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Found Photo: Phil’s Barber Shop

From the Metblog flickr pool. Originally uploaded by Kurt Peters. My favorite things about this photo (which you may have to view large to see), are the pile of papers along the window sill, the rotary phone, the reflection of the front door in the mirror, the giant wooden comb that says “Open” on it, and the [...]

"Oh my gosh. Did you hear that? The nerds are all clapping."

… It’s like a raid gone wrong in the World of Warcraft”Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, or a Microsoft Pillow Fort of Righteousness, today Apple released the new iPhone in the Twin Cities. (and maybe elsewhere, but who knows?)Thanks to our cool cat on the scene @TaulPaul has captured it all with [...]

TROMAPALOOZA Minneapolis July 18th and 19th

In conjunction with the Minnesota Film and television Board, The Independent Film Project, and Nick and Eddie, Troma Entertainment, Mike Etoll, and Evan Husney will be presenting “Tromapalooza Minneapolis 2008 and the Troma Films 35th...Show More Summary

vintage furnishing goodies, anyone?

sarah green:So the hunt for the perfect vintage kitchen table has begun at our home, and we ran into a couple of good shops I thought worth mentioning here: Spinario: Located on the corner of 13th Street and 2nd Ave in northeast (I mean, while you're down there, grab a drink at 331, stop for eats at Erte or the Modern, make a day out of it!)... Show More Summary

Good fences make good neighbors (unless the garage is taller)

Greg: Garrison Keillor is suing his neighbor to try to stop her from building a garage. The lawsuit claims the addition would "obstruct the access of light and air to the Nilsson-Keillor property" and "impair or destroy protected historical resources." Both homes rest in the Ramsey Hill Historical District neighborhood in St. Show More Summary

Garage sales in Seward

Last week it was Bryn Mawr, before that it was Tangletown, and now it’s Seward. The garage sale extravaganza continues today in the Seward neighborhood, with over 40 garage sales yesterday and a few less today. But you still have some time to go rummage around and get to know the neighborhood.

Rachel Kramer Bussel at Smitten Kitten This Weekend

NOT TO BE MISSED. If you’re into this sort of thing. Rachel Kramer Bussel is an expert on all things sexy (I refuse to use the word “sexpert”) and has written and edited hundreds of erotica publications. She has two events here this...

Fee, Fie, Foe, Foam

This afternoon I came across a picture of three lads “foam fighting” in Van Cleve Park on the front page of the Minnesota Daily (you can find the slideshow on the right side of the center column under “Defining U” by clicking today’...

More Garrison Keillor Silliness

What’s the first thing you notice when you read this column by Garrison Keillor? If you’re anything like me, the first thing you notice is that it’s in the effing Chicago Tribune. This makes total sense because A) Garrison Keillor...

Standoff in my neighbourhood

Nothing like waking up and heading to work to see police cars blocking off both ends of my block. Not much information is available, but there was a burglary last night, and this morning, the suspect took hostages in a townhouse ne...

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