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How Not To Build Your Business

The age of technology has brought a flood of marketing tools, email, twitter, social media, spam and the obnoxious email blast marketing. CP's in box is overloaded with junk everyday. But look at the effort Garage Door Doctor in Charlotte went to put this email piece together. Show More Summary

'A Day Without Immigrants' Draws More than 7,000 to Charlotte's Marshall Park

Businesses across the city shut down today in protest of recent ICE raids while more than 7,000 people rallied in Uptown to support the immigrant community. CL reporter Jasmin Herrera was there to shoot photos while the crowd marched from Marshall Park to the center of Uptown and back again.

How North Carolina's Justice System Failed Walter "Wes" Scott

The system failed Walter "Wes" Scott and in doing so failed all of us. Walter "Wes" Scott" You should read Mark Washburn's commentary on Wes Scott which is here. Roger Best was a violent habitual felon who should never had been on the streets of Charlotte. Show More Summary

Brandon Kelly Walters - Idiots Among Us Part 2

CP Update. Dozens of people are arrested everyday in Mecklenburg county most are African American and their crimes range from armed robbery to just being drunk on a Saturday night. They come and go their faces a sea of trouble and despair. Show More Summary

Leslie Ray "Popeye" Charping Obituary His Family Gets The Last Laugh OrDo They?

A Houston man died and his family posted a less that kind obituary. Leslie Ray "Popeye" Charping was born in Galveston on November 20, 1942 and passed away January 30, 2017, which was 29 years longer than expected and much longer than he deserved. Show More Summary

ICE and CMPD Putting the Panic Back In Hispanic

Charlotte social media exploded with rumors of a massive undocumented illegal immigrant round up this week. This on top of the shooting of a Mexican immigrant by a CMPD undercover gang taskforce team member two weeks ago, has sanctuary...Show More Summary

Randomness - Navy Calls Signs and Other Drunk Stuff

Oh to have a cool call sign. I mean really cool, like Maverick, Iceman, or Jester, Cool. Actually a certain Paramount Pictures movie killed those call signs and Goose forever. Which makes them really un-cool call signs. Someone asked the other day about Cedar's "call sign" we'll get to that later. Show More Summary

The Carnage On Rea Road Continues Thank You Charlotte Mayor Roberts

To be honest Jennifer Roberts has absolutely zip to do with traffic enforcement or traffic signals in Charlotte. She's far too busy preaching about diversity, inclusion, and protecting the bathroom rights of a dozen transgendered nut birds. Show More Summary

To 'Rise' and March For What Is Theirs

Apache leader and longtime indigenous rights advocate Wendsler Nosie, Sr., will be speaking at an event in Uptown on Friday night to raise awareness for his years-long fight against efforts to build a copper mine on his tribe’s land in southeastern Arizona. Show More Summary

Throwback Thursday West Pac '02-03 Operation Iraqi Freedom

Pretty easy for the liberal snow flakes to forget what we had to do to knock Islamic Terrorism on its ass 15 years ago. Sadly most if not all of those gains were wiped away thanks to the Obama administration's election promises and weak on terrorism stance. Show More Summary

Charlotte's Cesspool at Gleneagles and Park Road Finally Has Tenants???

The 19 acers owned by Dee-Dee Harris and the Harris Land Company was once to become a Saks Fifth Avenue store and a Ritz Carleton Hotel. Over the years Charlotte's reclusive optimist promised a number of opulent projects, none that ever came to be. Show More Summary

Brandon Kelly Walters - Idiots Among Us

Brandon is one of those freaks that give fathers of daughters nightmares. ASAULT BY STRANGULATION ASSAULT ON A FEMALE DRIVE AFTER CONSUMING UNDER 21 OPEN CONT AFTER CONS ALC 1ST DV PROTECTIVE ORDER VIOL (M) BREAK/ENTER TERRORIZE/INJURE HABITUAL MISDEMEANOR ASSAULT Let's just hope the word gets out before someone girl's father takes him out.

CMPD UC Officer On Leave After Killing Suspect Josue Javier Diaz.

CMPD has released the name of the suspect shot and killed by an officer working in an under cover capacity Thursday afternoon. CMPD identified him as 28-year-old Josue Javier Diaz. Sources tell CP that the UC Detective was traveling east on Albemarle Road when another car clipped the side of his civilian style SUV. Show More Summary

Man Killed by Undercover Police Officer in East Charlotte

A man was shot and killed in east Charlotte this afternoon after allegedly pulling a gun on a man in traffic, not knowing he was a police officer. According to CMPD, the shooting happened at about 1:18 p.m. on the 6200 block of Albemarle Road, but the incident began elsewhere.…

Can Charlotte Really Afford Major League Fútbol?

The possibility of Major League Soccer in Charlotte quickly became the center of controversy this week because, well, it all happened so quickly. …

Hey Millennial Moonbats

A little suggestion and word of caution for the nation's Liberal Minded Millennial Moonbats.I realize that your world has imploded and the Orange Cheetos guy is signing Executive Orders faster than you can process the "carnage" of despair...Show More Summary

Charlotte DOT - Amazing Display of Incompetence

Few things grind my gears more than inefficiency and incompetence.And there is no better way to get a good dose of both than to have two government entities try to work together on a small project.Case in point the traffic signal atShow More Summary

Randomness - A Neighbor Died

A neighbor of mine passed away. I didn't know him or her, didn't see the obit in the paper and know one told me. But I noticed the stream of cars rolling into the neighborhood. All makes and models, expensive cars and daily drivers, in each a suit, a tie, a dark dress. Show More Summary

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