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Spring Skiing Is Sheer Bliss: Snow Time in the Roaring Fork Valley

The blizzard that began late Tuesday night, on March 23rd, was sheer bliss for skiers at Snowmass and Aspen ski resorts who awoke to the best of all possible worlds: feathery-soft powder snow blanketing mountain peaks, valley trails,...Show More Summary

The Most Interesting Cities in America

Some places stay with you long after you are gone. While they may not necessarily have the most pleasant weather or the best food, they've got something else, a certain indefinable quality that makes them hard to forget. They're full of adventure waiting to happen, and secrets waiting to be discovered. Show More Summary

GOP Leader Says "Elite Whites" Are Tricking "the Black People"

Denver radio host Randy Corporon gets a gold nugget for having a weekly liberal guest on his show, messing with the familiar reverberations in conservative echo chamber of talk radio. On Thursday show, on Denver's KLZ 560-AM, the liberal, Dane Torbenson, told "righty" host Corporon that racism is still a problem in America. Show More Summary

A Botanical Tour of Boulder With Kids

Mention the words "herb" and "Colorado" and the next thing that comes to mind probably isn't "with kids." But stay with us for a minute. That's all it'll take. A certain Colorado amendment brought a bunch of attention to one of the oldest...Show More Summary

Introducing HuffPost Gratitude: Starting the Conversation on What We're Thankful For

Gratitude has always been one of the most powerful emotions for me. And it's no coincidence that "grace" and "gratitude" have the same Latin root, "gratus." Whenever we find ourselves in a stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off mindset, we can remember that there is another way and open ourselves to grace. Show More Summary

Are You a Free-Range Parent? You Should Be

There was a great article in the New York Times the other day titled, "The Case for Free-Range Parenting." It argues persuasively for the need for our children to have the freedom to explore their worlds on their own without parentsShow More Summary

Senator Gardner Dodging Radio Show

Jefferson County State Rep. Justin Everett wants newly elected U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, a fellow Republican, to appear on a tea-party radio show that Gardner has been dodging. KLZ 560-AM's Randy Corporon has been airing his displeasure...Show More Summary

A Terminal Adventure at Denver's Union Station

Denver's newest attraction is an old landmark: the lovingly restored Union Station. But it's more than an historic terminal. Sure, you can still catch an Amtrak train from here to California. And yes, it'll be the final stop of RTD's highly-anticipated SkyRide line to Denver International Airport next year. But this terminal strives to be much more. Show More Summary

Scalding Live Chickens Is Business as Usual on Factory Farms

Media is extremely important in spreading all sorts of news to a broad, and often unknowing public. Recently, an investigative essay by Michael Moss in the New York Times told the story of the ways in which nonhuman animals (animals)...Show More Summary

5 Questions I Wish Younger People Would Stop Asking Me

I write about aging, work in an office where I am the oldest woman, and have been married to the same man for what feels like centuries. I understand that at a certain point in life, we morph into mentors to those around us who are younger as they seek wisdom and understanding. Show More Summary

That Snow Patrol Song

It's amazing how a piece of music can take you in a place so totally and completely that it's as if you are physically back in that moment again. Those songs carry with them the weight of remembered feelings and can emotionally kidnap...Show More Summary

More Journalism Was Needed to Sort Out GOP Anger

One thing is clear in the home stretch of the battle between Ryan Call and Steve House to be the next leader of Colorado's Republican Party. The race could have used a few more reporters like the Colorado Statesman's Ernest Luning covering it. Show More Summary

Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker: Misinformation, Abuse, and a Need for Change

Filmmaker and professor at American University's School of Communication Chris Palmer's highly acclaimed new book, Confessions of a Wildlife Filmmaker: The Challenges of Staying Honest in an Industry Where Ratings Are King, is part memoir,...Show More Summary

Republicans in Colorado Are Mad at Each Other

An entertaining trio of Republicans (former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, and GOP state chair candidate Steve House) appeared on KLZ 560-AM's Grassroots Radio Colorado Monday, and their conversation encapsulates...Show More Summary

Beauprez Blames Fellow Republicans, not His Anti-Pot Position, for Election Loss

Failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez appeared on KNUS' Craig Silverman Show Saturday and blamed, among other things, the Republican Governors' Association (RGA) for his November loss to Democrat John Hickenlooper. "We...Show More Summary

CO Springs Lawmaker Compares Planned Parenthood to ISIS

State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who last year suggested that Rep. Jared Polis would "join ISIS in beheading Christians," has said he's "very proud" of South Dakota State Rep. Isaac Latterell, who wrote a blog post last month comparing...Show More Summary

Colorado Civil Liberties On the Brink: Why Your Vote Matters

Emboldened by some of last November's election results, Colorado legislators have flooded this year's legislative session with bills that would roll back civil rights and civil liberties in our state. The ACLU of Colorado and our allies...Show More Summary

Anti-Abortion Hype: "Pro-Choicers" Want to Kill "Newborns" and "Toddlers"

Infanticide is rare in America and has few advocates, yet anti-choice activists are leveling an accusation that more and more "pro-choicers" favor this form of murder. American Right to Life, a national anti-choice organization, is stepping...Show More Summary

The Latest From the Legislative Loonies: 'A Good Bear is a Dead Bear!'

In a previous blog here, I pointed out that a strong working paradigm exists for lawmakers and wildlife management agencies, though it's commonly disenfranchised by political interference. That paradigm is the North American Model of...Show More Summary

My Q and A With Christian Benedict on the Link Between Sleep and School Performance

After many years of neglecting sleep's importance in our lives, we've entered a golden age of sleep studies. We now know that sleep plays a central role in everything from creativity to memory consolidation, and that sleep deprivation,...Show More Summary

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