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It's Not Happening at the Zoo: There's no Evidence Zoos Educate in a Meaningful Way

In November, I attended a wonderful meeting of the Performing Animal Welfare Society where elephants in captivity and many different aspects of elephant conservation were discussed. You can see the program here and the list of speakers...Show More Summary

2014 in Sports: 6 Takeaways From the Complicated Year That Was

In many ways, 2014 was a year to forget in the world of sports. The instinct in most fans is to try and use sports as an escape from the problems or bad news of everyday life, but this year sports themselves were often the bearer of bad news. Show More Summary

Dear Ella, Be Proud of Your Beautiful Name

Earlier this week, as I returned to New York after a week in India for the launch of HuffPost India, I learned that while I'd been away, a story that had run on HuffPost Parents had left one of our readers a bit upset. The post was entitled...Show More Summary

My Son, Drugs and Safety

I do not want my son to do drugs. He'll be a teenager soon, and it's time to have that talk with him, one of many difficult discussions to come. Abstinence-only conversations don't work. It's not real, it's not honest, and will only drive any experimentation with drugs away from my help, advice and care. Show More Summary

Desperately Needing Watchdog

Last week, Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner voted to halt Obama's program to defer deportation of millions of immigrants who have children in our country. Gardner voted in Aug. (during his successful U.S. Senate campaign versus Democrat Mark...Show More Summary

Gourmet Gifts for the Foodie 2014

We all have them, that friend or family member that loves to cook, eat and enjoy all things culinary. The foodies among us may be the most intimidating to shop for, paralyzing us with fear of an upturned nose at our homemade baking or tinned popcorn. Show More Summary

Vote for the Worst Toy of the Year

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, an organization whose mission is to support parents' efforts to raise healthy families by limiting commercial access to children and ending the exploitive practice of child-targeted marketing,...Show More Summary

America's Best Towns for the Holidays (PHOTOS)

Johnny Johnston has lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, but when he goes home for the holidays, he finds himself enchanted all over again by the winter wonderland where he grew up: Vail, CO. "From the moment you drive into the valley,...Show More Summary

The Most Important Holiday Shopping You Can Do This Year

Did you know over 400,000 Coloradans got insurance this past year thanks to Obamacare? 10 million Americans got covered thanks to Obamacare. And guess what? In 2013, health care costs grew at their slowest rate since anyone started keeping track of such things (in 1960, for those of you wondering). Obamacare is working. Show More Summary

CO State Senate Leaders Suggest Paying TX to Secure Border

As House Republicans are poised to vote to stop Obama's executive order to halt deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, two Colorado State Senators are saying Colorado should contribute tax dollars to Texas Governor RickShow More Summary

Fix the Police! Accountability Needed in Law Enforcement

Following the non-indictment of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for strangling Eric Garner to death with an illegal choke hold in Staten Island, it is clearer than ever that something is badly broken in our system of justice. Once again,...Show More Summary

Bridging the Energy vs. Environment Divide: Colorado's Roan Plateau Case Study

Can we work together to preserve our nation's bio diverse and increasingly threatened wilderness, and still extract the energy we need to power our economy? If we cling to today's prevailing notions that if you're on the left, you're an environmentalist, and if I'm on the right, I'm a gas driller. Show More Summary

Meet "Jack Reynolds," the Alter-Ego Brand Hired by Daimler's car2Go to Rethink the Spirit of Advertising

There's a lot more to the story than the catchy headline, "We traveled to 14 cities in 6 weeks to make this 2.5 minute YouTube video," referring to the video that entrepreneur/filmmakers Tim Williams and Nic Davis recently released for the popular car2Go car-sharing service. Show More Summary

Jailed for Lyme Disease. Really? Really.

We've all heard this before, and many of us know it firsthand to be true. Disease is unfair, and it strikes us without warning or discretion. Yet there is one thing we have come to expect from living in the United States -- that the medical and legal systems are here to support us all equally and fairly. Show More Summary

Where PR Fits in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a plan for public relations might seem as if it is a daunting undertaking, yet if you do it properly, it may assist in growing your brand, as well as improving profits. For the majority of organizations, public relations campaigns...Show More Summary

Rise of the Lumbersexual: Why I'm Keeping My November Beard

I used to think beards were gross. That they were only appropriate for Jon Hamm, Abraham Lincoln and Santa. Then I tried growing one and went native. Inspired by a two-time cancer survivor participating in Movember, I decided to try out the facial hair thing, and raise a little money. Show More Summary

3 Goals for Playing Your Best on Game Day

Defining success in sports is a difficult task. When I ask most athletes and coaches how they define success, it is usually in terms of results, whether wins, rankings, or times. Though, admittedly, results are the ultimate determinant...Show More Summary

4 Signs You're Not Cut Out for Working from Home

Working from home is the American dream for many -- but it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Simply put, not everyone is cut out for telecommuting, working from home, or virtual offices -- and that's okay. Just because something sounds...Show More Summary

They're Bringing the Plague! Not.

Warning: Denver talk-radio host Ken Clark tells me the following blog post is a "hit piece consisting of lies and deceit in order to continue to manipulate the public and your readers at the expense of an elected official who is simply...Show More Summary

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