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Photos, Video: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Was Super Mario At Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

In a real power up move, Tokyo's 2020 Olympics team stole the thunder from the Rio Olympics closing ceremony by unveiling a promotional film that showed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe traveling from Tokyo to Rio as Super Mario, through a pipe—and then appearing at the Maracana Stadium in a Super Mario costume and cap. [ more › ]

Williamsburg Millennials Are Getting Their Very Own Pog Lounge Lifestyle Experience

I was a '90s child, and I can say with certainty that I found pogs boring and dumb. I'm still not quite clear on what you were supposed to do with those little cardboard circles, but I recall you tried to...shoot them? slam them?...until they flipped over, and then you won more pogs. Show More Summary

'Mr. Robot' Recap: Too Many Codes

Hello friend, and welcome back to the sunny world of Mr. Robot, where everything can be fixed with a well-placed punch (or punchline), Alf, and expert bludgeoning with a tire iron. This week was oddly fun—though last week ended withShow More Summary

Bill Bratton, Bulldozer

Bratton steamrolled over poor communities of color from New York to Los Angeles (Photo: LA Times) For nearly three years we waged a small, and at times hopeless, war against Bill Bratton. Not just Bratton the man, but Bratton the legacy. Show More Summary

Giuliani Rumored To Be President Trump's Choice For Minister Of Homeland Security & Ethnic Purity

If President Babyhands is elected in November, it looks like he'll be taking Rudy "I LIKE TO YELL LOUD ALSO 9/11 ALSO MUSLIMS" Giuliani down to DC with him—rumors abound that Trump's tapped the former Mayor of 9/11 Town to be his head of Homeland Security. Show More Summary

Flashback: The 1924 Democratic Convention Was A Violent, Racist Clusterfk

After a protracted primary battle, the Democratic National Convention is finally underway in Philadelphia. Last night’s festivities included speeches from Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, and Bernie Sanders, who began the parade of endorsements for Hillary Clinton. [ more › ]

Lottery For New Affordable Housing By Barclays Center Is Now Open

The lottery, as a wise man once said, should really be called the jack squattery because that's all you'll probably ever win in it. Forget those normally wise words though, because today a lottery opens that has a prize more valuable than money: affordable housing in New York City. [ more › ]

Giant Shark Caught In Sheepshead Bay During Shark-Fishing Contest

The clinging jellyfish have laid siege to local beaches, Mary Lee the Great White Shark has returned from her winter vacation, the goats are munching on city parks' poison ivy, and Pedals the Bear's strolling around New Jersey like he owns the place. Show More Summary

Urban Parks: From Dumping Grounds to Centers of Energy

A major initiative by New York City Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver cogently explored at the recent and fascinating Parks Without Borders Summit is to make parks more porous and accessible and, by extension, to foster park equity,...Show More Summary

IHOP Staffers Turned Their Entire Restaurant Into an All-out Brawl

Staff at an IHOP in Memphis recently gave diners something extra to go along with their Rooty Tooty Fresh 'n Fruity breakfasts: an all-out brawl that was caught on camera. The mayhem, as one observer's video shows, broke out during regular...Show More Summary

Crazy On You

You know the song 'Crazy on you' by Heart? I often wondered what exactly they meant by that phrase. What does it really mean to be crazy on someone? In all of my conversations with friends about their dating lives, one thing has become abundantly clear; men make us crazy. Show More Summary

Ana Gasteyer Loves a Good Mint Julep

"It’s cool that you can sneak up to SixtyFive and have a drink and it’s so beautiful." Ana Gasteyer has kept busy since her six-year run on SNL, notably on  ABC’s Suburgatory and now as Hollywood agent Karen Grisham on Maria Bamford’s Netflix comedy Lady Dynamite. Show More Summary

Fall Out Boy Destroyed The 'Ghostbusters' Theme Song In 3 Minutes

The new Ghosbusters theme song has been dumped onto the world like a tub of slime, featuring the screeching vocals of whoever the lead singer of Fall Out Boy is. (Adam Levine's little emo brother? Fake Trent Reznor?). The 3-minute insult...Show More Summary

The Best Independent Bookstores In NYC

My first bookstore was Coliseum Books on 57th and Broadway; my second was the Barnes & Noble on 82nd and Broadway, near the movie theater. My parents would only spend money on "quality" books, and so I devoted a significant portion of...Show More Summary

PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY GOOD: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Coming Back For 9th Season

America finally is great again, and it had nothing to do with Presidential YouTube Commenter Donald Trump: HBO announced today that Larry David is bringing back the funniest show on television, Curb Your Enthusiasm, for a ninth season. This is huge! This is gigantic! [ more › ]

A Brief History Of Lender's Frozen Bagels (And Their NYC Branding Lie)

When Steve Martin, making a cameo appearance as Gavin Volure on 30 Rock, asks his dinner guests for a good place to get cupcakes in New York City, Liz Lemon drops some knowledge: "77th and Amsterdam, 68th and Columbus, 125th and President Clinton Blvd, also, don't overthink it: Sara Lee, frozen, unbelievable." What if we said the same thing about Lender's bagels? [ more › ]

Teen Says Dead Bat Fell Out of Her Box of Rice Krispies

A family in Scotland claims a bat was lodged in its box of Rice Krispies, adding the winged mammal to the dubious list of world's most stomach-wrenching food-packaging finds. The creature was wedged between the box and the inner bagShow More Summary

New York by Pedicab... a 15-Minute Interview on the Run

"You'll be there before you make it to the front of this line," he casually observes as I stand at the end of a 30-person lineup for cabs outside Penn Station. It's Friday afternoon, it's 86 degrees and I'm already melting, having just...Show More Summary

Samantha Bee On Orlando: "Love Does Not Win Unless We Start Loving Each Other Enough To Fix Our Fcking Problems"

In what has become a sadly familiar ritual over the years, last night's late-night hosts kicked off their broadcasts by addressing Sunday's mass-shooting in Orlando. Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O'Brien called for stricter gun control, while Larry Wilmore and Seth Meyers excoriated Donald Trump for his self-congratulatory response. Show More Summary

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