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Video: Neil Young Premieres Anti-Starbucks Anthem, "Rock Starbucks"

It takes most musicians until the later parts of their career to throw off the shackles of commercial and critical expectations and declare, "I'm gonna do whatever I want, even if it means writing a nine minute ode to delicious T-bones."...Show More Summary

Watch Some Folks Casually Grill a Few Steaks With Molten Lava

As Memorial Day kicks into gear, you will no doubt be bombarded with a number of cookout primers, all of which will promise to teach you the BEST. WAY. TO. GRILL. Ignore those primers. Instead, just watch this video from the awesomely...Show More Summary

Comedian Chris Gethard Obsesses Over His Soda Collection

Gethard, with his usual order from the Mykonos Grill food truck. "This is a real Heart of Darkness look into my own life," says Chris Gethard of his Grub Street Diet. The comedian has appeared on shows like Louie, Broad City, and Inside...Show More Summary

The Crucial Role of New York City's Branch Libraries

On Wednesday evening, May 20, New York City celebrated what New York magazine calls "the Oscars for Libraries." The 2nd annual NYC Neighborhood Library Awards recognized the crucial role that New York City's branch libraries play in serving the city's diverse communities. Show More Summary

A Change Is Gonna Come To The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, C, D, E, F, N, Q, And R Trains This Weekend

The L train weekend shutdown nightmare is over, but new nightmares have arisen to take its place. If it's the weekend, that means it's time for a giant creepy clown man to reach a gloved hand down into the subway system and gobble up handful after handful of our delicious subway trains. Down here YOU'LL FLOAT! [ more › ]

Modern Ruin: Filmmaker Matthew Silva on the New York State Pavilion

Written by Julia Rocchi Modern Ruin: A World's Fair Pavilion - Promo I from Matthew Silva on Vimeo. For the past three years, the futuristic New York State Pavilion -- a National Treasure looking for a new future of its own - has enchanted many people with its dramatic design and World Fair history. Show More Summary

David Letterman’s Final Show Included His Legendary Taco Bell Prank

Letterman already crossed off the obligatory Rupert Jee annoying-waiter highlight reel earlier this week, so for his final Late Night show last night, it was time to revisit 1996 and his famous Taco Bell segment. His voice greets unwitting...Show More Summary

A Goodbye After 20 Years of Directing Late Show With David Letterman

In the early evening of May 20 the words "used to be" will be grafted to the end of my name. Around 5:30, I will ask CBS Technical Director Tim Kennedy to "please fade to black." Later I will remove the few remaining personal items from my sunny office with the four windows and set out to civilian life. Show More Summary

KFC Cast Darrell Hammond As the Colonel

The resemblance is kind of uncanny. KFC has brought back the Colonel, and rather than turn him into a goateed hacker, or whatever the equivalent of McDonald's new Hamburglar might be, the company has hired go-to bearded impersonatorShow More Summary

I Hate to See Mad Men Go, But I Love to Watch It Leave

Do we know each other? I mean, somewhere other from this moment? -- Don Draper I always joked with my friends that Mad Men's real title was White Men. Because that's what it's about. It's about white dudes in New York City figuring out how to get everyone else to buy shit from their clients. Show More Summary

Watch a Model Inhale a Two-Pound Burrito in Under Two Minutes

In this remarkable (and mildly repulsive) clip, competitive eater and model Nela Zisser takes down a huge burrito in one minute and 44 seconds. It's all part of the Mad Mex Big Burrito Challenge, and the burrito weighed in at slightly over two pounds and cost nearly $18. Show More Summary

Video: Emotional Norm Macdonald Gives David Letterman Tearful Goodbye

David Letterman has had an intense week of star-studded goodbyes from some of his favorite and most enduring guests, including Tom Waits, Julia Roberts, Oprah, Adam Sandler songs, and a handcuffed George Clooney. But last night brought...Show More Summary

Four Places To Get Your Crawfish Fix In NYC

Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, mudbugs, baby lobsters...whatever you call them—regionally or made up in your head—the adorable crustaceans taste absolutely wonderful when boiled with sausages, corn and a bucket full of seasoning salt until they're bright red. Show More Summary

Comic Relief: Humor and Playfulness at Frieze New York 2015

Frieze New York 2014. Courtesy of Marco Scozzaro/Frieze. Photo: Marco Scozzaro. Art-fair-going can be arduous and draining, physically and mentally. Frieze New York, housed in a serpentine tent structure that snakes across Randall'sShow More Summary

Starbucks Rolls Out Totally Unnecessary ‘Mini’ Frappuccinos Today

Teeny tiny. The Mini Frappuccino went through a hush-hush testing phase last summer and fall, and it must have been a hit, because Starbucks has announced that it's available nationwide today through June 6. While it doesn't look like...Show More Summary

Art.Jobs.Lullabies, Solo Exhibition (Online Version)

My exhibitions Art.Jobs.Lullabies was on view at Garis and Hahn, located at 263 Bowery, from April 2 - May 2. As an encore, there will be an overnight projection (pictured above) running for a week, which began on Tuesday, May 5. The exhibition featured video, photography and mixed media works. Show More Summary

McDonald’s Will Add Kale to Southern California Menus First

This is awkward. America's most ubiquitous superfood will officially show up at McDonald's stores — the company's first step toward becoming a "modern, progressive burger company." A representative for the chain says that nine restaurants...Show More Summary

Video: Pranna's Boozy Brunch Still Belching Out Wasted Chads

When we last reported on Pranna in August, the disturbingly popular brunch spot in the Flatiron district was on Double Secret Probation: Community Board 5 threatened to yank the restaurant's liquor license unless they stopped serving bottomless brunch to bottomless smiles. Recent video suggests that Pranna is still Hogarth with hair gel. [ more › ]

9 Tequila-Soaked Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo On Tuesday

It's almost time to break out the tacos, tequila and margaritas (in case that's not a regular weekly activity) to celebrate the Mexican army's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862! As Ween once sang, Cinco de Mayo's on Tuesday, and there's a plethora of options out there to get your tequila-fueled celebrations started with a bang. [ more › ]

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