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A Reporter Catches a West-Slope Lawmaker's Flip Flop

You hope that the weakening of journalism doesn't translate into politicians thinking they can flip flop to their hearts content, without being asked to explain themselves in proverbial print. But you fear fewer reporters means more politicians getting off the hook. Show More Summary

Colorado State GOP Chair Fires Back at Trump Campaign

Colorado GOP State Chair Steve House fired back at Donald Trump's presidential campaign yesterday, saying campaign staffers know they were treated "fairly" in Colorado, but are attacking state Republicans anyway because they want toShow More Summary

Judicial Vacancy Crisis Hits Home in Colorado - Literally

While public attention has been (deservedly) focused on the empty seat now waiting on the U.S. Supreme Court for the last two months, almost a hundred other judicial vacancies on lower federal courts have languished without nominations, hearings or votes. Show More Summary

State Senators' 'Moral' Opportunity Would Curtail Life-Saving Research

Last week, Colorado Senate Republicans inserted an amendment in the budget bill prohibiting the use of state funds to purchase fetal tissue for research -- even though state funds are already barred from being used in this way. But the...Show More Summary

Woods, Neville Are Against Preventing Teen Pregnancies

In a vote Thursday, Colorado Senate rejected an amendment, sponsored by Sen. Tim Neville (R-Littleton) and Laura Woods (R-Westminster) that would have deleted funding for a state-run program credited with decreasing the teen pregnancies...Show More Summary


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Should a Woman Who Has an Abortion Be Punished?

KNUS 710-AM's Craig Silverman has been doing us all a favor by interviewing Colorado's Republican U.S. Senate candidates, but his interview with El Paso Country Commissioner Peggy Littleton Saturday stood out, because he dug in with follow-up questions. Show More Summary

3 Steps to Prioritize and Set Money Goals

Like most people, you probably know you need to put more money aside for financial goals but haven't quite done it yet. If you want to follow a simple process for identifying what's important to you and then start putting money awayShow More Summary

A Wake-Up Call to End Drowsy Driving

We all know it's dangerous to get behind the wheel when we've been drinking -- but what about when we're tired? Over 60 percent of Americans admit they've driven while drowsy at least once in the past year. Yet sleep deprivation impairs...Show More Summary

TPP Is Not Good for Colorado: A Thoughtful Reconsideration

I have been asked to clarify my position on TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership. Since I first wrote about this on Huffington Post, this seems like a good forum for that response. The short answer is that after much research and thought, I have realized that I cannot support the TPP as it is currently written. Show More Summary

Exit interview: Greg Moore Leaves The Denver Post After 14 Years As Editor

Greg Moore leaves The Denver Post today after 14 years as editor. Under his leadership, the newspaper won numerous awards, including a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Aurora theater shooting. More impressive to me is the factShow More Summary

The Catamounts Theater Brings Futura to Boulder

When Boulder theater artist, Amanda Berg Wilson returned to Denver from a decade long explore of Chicago what she found here was a lot of great theater. What she craved, was great theater with a Chi-town influence. "There was so much...Show More Summary

Is "A Life Worth Living" a "Good Life" for Other Animals? The Science of Animal Well-Being Promotes Compassion for Individuals

Is "A Life Worth Living" a "Good Life?" The purpose of this brief essay is to discuss two phrases that are used in discussions of nonhuman animal (animal) welfare. Many people write about giving animals a "good life" and by this they...Show More Summary

Denver Real Estate News for March

I get a lot of feedback on my Facebook business page from readers distressed about this "crazy new real estate market", worried that prices are just too high these days, citing a lack of affordable housing. It's almost as if they'reShow More Summary

Colorado Republicans Post Names of Possible Delegates Who Could Pick Presidential Nominee

The Colorado Republican Party posted a list on its website Thursday of the names of candidates running to be Colorado delegates at July's Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The list also includes the presidential candidates each potential delegate is supporting, if any. Show More Summary

Cut the Budget by Trimming Healthcare for Poor People

If you follow my blog, you know I've been pointing out how Republicans are falsely blaming Colorado budget problems on healthcare costs for the elderly, disabled, and other poor people. What's worse, after scapegoating Medicaid spending on healthcare for the poor, Republicans haven't said how they'd cut it. Show More Summary


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TrumpWatch: Where Colorado Republicans Stand on Trump

With Trump's wins continuing, the question of whether Colorado Republicans will vote for the mogul, if he's the nominee, becomes even more relevant, as we inch toward the Republican Party's July 18 national convention in Cleveland. Here's an update of my handy TrumpWatch guide for reporters tracking Colorado's GOP response to Trump. Show More Summary

Food Justice and Personal Rewilding as Social Movements: Social Justice Mandates Animals Should Not be Treated as Marginalized "Others"

Social and food justice: If you truly believe in social justice you might want to rethink whom you eat In her excellent essay, Dr. Hope Ferdowsian clearly showed "Why Justice for Animals Is the Social Movement of Our Time." Here, I want...Show More Summary

Fascism's Fertile Ground in Colorado?

Caller "David" told the world Friday, or at least the universe listening to Denver's KLZ 560-AM, that "the only way that America can survive long term is to not have Islam within our borders." "If you have any amount of Islam, even if...Show More Summary

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