Get 1 Treats Best Shared with Family

The family that lamons together, stays together! The holiday season is here (for Filipino families, at least), and what better way to celebrate it than with discounts and deals? With Booky, you can instantly enjoy up to P500 off your restaurant bill or even share exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 meals and deals at over 800 restaurants in the Metro. […]

10 Affordable Spots at Robinsons Magnolia with Meals as Low as ?59!

Pizza, burgers, kare-kare, and more! We’re all fond of eating out, but we know that sometimes it’s hard to save up when we order meals that are expensive. It’s hard to find freebies nowadays, but we assure you that it’s possible to eat a fine meal without hurting your pockets. We’ve already done an affordable meals […]

One Plus Coffee, a Co-working Space and Cafe in Circuit, Makati

Book a table and get P300 off!  In the busy city of Makati, it’s hard to find a quiet space where you can be productive in your studies or work. So when you find your way to Makati for a study group or a meeting, make your way to this co-working space in Circuit Lane […]

Exclusive: Buy 1 Get 1 Dark Skim Cone at BLK 513

IT’S BAAAAAAACK! A delicious cup of frozen yogurt is always a great idea this summer. Thanks to BLK 513’s all new deal, you can have DOUBLE THE FROYO for yourself or for a friend with Buy One Get One Dark Skim Cone at BLK 513! Booky‘s all-new feature lets you enjoy Buy One Get One (BOGO) promos […]

Exclusive: Buy 1 Get 1 Berry Pomegranate Power at Jamba Juice!

Get 2 Berry Pomegranate Power for ?160! Looking for an energy boost? Jamba Juice has an exclusive, new pick me up with Booky that will get you TWICE THE BERRY POMEGRANATE POWER for you and a friend to zoom through your day! Booky‘s all-new feature lets you enjoy Buy One Get One (BOGO) promos at your favorite restaurants […]

Move over ramen—Marugame Udon just opened in BGC!

There’s a new noodle in town. We live in a ramen world and udon is getting thrown under the bus. What’s so great about ramen? Hm? Udon is just as tasty as ramen. Udon is just as Japanese as ramen. People totally like udon just as much as they like ramen. And when did it become […]

11 Affordable Buy 1 Get 1 Deals in QC for When You’re Broke AF

QC peeps, rejoice! What will you do if you barely have any money in your wallet and you’re super hungry or thirsty? You won’t need to starve yourself because Booky’s BUY ONE GET ONE (BOGO) deals are here to save your day! They’re not just deliciously satisfying, but they’re super affordable as well. For those who […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Coolest Bars in BGC, Taguig

For your reference! One of the best places to go to for a drinking sesh and a good night out will always be BGC. Good food, unique drinks, and interiors that you’ll want all over your feed – this is definitely where you should be. We present to you the ultimate guide to some of the coolest bars […]

25 Food Spots with Glowing Neon Lights Perfect for Your IG Feed

Do it for the gram! Nowadays, we’ve been seeing a lot of urban neon light photography and we simply want to learn the tips and secrets in getting that perfect photo for our Instagram feed. Have your cameras ready because we’ve come up with a list of food spots that have pretty neon lights. Even better, […]

One Day Offer: Enjoy ?88 Cheeseburgers and more at 8 Cuts!

IT’S BAAACK! Whenever we’re craving for a juicy burger and perfectly fried onion rings and skinny fries, we definitely rush to 8 Cuts and have our burger fix. Since it is 8 Cuts’s fifth birthday today, you MUST visit the nearest 8 Cuts branch to you because you’re in for a treat! Read more: Check out the […]

Can you get through this post without spending a single peso?

Noms, noms, and more noms. WARNING: The following desserts, meals, and noms are part of Booky’s BOGO (Buy One Get One) feature. If you buy one, you can will get another one for free whether your thighs like it or not. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/officemate/mom/brother/that person in the seat next to you will probably like it though. Holy smokes! […]

Take a Dining Trip Around the World with Olivia & Co. in Uptown Mall, BGC

Book a table and get P300 off! With so many cuisines represented in Manila’s food scene, modern and fusion dining is becoming a favorite to those who want to try something different. Olivia & Co. is the newest edition to world dining. Book a table now and get a discount! Having made a name for themselves in […]

10 of the Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in the Metro You Shouldn’t Miss

Foie Long Bao, Tempura Shrimp Taco, and more! With the many new restaurants emerging here and there, there are a handful of asian fusion restaurants in every city. However, not all can perfectly merge two different cuisine into one beautiful dish. For those who want to be more adventurous with their meals, we’ve come up […]

Exclusive: Buy 1 Get 1 Garlic Parmesan Pollo Caliente at Nacho Bimby

Get 2 Garlic Parmesan Pollo Caliente for ?150! Fried chicken is forever but chicken tenders are the future. To take things even further, Booky and Nacho Bimby are bringing you two ala carte orders of GARLIC PARMESAN POLLO CALIENTE for the price of one! Booky‘s all-new feature lets you enjoy Buy One Get One (BOGO) promos at your favorite restaurants […]

Exclusive: Buy 1 Get 1 Deep Fried Milk Custard and more at Tim Ho Wan

Buy 1 Get 1 Deep Fried Milk Custard AND Steamed Egg Cake! There’s always room for dessert. Whether you’ve just finished a rack of ribs or scarfed your way through a dozen dimsum baskets, there is always room. Especially after the latter. Booky‘s all-new feature lets you enjoy Buy One Get One (BOGO) promos at your favorite restaurants […]

15 Buy 1 Get 1 Meals for Sulit Dinners to Make It in Makati

From sushi sets to pizza! Eating out in Makati can be a challenge, finding a good place to eat and socialize without losing most of your cash can be difficult if you’re not equipped with the proper knowledge of Makati’s restaurant scene. Luckily, Booky‘s here to provide you with the best sulit meal deals you can get […]

One Day Offer: Enjoy Unlimited Belgian Beers at Old Swiss Inn!

Cheers to unlimited beers! Once upon a time, two Belgians named Gregory and Emmanuel weren’t satisfied with the Belgian beers here in the Philippines. Their solution? Bring the good ones to Manila! That’s how Le Deux Belges, a Philippine-based importer of specialty Belgian beers, started. Old Swiss Inn – Makati On September 20, the two […]

11 Affordable Seafood Spots All Over the Metro That Will Make You Drool

Garlic butter shrimps, Rockefeller oysters, chili crabs, and more! Nowadays, seafood restaurants can be expensive that it’s sometimes better to just buy at the market and cook them yourself at home. However, these food stalls at some of the food parks scattered all over the metro understand our cravings that they’ve decided to offer affordable […]

15 New Drool-Worthy Salted Egg Dishes to Try Around the Metro

Cheating on your diet has never been this good. If you think the salted egg craze is over, think again. A contender in the food trend game, salted egg does indescribable wonders to different kinds of dishes. Some of these restaurants we’ve featured opted to be creative and have managed to include salted egg in […]

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