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Russian senate speaker blames West-induced confrontation for European security crisis

2 hours agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The politics conducted by Western countries after the collapse of the USSR has laid the foundations for the current security crisis in Europe, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko told an OSCE conference. Read Full Article at

Democracy tops list of political systems preferred by Russians

7 hours agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The latest poll conducted by state-run VTSIOM shows most Russian citizens currently prefer to live in a republic and strongly oppose the very idea of restoring the monarchy. Read Full Article at

Putting Stalin back on the map: Nationalist leader vows to rename city if elected president

The head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) has promised that if elected president in 2018 he will rename the city of Volgograd as Stalingrad – but noted this would be to honor the World War II battle in the city, not the Soviet dictator. Read Full Article at

Senators oppose amendments tightening Russian law on rallies

Russian upper house MPs have proposed reworking a bill that, if passed, would list any events in which lawmakers meet their electorate as public rallies, claiming that the move would damage democracy and increase red tape. Read Full Article at

Pro-Christian MP seeks major probe into Russian freemason groups

2 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Vitaly Milonov, a centrist-conservative lawmaker best known for his campaign targeting “gay propaganda” has proposed to check if Russian freemason lodges comply with the law that restricts political activities of foreign and international groups. Read Full Article at

Opposition figure Navalny attacked with antiseptic dye

3 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Russian opposition figure Aleksey Navalny was smeared with green antiseptic dye during his visit to the city of Barnaul. Police have launched a probe into the attack, but no one has claimed responsibility. Read Full Article at

Free land handover at top of veteran Russian liberal’s presidential agenda

3 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Grigory Yavlinsky, founder of the liberal Yabloko party, one of Russia’s oldest political groups, has promised that if elected president he will launch a program through which every citizen receives about 1 acre of free land to build a home. Read Full Article at

Rallies law rejigged: Russian govt orders corrections to statute on public gatherings

3 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Russian government has charged the Justice Ministry with the task to change the law ordering prison sentences for repeated violations of rules of public rallies after the Supreme Court vacated the sentence of the first man convicted under this law. Read Full Article at

Duma revamps hooliganism law, criminalizing acts committed on transport

6 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The Russian lower house has passed the bill making various hooliganism connected with transport – from brawls on trains to blinding aircraft pilots with laser pointers – a criminal offense punishable by up to eight years in prison. Read Full Article at

Majority of Russians back current foreign policy, shrug off sanctions – poll

6 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Three-quarters of Russians think that the government shouldn’t give in to foreign pressure or change its policies because of anti-Moscow economic sanctions, which they believe are hurting both sides and will eventually be lifted. Read Full Article at

Moscow Patriarchate opposes idea of Lenin burial as ‘untimely’

A senior spokesman of the Russian Orthodox Church dismissed the idea of removing Lenin’s body from the mausoleum on Red Square, saying that before this happens, the country must rid itself of its Soviet and communist legacy. Read Full Article at

Russian senator slams German lawmakers over disrespect for opinion of Crimeans

A senior Russian senator sharply reacted to German MPs’ allegations of Russia annexing Crimea, and suggested they visit the peninsula and see firsthand that its residents support the reunification with Russia. Read Full Article at

Record-high number of Russians think their country has significant international clout

The percentage of Russians who consider their country to have significant influence in the international arena has a reached historical high of 86 percent, state-run public opinion research center VTSIOM reported. Read Full Article at

Liberal Democrats walk out of Duma session after corruption row with United Russia

All MPs from the LDPR walked out of the Wednesday session of the State Duma after a deputy speaker asked the Parliamentary Ethics Commission to look into their harsh statements accusing the parliamentary majority party of corruption. Read Full Article at

Foreign secret services stepping up efforts to destabilize Russia – top security official

The head of Russia’s top consultative security body has said that foreign secret services have intensified their efforts to destabilize Russia, noting that Ukrainian authorities had openly confessed to planning sabotage operations. Read Full Article at

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia calls for Lenin’s body to be removed from Red Square

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) has called for Vladimir Lenin’s body to be removed from Red Square as a demonstration of the Russian people’s reconciliation with God. Read Full Article at

Govt sanctions partial merger between Russian & South Ossetian military forces

The Russian government has approved an agreement with the Republic of South Ossetia that would allow certain military units of the latter nation to become the part of the Russian military forces. Read Full Article at

Viktor Bout case receives boost in Supreme Court filing – lawyers

US prosecutors will not object to a petition for a retrial filed by Viktor Bout’s defense attorneys in the Supreme Court, a representative of the defense team told reporters. Read Full Article at

Fast-track Russian citizenship planned under new Duma bill

The Russian parliament is set to consider a new bill that would fast-track naturalization for people born in Russia or whose ancestors were born within the current borders of the Russian Federation. Read Full Article at

Supreme Court upholds first-ever ousting of MP for systematic slacking

2 weeks agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The Russian Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by ex-parliamentary deputy Ilya Ponomaryov, who argued that his 2016 ousting from the Lower House for regularly missing sessions and failure to perform other work was discriminatory. Read Full Article at

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