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City vs. Suburbs: 5 Tradeoffs to Think About When Starting a Family

When deciding between city or suburban living, there are many factors to consider, including cost of living, proximity to work and lifestyle. There is no one right answer as to which decision is better for raising children, since everyone's situation is different. Show More Summary

How Not to Ask for a Recommendation Letter

To land a job or get into a university, we usually need someone to vouch for us. It can be tough to ask -- recommenders are typically more senior than us, they're busy, and we don't always know where we stand in their eyes. When we work up the courage to ask, sometimes the request comes out polite and charming. Show More Summary

Wolf Slaughter Canadian Style Continues as if It's Conservation: Let's Stop It Now

The Canadian government plans to kill wolves once again to try to save woodland caribou. An earlier murder escapade in Alberta didn't work (please see "Researchers Kill 890 Wolves to Learn About Them: There's Something Very Wrong") and there's no reason to assume this one will. Show More Summary

Where's the Gun Ban Predicted by Republicans?

ColoradoPols did us a favor yesterday by trotting out some of the ridiculous misinformation delivered in 2013 by opponents of gun safety laws, when Democrats pass them in 2013. And Pols pleaded with local reporters to correct such falsehoods...Show More Summary

I'm With Stupid: The Dangers of Breathing Snowmobile Fumes

The Winter X Games have come and gone here in Aspen, and I consider myself fortunate this time around to have not had to attend. I've been very clear in the past that I'm glad the X Games are here -- they're a boon to the local economy...Show More Summary

'Supreme Court Five' Unleash Government Of, By and For the Oligarchs

Likenesses of Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, John Roberts (created by Daniel Lowenstein) stand in front of the 10th Circuit Court of appeals in Denver after 2014 McCutcheon v. FEC decision Photo...Show More Summary

Teen-Pregnancy-Prevention Program Doesn't Stop a 'Small Child From Implanting'

The Ft. Collins Coloradoan advanced a story Monday that Boulder Rep. KC Becker is working on a bill to provide $5 million in funding for a state teen-pregnancy prevention program that, in a privately funded multi-year pilot phase, reduced...Show More Summary

A Majority of Dependents

Even if you're a just a talk-radio host, you shouldn't just say "Yap," as KHOW 630-AM's Mandy Connell did yesterday, when your special guest, in this case, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), insults the President. "He's a wonderful orator," Buck told Connell during her morning show yesterday. Show More Summary

The United Nations of X Games

Shred. Big air. Gnarly alley-oop backside rodeo nosegrab. Yeah, the Winter X Games have a language all to themselves. Increasingly, the highly acclaimed extreme winter sports competition and festival -- which takes place this weekend in Aspen, Colo. Show More Summary

5 Years After Citizens United, Big Oil and Gas Money Spills Into Colorado State Elections

It's the fifth anniversary of Citizens United v. FEC, the case that launched a thousand SuperPACs. Here in Colorado, we are recovering from a collective post-election hangover after record spending on political advertising in 2014's state and federal elections. Show More Summary

"Food Animals" Brutalized at Federally Funded "Meat Lab" in the Name of Money

"Food animals" are engineered and brutalized at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center An incredibly important investigative essay in the New York Times by Michael Moss called "U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit"...Show More Summary

Compete Like You Practice or Practice Like You Compete?

One of the first questions that I ask athletes and coaches I work with is: Should you compete like you train or train like you compete? By far, the most frequent response is: You should compete like you train. This answer seems perfectly reasonable if you think about it. Show More Summary

GOP Congressman to Obama: Deport Immigrants or We'll Shut You Down

Would the Republican-controlled Congress shut down the Department of Homeland Security to halt Obama's program delaying deportation of undocumented immigrants whose children are U.S. citizens? Colorado's own Rep. Ken Buck would do it. Last...Show More Summary

MLK's Birthday: Hitting Us Where We Live

The memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 15, the 86th anniversary of his birth, should hit us right where we live, and I mean that literally. King is known for his heroic campaign to win black Americans the right to vote and to desegregate schools and transportation in the South. Show More Summary

Being a Person Who Stutters Shouldn't Hold You Back When Pursuing a Career

I didn't know what to think when I read the headline and heard the news that a cadet from the Cleveland Police Department was allegedly not allowed to graduate with his class (even though he finished his training) because of his stutter. Jane...Show More Summary

You Won't Believe This Dog's Tongue Is Real

When Kiss, a 4-year-old boxer, was hiking Mount Sanitas in Boulder, Colo., with his owner, other hikers commented on how thirsty he looked. His lengthy pink tongue flopped out to one side. But Kiss was not thirsty. That's just how he is. Kiss was born with a rare neurological condition that makes him unable to pull his tongue into his mouth. Show More Summary

Reporters Are Still Letting Gardner Play Them on Immigration

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner took his slippery interview tactics to the national stage of PBS' Newshour yesterday, responding to questions with predictions of the future, not answers to the questions, leaving us thinking we got answers from our new Senator. Show More Summary

How My Secret Music Came to Be

Often times it feels like the puzzle pieces of my life are coming together faster and faster. Sometimes I feel like I can almost get a sense of the picture my life is supposed to make. Every person and every event feel like they are all adding up to something and all contributing to a fated end. Show More Summary

Bringing Back Discrimination in Colorado

Last year, conservative talk-radio hosts in Colorado wrapped their loving arms around a baker for discriminating against a gay couple by refusing to bake them a wedding cake. The baker said his cake-selling preferences flowed from his...Show More Summary

The State of Colorado vs. James Holmes: Why the Death Penalty?

The prosecution has criticized the defense for not turning over their mental health experts' reports and understandably refuses to turn over government experts' reports. While the two sides engage in a standoff, both knowing what they...Show More Summary

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