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Tea-Party Radio Host Wins Argument with GOP Candidate

If you really want to understand the dynamic playing out right now among conservative candidates battling each other to win the June primary election, I suggest you tune to conservative talk radio, even if it's only for the next couple...Show More Summary

Mini Gesslers on the Campaign Trail?

Love him or hate him, Scott Gessler has brought an activist's style to his job as Secretary of State (SOS), while others in his position, including Republicans, have tried to stay out of the partisan fray. Ditto for Colorado Attorney...Show More Summary

Is GOP Marriage Counseling the Path to Immigration Reform?

House Speaker John Boehner has announced that Republicans probably won't do anything on immigration reform, because "there's widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws." Looking outside my window,...Show More Summary

Fairness and Balance, "Butt-Boy" Style!

State Sen. Bernie Herpin (R-Colorado Springs) surprised me last week when he thanked right-wing talk-radio host Peter Boyles for being "fair and balanced." Boyles immediately put his style of fairness and balance on display by calling...Show More Summary

Candidate Will Debate Talk-Radio Hosts But Not Real Opponents!

I was worried that the re-constituted Dan Caplis radio show (minus the occasional left-leaning questions from Craig Silverman) would turn out to be a combination of ritualistic chest-thumping and high-school cheerleading for Colorado...Show More Summary

Talk-radio host should fact check Stephens' statement that GOP would rally around Stephens but not Buck

KNUS talk show host Dan Caplis sat silently behind his microphone last week while his guest, GOP Senate candidate Amy Stephens, said the Republican Party would not get behind her opponent, fellow Republican Ken Buck, if he wins the Republican nomination to take on Democratic Sen. Show More Summary

Anti-Abortion Senate Candidate Touts her Gender As Asset

In an article last week, The Denver Post'sKurtis Lee reports Rep. Amy Stephens' response to Ken Buck's comment Monday comparing pregnancy with cancer: "It's Ken again being Ken," Stephens, who is among several Republicans vying to unseat U.S. Show More Summary

Comparing cancer to pregnancy?

Apparently trying to connect to women voters, who arguably cost him a U.S. Senate seat in 2010, Ken Buck appeared on a Denver radio station Monday and discussed the differences and similarities between pregnancy and his recent bout with...Show More Summary

"You're a Tea Party Guy, Aren't You?"

If you're lucky enough to listen to conservative talk radio, you know that some GOP candidates are staying away from Tea-Party groups and radio shows, others are sliding up close to the Tea Party, and some Republicans are Tea-Party-Pure,...Show More Summary

Media omission: Coffman favors re-deployment of advisory troops in Iraq

On a Denver radio show Friday, Rep. Mike Coffman expressed regret that U.S. troops are not currently in Iraq, and he said that he'd deploy U.S. military personnel to Iraq, if they were invited, to serve in an advisory role. Asked byShow More Summary

One Republican Accuses Another Republican of "Writing Books"

The Denver Post's Lynn Bartels took us down the GOP-Nightmare-Memory-Loop in an article yesterday pointing out that Sen. Greg Brophy endorsed former Congressman Tom Tancredo in 2010, calling him a "selfless hero," but now Brophy says...Show More Summary

Tancredo Flips Off Protesters!

On Sunday, ColoradoPols posted a video of GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo flipping off protesters gathered in opposition to the recall of State Sen. Evie Hudak. Tancredo discussed the video KNUS' Peter Boyles show Tuesday, and...Show More Summary

Obama Wants America to Abandon "Rule of Law," Says CO Congressman

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) said last year that too big a deal was made of his comment about Obama is not an American "in his heart." But reporters were right not to think otherwise. Here's another slap at Obama by a Republican Congressman...Show More Summary

Tin Foil Hats Are the Rage at Talk-Radio Stations

Tin foil hats are the hot fashion at conservative talk-radio stations this week, with hosts, like KHOW's Peter Boyles, saying Monday he thinks the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, signed Wednesday by the United States, might really be aimed at bringing on world government. Show More Summary

Buck Should Be Mad at Himself, Not the 'Liberal Media'

During an interview on KNUS' Jimmy Sengenberger Show Sat., GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck explained what he learned from his 2010 loss to Democrat Michael Bennet. Buck told Sengenberger that, this time around, he won't let the "liberal...Show More Summary

Vote Anywhere! Not

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler has been really upset about Colorado's new election law, which basically mandates that everyone be given a variety of voting options, like mail-in ballots and easy voter registration options. Gessler...Show More Summary

'Give It a Shot' Is Boyles' Response to a Caller Who Asks if He Should Commit Voter Fraud

Operating in a reality that few people understand, during a one-sided pile-on in support of the recall of CO Springs State Sen. John Morse, talk-radio host Peter Boyles takes calls from "Ray" and "Tom" on KNUS radio Monday: Boyles: Ray,...Show More Summary

Jason Salzman: What Would Buck's Conscience Do To Women?

Given how desired women are by political campaigns in Colorado, it's astonishing that Buck is already doing what he did during the last election. That is, trying to say abortion doesn't matter; no one cares about it.

Molly Rowan Leach: Restorative Justice Is on the Rise

Restorative Justice is not about excusing crime or letting people off the hook. It's not about forcing forgiveness or even about forgiveness per se. What Restorative Justice is makes it the most powerful answer to the justice predicament that we've yet seen.

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