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Cities Take the Heat for Global Warming

Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama is finally addressing the most serious issue facing the planet: climate change. Of course, this week's proposed Environmental Protection Agency orders that polluters reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030 will be stonewalled in Washington. Show More Summary

Unveiling the Hypocrisy in Latest Coffman Attack Ad

Fox 31 Denver's Eli Stokols reported yesterday that Rep. Mike Coffman has launched a web ad attacking his Democratic opponent, Andrew Romanoff, for supporting tough immigration legislation in 2006. But Stokols omitted the fact that Romanoff's...Show More Summary

Filming Police in Public Places: A Risky First Amendment Activity for Citizen Journalists

Let's start with a trio of foundational assumptions that affect us all as citizens and citizen journalists. First, when people are situated in public venues, such as parks, streets or sidewalks, they have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Show More Summary

A Roots Music Sacrifice: A Review of Matisyahu's Akeda

In the world of reggae, there is "roots music" and "dancehall music." Dancehall music is like it sounds, popular music to get you up and dance. No message necessary. Whereas roots music digs into the life the artist -- revealing troubles and spiritual trials -- and occasionally delivers a message of hope and inspiration. Show More Summary

Why I Hate the Bus and the Bus Hates Me

Sometimes, I ride the bus. Although this helps secure me a seat in EcoHeaven, I loathe the bus. It's boring and smelly and cold, and it takes twice as long as driving. I can't read or text because I have severe (like SEVERE in all caps with extra exclamation marks!!) vertigo. Show More Summary

The NRA Game Plan: Blame Violence on Anything But Guns

The NRA will let one week go by and then they'll issue a statement about the Elliot Rodger shootings in Santa Barbara. Actually, they'll issue two statements which they always have ready to go. First they'll say that the slaughter shows...Show More Summary

Dear Governor Hickenlooper -- A Film Dispatch

Film is a powerful medium for communicating the look of things, so in a state as visually stunning as Colorado, what better way to deliver a message to the governor? Dear Governor Hickenlooper is a letter in cinematic form, a plea for protection for the land and its citizens. Show More Summary

WATCH: These Profound Images Are For Anyone Who's Ever Felt Invisible

Chinese artist Liu Bolin can disappear into everything from famous landmarks to the rows of instant noodles at the supermarket. The question is: Why? By going invisible, what does he help you see? We want to know what you think. Join the discussion by posting a comment below or tweeting #TEDWeekends. Show More Summary

Food Market Is Unusual Setting New Political TV Show

Local TV public affairs shows are usually shot deep inside TV stations, where the light of day and the reality of everyday life can be hard to find. Fox 31 Denver's Eli Stokols has dispensed of this problem by staging his new publicShow More Summary

Elliot Rodger And the C-Word

Less than 24 hours after Elliot Rodger made sure that all those women who so "unjustly" kept him a virgin got what they "deserved," a 25-year-old colleague of mine had something small and inconsequential happen to her that was actually...Show More Summary

My Kids Don't Fear Me (But Is That a Good Thing?)

I have two daughters, ages 8 and 6. Overall, they're pretty good kids, generally kind and mostly cooperative. But like most children their age, they are often stubborn, frequently resistant and occasionally disrespectful of my wife and me. Show More Summary

Trying to Make Republicans More Immigrant-Friendly

American Spectator columnist Ross Kaminsky reported on a private meeting last month between Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner and "a small group of Republicans" to discuss immigration policy. "The roughly 10 people in the room,"...Show More Summary

'Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol' Doesn't Mean Home Use Only

Vincent Carroll has written a piece for the Denver Post entitled, "Like it or not, CSO must abide by Amendment 64." In it, he scolds the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for its original plan to create a series of fundraising concerts where...Show More Summary

Who Decides? 'Right-to-Try' Law's Unacknowledged, Deep Roots in AIDS Activism

It's ironic to hear lefties lambaste Colorado's new "right-to-try" law as something that emerged from the corporation-coddling right wing. They apparently missed some of the most important lessons of the 33-year-old AIDS epidemic. The...Show More Summary

The Importance of Ending Washington's Fetishization of Burnout

This month delivered a tale of two investigations. The first was the party-line vote in the House to launch yet another investigation into 2012's deadly attacks in Benghazi. The second was the conclusion of a very different kind of investigation with the release of the National Climate Assessment from the U.S. Show More Summary

Reporters Shouldn't Tolerate Coffman's Immigration Platitudes Anymore

Fox 31 Denver's Eli Stokols reported this morning that Rep. Mike Coffman will stage a press conference today calling on his Republican colleagues in the House to pass the Enlist Act, which would offer a young undocumented immigrantsShow More Summary

The Re-Enchantment of the Soul

Three centuries later, we are still children of the Enlightenment, that period of immense intellectual energy that liberated mankind from medievalism, feudalism, and ignorance. Enlightenment thinkers opened the mind to the scientific method and scientific inquiry. Show More Summary

Romney Endorsement: Toxic or Tonic for Republican Voters

Last week, ColordoPols reported that gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez agreed, in no uncertain terms, that the federal government has the right to require you, dear citizen of the United States, have health insurance. It's calledShow More Summary

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