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St. Petersburg fraudsters busted for selling passports of non-existent nation to migrants

Police in St. Petersburg, Russia have uncovered a criminal group posing as a consular office of the non-existent ‘Free Kingdom of ASPI.’ They had been selling ‘passports’ to immigrants from Central Asia for some three years. Read Full Article at

BBC journalist accuses Russian MP Slutsky of harassment, says she has proof

A female reporter from the BBC Russian Service has joined the group of journalists accusing MP Leonid Slutsky of harassment, and claims to have records of their conversation. The lawmaker continues to deny the charges. Read Full Article at

Radio Liberty poll on Stalinist purges ends in epic trolling thread

After Radio Liberty asked Russians to recall the fate of their families in times of repression, the thread was flooded with mocking tweets about “grandparents who died childless after 20 years of executions.” Read Full Article at RT...

Presidential candidate Sobchak faces backlash after ‘asking Ukraine’s permission to visit Crimea’

Ksenia Sobchak’s claim that she requested permission from Ukraine to visit Crimea has caused outrage among Russian politicians, while the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry likened the move to schizophrenia. Read Full Article at

Booze or browse? Half of all Russians would rather quit alcohol than the internet, poll shows

A recent poll indicates that over 90 percent of Russians use the internet every day. About half of them said that if they had to choose between giving up alcohol or the internet for one year, they would stop drinking. Read Full Article at

Foreigners suspected of aiding terrorists set to be barred from entering Russia

Any foreigner suspected of aiding terrorist or extremist groups will be banned from entering Russia, according to a new bill prepared by lawmakers representing parliamentary majority party United Russia. Read Full Article at

Kadyrov’s bench-press challenge: Chechen leader pumps iron for presidential election

The leader of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, known for his love for iron, is promoting the upcoming presidential polls with a weightlifting challenge to other top officials. His benchmark is pressing 100kg 18 times. Read Full Article at

‘Epidemic’ of harassment charges will lead to end of humanity, claims Russian presidential hopeful

The leader of the Russian nationalist-populist party LDPR has said that the current anti-harassment campaign could cause men and women start hating each other, which would cause the extinction of humans as a species. Read Full Article at

Russian presidential hopeful Sobchak doused with water

Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak has been doused with water. The attacker reportedly acted in “retaliation” for Sobchak earlier pouring a glass of water on another candidate, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Read Full Article at

Russian lawmakers emphasize that Putin’s address was a call for peace and talks

Pre-empting western interpretations of the presidential address to parliament as saber rattling, several Russian lawmakers explained the stating of Russia’s strength. The aim was furthering peace, equality and justice, they said. Read Full Article at

Blockchain technology introduced for forthcoming Russian presidential polls

State-run VTSIOM will introduce cutting-edge blockchain technology for exit polls at the forthcoming Russian presidential elections. It’s designed to ensure transparency of data collection and protection against hacking. Read Full Article at

Presidential candidates wrangle over military issues, NATO threat in televised debates

In the first televised debates of this year’s presidential campaign, all candidates present agreed that Russian military forces must be strong. However, they differed on how the nation should achieve this goal. Read Full Article at

‘Call it Palmyra’: Kadyrov says new missile should be named in honor of Russian heroism in Syria

The head of the Chechen Republic has proposed to name the newest Russian cruise missile Palmyra, to honor Russian servicemen who fought international terrorism in Syria. Read Full Article at

‘Fake news’: Foreign Ministry dismisses reports of cocaine smuggler among its ranks

The suspected leader of a group of smugglers who were busted trying to send 400kg of cocaine to Russia from Argentina was neither a diplomat nor an employee of any embassy, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said. Read Full Article at

Communist Party candidate withdraws from debates as TV discussion descends into chaos

Pavel Grudinin has accused the election authorities of deliberately turning televised debates into “cheap shows,” and said he would no longer take part after other contenders exchanged insults and even threw water at each other. Read Full Article at

Slurs & water fly at Russian presidential debate as Lib Dem leader faces off with Sobchak

A presidential debate on Russian TV saw the nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky verbally assaulting socialite-turned-politician Ksenia Sobchak, who responded by pouring a glass of water over her rival. Read Full Article at

Russian senators blame West for aggression against Ukraine in new address

The Russian Upper House has denounced a new Ukrainian law on the reintegration of Donbass as a step towards new war, and has accused Western nations of instigating the Ukrainian armed conflict. Read Full Article at

Female reporter accuses senior Russian MP of sexual harassment

A journalist at US-based TV station RTVI has accused Duma member Leonid Slutsky of sexual harassment, days after Russian media cited similar accusations from three unnamed sources. Read Full Article at

Your guide to the 2018 Russian presidential election candidates: 1. Pavel Grudinin (Communist Party)

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Russians will vote for a new president on March 18, with seven challengers facing the incumbent, Vladimir Putin. RT will preview the election this week, starting with a fresh face who has added intrigue to the contest. Read Full Article at

Putin acts to counter hack attacks on top Russian officials

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the Federal Guard Service (FSO) powers to counter hack attacks on state data resources as well as to protect the personal data of senior state officials and their families. Read Full Article at

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