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Sitting in a D.C. Jail Cell

Dr. King reminded us during the Vietnam War buildup: “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Spiritual and psychic death is what we encountered in our tour of the DC jails. We continue to sow death and reap [...]

Faster than a speeding…

Bathtub? Join the 3rd annual Art Sled Rally tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm at Powderhorn Park, or better yet, build your own artistic sled and come at 1pm to register. From the Art Sled Rally’s founders, South Sixteenth High Jinks: “We believe part of a healthy existence is being outside a little bit at all times of year, and [...]

It Burns, It Burns!

Uploaded on January 27, 2010 by katbaro and she writes “What is that yellow ball of flame in the sky? Will it hurt us? Should we run? Yes, its been a long grey January.” It sure has! The nice thing I noticed when the sun finally did come out was that it stayed light until after [...]

Take your meme and shove it

I am so tired of the “10 things you need to stop tweeting about” meme, but you know what?, keep tweeting it. Here’s the most recent itteration to fill my tweet stream, I think it’s supposed to be cute. Hail it’s obvious virtues and revel in it’s moronic simplicity oh mighty decider of tweets. You’re probably the [...]

Slam MN

Since last night was the fourth Tuesday of the month, the poets were out in style. I went to the Poetry Slam at Keiran’s Irish Pub, and recommend going if you haven’t ever seen them. These master wordsmiths perform their original works about roadkill, love and everything inbetween. Check out their website for other events [...]

Ramsey County is watching you.

Kare 11 reports Saint Paul, MN – Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher has created a network of wireless remote control surveillance cameras, the first of it’s kind in the nation. And the public will eventually have opportunities to monitor the new electronic snooping devices. “We’re creating a system that allows the average citizen to be our [...]

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis

Uploaded on January 17, 2010 by draftpodium This picture kind of reminds me of the Death Star. Maybe art is evil. Check out the upcoming events, Guthrie

Game Day – Visualize Victory

It’s game day and for the Vikings and Saints tonight will be the last stop before the Superbowl for one team. There’s some real highlander shit going on here with a battle of great quarterbacks, Drew Brees vs Brett Favre. The Quickening. While Drew Brees (whom from this point forward I shall call The Kurgan) prefers [...]

Fist Fights at TC Hip-Hop Awards

Chris Riemenschneider is reporting I can’t remember the last time I saw a fight break out at First Avenue or even at a hip-hop concert. In fact, the last bad fight I saw was out in the Home Run Porch at a Twins game. So it’s somewhat shocking to report that last night’s TC Hip-Hop [...]

Get out and play

Don’t mind the rain, and come down to Lake Nokomis for the Pond Hockey Tournament Saturday and Sunday. Not only is there great hockey to be had, there is a family skate for those not wishing to harness their inner Ogie Ogilthorpe....

Talking Minnesotan – 01/22/10

walking on top of the skyway! Uploaded on January 21, 2010 by the queen of subtle and she adds “you know what would make life 400% more awesome? having a cherry-picker” I agree. I want to party with those guys. Tomorrow begins Hockey Day Minnesota 2010! And everyone is talking about hockey, that is they would be if it [...]

Don’t let me down.

Image uploaded by JustaCoolCat I don’t know about you, but for me icicles have been a life long fascination. As a kid they made great play swords, spears, hanging pillars of fascination, and in a pinch you could eat one to quench your thirst. I remember being young and fascinated by the walls of ice that [...]

Together(A Song for Haiti)

Minnpost reports Moved by the news reports of suffering in Haiti after last week’s earthquake, students at the High School for the Recording Arts in St. Paul responded in the way they knew best: They wrote, recorded and posted a music video that incorporates an original song with images from Haiti. The school’s development director, Tony [...]

P.O.S. to play Coachella

The new coachella line up is in and all I can say is damn. Damn. Damn. Local Rapper P.O.S. will be playing the opening stage on Friday April 16th. Check out this lineup. Damn. P.O.S. If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player [...]

Keep your hands off my weiner.

The Strib reports on the food choices for the new Target Field and they are sounding delicious. We’re talking pork chops on a stick, walleye on a stick and cheese curds a la State Fair. But we’re also talking wild rice soup, Juicy Lucy burgers and a Murray’s steak sandwich that marries ballpark grub with Minneapolis [...]

Winter Surfing on Lake Superior

I’ve blogged about winter surfing on Lake Superior a time or two in the last couple of years, but I’m never attempted the cold feat. Jenn of Jenn Barnett Photos went and this is what she has to say. It was a balmy 5 degrees F and the wind was blowing, so [...]

Read between the lines.

Image Uploaded on January 5, 2010 by Individual_romance who states: “I think this is my best image of the last two years.. no I mean really.. I love this shit..”

We are broke.

Minnesota has ran out of money. I guess there’s no big suprise there as many states have ran out of money due to increased spending and lower amounts taken in by taxes due to the recession. (both sales taxes and payroll taxes are down) The Strib reports State may force schools to lend it $1B In a [...]

Minnesota Wild Beat the Vancouver Canucks

Literally. Warning Extreme Face Punching If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

Vita.Mn 2010 Hotness Search

It’s time to vote in’s 2010 hotness search. Full Disclosure: I should probably win. No, really, this post isn’t about me pandering for your vote. This post is about stopping the powers of evil from destroying the world. Look, I’m not going to come right out and say Jason DeRusha is actually the demon Hastur and [...]

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