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Shame on Naropa University if They Turn Into a Prairie Dog Killing Field

I began my book Rewilding Our Hearts: Building Pathways of Compassion and Coexistence with the following quotation by Chögyam Trungpa, founder of Naropa University, a place that is supposed to be a contemplative setting motivated by compassion and respect. Show More Summary

CU Tops CSU in Resisting Right-Wing Extremism on Abortion

Reporters should take note of the different responses, one by Colorado State University and the other by two University of Colorado campuses, to Rep. Doug Lamborn's pressure to halt the acquisition of fetal tissue from two companies--as...Show More Summary

The Least-Stressed Cities in America

Feeling stressed out? You're not the only one. A 2014 study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health found that half of all American adults dealt with a major stressful event over the prior year.Show More Summary

Kevin Sabet Is Misleading You Again About Marijuana Legalization

In his latest Huffington Post piece, "Rand Paul Gets It Wrong, Sonia Sotomayor Gets It Right on Pot," Kevin Sabet, the professional anti-pot propagandist with a Ph.D. in public policy, not medicine or science, trots out more half-truths, distortions, and outright lies to confuse the national discussion on marijuana legalization. Show More Summary

Bash Muslims (Anonymously) on My Radio Show, Host Begs

On the national stage, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is standing by his comment that a Muslim should not be president. And deep in the bottom-feeding waters of Colorado Springs talk radio, it gets worse. Apparently inspired by Carson, KVOR radio host Richard Randall launched into a tirade against Muslims Tuesday. Show More Summary

How to Be a Successful Sitting Duck

It's after Labor Day, and the thin lineup of Colorado Republicans even thinking about challenging Sen. Michael Bennet would make you believe they're scared of Bennet and his war chest. But Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), on KNUS radio Wed.,...Show More Summary

Yes, I Was a Guest at the Grand Hyatt

?I woke up that morning at a Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver. I had performed the night before, and it was really well received. After the performance, some new friends and I decided to go to a local steakhouse for dinner, and gave Denver's economy a significant boost from that dinner alone. Show More Summary

The Republican Presidential Field Is Sadly Lacking

I have been reluctant to try and analyze what is going on in the Republican Presidential race because it seems so mystifying. It is like a dysfunctional family airing its grievances to the public. Every day someone else decides that he or she could be our country's leader. Show More Summary

Jeffco School Board Member Apparently Thinks Baseless Whining Will Help Him

From the beginning of the uprising by Jeffco parents and students, conservative Jeffco school board members and their allies (like failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez) have said directly (or implied) that community members are pawns of teachers' unions. Show More Summary

GOP Senate Candidate Blaha Expects Attacks from 'Permanent Political Class'

Appearing on a Colorado Springs radio station over the weekend, Robert Blaha, a Republican likely to run for U.S. Senate in Colorado, said he expects the "permanent political class" to fire attacks and lies at him, as it did when he ran for office previously. Show More Summary

The Bush Legacy

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Creepy Critters

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You Won't Find Athletic Success Without 'The Grind'

If you're reading this article, I'm guessing you're pretty serious about your sports participation. I'm also assuming that, despite being serious about your sport, you do it because it's big-time fun. Improving, the competition, hanging with your friends, travel, achieving your goals, and, yes, even winning, all make sports fun and exciting. Show More Summary

Eastern Colorado Deserves To Have A Voice

This is the second installment in a series of articles explaining why I am running against Tea Party Republican Ken Buck. Read the first installment here. For more information see I am running for Congress because...Show More Summary

On Hatteras, Putting Ourselves, and the World, Back Together

Like summer, turtle hatching season is coming to a close on Hatteras Island, and all along the coast, sunbathers incubate themselves in late summer heat, under strategically planted umbrellas that skirt dozens of fenced nesting areas. Show More Summary

Killing Mountain Lions to Grow Mule Deer: Colorado's Planned Cull Is Ill-Conceived and Unscientific

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is attempting to push through a controversial "study" that would involve killing significantly more numbers of mountain lions (Puma concolor) in hunting units in a portion of Colorado over a five-year span to see if they can increase the mule deer population for human hunters to kill. Show More Summary

Pot Holes Are Wake-Up Call for Republican Mayor of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers sounded the alarm Thursday in his state of the city speech: Suthers: "When companies are looking around, they're looking for the level of investment the community is making for infrastructure, andShow More Summary

CON GAMES: Post 9/11, Pen Mightier Than Sword

Were this not the anniversary of 9/11, I would not be telling you the story of how I survived a terrorist scare this week on a redeye from Denver to Fort Lauderdale. No one knows about the scare, not even my wife, who was sitting next to me for the whole thing. Show More Summary

Psychological Disorders in Animals: A Review of What We Know

Almost four years ago, I wrote an essay called "Do Wild Animals Suffer From PTSD and Other Psychological Disorders?" in which I summarized much of what we knew then about PTSD and other psychological disorders in nonhuman animals (animals). Show More Summary

Minoru Yasui Day in Denver

September 10, 2015 is Minoru Yasui Day in Denver, proclaimed by Mayor Hancock to commemorate Yasui's arrival in the Mile-High City in 1944, having been released from the Minidoka concentration camp with a government check for $25. Not...Show More Summary

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