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It's Tancredo Versus Christie in Primary States

ince the news broke on this blog Nov. 6 that he was forming a "Stop Chris Christie PAC," former congressman Tom Tancredo has been on the interview circuit bashing the New Jersey Governor and filling in a few details about what, specifically,...Show More Summary

Denver Post Deflects-War-On Christmas Attack

In its annual "Friend or Foe of Christmas" campaign, the Liberty Counsel, a right-wing Florida-based organization, is targeting The Denver Post for allegedly banning newspaper carriers from writing "Marry Christmas" on holiday cardsShow More Summary

We Deserve Leaders Who Support Conserving Colorado's Natural Heritage

As you've likely heard, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) listed the imperiled Gunnison sage-grouse as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) last week, a move needed to prevent the bird's extinction. It's...Show More Summary

From Hypnos to the Heavenly Bed: A Brief History of Sleep

Sleep is having its moment in the sun -- or, more appropriately, its moment in a darkened room, with blackout shades drawn, the temperature somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, all smartphones and tablets banished from the...Show More Summary

Re-Run: Buck Supports Personhood Again!

The GOP's newbie House members elected U.S. Representative-elect Ken Buck as their president Thursday. If you follow Buck's history here in Colorado, you know his squeaker victory over establishment-backed Republican Jane Norton in the...Show More Summary

Protecting Watersheds As We Grow Our Cities and Towns

We don't have to choose between a growing population and healthy economy, on the one hand, and a healthy and sustainable environment, on the other. We really can have it both ways. But we need to be smart about it. I'm particularly interested in smart strategies that deliver greener, healthier cities and towns while allowing them to grow. Show More Summary

Misty Boyce Song Premiere: 'The Life' She's Chosen Is Worth Celebrating

If her upcoming album The Life was based on her life, Misty Boyce would have a box set's worth of true stories to share. Even though it includes only 10 songs (all penned by Boyce), The Life, to be released in January, is an impressive body of work for good reason. Show More Summary

Question Before the Court: Can Corporations Betray Retirees?

At a chemical plant called Point Pleasant in a town named Apple Grove in a state John Denver labeled almost heaven, a man known as Freel Tackett helped negotiate three collective bargaining agreements that provided raises and decent benefits for workers and retirees. Heaven ended in 2007 for Tackett and other retired Point Pleasant workers. Show More Summary

The Oldest Restaurant in Every State (and DC!)

By: Matt Meltzer Eating. Humans have done it since, well, the beginning of history. And pretty much ever since the first caveman realized he was too tired to grill a wooly mammoth after a long day of hunting, other cavemen were willing to do it for him. Show More Summary

On the Response to My OUT 100 Interview

I am thrilled that the comments I made in my cover interview for OUT 100 have generated a spirited dialogue about HIV/AIDS -- and the advent of a whole new class of preventative life saving medication. I am less thrilled that they were almost entirely misconstrued. Show More Summary

An Open Letter From Ferguson Protestors and Allies

The Ferguson Protester community is home to many voices and experiences. Informed by many voices, this letter serves as a statement of purpose for those who may not yet understand the movement in #Ferguson or why protests still continue,...Show More Summary

Journalists Discuss Difficulty in Breaking Candidates from Scripted Lines

The Columbia Journalism Review's Rocky Mountain Correspondent, Corey Hutchins, has posted highlights of a panel discussion Tuesday, moderated by Compass Colorado's Kelly Maher and me, on local news coverage of the 2014 election. Here...Show More Summary

How We Arrived At The Current State Of Our Politics

This post will take you all the way from the invention of the Tonight and Today shows through the dysfunction of modern politics. It's a bumpy ride, so please stow your tray table. There used to be a thing called "mass media." FirstShow More Summary

Antidote to Fear: Identify, Isolate and Inform

America's registered nurses are on the frontlines of health care delivery in this country. They are often the first to identify signs of a disease outbreak, whether that is H1N1 flu in 2009 as it swept through schools, measles, or the current Enterovirus D68 circulating around the country. Show More Summary

Take Viagra If You Can Afford It: The Necessary Comedy of Lewis Black

Lewis Black, who performed last night in Fort Collins, didn't talk about Viagra. He did talk about another drug prescribed to help him quit smoking, for which he had to pay out of pocket. He was doing a very on target rant about insurance companies not caring about us very much. Show More Summary

3 Essential Mindsets for Athletic Success

In this post, I'm going to talk about "mindset," which I consider to be an essential contributor to athletic success and a mental area that has only come to light in my work with elite athletes during the past three years. This topic...Show More Summary

Tie One On for Veteran's Day

On Veterans' Day, tie one on (...a Victory Apron, of course!), and salute the nation's oldest support to military personnel, the USO. In its 73rd year, the USO continues its mission to deliver a touch of home to those serving in the military in a faraway place. Show More Summary

Pro Tip: Step Into the Story

I have good news: Anyone can attend the Starz Denver Film Festival.  You don't have to be fancy, you don't have to be a member of any sort, you don't have to spend a bunch of money on a pass, you don't even have to be a self-identified...Show More Summary

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