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When crippling the federal government means crippling the country

“Today, as this bill becomes law, America ends a period of decline in her vast and world-famous transportation system. Because of the prompt and bipartisan action of Congress, we can now ensure for our children...

Win an autographed Shawn Mendes photo!

BY MELISSA RUGGIERI In the span of two years, Shawn Mendes has leapfrogged from unknown singer posting song covers on Vine to the guy with the No. 1 album in the country. The full-length debut from the...

… in which Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Zimmerman do battle

I’m a Bob Dylan fan — one of my favorite albums of all time is “Blood on the Tracks” (1975). And there’s no question about Dylan’s transformational role in the history of modern music. He’s a road warrior even now, at the age of 73, befitting his concept of himself as a old-fashioned troubadour. Show More Summary

Senate Chicken Caucus Pecks Away at Restrictive Trade Practices

The U.S. Senate Chicken Caucus scored an eggciting victory this week as its co-chairman successfully sponsored an amendment to l’egg-islation passed by the Senate Finance Committee that will put pressure on South Africa to loosen its limits on American poultry imports. Show More Summary

PEDS and Dunwoody Police Partner for Pedestrian Safety on Tilly Mill Road - Today

Video Dunwoody Police ticket 19 for crosswalk violation on Tilly Mill at Andover. The Dunwoody Police Department conducts frequent, multi-faceted safety operations to reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities as part of their Pedestrian Safety Initiative. Show More Summary

Operation "PROM" Night - Please Return On Monday

My sister Kathleen works at the high school she graduated from almost 30 years ago and in preparation for the up coming Prom Season she assisted in putting on "Operation Prom Night" for her students, which is a program about making smart choices during prom season and throughout life. Show More Summary

Designers in Atlanta: Guy Bedarida for John Hardy, Dior and more

If high fashion is your thing, you’ve got plenty to look forward to this week and next, including a few personal appearances from designers and the debut of the fashion documentary, “Dior and I. Thursday, April...

Promising News for Georgia’s Military Installations (and the Communities Who Love Them)

Yesterday, The Hill ran a brief article on the House Armed Services Committee’s rejection of a new round of base closures, better known as BRAC (the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission, not this guy). At this news, many throughout the state prepared for a mass exhalation. Show More Summary

What’s filming in Atlanta now? Michelle Darnell, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Table 19, and Survivor’s Remorse

Along with yellow pollen piled along Atlanta's sidewalks, spring has ushered in new thickets of yellow production signs along our roads. This busy month has brought us burned out buses, Texas taxicabs, Chicago newspapers, and scenery from the 1930s and 1980s. Productions are shooting in Midtown, downtown, and a lot of OTP locales.

An ode to an American music masterpiece

Every time I hear this song, I’m struck again by the beauty and power of its lyrics. It’s just sublime, subtle storytelling of a quality that you don’t often get in popular music or anywhere else for that matter. For example, the conversation it recounts at the family dinner table is adroit in the details that it reveals to us, and even more adroit in what it refuses to tell...

Morning Reads for IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July and Today… the only four days you need to celebrate annually. “Dot Eye” by Sam Prekop Hank Johnson: “It feels like open season on black men in America.” Tuition up at all research universities in Georgia.  New Falcons Stadium costs RISE UP! Again. Show More Summary

Where to go Strawberry Picking in Atlanta

By Sue Rodman Strawberry picking season in Atlanta runs mid April to early June.  That means now is the perfect […] The post Where to go Strawberry Picking in Atlanta appeared first on Field Trips with Sue.

Augusta Ga. | Beyond the Masters Golf Tournament

Today, the world will be watching as the best golfers descend on Augusta, Georgia for The Masters golf tournament. If […] The post Augusta Ga. | Beyond the Masters Golf Tournament appeared first on Field Trips with Sue.

Rep. Buddy Carter and Off-Shore Drilling in Georgia

I was in St. Paul, Minnesota for the 2008 Republican National Convention as the cries of “Drill, baby, drill” filled the arena after being prompted by RNC Chair Michael Steele. Fast forward 6.5 years later, it appears that Georgia may be in line for offshore drilling as early as 2021. Show More Summary

Hillary: ‘It’s not about me'; GOP: ‘Oh yes it is!’

Surprise surprise surprise. Hillary Clinton is running for president. And absent some earth-shaking development such as a health crisis, she is almost certain to  become the Democratic Party’s nominee. No non-incumbent of either party has enjoyed...

Hot but cool? Hey, no problem

How can you be totally hot, yet totally cool? I don’t know the answer. You’d have to ask someone who does. You could begin with Alice Smith, an up-and-coming soul singer with roots in the Augusta area. She pulls it off perfectly, in my humble opinion.

Watch Madonna do stand-up, play ‘Holiday’ with Jimmy Fallon

BY MELISSA RUGGIERI Jimmy Fallon isn’t much of an interviewer, but never underestimate his ability to get even the biggest celebs to engage in their silly sides. Madonna visited Fallon’s “Tonight Show” Thursday and she and the crew of...Show More Summary


Thai foods are some of my favorite to eat. Similar to Vietnamese cuisine, I enjoy the aromatic herbs and lemongrass, the dynamic acidity, occasional funk, and the spice. It always evokes freshness and afterwards I never feel like I’m dying a slow chicken fried steak death, which isn’t the worst way to leave this world. My complaint is that, at […]

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