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The UpStairs Lounge Tragedy: Now A Musical

Here is a conundrum: since fourth grade I’ve been involved in theatre, I have a degree in theatre, and I currently work with a theatre company in New Orleans. Some of the first shows I ever did in the theatre were musicals. And yet: I hate musicals. “Hate” is a strong word. Let me rephrase that: [...]

Sex Crimes And Other Offenses That Become Louisiana Law Today

At the moment, Louisiana is run by Republicans: we have a Republican governor (a terrible one, IMHO) and the party holds a majority in both the House and the Senate. As elsewhere, many of these GOP legislators are first-timers, and they’re pissing off the elders with their arrogance, their Tea Party-naivete, and their frequent ineptitude. [...]

26 Names That Will Never Make It Onto The North Atlantic Hurricane List

In honor of the start of the 2011 North Atlantic Hurricane Season, here is a list of names that will (probably) never make it onto the World Meteorological Organization’s annual list: Airfoundia High school classmate. Wallflower type. Barely heard from before graduation, never heard from after. Boadicea Although it would be funny. Cicciolina Which would [...]

Be The One

A new campaign to restore the Gulf of Mexico officially broke last week, but I’ve been so preoccupied (i.e. lazy, lascivious) that I haven’t had a chance to post it. Anyway, please take one minute and 40 seconds out of your day to watch this video, and another 15 seconds to click through and sign [...]

Dubai on the bayou

Half of me thinks this is crazy. Another half of me thinks it’s nice that someone’s envisioned New Orleans’ architectural landscape in a wacko, high-on-life, rich-from-petroleum, bring-on-the-Bangladeshi-slave-girls kind of way. And a third, nonexistent half of me thinks that the residents of One River Place are probably already pissed that someone bothered to imagine this [...]

A quick heart-to-heart, dude-to-dude

Hi, Gustav: I’ve been watching you for a while now. You look awfully familiar. Did you used to be a chick? I could swear we’ve met before. I know you probably feel a little neglected right now, what with a very large national convention gobbling up the headlines. Not to mention a certain anniversary. It’s true: [...]

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