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3 Keys to Making Mental Training Work in Sports

When I speak to athletes and coaches, I ask them how important the mind is to sports success. With few exceptions, the response is that the mind is as or more important than the physical and technical side of sports. I am obviously biased...Show More Summary

Republicans Say Blogger Can't Be Guest at National Convention

Colorado Republican Party Chair Steve House has booted Republican activist and blogger Kathryn Porter from the group of Colorado Republicans who are going to the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland July 18 because House...Show More Summary

Borneo Orangutans: Discover the Rainforests

In the 1980s, a colleague of mine at the National Audubon Society, participated in an Earthwatch program with orangutans. I had seen the advertisements and wanted so much to take this trip to Borneo. However, any free time I took from my public policy position at Audubon was used to fulfill contracts with the U.S. Show More Summary

Republican Official: "I Really Don't Care if People Are Offended by It"

Delta County Republican Chair Linda Sorenson shared an image on her Facebook page last week depicting Ronald Reagan nursing a chimpanzee. The photo is sandwiched by the phrase, "I'll be damned... Reagan used to babysit Obama." Sorenson...Show More Summary

State Senator: Ignore Obama Guidelines on Transgender Student Discrimination

Colorado State Sen. Laura Woods wrote on Facebook Sunday that the state should ignore President Obama's mandate that public schools allow students to use the bathroom corresponding the gender they identify with. But ignoring the federal...Show More Summary

Republican Turns Joke into Attack

An advertisement mailed to some Colorado Springs residents includes actual factual photos of state house candidate Larry Liston cross-dressing, but the attack letter fails to mention that Liston's foray into women's garb was all part...Show More Summary

Is Homeownership Right for You?

Key Messages for May Prices are up 8% in the prior 12 months vs historical 6%. Inventories are tighter than last year, especially for small, lower priced homes. In 2016, we expect 8-9% appreciation, flat unit sales volume increases,Show More Summary

"Attacks on Women's Health Will Not Be Tolerated": Reflections on the 2016 Colorado General Assembly

As a former Member of the Colorado House of Representatives from Aurora, it was my distinct honor to accompany Colorado's Speaker of the House, Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, onto the floor for the 2016 General Assembly Opening Day in January. Show More Summary

The Other Wolverine Who Rivaled X-Men for Fame

His movements were first recorded in Wyoming in 2008. He took off in 2009, heading south for hundreds of miles. He traveled across inhospitable lands looking for a place he might fit in and finally settled in Colorado. He wandered around Colorado for years, then headed north once again, possibly up to Montana. Show More Summary

Colorado Celebrates Public Lands, Congress Should Do the Same

Memorial Day weekend, which is just around the corner, is the traditional beginning of summer, a time when many American families begin vacations and trips that will take them into some part of our nation's amazing public lands. AndShow More Summary

Republican Senate Candidate Denies Human Role in Global Warming

Colorado Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn reiterated his belief last week that humans are not contributing to global warming. Asked about the issue by KNUS 710-AM's Jimmy Sengenberger Show May 7, Glenn, an El Paso CoutyShow More Summary

Five Questions We All Should be Asking About the Health Insurance Mega-Mergers

While the debates over Obamacare have faded into the rear view mirror of public discourse, another major crossroads lies ahead as health insurance giant Anthem has unveiled plans to merge with Cigna in a $54 billion deal. Health care...Show More Summary

Republican Senate Candidate Fails as Media Critic

Republican Senate candidate Jon Keyser is adopting the Douglas-Bruce style of media criticism. You recall Bruce, who authored Colorado's TABOR amendment, once kicked a Rocky Mountain News photographer at the capitol. The Denver PostShow More Summary

Heart of a Lion: The Biography of a Courageous Peripatetic Predator

Removing walls of misunderstanding about mountain lions and other so-called "dangerous" predators As a member of the Board of Directors for The Cougar Fund, and also because I've studied various predators for decades, I'm always amazed...Show More Summary

Brews for Bernie USA launches

The "Brews for Bernie" event in Boulder Colorado on May 14th at Owsley's Golden Road was the start of a grassroots movement. And not just focused on Bernie Sanders. People were stoked about Bernie's wins and were signing up for shifts...Show More Summary

Missing Justice Means No Justice for Colorado Women

There is a famous saying attributed to Judge Jerome Frank that "Justice is what the judge ate for breakfast." Basically, this is a cynical view that substantive outcomes in cases are not always explained by legal precedent or argument, but other factors affecting the judges when they decide the case. Show More Summary

A Predatory Lender's Empty Threats

If you followed the debate over a bill allowing a predatory lender to charge millions of dollars more in high interest rates, you know that the key question, at the end of the day, was: Will the lender, OneMain Holdings, leave Colorado...Show More Summary

Keyser's Alleged 'Triple' Checks Missed Forgeries

With Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser still not talking to reporters about multiple forged signatures on his ballot-access petitions, I had no choice but to look back at previous statements Keyser made about the signature-gathering...Show More Summary

How I Learned to Be Proud of Having Mexican Immigrant Parents

When I first applied to UCLA, I wrote in my personal essay that I didn't have any positive role models in my violent neighborhood. Having grown up in East Los Angeles' Ramona Gardens housing project, I wrote that most of the adults represented...Show More Summary

Should Female Dogs Be Used As Puppy Mill Breeding Machines and Unwanted Pups Killed?

Dogs are "in." It's almost impossible to read a newspaper or magazine or watch a TV show and not see something on dogs almost daily. Because so many people are keenly interested in these amazing beings, it's essential to get things right and to give them the very best life we can. Show More Summary

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