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Predicting NBA's 2014-2015 Regular Season Awards

The NBA season is just about a week away, so this is an exciting time for all NBA fans to come up with their own hypotheses about what'll take place this season. It's been an offseason to remember, as Kevin Love and LeBron James make...Show More Summary

The Colorado Republicans' 'People-Like-Me' Problem

In exit polling after the 2012 election, voters said they backed President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney because they thought Obama cared more about "people like me." Republicans in Colorado apparently didn't learn anything, becauseShow More Summary

5 Messages of Gratitude You Can Send Your Children

In my last post, I introduced you to power of gratitude in the lives of children and families. In this post, I will show you how gratitude can be communicated to your children through many conduits. That's a good thing because, maybe...Show More Summary

Blowing Smoke at Global Warming

In 1993, my office at the Environmental Protection Agency released a landmark study that created panic among tobacco industry executives. A result of years of scientific research, the report determined that secondhand smoke was a deadly threat to non-smokers, killing at least 3,000 Americans from lung cancer every year. Show More Summary

Michael 'Heck-of-a-Job' Brown Doesn't Want 'Stupid People' to Vote

Remember Michael "Heck-of-a-Job" Brown, George W. Bush's go-to guy on the Katrina disaster/embarrassment/tragedy? Now he's a talk-radio host, and he's still doing a heck of a job. We caught "Brownie," as Bush called him, on the air saying...Show More Summary

Urgency of Now: Why We Must Vote

Over the weekend I read a piece in The New York Times titled "Black Vote Seen as Last Hope for Democrats to Hold Senate." In short, the black vote can swing elections in key states and ultimately decide which direction the nation will go. Show More Summary

It Was Just My Anniversary, But Please Don't Ask Me Which One

It was my wedding anniversary last week; Thursday, to be precise. Please don't ask me which number anniversary it was because I struggle doing math in my head. Suffice to say, it's a pretty big number. But as far as anniversaries go, they just don't rock my Richter Scale. Weddings and anniversaries seem like one-day events to me. Show More Summary

"Amendment 67 Is Saying... 'Be Barefoot and Pregnant'"

Opponents of Colorado's "personhood" amendment rallied today at Auraria campus in downtown Denver, as voters across Colorado are receiving their ballots for the Nov. 4 election. "Amendment 67 is saying, 'Go back to kitchen," DoloresShow More Summary

Special Guest Bob Beauprez

The Internet's dark world of bizarre online media programs and bunker-crazy talk-radio hosts has probably cost gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez the governor's office. Beauprez can't shake off the digital archive of underground thought...Show More Summary

Taming TABOR

Talking about taming TABOR. Last month Colorado's economists projected a 2016 TABOR surplus. This provokes alarm in some and delight in others while leaving many utterly befuddled. TABOR is a 1992 citizen-initiated Colorado Constitutional amendment with about twenty provisions restricting government revenue and services. Show More Summary

Why Are So Many Polls Getting Colorado Wrong?

All signs point to a close race for U.S. Senate between incumbent Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Congressman Cory Gardner. Only the national broadcast preemption during Sunday night's Broncos game could keep political ads off the air for a few hours in the country's most saturated media market. Show More Summary

It's October, and Newspaper Leaves Are Changing From Blue to Red

The Denver Post, in their opinion columns and in the inevitable spin of their news reporting, has supported reproductive choice, a living wage, and marriage equality. The Post supports rational gun control laws, including limits on high capacity clips, and is a strong advocate for immigration reform. Show More Summary

How Walkable Communities Are Good for Us

   We know from exhaustive past research that walkable neighborhoods and cities reduce driving, associated emissions, and living costs.  Three important academic studies published earlier this year demonstrate that they are good forShow More Summary

The Worst Serious Newspaper Political Endorsement in My Lifetime

This post originally appeared as a Letter to the Editor in The Denver Post. Mr. Gregory Moore Editor, The Denver Post Denver, Colorado Dear Mr. Moore: Your editorial board's decision to endorse Congressman Cory Gardner for the United...Show More Summary

Colbert Skewers Gardner's Personhood Falsehood

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert skewered Colorado senatorial candidate Cory Gardner's crazy falsehood that there is "no federal personhood bill," starting at the four-minute-twenty-second in the video below. The Colbert ReportGet More:...Show More Summary

After the Flipping, Top Candidates Line Up Against Personhood Amendmendment

Republican candidates for governor and U.S. Senator in Colorado have a twisted history of support then opposition to state personhood amendments, not only this year, but also in 2010, the last time a personhood measure appeared on the...Show More Summary

The Walking Dead Expert-Fans Weigh In on Episode 501, 'No Sanctuary'

This week The Walking Dead's fifth season "literally" exploded onto our screens and tvtag has teamed up with some of the most popular TWD experts to bring you all-things "No Sanctuary." Caution: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to watch the premiere. VB: Let's start with overall reactions. Show More Summary

Gardner Knew about Birth Control Ban, Says Pro-Personhood Group

Colorado Senatorial Candidate Cory Gardner withdrew his support from state personhood amendments because, he told The Denver Post's Lynn Bartels, he didn't understand that the measures would ban birth control. Everyone rolled their eyes...Show More Summary

What We Can Learn From the 188-Page Report on the Aurora Theater Shooting

This week an official report commissioned by the Aurora city government about the July 20, 2012 theater shooting was released. The report was the work of the System Planning Corporation, whose TriData Division conducts detailed reviews...Show More Summary

A Principle or an Abortion Ban?

Before his recent false claims that federal personhood legislation is "simply" a toothless statement of his belief in "life," Colorado senatorial candidate Cory Gardner's campaign told that the candidate backed personhood...Show More Summary

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