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Beauprez Says his Opposition to All Abortion Is Irrelevant. Not

I don't envy reporters who are trying to uncover the logic in Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez's decision to withdraw his support for personhood at the state level but to continue backing a federal personhood bill, even...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Support the People's Climate March Without Marching

Here's the truth: I've been known to faint in crowds and heat. As an activist spirit, I've joined big groups to march for change -- the walks for AIDS and cancer; the Take Back the Night rallies; the peace and human- and animal-rights protests. Show More Summary

The Colorado Rockies' Odd Statistical Season

How odd would it be to be the best offensive team but also the worst pitching team? Well... this year's Colorado Rockies have pretty much been just that. The Rockies are third in the entire MLB in runs scored (700), second in hits (1,442),...Show More Summary

Clock Ticking on Gardner

It's a big week for Colorado senatorial candidate Cory Gardner, as the clock ticks down on his opportunity to withdraw his co-sponsorship from a federal personhood bill, which aims to ban all abortion, even for rape and incest. To get his name off the legislation, Gardner is required to make a speech from the floor of the U.S. Show More Summary

Abortion-Ban Proponents Running in Jefferson County

I wrote last week about how senatorial candidate Cory Gardner's support for Colorado's personhood abortion ban was part of his formula for winning the 2010 Republican caucus process, which was a big step to his being elected to Congress. If...Show More Summary

Radio Host Says "Illegals" Infest America with "Bed Bugs"

KNUS talk-radio host Peter Boyles continues to find new ways to bottom feed during his morning show, saying Thursday that "illegals" are bringing weird "respiratory diseases" and "bed bugs" into America. Boyles: I am not convinced this weird disease that's hitting the little kids across the country. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Optimize Your Video Content and YouTube Channel

If you've been hard-at-work creating content, then you're probably aware at how powerful of video has become. If you weren't up-to-date on the popularity and influence that video content has, here are some mind-blowing stats courtesy...Show More Summary

20 Years After the International Conference on Population and Development

This week the U.N. Foundation and the U.S. Department of State brought together many of the U.S. delegates to this important conference in Cairo, Egypt. It was an opportunity to reflect on what we did two decades ago and where we are now. A major theme now, as then, was how do we support women and girls around the world. Show More Summary

National Treasures v. Political Polemics

The most recent flagrant nonsense from former Congressman Bob Beauprez is beyond belief. The headline of a piece by Claire Moser reads "Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Promises to Seize and Sell America's National Parks, Forests and Public Lands." Give me a break. Show More Summary

How to Be a Leading Lady

Right now I envy anyone who lives in Denver or has the chance to be at that city's Center for the Performing Arts anytime between Sept. 12 and Oct. 26, when Meredith Wilson's The Unsinkable Molly Brown debuts in a contemporary reimagining written by multiple Tony-winner Dick Scanlan. Show More Summary

The Drug War and the Mass Incarceration It Caused: Where We Are and Where We Still Must Go (Part 1 of 5)

Intro To understand the outrage and "righteous indignation" of the black community of Ferguson is to understand the excessive policing and harassing, segregation, unequal political representation, and an unsurprising (given the foregoing) lack of economic mobility that has become a constant for blacks in Ferguson. Show More Summary

Are Young People Getting a Bad Rap These Days?

Young people in America don't seem to be held in a very high regard these days. They're accused of a veritable rap sheet of bad attitudes and bad behaviors. We constantly hear about the impending Armageddon when the next generations take over our country. Show More Summary

GOP Radio Host Would Be "Shocked" if Beauprez likened Americans to Sheep. Well, He Did.

I spoke last week with Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman, who were co-hosting Dan Caplis' KNUS show. Caplis and Silverman think The Denver Post should have more coverage of Gov. John Hickenloopers comments on CNN that he'd consider granting...Show More Summary

Campaign Ads Criticize the ACA, But Are the Claims Accurate?

Every time we turn on the TV, we see a new political ad opposing the Affordable Care Act. How do some of these claims stand up to closer examination? Claim: 355,000 Coloradans have received cancellation notices for health insurance policies. What...Show More Summary

Reporter Has No Luck Understanding Gardner Hypocrisy

One of the biggest mysteries of the current election season, consistently overlooked by Denver journalists, is why U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner withdrew his support of the personhood abortion ban at the state level. But he's still a supporter of federal personhood legislation that would do the same thing. Show More Summary

How Gardner Rode an Abortion Ban to Congress

Back in July, Cosmo's Ada Calhoun quoted Keith Mason, president of Personhood USA, as saying: Mason: "[Cory Gardner has] built his entire political career on support of personhood. I think he's just listening to some bad advice, and he's playing politics." Calhoun didn't get into the details of how and why Gardner,who's now running for U.S. Show More Summary

WATCH: This Sister's Tribute To Her Autistic Brothers Will Make You Rethink What It Means To Be Different

Faith Jegede speaks passionately about the beauty of being different in this short, inspiring ode to her two autistic brothers. Forget being normal, she says: Be extraordinary. We want to know what you think. Join the discussion by posting a comment below or tweeting #TEDWeekends. Show More Summary

8 Tips to Get Over Client Burnout

As freelancer, it's understood that if you don't work you aren't making a living. But, if you're risking your mental and physical health by working with a demanding-client, on top of all your other clients, then what's not to say that...Show More Summary

The Colorado River, the California Drought and How You Can Help from Sara Lu

Do you like Blueberries? Tomatoes? Fruit and Vegetables in general? Pay attention. California supplies the half of the United States produce and California is in the midst of a drought that could effect all of our families. And at this...Show More Summary

10 Types of 30-Year-Old Single Guys

30-year-old guys are a curious bunch. Find me a group of 30-year-old men and I'll pick out one overgrown frat dude living with roommates, another guy who just dropped his two kids off at school, a few who are well into their careers and a couple soul-searchers looking for work. Show More Summary

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