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Prosecutors Point Fingers at Russia in Downing of Malaysia Airlines Jet

Families of victims have been given "irrefutable proof" that the BUK missile was fired from a Russian-backed area

Pro-life activists launch new petition promoting total abortion ban in Russia

1 hour agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

A new petition for a complete ban on abortions in Russia launched by the public movement “For Life” has been backed by over 300,000 people, including children rights ombudsman, and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Read Full Article at

Russia could make ‘cautious’ return to PACE – new head of Duma International Relations Committee

21 hours agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

MP Leonid Slutsky, who is poised to head the International Relations Committee in the new State Duma, has approved the gradual return of Russia to the European parliamentary assembly (PACE), once the body stops its policy of “discrimination” against Moscow. Read Full Article at

US begins handover process for jailed Russian pilot Yaroshenko – report

21 hours agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Jailed Russian pilot Konsantin Yaroshenko has told reporters that he has signed a document that will allow his transfer home from America, effectively starting the handover process. He said, however, that prison officials in the US had forced him to sign the papers. Read Full Article at

Kremlin plays down ‘hyped-up’ media reports on web security measures

Russia’s presidential press secretary has accused the mass media of sensationalism and misleading the public over planned state controls of web traffic, adding that the reforms must be judged by their results. Read Full Article at

Russians expect long-term economic crisis but don’t fear its consequences – poll

2 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Most Russians acknowledge that the country is facing a potentially lengthy economic crisis, but at the same time don’t expect to suffer any personal consequences such as redundancy or delays in salary payment in the near future as a result. Read Full Article at

Terrorism makes int’l security services cooperation ‘possible, necessary’ – New Russian intel chief

2 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Security services of various countries should coordinate their efforts despite all political differences, the newly appointed chief of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, told Russian media in an interview. Read Full Article at

Putin proposes longtime ally as new Duma speaker, calls for urgent session

4 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Vladimir Putin has asked Russian lawmakers to elect Vyacheslav Volodin – the first deputy head of the presidential administration – as the new State Duma speaker. Putin told officials to gather for the first session of the new parliament before October 5. Read Full Article at

Europe & Russia will eventually have common economic space – envoy

5 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The Russian envoy to the European Union has said he believes that the current sanctions employed by both sides would give way to long-term cooperation within a common economic space. Read Full Article at

Putin appoints Duma speaker Naryshkin as new foreign intelligence chief

5 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament, or Duma, Sergey Naryshkin, will become the new chief of the country’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). Read Full Article at

China Puts a Limit on Russian Ambition

Russia’s on a roll. It has blocked Ukraine’s turn to the West and claimed Crimea as a trophy. Finger-wagging Europeans are struggling with refugees, Brexit, populism, terrorism and a dozen chronic problems. Nervous Americans fear that Russian cybermasters will steal their secrets and manipulate their elections. Washington has reluctantly embraced Moscow as a needed military…

Global missile defense main obstacle to nuclear talks with US - Russian diplomat

5 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Nuclear talks with the United States are impossible without reaching a mutually acceptable agreement on the global missile defense system, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said. Read Full Article at

Russia launches criminal probe into Kiev embassy attacks on Duma Election Day

6 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

The Central Investigative Committee has instigated two criminal cases into attempts to disrupt the voting held at the Russian embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, last Sunday as part of Russia’s parliamentary elections. Read Full Article at RT...

Less than third of Russians concerned over isolation from West, poll shows

The share of Russians who said they were concerned about the growing isolation between their country and the West has fallen below one-third, but at the same time the majority of citizens want better relations with foreign nations. Read Full Article at

FSB mulls total real-time decoding of Russian web traffic - report

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) intends to implement a technical system that would allow decoding all Russian internet traffic in real time and scanning it for keywords indicating potential threats, a popular business daily reports. Read Full Article at

Russia bans murderous Japanese sect Aum Shinrikyo as terrorist group

The Russian Supreme Court has declared as terrorist the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo. The authorities have moved to outlaw the group, best known for the deadly chemical attacks in the Tokyo subway in 1995. Read Full Article at

Leftist leader labels latest Russian poll a step towards 2-party system

The head of the center-left party Fair Russia has told the press that he saw the constant presence of four major parties in the parliament as a pre-requisite to a genuine two-party system in the country with rightist and leftist centers. Read Full Article at

Russian space agency begins moon landing simulations

Russian space agency Roscosmos and top spacecraft manufacturer RSC Energia have begun simulating a manned landing on the moon, using a unique gravity imitation platform. Read Full Article at

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