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State Duma, FSB chief urge greater protection for Russia’s informational infrastructure

Russian lower house lawmakers and the director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) have discussed the information security strategy and agreed on the primary importance of joint measures to defend national sovereignty in cyberspace. Read Full Article at

‘Dead end for EU’: Senior lawmaker blasts fresh round of anti-Russian sanctions

The latest anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the EU are hurting their sponsors more than the actual targets, a senior Russian politician has said, also warning that the new round of restrictions was leading the EU into a dead end. Read Full Article at

‘Neither conscience nor reason’: Russian MP blasts Polish bill targeting Red Army monuments

3 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The deputy speaker of the State Duma called a recent Polish bill ordering the destruction of Red Army monuments in Poland “a crime against their own nation,” and a treacherous move aimed against those who liberated Europe from the Nazis. Read Full Article at

Russians overwhelmingly back Putin policies – US pollster

4 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Most Russians support both the internal and foreign policies of the current administration, according to a poll conducted by US company the Pew Research Center. Read Full Article at

Justice Ministry to appeal ECHR ruling on Russian ‘gay propaganda law’

5 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The Russian Justice Ministry has announced plans to appeal a ruling that found Russia’s ban on the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors discriminatory and awarded damages to several activists previously convicted under the act. Read Full Article at

Senators mull reciprocal bans on foreign monitors at Russian election

5 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The Russian Upper House is preparing a bill that would introduce an election monitoring ban for representatives of nations that ban Russian representatives from monitoring their own polls. Read Full Article at

Russian govt approves European convention against terrorism financing

The Russian government has approved the Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime and on the Financing of Terrorism and recommended the document for ratification by the parliament. Read Full Article at

Most Russians want their leaders to maintain current course regardless of sanctions

Over a half of Russian citizens expect Western nations to prolong sanctions against their country, but an even larger share think the government must maintain its sovereign political course, regardless of external pressure. Read Full Article at

Duma passes Moscow renovation bill amid minor protests

The Russian Lower House passed a bill calling for the demolition of old Moscow buildings, and the residents to be resettled, despite protests from people claiming the construction program could violate citizens’ rights. Read Full Article at

Liberal party starts campaign against Russia’s counterterrorism operation in Syria

Liberal opposition party Yabloko plans to start collecting signatures for a petition against Russia’s involvement in any armed conflicts in foreign nations, including the counterterrorism operation in Syria, citing the high cost as the main reason. Read Full Article at

Lawmakers oppose tighter law on rallies after latest protests

State Duma deputies have opposed the proposal to ban minors from participating in unauthorized protest rallies, made by some senators after yet another series of unlicensed protests that took place during the Day of Russia holiday on Monday. Read Full Article at

MPs propose lifelong ban for carrying weapons under influence

The head of the State Duma Security Committee has urged a change in Russian gun laws and the introduction of a lifelong ban for carrying a gun under the influence, in order to prevent incidents similar to the recent fatal shooting in the Moscow Region. Read Full Article at

Moscow warns against provocations as opposition moves ‘very peaceful event’ to unsanctioned location

Russian opposition activist Aleksey Navalny has, on the eve of his protest event in Moscow, decided to switch the June 12 demonstration from an approved location to an unsanctioned one. City authorities called Navalny’s move a deliberate provocation. Read Full Article at

Stay of execution? Russian MP proposes ‘delayed death penalty’ for convicted terrorists

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The head of the State Duma Committee for Security has proposed allowing Russian courts to sentence convicted terrorists to death under condition that the execution of the sentence is delayed until the current moratorium on capital punishment is lifted. Read Full Article at

Bill criminalizing poll rigging drafted in State Duma

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Two Russian ruling party lawmakers have drafted a bill introducing criminal responsibility for the type of election fraud known as ‘carousel voting.’ Read Full Article at

Russian senators to set up commission countering ‘foreign meddling’

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Russian lawmakers will launch a dedicated commission to monitor foreign nations’ attempts to influence internal Russian politics and work on proposals to counter and prevent such moves. Read Full Article at

Duma approves unified register of corruption officials

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Russian MPs have passed a bill ordering a unified list of all ex-officials who lost their posts because of corruption scandals. Read Full Article at

Putin backs oath for prospective Russian citizens

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Russian President Vladimir Putin has supported an initiative to introduce an oath for people naturalized as Russian citizens, as well as a proposal to strip citizenship from those convicted of terrorism after claiming citizenship. Read Full Article at

Senior senator warns of Western meddling in Russian presidential election

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

A senior Russian senator has said he expects the United States and its NATO allies to attempt to influence the 2018 presidential campaign in Russia, adding that Russian authorities will take preventative measures. Read Full Article at

Russia freezes €11mn Council of Europe fee payment over lingering PACE spat

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has told reporters that Russia will withhold one-third of its 2018 fee to the Council of Europe, due to the CE’s Parliamentary Assembly still barring the Russian delegation from participation in its sessions. Read Full Article at

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