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5 Observations And Reflections After Participating In ISTE 2016

The annual International Society for Technology Educators conference (ISTE) just wrapped up in Denver. In addition to serving as a networking and informational hub for several thousand educators and innovative education technology companies,...Show More Summary

GOP Senate Candidate Says His Speech "Wasn't Me" But "Holy Spirit" Instead

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn is a full-throttle supporter of a personhood abortion ban, according to Colorado Right to Life's latest candidate survey. Glenn's support of personhood, which would outlaw all abortion, even...Show More Summary

3 Ways Online Invoicing Will Help Your Business

Everyone likes getting payed, that is one thing we can all agree on in the business world. Keeping track of payments and invoices can be a nightmare but staying on top of these things are key to your keeping your business alive. Getting...Show More Summary

Trump Co-Host Owns Colorado Statesman Newspaper

It's no surprise that Colorado Republican kingmaker Larry Mizel is a co-chair of today's $10,000-per-couple lunch for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at the home of former Broncos' coach Mike Shanahan. But it inspired me to check...Show More Summary

It's Time To Do Something About Prosecutors Who Break The Rules

My name is John Thompson. I am the victim of an attempted murder in New Orleans. The authorities know who the person is who tried to kill me, but they've never tried to bring him to justice. The man was a prosecutor, Jim Williams. He knew I was innocent, but he tried me for murder and argued for my execution. Show More Summary

SeriesFest Season Two Is A Hit

Randi Kleiner, Sia and Kaily Smith Westbrook, Photo by Jason Bahr // Getty Images The energy at SeriesFest Season Two is young, brave and highly creative. Braving the elements at Red Rocks on Wednesday night, festers were treated to a screening of BBC America's spectacular new series, The Hunt. Show More Summary

O&G Industry Targeting the Last Vestige of Democracy: The Citizen Ballot Initiative

Industry has followed the lead of the American Legislative Exchange Council by seeking to place citizen ballot initiatives out of reach for all but the wealthy. ALEC advocates making it harder to qualify referendum language, and requiring supermajorities to pass an initiative. Heavily promoted by Gov. Show More Summary

Choice Is a "Made Up Right," Says Adams County Republican

Colorado State Rep. JoAnn Windholz, who called Planned Parenthood the "real culprit" in last year's clinic massacre in Colorado Springs, took to Facebook yesterday to condemn the Supreme Court's decision affirming a women's right toShow More Summary

Colorado Preemptions of Local Government: The Need for the Colorado Community Rights Amendment

In Colorado as in other states, it has been observed that very often "Corporations write laws, legislators enact them, and the courts enforce them." Since the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) began writing state preemption...Show More Summary

Westminster Senator Woods Compares Police To Crips and Bloods

"We're in a spot in our country where, at the federal level, they have taken away a bunch of states' rights and virtually all citizens rights." Who said that? And what country are they talking about? You're right! It's Westminster Republican State Sen. Show More Summary

African American Addresses Republicans Whose Leader Compared Obama to Chimp

Derrick Wilburn, founder of Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives delivered a keynote address Saturday at the annual Lincoln Day dinner of the Delta County Republican Party, whose leader, Linda Sorenson, found herself in the national spotlight...Show More Summary

Journalists Who Refuse to Take the Same Non-Answer for an Answer

Journalists take a lot of hits these days, but we're all glad they're out there asking questions. The final days of the Republican senatorial primary give us an opportunity to thank journalists for asking candidates a question multipile times when the question isn't answered. This primary season, we added interviews with former State Rep. Show More Summary

New Real Estate Bubble?

Out on the town I'm always asked a few questions about real estate, mostly "How's the market?" It's the follow-up question where it really gets interesting. The last seven years have seen a surge in the metro Denver real estate market as record numbers of buyers look for homes, which in turn has caused prices to jump. Show More Summary

Republican Won't Win GOP Primary Votes by Being Pro-Choice

A huge frustration of Personhood USA folks is the familiar pattern of Colorado Republicans building their political careers and winning primary elections with the help of hard-working anti-choice activists and then buckpedaling away from the "pro-life" loyalists once they face the frowns of general-election voters. See, for example, Sen. Show More Summary

Republican's Facebook Posts Refer to "Black Population" As "Hatred Filled Beings"

Otero County Republican chair Judy Rydberg Reyher says there's no intended racism in her Facebook posts that appear to make sweeping unfavorable comments about African Americans, including, among other things, that African AmericansShow More Summary

Ignite Denver: Changing the World 5 Minutes at a Time

Given a microphone and a stage, you just might be able to change the world -- or your city, your community, or maybe just another person's mind. That's the idea behind Ignite Denver, the triannual community event that provides a public...Show More Summary

Sentence Inflation

In the early 20th Century Lincoln Steffens taught us how to boost newspaper sales by manufacturing a crime wave. In the 1970's Nelson Rockefeller showed politicians how to win elections by capitalizing on a crime wave. Murder, rape and robbery have been with us as long as we've taken breath, enjoyed sex and owned property. Show More Summary

Ask Old Peopole if Medicaid Is Really an "Entitelment Black Hole"

Colorado State Sen. Laura Woods suggested in a radio interview last month that state Republicans wanted Gov. John Hickenlooper to cut health-care for children, elderly, the disabled, and other poor people in exchange for the allowing...Show More Summary

Personal Injury Lawyer Throws Money At District Attorney Races

If you like summer election mysteries, you'll enjoy pondering why personal injury attorney Frank Azar gave $50,000 to a committee backing Denver District Attorney candidate Michael Carrigan. The Colorado Independent's Marrianne Goodland...Show More Summary

Why A "Pro-Life Realist" Backs Abortion Rights

Conservative operative Laura Carno is out with a new book with the ridiculous title of, "Government Ruins Nearly Everything." But the subtitle should keep you from burning the book: "Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants." If...Show More Summary

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