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Why I March: Climate Change And Migration Have Everything To Do With Each Other

Climate deniers everywhere are ensuring that communities across the globe continue to be displaced.

Black Votes Matter: Rethinking Solutions To Racial Inequality

How do we decrease the political marginalization that African-Americans face in this country?

Populism Without The Race Factor Is A Mistake

Many have been tricked into ignoring racial injustice that is still alive and thriving.

Trumpcare 2.0 Is Up Against The Wall

Republicans are willing to hold our nation’s health hostage for partisan gain.

Republican Governors Keep Vetoing Legislation That Would Make Voting Easier

Three Republican governors have vetoed automatic voter registration bills in the past two years.

Scenes From The People’s Climate March

Protestors could be heard around downtown Washington well into the evening.

Marching For Science And For The Future

We must not jeopardize the future of our species and the planet by short-sighted, politically expedient acts.

Why I Joined Thousands Of My Fellow Immigrants On Strike

Every person who lives and works in this country deserves to be treated like a human being.

'LA 92' Looks Back At The Rodney King Protests 25 Years Later

The film brings a fresh perspective to a pivotal moment that reverberates to this day.

3 Surprising, Myth-Busting Truths About Immigration

The brave souls on the Mayflower came to the U.S. for the same reasons as today’s immigrants.

Jailhouse Informant May Imperil Another Orange County Murder Conviction

The snitch scandal has already upended more than a dozen Southern California murder cases.

ICYMI: Martin Shkreli Is So Hated That It's Hard To Find Impartial Jurors For His Trial

Plus, CNN journalists resign after article gets retracted, a look at Lincoln Heights, why it's "ketchup," and much more! [ more › ]

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