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Despite Labels Sanders Values Are Catching On

Democratic Socialist American Jewish Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) won New Hampshire's February 9th Democratic presidential primary with 60 percent of the vote. Why has that historic victory -- by the first-generation American and Brooklyn...Show More Summary

What's in a Name? Is an Unnamed Cow Less Sentient Than a Named Cow?

On being a "who": Words count A recent essay in the New York Times by Philip Corbett called "Is a Cow a 'Who' or a 'Which?' Our Standards Editor Weighs In" raises some very important questions about the language with which we refer to nonhuman animals (animals). Show More Summary

Republicans Wrongly Blame Budget Woes on Obamacare and the Poor

A key component of Obamcare is to reduce the number of uninsured by allowing more people to qualify for Medicaid, the federal-state health care program for low-income people. In Colorado, some 300,000 people enrolled in Medicaid as part of Obamcare--and the federal government picked up the tab. Show More Summary

Defending the Childhood of Brendan Dassey

Shock and awe are not in short supply among viewers of the new documentary series, Making a Murderer. A woman brutally murdered with no apparent motive, possible police corruption, and a potentially innocent man sentenced to die in prison. Show More Summary

Are Republicans Proposing to Cut Health Care to Old, Disabled and Other Poor People?

Colorado Senate President Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) told 9News political reporter Brandon Rittiman last month that Medicaid spending is siphoning money from "every other program," including schools and roads. As he told 9NewsShow More Summary

GOP Candidate Won't Delete Commenter's Facebook "Wish" That Planned Parenthood Facilities Be Blown Up

Two sort-of prominent Colorado Republicans are apparently refusing to delete offensive comments on their Facebook pages. Here are the comments, written by commenters on the Facebook pages of State Rep. Stephen Humphrey (R-Severence)Show More Summary

Bernie Breaks it Down

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What Peyton Manning Lost After Winning Super Bowl 50

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's biggest plays at Super Bowl 50 weren't as an athlete, but as a product pitchman. After winning what most believe to be the last game of his career, Peyton went on to lose, trying too hard to...Show More Summary

The Exotic Pet Trade: Horrific Global Animal Abuse and an Assault on Sentience

The exotic pet trade is an international enterprise that is responsible for unimaginable, inexcusable,and unforgivable pain, suffering and death. It is a topic of great interest to anthrozoologists, conservation psychologists, conservation...Show More Summary

Super Bowl L: Worst in History

Despite the NFL's best attempts to make this a special year in Super Bowl history, Super Bowl L should go down as the worst ever. The aging face of the NFL, Peyton Manning turned in a horrid performance. The stat line for Manning, 13 of 23 passes for 141 yards, 2 fumbles (recovered 1), 5 sacks. Show More Summary

Colorado Political Newspaper Now Requires Subscription for Most Content

The Colorado Statesman, a weekly newspaper focusing on Colorado politics, celebrated its 118 th birthday Thursday, with a party at the Governor's Mansion carriage house and the launch of a new website and business model. In a short speech...Show More Summary

The Biggest Non-Answer by Hillary in the Debate

Last night during the debate Hillary was asked the question that is the question of her credibility as a Presidential candidate: From the transcript: Thank you both. Let me move on to our next question here, and in fact it comes to us through New England Cable News. Show More Summary

Another Republican Calls for Axing the Department of Education

Just as Colorado's GOP State Chair Steve House is telling his fellow Republicans to talk more about education and less about guns, GOP Senate candidate Peggy Littleton is saying that one of her top priorities if elected would be to abolish...Show More Summary

Dogs, Cats, and Humans: Does 5X the Oxytocin = 5X the Love?

Do dogs really love us five times more than cats? A recent essay by Elyse Wanshel called "Who Loves Their Humans More -- Cats Or Dogs? Here's The Answer" caught my eyes and those of numerous others around the world. How could it not?...Show More Summary

GOP Senate Candidate Fears U.S. Government Could Quickly Turn on Us

Charles Ehler, an who's one of the dozen or so Republicans vying for Democrat Michael Bennet's U.S. Senate seat, shared an image of people standing by a box car on his Facebook page, with the text, "Why does the government want to ban...Show More Summary

Reporters Should Expect Gardner to Co-Sponsor Life at Conception Act Soon

Colorado's Republican Senator, Cory Gardner, spent a good chunk of his 2014 election campaign telling us that the Life at Conception Act was really nothing more than a symbolic statement, when, in fact, it is federal personhood legislation that would ban all abortion, even for rape. Show More Summary

What's a Good Life for an Old Dog? Ice Cream or Nasty Pills?

Old dogs can be a gift because so many are really incredible beings and because of the many lessons we can learn from them in their waning days (please see, for example "My Old Dog: Rescued Seniors Show that Old Dogs Rock"). A web search...Show More Summary

America's New Vietnam in the Middle East

A Civil War Story About the Islamic State Might Spark a Peace Movement Cross-posted with It was half a century ago, but I still remember it vividly. “We have to help South Vietnam,” I explained. “It’s a sovereign nation being invaded by another nation, North Vietnam.” “No, no,” my friend protested. Show More Summary

How to Respond to Someone Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted

One woman was molested at age eight. The second was 15 years old when four men blindfolded and raped her. And the third faced sexual assault twice, once as a child and the second time as an adult. Shame and fear kept all three of them...Show More Summary

Senate Candidate Dodges Questions

It what appears to be the first radio interview of his U.S. Senate run, former state Rep. Jon Keyser eagerly offered his opinion on the Iran nuclear deal, but he dodged questions on whether he'd like to change TABOR and abolish a state program offering in-state tuition for undocumented college students. Show More Summary

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