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Pizza Hut’s Plan to Make Pizzas in a Gazillion Different Flavors Is a Flop

As unappealing as they look, apparently. Last fall, Pizza Hut's aggressive menu revamp purportedly gave customers "over 2 billion combinations of pizzas." That struck some people as a few too many, and, as it turns out, it was: The chain's...Show More Summary

Video: A 73-Year-Old Watch Repairman Talks About His Rising Rent In Queens

72-year-old Salim Shariff operates a watch repair business out of a closet-sized workspace in Jackson Heights, Queens. Below, Brandon Lavoie turns a camera on Shariff and his small, closet-sized shop, which he says is "$2,000 every month." Shariff adds, Every day is $71... after I eat, [after] I send my family." [ more › ]

A Whale of a Tale: Karole Armitage's On the Nature of Things

My first thought as I sat in in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History when dancer Medumi Eda appeared under the scale model of a female blue whale was simply: we are so small. We are relatively small creatures, of course, as the museum space's large displays continually remind us. Show More Summary

Is NYC Ready For A 10-Cent Plastic Bag Fee?

For seven years, proposals for a bag tax in New York City have floated around City Hall like a Duane Reade bag with a German accent. Now a group of City Councilmembers want to pass the tax by April 22nd, which also happens to be Earth Day. [ more › ]

New York City Gun Shop Video May Not Be Real, But It Has the Gun Lobby Worried

Until recently, I was somewhat dismayed at the degree to which the digital side of the gun debate was so completely owned by the pro-gun crowd. Not that they don't deserve their fair share of the online environment, and not that they haven't worked tirelessly to bring this about. Show More Summary

Guardians of the Free Word?

What happens when a world-class institution dedicated to the free exchange of ideas meets up with a government that doesn't share those values? The latest episode of this drama played out Saturday evening at Terminal 4 of JFK airport...Show More Summary

A Forest Could Be Coming To Times Square

If there's anything more beautiful than a plastic bag dancing in the air (there isn't), then it's a monarch butterfly on 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Kickstarter campaign hopeful Marielle Anzelone asks, "Did you know that New York City has...Show More Summary

Watch Budweiser Create a Fake Bar to Deceive Beer Snobs

Ever since Budweiser's "proudly macro" Super Bowl ad insulted the craft-beer movement, there's been some drama. Now the Budweiser marketing team is back on the offensive, trolling micro-brew drinkers by going deep into enemy territory: Brooklyn during 2015 Beer Week. Show More Summary

Tom Hanks Lost His Credit Card, But NYC Restored His Faith In Being A Celebrity

Tom Hanks, a muppet disguised in a human cocoon, has really been all over NYC in recent weeks: he caught the premiere of Larry David's new play, he reunited with Wilson at a Rangers game, he starred in a Carly Rae Jepsen video, he hogged seats on the subway and defended his right to hog seats on the subway. Show More Summary

Churchill's Smile

Just now, on two different stages roughly five blocks apart, on and off-Broadway, two different actors are playing Winston Churchill more or less wreathed in smiles. I sympathize with the impulse. Actors smile onstage all the time, for many reasons, but often complicitly - inviting their audiences, with a smile, to like them. Show More Summary

"We Want to Break Facebook!" How Millennial Feminists Have Revolutionized International Women's Day

There's been more buzz than ever around this year's International Women's Day. Heavy-hitter Sheryl Sandberg made a big announcement. Old-school women's movement leaders Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Eve Ensler each made high-profile appearances. Show More Summary

Retired Det. Sonny Grosso Will be Smiling on St. Patrick's Day to the Pipes and Drums

Sonny Grosso and NYPD partner Eddie Egan on The French Connection set March 17, St. Patrick's Day in New York is a special event, a day when many New Yorkers claim to be Irish. The day is also heart-warming to Sonny Grosso, a retired NYPD officer who became the youngest first grade detective on the force. Show More Summary

My Pastrami-Fueled Fever-Dream: What It’s Like to Spend All Night at Katz’s

The restaurant only moved to a 24-hour weekend schedule in 2012. Grub Street never needs a reason to celebrate our city's esteemed roster of delicatessens, but since this week marks the New York release of the new documentary Deli Man, we're going all in on the subject today. The loud orgasms echoing through Katz's Deli are almost definitely fake. Show More Summary

Kids In The Hall Are Coming To NYC, Here's Some Of Their Greatest Hits

For many a Clinton-era suburban latchkey kid, that jangly guitar triggered a Pavlovian response to forget your middle school troubles and laugh at comedy that was clearly meant for smart adults with an affinity for the bizarre. Kids In The Hall are performing at Town Hall in May; don't let it slip your mind. [ more › ]

High-Ranking Counterterrorism Cop Sued For Randomly Arresting Protester

Three years ago, a small group of Occupy Wall Street protesters stood in Zuccotti Park shortly after midnight and watched the NYPD handcuff eight demonstrators for no apparent reason. None of the arresting officers would tell us why the protesters were being singled out, but that night NYPD Inspector Salvatore DiPace, Jr. Show More Summary

Video: NYC Urban Explorers Make Trespassing Look Pretty

      Filmmaker Jeff Seal spent several weeks tagging along with some self-described urban explorers as they roamed the NYC subway system, clambered up bridges, and sneaked to the top of various Manhattan skyscrapers for Instagram glory. Show More Summary

From Prison to the Pulpit: A Powerful Story of Hope

I want to introduce you to Rev. Darren Ferguson, a pastor who first found his faith while in prison for attempted murder. Rev. Ferguson spent nine years in federal prison, first at Rikers Island and then at Sing Sing in New York, where Darren and I met. Show More Summary

Pulitzer Prize–Winning Food Critic Jonathan Gold Abandons ‘Anonymity’

Stay gold, Gold. Los Angeles Times critic Jonathan Gold, who was the first food writer to win a Pulitzer Prize in criticism for his work at L.A. Weekly in 2007, has gone more or less public with his identity, writing an essay stating...Show More Summary

7 Must-See Videos That Totally Nail Being a Dog Owner in NYC

There's just something about having a dog and living in a big city that opens you to experiences you would never, ever have in your life before. I mean never. Like, NEVER, ever. Especially if that city is New York. As a pup parent myself...Show More Summary

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