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Ski Resort Vacations for Non-Skiers

While some may consider the constant snowfall lately to be a source of frustration, skiers and snowboarders have been smiling from ear-to-ear over the fresh pow, especially after a slow start to the season. Colorado too has been getting some love from Mother Nature lately, making it a great time to hit the slopes. Show More Summary

Wicked Tuna: NGS Supports Animal Abuse, Inhumane Education, and Poor Conservation Practices

A few years ago I wrote an essay called "Wicked Tuna: NGS Supports Killing These Majestic Beings" about the launch of a series about killing these sentient animals. I figured the series would run for one season and then be pulled in favor of something else that would be less brutal and more in line with good conservation practices. Show More Summary

New Conservation Science Is Misguided and Too Much About the Major Problem -- Us

Doing conservation "in the name of us" is narrow-minded, short-sighted and misguided. A recent essay published in the Huffington Post by noted scientist and ethicist John Vucetich and his colleagues called "Should We Conserve NatureShow More Summary

Coffmans' Split Endorsements Titillate Republicans

Conservative talk radio is the front line in the battle over who will be the next chair of the Colorado Republican Party. That is, for the tea-party wing of the party. The front line for the moneyed side of the party might be in buildings...Show More Summary

Does Colorado Care if Homeless People to Vote?

Back in January, Colorado's new Secretary of State, Wayne Williams, suggested that people who register and vote on Election Day should present a "Department-of-Revenue-issued ID." Williams made it sound like this would be a snap for voters: "And it's important to note that in Colorado, ID's are free, to anyone who's indigent. Show More Summary

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul -- With Our Lives

In the past week, the present waning of the Ebola epidemic in Africa and the growth of a new measles epidemic here at home have dominated the headlines. These two important threats peaked on an unrelenting plateau of population health...Show More Summary

Denver Post Closes Western Slope Bureau

Another in a string of highly regarded journalists to leave The Denver Post in the last few years, Nancy Lofholm walked away from the newspaper Feb. 6, after The Post closed its Western Slope bureau, which Lofholm directed. Before coming...Show More Summary

Conservative Radio Host Elected As County GOP Leader

Former KLZ 560-AM radio host Jim Pfaff has been elected Chair of the Douglas County Republican Party. Pfaff says he helped "spawn the 'Liberty Lineup' of local shows which now dominate the radio station." KLZ now has local shows interspersed throughout the day, whereas Pfaff's show used to be the only local talk program. Show More Summary

Modern Love: Swipe Right or Left

My parents met on the side of a small town road in the summer of 1975. My mom's car broke down and my dad stopped to help. They started talking and that was it. A year later they got married, and this July they will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary. Isn't that the sweetest story? It's so sweet it gives me diabetes. Show More Summary

'Innovation Waivers' Allow States to Experiment, Try to Improve Upon ACA

It's easy to think of the Affordable Care Act as monolithic national policy, a federal program so big that it is impregnable and impervious to change. But that would be wrong. In fact, there are provisions in the ACA that allow states...Show More Summary

Famous Colorado Plagiarist Back in Office

It appears that the entire front-range media missed one of the most exciting election stories of 2014: the resurrection of failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis! McInnis won a seat in November on the Mesa Country Board ofShow More Summary

9 Ways Dating and Working Out Are Similar

I grew up playing soccer, played on a sports team every season in high school and joined a club field hockey team in college. Athleticism has never been an issue for me... until these last few years, when I realized I used to get all of my exercise through playing organized sports. Show More Summary

America's 12 Best Italian Restaurant Chains

Like Irish pubs and Chinese takeouts, you'd be hard-pressed to find a moderately-populated town without an Italian restaurant. And for much of the country, that Italian restaurant is a chain. We canvassed the country, and from corporate...Show More Summary

Colorado Welcomes You to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships

Here in the Centennial State, we love World Cup racing. Every year, Colorado hosts the only World Cup races in the U.S., usually at Aspen for the women, and Beaver Creek for the men. And this winter, it gets even better with the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships coming to Vail and Beaver Creek. Show More Summary

Compassionate Conservation: More than "Welfarism Gone Wild"

Conservation is ethically challenged The evolving field called compassionate conservation, in which the guiding principle "First do no harm (link is external)" stresses the importance of individual nonhuman animals (animals), is gaining...Show More Summary

Invasive 'Rat Research' Should Be Abolished Once and for All

In response to my recent blog post called "Rats Like to Be Tickled: Why Is the Animal Welfare Act So Lame?", in which I discussed the well-established scientific fact that rats, mice and many other animals display empathy and are highly...Show More Summary

No Insurance? But You Get a Price List at the Hospital

Conservatives are still wondering around, from interview to interview, saying they want to dump Obamacare. And here's "the key thing," as articulated by freshman Colorado State Senator Tim Neville on the radio Saturday: Neville: "The...Show More Summary

What Should AIPAC Say?

Since Speaker of the House Boehner's January 22 announcement of his invitation to Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, an ugly unprecedented partisan divide has ensued up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. Show More Summary

Don't Politicize Vaccinations

For more than four decades, I have joined with many others working to ensure the timely vaccination of children, and today I am saddened to see an outbreak of measles infecting more than 100 people in 14 states, many of them vulnerable...Show More Summary

Turning 30? You're Not Dead Yet

It's official. I'm old (ish). I can't get away with reading young adult novels (sorry Katniss), I can't get away with binge drinking, I probably shouldn't have roommates and I'll never be one of Forbes' "30 under 30". On February 6th, 2015, I am officially 30 years old. Show More Summary

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