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Destination Dining: Take The N/Q To Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard & Bring An Appetite

"This is a bar, not a hardware store," Tommy Demaras says to a man who rang the bell outside Square Hardware, the confusing exterior of Demaras's latest project, The Last Word, a cozy speakeasy echoing Manhattan's PDT and other semi-hidden bars. Show More Summary

Self-Driving Truck Makes 100-Mile Beer Run

The future arrives. And it’s got cases of Budweiser.

Is Pearl River Mart Reopening In Tribeca?

This morning, neighborhood gumshoe blog Tribeca Citizen reported that Pearl River Mart has secured a new, smaller home in Tribeca?six months after its brocade coin purse and paper lantern emporium on Broadway shuttered in the face of a massive rent hike. [ more › ]

Developers dealing with Department of Buildings exempt from city's lobbying law

The Office of the City Clerk, which regulates lobbying activities in the city, issued an advisory opinion to clarify "fuzzy" language from a 2013 update that had design professionals wondering if... To view the full story, click the title link.

Driverless cabs could make mass transit obsolete

Mass transit, the lifeblood of cities worldwide, is under threat from the biggest innovation in automotive technology since Henry Ford’s assembly line first flooded streets with cars. The... To view the full story, click the title l...

Deal finally opens door for public-housing residents to get union jobs

For years, unemployment has plagued the city's public-housing residents, who rarely could navigate the process to nab one of the well-paid union building trades jobs in and around the developments... To view the full story, click the title link.

The Eye Of SantaCon 2016 Has Cast Its Terrible Gaze Upon Williamsburg

The impending L train shutdown will provide plenty of excuses to avoid Williamsburg in the future, but it isn't supposed to get underway until a few years from now—here's a reason to avoid the neighborhood even sooner, unless, of course, you're into this sort of thing. SantaCon 2016 will start in Williamsburg at 10 a.m. on December 10th. [ more › ]

Nickel And Diner Successfully Updates The Diner Model In Chinatown

Our latest installment of Quick Bites brings us to Chinatown for a modern diner that gets it right. [ more › ]

Early Addition: Donald Trump & Kellyanne Conway Are Not In Sync! SAD

Because Taylor Swift would ruin Drake, check out today's mid-day links: ugly animals, TrumpTV rumors, where's Australia?, inside Trump Towers, Yoko Ono embraces Simpsons joke, world's saddest polar bear, and amazing dog eats rain. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. Show More Summary

What You Need to Know About April Bloomfield’s White Gold, Opening Tomorrow

“The only part of the animal we’re not using is the skins to make leather purses and sandals,” says partner Ken Friedman. “That might come later.”

Rihanna, Missy Elliott Plead For Help In Finding Missing Dancer

A NJ dance teacher and occasional backup performer for Beyonce, Rihanna and other musicians is still missing. Shirlene Quigley, 32, was last seen early Sunday morning at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and her friends and family are very worried. Show More Summary

How To Avoid Renting A Deathtrap: A NYC Apartment Hunter's Guide

When applying to rent an apartment, prospective renters often have to do everything short of turning over their Tinder password—landlords regularly require background checks, credit checks, employer and landlord referral letters, and in some cases more. Show More Summary

Wells Fargo's new ad campaign seeks to rebuild damaged brand

Wells Fargo has launched a new advertising campaign to address the company's ongoing sales practices scandal and what it is doing to make things right for its customers. The campaign, which launched... To view the full story, click the title link.

Amazon's Now Offering Restaurant Delivery In Brooklyn

Earlier this year, Amazon tackled another service for shut-ins, launching restaurant delivery in Manhattan. Today, they're expanding that service to include Brooklyn (parts, anyway) via their Prime Now program, which delivers a number of different items within a one hour window. [ more › ]

Columbia's Huge Manhattanville Expansion Is Moving Right Along

Columbia University President Lee Bolinger hosted a dedication ceremony at the Ivy League school's controversial Manhattanville campus in West Harlem on Monday, as staff began moving equipment into the first two nearly-completed buildings. Show More Summary

Video: Damaged Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Resurfaces In Union Square

Last week, a tussle occurred outside the Bowling Green subway station when a Naked Hillary statue was displayed there. Less than three hours after going up, it was toppled over by a woman who sat on it and called it "obscene." After some tug-of-war with the statue's presumed owner, it was finally removed by police. Show More Summary

NYPD Lieutenant Is Latest Demoted In Corruption Probe

A Brooklyn police lieutenant has been stripped of his gun and badge for being cozy with the man accused of bribing cops for gun permits, according to the New York Post. Lt. Michael Andreano of Borough Park's 66th Precinct seems to be...Show More Summary

Here’s What You Should Eat at New York’s First Alamo Drafthouse

Steak sandwiches and lamb burgers are on the menu at the brand-new Brooklyn location.

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