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'I am despicable': Kern County lawman convicted in drug plot blames Satan

A former Kern County sheriff’s deputy who pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to steal marijuana seized during criminal investigations apologized in a recorded video message for his misdeeds, saying Satan was “playing games” with him. In a May 7 video entitled “I am sorry!” Logan August appeared...

OCC professor who made anti-Trump comments declines Faculty of the Year award

The Orange Coast College professor who made controversial comments about now-President Trump in a video recorded by a student during class last fall has declined to accept OCC's Faculty of the Year award, according to the college. Human-sexuality professor Olga Perez Stable Cox was notified of...

Video purports to shows prisoners offering protection and escape help to drug lord 'El Chapo'

A group of men claiming to be incarcerated in a federal maximum security prison in California filmed a video message for Mexico’s drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, pledging to protect the captured drug lord and help him escape. The YouTube video, which includes profanity, shows five men,...

Debbie Reynolds: A Personal Remembrance

Last month when Florence Henderson passed, a mutual friend emailed me a powerful statement that "everyone gets a turn." The stark truth of those words echoed in my mind again. Actress and entertainer Debbie Reynolds died yesterday at age 84. Show More Summary

Green Day Chants 'No Trump / No KKK / No Fascist USA' During AMAs Performance

The American Music Awards got political last night when Green Day, staying true to their punk personas, brought some politics to the stage. While performing their song "Bang Bang," they burst into MDC's "Born to Die" and improvised with: "No Trump / No KKK/ No fascist USA." [ more › ]

YES ON HHH - A Real Chance To Help The Homeless This November

Yes on HHH PSA from Rachel Fleischer on Vimeo. I never turn down an opportunity to speak about homelessness. Growing up in Los Angeles and being profoundly saddened by images of people living on the streets from a young age, my lifeShow More Summary

It Takes a Village to Clean the City

This is the golden age of data, right? We're using the internet of things including our phones to run our lives. So why are L.A.'s streets still so filthy? Why is a city that's now better run than some Fortune 500 companies still failing...Show More Summary

Where Are We Fifteen Years After 9/11: A Look at a Decade and a Half of Backlash

There are far fewer American flags flying from truck and SUV windows. Less than 5500 troops are left in Afghanistan and just over 4000 in Iraq. And now, candlelight vigils and other commemorations only take place in early September. For many, 9/11, while only fifteen years ago, is a faint memory with no lasting repercussions. Show More Summary

Vote Early and Often for LA Metro

I'm home again, for a few minutes at least. Hey, cut me some slack; have you ever heard of snow and ice? It's summer and to fully appreciate the places I've been, this is the best time of the year to be there. As usually happens when...Show More Summary

YouTube removes video of Sacramento pastor praising Orlando mass shooting

A YouTube video in which a Sacramento Baptist church pastor praised the massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Florida and called the victims pedophiles and predators was removed Tuesday for violating the website’s policy on hate speech.  The videotaped sermon by Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity...

Da FUNction Event to Celebrate the Urban Gardening Movement with Local Residents

What do you get when you take a neglected space, unused resources, and an inner city-community that has long been forgotten -- and offer a movie in the park, live art, music, youth nutrition education and a message that people have the...Show More Summary

Best Psychologist

I have heard that putting on a show is 'the art of stopping people coughing', and I do rather like the idea. ~ Derren Brown At the University of Pennsylvania I was privileged to study sociology with leading sociologists such as Philip...Show More Summary

Paris Radio, WATW, Ménage & Solomon King Release New Music Although LA's Still 'Kinda Like Nashville With a Tan'

It really was an "only-in-LA" type of moment. You know, right?! I was dining with an actor pal Robb Salovich before seeing the workshop run of another actor-friend Raymond J. Barry. His very evocative play Foreclosure officially premieres in January 2017 at the Greenway Court Theatre. Show More Summary

8 Hacks for Learning to Love (or at Least Like) to Exercise

As much as you think you "hate" to exercise, you really don't. No one was born hating to move. The desire to move is innate. If you dislike exercise now, something happened to make it so. Maybe you had a bad experience or, spent years being habitually sedentary. There was a chunk of my life when exercise was not at all on my day-planner. Show More Summary

Racially-charged video roils elite private school in Los Angeles

An elite Westside private school said Tuesday that it is investigating a video showing students singing the lyrics of a rap song containing profanity and offensive language about women and African Americans. The video emerged on YouTube this week as part of a campaign on demanding that...

Protest to be Held at Whole Foods 365 Launch in LA Amidst Co-CEO Mackey's Ties with Pedophile

I am a survivor of child abuse. Starting at age four, I was repeatedly beaten and called names that no child or adult should ever be called. Then from eight through thirteen years of age, the abuse escalated to sexual victimization by a close male figure and my mother, who suffered from mental health issues. Show More Summary

What Makes This Place Not Another L.A. Tattoo Shop & Other Reasons Women Are Getting Inked At This Venice Spot

A recent study suggested getting lots of tattoos might mean you have a kick-ass immune system. Or, opting for ink might be a way "for people to come together; to learn; to rebel; to respect history and keep tradition alive," says Matt...Show More Summary

Unarmed man shot in the head by LAPD files lawsuit alleging excessive force

An unarmed man who was shot by a Los Angeles police officer last year as he walked with a towel wrapped around his hand filed a civil rights lawsuit Monday, alleging the officer used excessive force in an "unlawful and out-of-protocol shooting." Attorneys for Walter William DeLeon posted a short...

Making Susie Sunshine

Director Chelsea O'Connor with Jessica Howell. Photo credit: Emil Chang. The Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival opens downtown at LA Live this weekend. One of the headliners is a short film called Susie Sunshine directed by newcomer Chelsea O'Connor. Show More Summary

Why You Only Think You're Doing HIITs But Probably Aren't (and Don't Really Need to Anyway)

If you pay the slightest bit of attention to fitness trends, you've probably heard HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the greatest thing to happen to workouts since rubber soles shoes. The thing is, the term "HIIT" has been thrown about so much in recent years, it's true essence has become diluted. Show More Summary

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