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Should We Be Blaming the Aurora Theater Shooter's Parents?

This morning, I looked up at one of the national morning shows on television that noted James Holmes's parents had attended every day of their son's trial, which is in its 15th day in Centennial, Colorado. Almost three years ago, James...Show More Summary

How to Raise Brave Girls

On my 40th birthday, my daughter Maddy, 10 at the time, gave me a handcrafted birthday voucher on which she wrote: "This vowcher lets you be my gest at the Oscars when I am nomnated for best actres." (I figured she stood more chance of that than winning the national spelling bee!) I've tucked it away for safekeeping until that day arrives. Show More Summary

I'm Not Talking to You, Denver Post

If you're a journalist, this is the kind of  irony that makes you want to jump into the raging Platte River: Colorado's Treasurer Walker Stapleton is trashing a Denver Post article as "completely misleading" even though Stapleton refused...Show More Summary

Butts and Noses: Secrets, Lessons, and Surprises from Dog Parks

I love going to dog parks. So, too, do dogs and their people. Dog parks are a fascinating recent and growing cultural phenomenon. Indeed, I go rather often to what I call my field sites, for that's what they are, to study play behavior...Show More Summary

America's National Parks: Money for Nothing, Sunsets for Free

Mancos Valley Overlook with areas open for leasing below Apparently the White House is once again undermining The Constitution and using executive authority without consulting Congress. In February, President Obama designated three new national monuments in Illinois, Colorado and Hawaii and urged Americans to "find their national park" and go there. Show More Summary

City Council Candidate Claims To Be Pro-Choice But His Money Trail Tells a Different Story

Denver City Council races are supposed to be all sweet and nonpartisany, and part of me really wishes they could be that way. But if you want to have a full pictures of a candidate, you'd be stupid to ignore their partisan history. Here's...Show More Summary

America's 25 Best Barbecue Chains

Barbecue is one of those foods that's fiercely regional. In Texas, it's all about the beef; in Carolina, the focus is pork; and so on. Thankfully, there are great barbecue restaurants all across the country with multiple locations that are spreading the barbecue gospel far and wide. Show More Summary

I'm With Stupid: In the White Rim, With Backs Hurtin'

Over the years, I've visited Utah plenty of times, including about eight or nine trips to Moab, and I've visited Arches National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park three or four times each. But in all those trips to Utah, I've never driven past Dead Horse to Canyonlands National Park. Show More Summary

I Thought I Would Always Hate Beer. Here's How I Came To Love It.

I love beer. I love its flavor, its texture, its ease and its ability to complement all types of food. I love stouts, I love sours, I love IPAs. I love drinking beer at home and I love drinking beer at bars. I love discovering exciting new beers and I love relaxing over cherished old favorites. I didn't always feel this way. Show More Summary

Coffman Wants Rape Victim to Get Police Permission to Get an Abortion

Abortion continues to be a major focus of Republicans in Washington DC, as they voted Wednesday for a ban on abortion starting at week twenty of a pregnancy. Few exceptions were included in the bill, and obstacles were put in place even for rape and incest victims who seek to end their pregnancies. Show More Summary

My Q and A With Work and Family Expert Joan Williams on When Work Becomes a Masculinity Contest

Joan C. Williams is an expert on matters of work and family and is a Distinguished Professor of Law at UC Hastings College of the Law. In our conversation she shared her insights on the origins of our culture of sleep one-upmanship,Show More Summary

Want Some Hangout Clout? My Morning Jacket's Jim James Is the Surreal Deal

Is Jim James for real? My Morning Jacket's mysterious frontman/guitarist/vocalist must enjoy keeping people guessing, bouncing from prestigious side projects to occasional solo work to incredible collaborations with the likes of Elvis...Show More Summary

President Obama Don't Fail Us Historically...

A little history lesson today. In the summer of 2007, Democrats were lining up behind their preferred Presidential choice. I was a strong Edwards supporter, (and eventual Obama supporter) and was most wary of Hillary Clinton bringing...Show More Summary

Businessman Behind "White Appreciation Day" Says He's Leaving Republican Party

Edgar Antillon, who's twice run for the Colorado State House and is promoting a "White Appreciation Day" at his rural Colorado BBQ joint, says he's leaving the Republican Party. Antillon lost his latest bid for the Colorado legislature...Show More Summary

Business Owner Offering Discount for White People Is Republican Candidate in Colorado

The co-owner of a BBQ joint that will give "white Americans" a discount is an active Republican candidate for the Colorado State House. Edgar Antillon, who's promoting his restaurant's "White Appreciation Day," ran as Republican for House District 32 (Commerce City) last year--and for House District 35 (Westminster) in 2010. Show More Summary

Best Reporting on Colorado Legislature This Year

Below, I've listed some of my favorite reporting about Colorado's legislative session that ended Wednesday. My favorite: The Denver Post's John Frank wrote an accessible, yet detail-rich, article on the failed effort to secure funding...Show More Summary

Why Republicans Are Against a Wildly Successful Teen Pregnancy-Prevention Program

Why would Republicans in Colorado's legislature torpedo a program that reduced teen pregnancy by 40 percent and teen abortions by 35 percent? What's not to like? Here's a summary of the bizarre arguments Republicans used to attack the...Show More Summary

Stumbling Into a Pluralistic Society

The state of race, culture and religion in America is a key metric for how we are evolving as a society. The question for the church in 2025 is do we have enough elasticity and self-awareness to accommodate other customs, and views different...Show More Summary

The Story of United Airlines Flight 409

When United Airlines Flight 409 took off from Denver, Colo., on the morning of October 6, 1955, the 66 people on board, including five female members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and a number of military personnel, had no idea that...Show More Summary

Republicans Kept Their Focus on Birth Control, Immigration

KOA 850-AM Morning News anchor Steffan Tubbs wouldn't be expected to know all the ins-and-outs of the state legislative session, which ends Wednesday. But if you've been following Colorado's Republicans at all over the past three months,...Show More Summary

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