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Tim Tebow once again among top NFL merchandise sales

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Tim Tebow is good for business. 

Writer chucks political blog to cover, in print only, weird and wild of the desert

Ken Layne is driving past Wonder Valley — an unincorporated community he calls the "weird cousin" of Joshua Tree. He is uneasy. Years ago he got a speeding ticket on this road and it cost him $600. Now he sets the cruise control on his car to 59 mph every time he drives out here.

Man Killed In Gang-Related Shooting Overnight

Around 1:35am, readers reported hearing shots and seeing police activity on Kenmore, north of Lawrence. Sad to say, this ridiculous gang war, which started and escalated due to social media taunting, and has been exacerbated by gang members realigning their allegiances, has claimed another victim. Show More Summary

What's “Wednesday One-Liner,” Anyway?

Earnest sidewalk pollster: Sir? Have you got a minute to talk about the sanitation department? Do you think it's normal?–51st St & LexingtonOverheard by: jake-eConductor, bending down before fainted man: C'mon! Dude! What did I tell you before? Get up and sit down and pass out in the seat like regular normal people. People think […]

Do You Know Why None of Your Stories Go Anywhere?

Little boy: Now?Grandma: No! Now? Now? You sound like Taco, my old cat. Now? Now? He had a funny way of meowing.Little boy: He looked like a taco that you eat?Grandma: No. I don’t know why they called him Taco.–Myrtle & WashingtonOverheard by: Kevin Michael Lee

Where are my stretchy pants?

H&M jacket | (5 yo) Madewell jeans | Cos booties | Baggu leather tote I’m in a transition phase at the moment. I love a good pair of jeans — nothing revolutionary there — but I’m a little jean-shy these days. Ever since my first endo surgery almost two years ago, I’ve been a massive fan […]

I Want to Have His Abortion

Girl #1: …but I don’t know what I’ll do if I get pregnant. Girl #2: Just take a pill. –Grand Central Overheard by: Christa Bramberger

Albert Pujols is still making impact for the Angels

The game might not have come easy to Albert Pujols, but the results did.

So Did He Know That, or Not? Because that Matters

Hipster guy #1: It was ridiculous though, ’cause he had these glasses.Hipster guy #2: Yeah?Hipster guy #1: Yeah, and they were so ridiculous. They were nerdy, but not cool nerdy, they were like, ironic nerdy. You know?Hipster guys #2 & #3: Yeah, totally.–Laguardia & W 3rd

Industry sues former mayor, alleging 'extensive public corruption'

The City of Industry has filed suit against former Mayor David Perez, his companies and four members of his family, alleging the misappropriation of millions of dollars in public funds through false or inflated invoices and the performance of unauthorized work on city contracts.

Once Herds of Free-Range Lesbians Roamed the East Village as Far as the Eye Could See

Chick #1: The East Village is so gentrified.Chick #2: Yeah. Brooklyn is really gentrified. It didn’t used to be like that.Chick #1: America… is pretty gentrified.Chick #2: Yeah.–St. Marks & AOverheard by: Dav Ellman

Hot Atlanta Shop: Tough Boot & Co. offers men’s vintage

Most men’s vintage clothing stores in Atlanta are better suited for a costume party than your closet. Tough Boot & Co., however, values utility and authenticity, capitalizing on the resurgence of sturdy fabrics and “heritage brands....

Playing The Triangle

It hardly seems a year has gone by since the shiny metal sculpture "Two in the Hand" by Michael Young was placed on exhibit in the Racine/Broadway triangle. But it was only ours for a year, and now it's moved on, to be replaced by another piece of public art. Show More Summary

City Council aiming to revolutionize street vending

Life has been getting tougher for street vendors, according to advocates who say the entrepreneurs selling from carts and trucks are at the mercy of city inspectors and an increasingly punishing... To view the full story, click the title link.

Keith Summerour’s favorite Atlanta house: A Spanish mission in Buckhead

When we asked noted architect Keith Summerour to name his favorite house in Atlanta, he chose a mysterious Spanish mission–style stucco with a tile roof and no apparent front door.

A close-up look at Atlanta-filmed Halt and Catch Fire’s Mutiny set

When it comes to meticulously era-appropriate set design, Halt and Catch Fire is the heir to the recently departed Mad Men. We asked production designer Christopher L. Brown (who has worked on both series) to walk us through the office set of Mutiny, a startup featured in season two.

U.S. Soccer president says indictments of FIFA members were a surprise

Many of the crimes FIFA officials and others were charged with in the 47-count indictment unsealed Wednesday in Brooklyn took place on U.S. soil and involved members of CONCACAF, the regional soccer body of which the U.S. is the largest and most powerful member.

Weekend: Eat. Drink. Do.

Free coffee, rum and reggae and more weekend things to do in Chicago, May 29-31. EAT Rick Bayless Fiesta Block 37 108 N. State St. 312-261-4700 The "Top Chef Master" star demonstrates how to prepare recipes from his new cookbook "More...Show More Summary

Man killed in Long Beach police shooting

A Long Beach police officer fatally shot a man after the officer used a stun gun and physical force in an unsuccessful attempt to subdue the man, police said Thursday.

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