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Brews for Bernie USA launches

The "Brews for Bernie" event in Boulder Colorado on May 14th at Owsley's Golden Road was the start of a grassroots movement. And not just focused on Bernie Sanders. People were stoked about Bernie's wins and were signing up for shifts...Show More Summary

Should Grizzlies in the Yellowstone Area Be Delisted and Trophy Hunted? Protecting Animals in the Rage of Humanity

Protecting animals in the Rage of Humanity: A conversation with world renowned photographer Tom Mangelsen and environmental writer Todd Wilkinson who are working hard to protect the bears In an increasingly human dominated world, in an epoch called the anthropocene, nonhuman animals (animals) are suffering greater than ever before. Show More Summary

Is "Efficiencies" a Euphemism for Heathcare Cuts?

The latest Republican to stand in front of a camera and complain about state spending on health care for the elderly, disabled, and other poor people, without offering any alternatives, is former state Sen. Greg Brophy, who's freshly back from a job with Rep. Show More Summary

Is Coffman Sorry He Called Obama a "Recruiting Tool" for Terrorists?

Last month, Rep. Mike Coffman wrote on Facebook that Obama is the "real recruiting tool" for terrorists. The Republican Congressman from Aurora made the comment in response to Obama's claim that the U.S. military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, known as GITMO, is cited by extremists in recruiting terrorists. Show More Summary

Republicans Wrongly Blame Budget Woes on Obamacare and the Poor

A key component of Obamcare is to reduce the number of uninsured by allowing more people to qualify for Medicaid, the federal-state health care program for low-income people. In Colorado, some 300,000 people enrolled in Medicaid as part of Obamcare--and the federal government picked up the tab. Show More Summary

Are Republicans Proposing to Cut Health Care to Old, Disabled and Other Poor People?

Colorado Senate President Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) told 9News political reporter Brandon Rittiman last month that Medicaid spending is siphoning money from "every other program," including schools and roads. As he told 9NewsShow More Summary

What Peyton Manning Lost After Winning Super Bowl 50

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's biggest plays at Super Bowl 50 weren't as an athlete, but as a product pitchman. After winning what most believe to be the last game of his career, Peyton went on to lose, trying too hard to...Show More Summary

The Exotic Pet Trade: Horrific Global Animal Abuse and an Assault on Sentience

The exotic pet trade is an international enterprise that is responsible for unimaginable, inexcusable,and unforgivable pain, suffering and death. It is a topic of great interest to anthrozoologists, conservation psychologists, conservation...Show More Summary

The Biggest Non-Answer by Hillary in the Debate

Last night during the debate Hillary was asked the question that is the question of her credibility as a Presidential candidate: From the transcript: Thank you both. Let me move on to our next question here, and in fact it comes to us through New England Cable News. Show More Summary

The Clinton Campaign's Roulette Gamble

The New York Times is reporting a key issue with the 2016 Clinton campaign. In attempting to avoid a repeat of 2008's Iowa loss, the Clinton campaign has essentially 'put all the eggs in one basket' Even though the Clinton team has sought to convey that it has built a national operation, the campaign has invested much of its resources in the Feb. Show More Summary

If You Call It the Holocaust, You'd Expect Some to Turn to Violence to Stop It

Libertarian Elliot Fladen asked uncompromising anti-choicers yesterday, if you're using holocaust-like inflammatory rhetoric to talk about Planned Parenthood and abortion, and you really think abortion is mass murder, at what point do...Show More Summary

Gov. Hickenlooper Cites 'Inflammatory Rhetoric' As Possible Cause of Planned Parenthood Murders

Anti-choice activists have had a wide range of responses to the Planned Parenthood shooting, spanning from denouncing all violence to calling the gunman a hero. The question being asked by Gov. John Hickenlooper is, are shootings, like...Show More Summary

The Evolution and Ethology of Terrorism: We Are Unique, Violence Is a Dead End, But There Is Hope

Recent events across the world make it clear that human animals are capable of horrific within species violence. A number of people have asked me questions about the evolution and ethology of terrorism, and I consider that to be questioning...Show More Summary

Teach the Children Wrong: New Zealand Kids Kill Possums and Birds for Fun and Games and a Bathroom

Teach the children wrong There can be no doubt that youngsters are attracted to nonhuman animals (animals) for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from fascination, to curiosity, to wanton cruelty and abuse (please see here and here)....Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders' Stance on Marijuana Can Pave the Way For Pollution Free Transportation

The Washington Post reports that Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders proposes to remove Marijuana from the Schedule 1 Federal list of dangerous drugs: Sanders's plan would not automatically make marijuana legal nationwide, but states...Show More Summary

Florida's Upcoming Bear Hunt: A Tragic Failure to Apply Solid Science, Public Opinion, and Compassionate Conservation

As evidence mounts around the globe that the emerging principles of compassionate conservation can succeed in resolving conflicts between human and nonhuman animals (animals) while respecting the needs of all stakeholders (see, for example,...Show More Summary

Colorado State University's Crazy Response to the Planned Parenthood Controversy

If you take a close look at Colorado State University President Tony Frank's July 23 decision to suspend the school's use of fetal tissue from vendors "implicated in the Planned Parenthood investigation," you're left wondering what kind of strange and half-assed process the University implemented in making its new policy. Show More Summary

Coffman Hating Planned Parenthood Again

Just last year, during his re-election campaign, Rep. Mike Coffman was apparently so enamored with Planned Parenthood that he featured the organization's logo in an advertisement. Now, after a bogus video has been released attackingShow More Summary

Democrats' Birth-Control Bill Spotlights Gardner's Broken Campaign Promise

Yesterday, Senate Democrats, including Colorado's Michael Bennet, introduced a bill that Sen. Cory Gardner should have co-sponsored as well--at least if you believe what Gardner said during last year's campaign. Last year, Gardner repeatedly...Show More Summary

Gardner Breaks Promise on Birth Control

Last year, then U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner had a nice-sounding proposal: offer birth control over the counter, easy and quick. But, as journalists pointed out, Gardner's plan would more expensive for women because under Obamacare, birth control prescribed by doctors is free. Show More Summary

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