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Are Republicans Already Gving Up on Colorado's Senate Race?

After State Sen. Tim Neville was surprisingly knocked out of the Republican battle for the right to take on Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, State Sen. Justin Everett (R-Littleton) took to Facebook to lament: Everett: "Sadly, our only chance to defeat Michael Bennet is no longer in the race. Show More Summary

If 30 Percent Growth Isn't Enough for Predatory-Lender, What Is?

A bill allowing lenders to make even more money on predatory loans passed a state senate committee this week, with supporters of the legislation telling reporters that increased profits are necessary to keep personal-loan lenders in Colorado. That's the major argument for the bill. Show More Summary

Denver Post Deceives Subscribers with Stealth Fees

The Denver Post is shortening the length of subscriptions with a deceptive tactic, allowing the newspaper to collect more money by forcing subscribers to renew earlier than they might have expected when they signed up. The ploy is to...Show More Summary

How to Value Your Time as a Freelancer

Early in your freelancing career, your time is likely valued close to $0. At this stage, you're focused on finding clients and making a name for yourself. When no one knows who you are, you can't possibly think your time is worth much. Show More Summary

Responding to Hatred in Kansas - A Personal Huffington Post Story

How do you respond to the death of your son and your father in a hate crime? How do you find meaning in personal loss? How does a personal loss become a transformative power in an entire community? Here is a story of one woman's courage...Show More Summary

Breitbart's Flawed Conspiracy Theory about Colorado Republican Laura Woods

Breitbart's Julia Hahn reports that four Colorado lawmakers, who are members of presidential candidate Ted Cruz's "Colorado Leadership Team," voted against a 2015 bill that would have created a presidential primary in Colorado. Trump has said the absence of a primary or caucus vote helped Cruz trounce Trump in the race for Colorado delegates. Show More Summary

The Convention Legitimacy Debate Reflects Misunderstanding of the Election Process

The theory has recently been put forth by talking heads and political pundits that if a party convention were to nominate a candidate other than one who received a plurality (but not a majority) of primary votes, that candidate would...Show More Summary

Can't We Disagree Respectfully

My last state political meeting had been in 2011 when I was finishing a third term as chair of the Democratic Party. Although I attended caucus and the Weld County meeting in 2012, I had not gone to the State Democratic Convention. I...Show More Summary

Is 36 Percent Interest on a Loan High Enough?

Sometimes reporters ignore bills in the state legislature that look like they would surely die quickly in the hands of divided government. But here's a piece of right-wing legislation that surprisingly cleared Colorado's divided legislature last year, before a being vetoed by Gov. Show More Summary

What to Do When a Client Treats You like a Salaried Employee

Successful freelancers have lots and lots of clients. They go where they are needed. They tackle one project after the other, not stopping for anything. Different than many salaried employees, there are no meaningless meetings. There are no long chit chats at the water cooler. Show More Summary

CO Secretary of State, Who Sees "a Lot of Good" in Colorado's 2013 Election Law, Explains Why He'd Still Oppose It

Last month, on Rocky Mountain Community Radio, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams praised a Pew study for, as Williams put it, "highlighting some of the improvements and the innovations that we try to look at in Colorado." The...Show More Summary

How To Protect Colorado's "Non-Prime Population" from Being Exploited As a "Market Opportunity?"

Reporters have done a good job informing us that most people who sign up for so-called predatory loans, offered at high interest rates, are struggling. But there's a media gap in pointing out just how important the "struggling" partShow More Summary

6 Reasons to Help Coloradans Save for Retirement

Almost half of U.S private-sector workers do not have access to the easiest and best way to save for retirement -- a workplace plan -- leaving millions of Americans with an uncertain financial future. Expanding access to workplace retirement...Show More Summary

Paradise Found: 5 All-Americana Dream Team Players Reach for the Sky as Willie Sugarcapps

In Field of Dreams, the best movie ever to connect baseball with the hereafter, Shoeless Joe Jackson asks Ray Kinsella the immortal question: "Is this heaven?" Kinsella's most memorable reply: "No. It's Iowa." It might seem impossible...Show More Summary

A Reporter Catches a West-Slope Lawmaker's Flip Flop

You hope that the weakening of journalism doesn't translate into politicians thinking they can flip flop to their hearts content, without being asked to explain themselves in proverbial print. But you fear fewer reporters means more politicians getting off the hook. Show More Summary

Colorado State GOP Chair Fires Back at Trump Campaign

Colorado GOP State Chair Steve House fired back at Donald Trump's presidential campaign yesterday, saying campaign staffers know they were treated "fairly" in Colorado, but are attacking state Republicans anyway because they want toShow More Summary

Judicial Vacancy Crisis Hits Home in Colorado - Literally

While public attention has been (deservedly) focused on the empty seat now waiting on the U.S. Supreme Court for the last two months, almost a hundred other judicial vacancies on lower federal courts have languished without nominations, hearings or votes. Show More Summary

State Senators' 'Moral' Opportunity Would Curtail Life-Saving Research

Last week, Colorado Senate Republicans inserted an amendment in the budget bill prohibiting the use of state funds to purchase fetal tissue for research -- even though state funds are already barred from being used in this way. But the...Show More Summary

Woods, Neville Are Against Preventing Teen Pregnancies

In a vote Thursday, Colorado Senate rejected an amendment, sponsored by Sen. Tim Neville (R-Littleton) and Laura Woods (R-Westminster) that would have deleted funding for a state-run program credited with decreasing the teen pregnancies...Show More Summary


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