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The UpStairs Lounge Tragedy: Now A Musical

Here is a conundrum: since fourth grade I’ve been involved in theatre, I have a degree in theatre, and I currently work with a theatre company in New Orleans. Some of the first shows I ever did in the theatre were musicals. And yet: I hate musicals. “Hate” is a strong word. Let me rephrase that: [...]

Sex Crimes And Other Offenses That Become Louisiana Law Today

At the moment, Louisiana is run by Republicans: we have a Republican governor (a terrible one, IMHO) and the party holds a majority in both the House and the Senate. As elsewhere, many of these GOP legislators are first-timers, and they’re pissing off the elders with their arrogance, their Tea Party-naivete, and their frequent ineptitude. [...]

26 Names That Will Never Make It Onto The North Atlantic Hurricane List

In honor of the start of the 2011 North Atlantic Hurricane Season, here is a list of names that will (probably) never make it onto the World Meteorological Organization’s annual list: Airfoundia High school classmate. Wallflower type. Barely heard from before graduation, never heard from after. Boadicea Although it would be funny. Cicciolina Which would [...]

The Burger King Drag Queen Bandit: A Postscript

Remember the Burger King bandit? The one who crept into a New Orleans-area BK restaurant by slithering through the drive-up window in booger drag? Well, on Friday, he was sentenced to 247 years in prison. Maybe by then they’ll have finished his special-order BK Big Fish, no pickles. And for those who might’ve forgotten the initial incident, [...]

Tonight At 8pm: A BRIDGE LIFE On The Documentary Channel

We just got a very nice note from one of the higher-ups at the Documentary Channel alerting us to tonight’s premiere of A Bridge Life: Finding Our Way Home. It debuts at 8pm. (I assume that’s CST.) Unfortunately, Cox doesn’t carry the Documentary Channel, so a huge chunk of New Orleanians (including me) are SOL. [...]

This Month In New Orleans Culture: Theater, Vetiver, And The World Air Sex Championship

New Orleans has been dealing with a lot of heavy stuff the past few months, what with all the oil and the heat and the threat of storms and the new mayor who simply refuses to to be stupid so that we, the citizens can have something to laugh at. (Thankfully, Maggie Gallagher fills the [...]

Be The One

A new campaign to restore the Gulf of Mexico officially broke last week, but I’ve been so preoccupied (i.e. lazy, lascivious) that I haven’t had a chance to post it. Anyway, please take one minute and 40 seconds out of your day to watch this video, and another 15 seconds to click through and sign [...]

Mr. Okra the movie.

Today a friend sent me a link to this video (click link below) and I am so glad he did. T.G. Herrington wrote and directed this wonderful short which is an official selection of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival happening right now in Utah. Watch it now: Mr. Okra Laureen Lentz wrote a little [...]

Christmas Poem 2009: Geaux Saints !

For all my friends who are loyal members of the Who Dat Nation! Thanks to Brian and Emily for letting me mooch this photo. Watch Kermit on You Tube We have been blessed but this year, lets hope we been extra good... so my poem selection this year is a song. “A [...]

Climate change denial, or, commenters are an (in)breed apart

Not only has the Times-Picayune run an alarming (and somewhat alarmist) article on the rapid pace of climate change, but they’ve also posted it to — which means it’s been opened up to comments. And as much as I love New Orleans, I can’t argue that fact that we have some really, really stupid [...]

Ed Blakely: so close, and yet…

Few people in New Orleans liked our former Recovery Czar, Ed Blakely. He was distant, he was presumptuous, and he spoke without thinking. Also — and this is a fault of our own parochialism — he was an outsider and therefore, suspicious. I never met the man. I don’t know what he was like. All I [...]

David Vitter doesn’t think he’s the only racist elected to public office

Louisiana’s governor, über-Republican Bobby Jindal, and his nemesis, Democratic U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, have both unequivocally condemned Keith Bardwell, the justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish who refused to marry an interracial couple last week. Show More Summary

Video: designer and HIV/AIDS activist Jack Mackenroth in New Orleans, 9-19-09

When I received an invite to interview Jack Mackenroth during his trip to New Orleans for the NO/AIDS Task Force’s 20th anniversary walk, I was more than a little confused. I mean, (a) that’s not the sort of thing I normally do, and (b) if Jack’s PR company wants media outlets to cover his “Living [...]

Dubai on the bayou

Half of me thinks this is crazy. Another half of me thinks it’s nice that someone’s envisioned New Orleans’ architectural landscape in a wacko, high-on-life, rich-from-petroleum, bring-on-the-Bangladeshi-slave-girls kind of way. And a third, nonexistent half of me thinks that the residents of One River Place are probably already pissed that someone bothered to imagine this [...]

More important than tea parties

State representative Jonathan Perry (R-Abbeville), is sponsoring a bill that insists children’s birth certificates can only include the names of married parents or single individuals. It is targeted directly at GLBT couples, who obviously can’t marry in the great state of Louisiana. Not only is the legislation mean-spirited and homophobic, but it’s also an endangerment to [...]

Bhopal In The Making: Port of New Orleans Sets Itself and New Orleans Up for Disaster

BHOPAL IN THE MAKING:Port of New Orleans sets itself and New Orleans up for disaster It’s Monday morning, and the sun is shining, and the temperature is just right, and Spring is definitely in the air, so I hate to be that guy, but I really have to point out that New Orleans is about to [...]

Marriage rally at City Hall this Saturday

I think I’ve made it pretty clear, my feelings about gay marriage and state constitutional amendments banning it. In sum: I think the institution of marriage is deeply flawed, and its origins are misunderstood by the general public. I think the conflation of religious marriage and civil marriage in practice and in law is [...]

More crap from the Times-Picayune

Bruce Alpert at the Picayune has written a completely speculative article (framed as “news”) about Obama’s plans to ignore Gulf Coast recovery. If you’re not up for reading the entire goddess-awful thing–and really, who could blame you?–Alpert basically says that Katrina won’t be on Obama’s list of priorities, then spends the bulk of the piece [...]

Prospect.1 Kicks Off

Having run out of the free American Spirits from the Voodoo Fest, I needed a distraction. I decided to check out the ribbon cutting ceremony of Prospect.1 New Orleans at the Mint. If you haven’t heard, Prospect.1 is “the largest biennial of international contemporary art ever organized in the United States,” and it is happening over [...]

A lesson in branding for the NHC

Attention, people at the National Hurricane Center: I know it’s a little late for this, but my partner, Jonno, and I have some suggestions for future storm names. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ones you’ve chosen but…oh, who are we kidding? They totally suck. Seriously: Gustav? You’re trying to get people interested, to make them [...]

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