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Tancredo Eventually Decides Against Democrat Morgan Carroll

At this point, nothing about Tom Tancredo should surprise me, but surprised I was when he said Saturday he'd vote for Democratic State Sen. Morgan Carroll over Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman. After Tancredo lashed into Coffman for...Show More Summary

Republican Won't Win GOP Primary Votes by Being Pro-Choice

A huge frustration of Personhood USA folks is the familiar pattern of Colorado Republicans building their political careers and winning primary elections with the help of hard-working anti-choice activists and then buckpedaling away from the "pro-life" loyalists once they face the frowns of general-election voters. See, for example, Sen. Show More Summary

TrumpWatch: Reporters Doing the Right Thing to Press Colorado Republicans on Trump

It was good to see 9News' Brandon Rittiman and Kyle Clark press Republican U.S. Senate candidates this week about Trump's racist comment that a Hispanic judge won't give Trump a fair shake in court. And also, asking the candidates if...Show More Summary

Cut the Budget by Trimming Healthcare for Poor People

If you follow my blog, you know I've been pointing out how Republicans are falsely blaming Colorado budget problems on healthcare costs for the elderly, disabled, and other poor people. What's worse, after scapegoating Medicaid spending on healthcare for the poor, Republicans haven't said how they'd cut it. Show More Summary

Fascism's Fertile Ground in Colorado?

Caller "David" told the world Friday, or at least the universe listening to Denver's KLZ 560-AM, that "the only way that America can survive long term is to not have Islam within our borders." "If you have any amount of Islam, even if...Show More Summary

Another Republican Calls for Axing the Department of Education

Just as Colorado's GOP State Chair Steve House is telling his fellow Republicans to talk more about education and less about guns, GOP Senate candidate Peggy Littleton is saying that one of her top priorities if elected would be to abolish...Show More Summary

Stop Talking So Much About Guns, Colorado GOP Leader Advises Fellow Republicans

In a wide-ranging radio interview last week, Colorado GOP Chair Steve House had some newsworthy (and praiseworthy) advice for Colorado Republicans who seek to actually win elections: Don't just hate Obamacare but focus on solutions. Don't...Show More Summary

Conservative Jeffco School Board Member Insults Students, Teachers

On a conservative Denver radio show Saturday, embattled Jeffco School Board Chair Ken Witt continued his attack on Jeffco teachers and students, saying that students are essentially pawns, "brought into this kind of thing" to advance the agenda of teachers and unions. Show More Summary

Tancredo Says Republican Establishment Won't Launch Torpedoes Against their Own This Time

As State Sen. Tim Neville of Littleton starts to make his case for taking on Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, he's embracing his conservative background, not trying to modify or conceal it, framing himself as the kind of no-compromise conservative who will shut down the government, if necessary, to get the job done. Show More Summary

Congressman Plays Both Sides in the Republican vs. Republican War

Colorado Congressman Ken Buck likes to sound like a Tea Party extremist on talk radio and then go back to Washington and compromise. And talk radio hosts don't seem to care. On the radio, he brags about his principled stances against immigration, the safety net, and gun control. Show More Summary

Pot Holes Are Wake-Up Call for Republican Mayor of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers sounded the alarm Thursday in his state of the city speech: Suthers: "When companies are looking around, they're looking for the level of investment the community is making for infrastructure, andShow More Summary

Brauchler Tries to Brag about Losing Aurora Theater Trial

Journalists have been careful to report, as The Denver Post's John Ingold and Jordan Steffen did today, that nine jurors apparently voted for the death penalty in the Aurora shooter's trial, two were undecided, and one voted for life in prison. Show More Summary

Why Republicans Are Against a Wildly Successful Teen Pregnancy-Prevention Program

Why would Republicans in Colorado's legislature torpedo a program that reduced teen pregnancy by 40 percent and teen abortions by 35 percent? What's not to like? Here's a summary of the bizarre arguments Republicans used to attack the...Show More Summary

Anti-Abortion Hype: "Pro-Choicers" Want to Kill "Newborns" and "Toddlers"

Infanticide is rare in America and has few advocates, yet anti-choice activists are leveling an accusation that more and more "pro-choicers" favor this form of murder. American Right to Life, a national anti-choice organization, is stepping...Show More Summary

Wolf Slaughter Canadian Style Continues as if It's Conservation: Let's Stop It Now

The Canadian government plans to kill wolves once again to try to save woodland caribou. An earlier murder escapade in Alberta didn't work (please see "Researchers Kill 890 Wolves to Learn About Them: There's Something Very Wrong") and there's no reason to assume this one will. Show More Summary

GOP Congressman to Obama: Deport Immigrants or We'll Shut You Down

Would the Republican-controlled Congress shut down the Department of Homeland Security to halt Obama's program delaying deportation of undocumented immigrants whose children are U.S. citizens? Colorado's own Rep. Ken Buck would do it. Last...Show More Summary

Talk-radio hosts broadcast from Denver, but where do their hearts reside?

If you live in Denver or send your kid to public school or get involved in our community in even the most limited way, you probably know families who will benefit from Obama's announcement to stop the deportation of some undocumented immigrants with family ties to our country. Show More Summary

Beauprez Threatens to Sue Feds if Immigration Laws not Enforced

Speaking on a Denver radio show Tuesday, Colorado gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez threatened to sue the federal government if it doesn't enforce the nation's immigration laws. Asked by KNUS host Steve Kelley whether he'd "buildShow More Summary

Gardner's Immigration Spin Cycle Exposed

Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner, who's challenging Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, has been hitting the radio airwaves recently with his thoughts on immigration You don't have to listen too closely to see a pattern in how he talks about the issue. He usually starts with point number one and works through point four: 1. Show More Summary

Coffman Still Mad at Being Square Peg in Round Hole of Aurora

If you follow the race to be the congressman from Aurora, Rep. Mike Coffman vs. Andrew Romanoff, you know that everything we're seeing, from Coffman's flip flopping on long-held positions to Romanoff's decision to run at all, goes back...Show More Summary

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