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Let's Talk Heartbreak

The Author is Present - Lodro Rinzler at ABC Carpet & Home from Lodro on Vimeo. The thing about heartbreak is that it's a devastating but very honest emotion. Try to name another that straight up tells you what it feels like. With heartbreak it's aptly named: it literally feels like your heart is being torn asunder. Show More Summary

Just a "Simple" Day-Trip to the City When You Can't See

I am totally blind and a very brittle type I diabetic. I was recently profiled in the American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Forecast because I've not let my challenges stop me from doing things healthy people haven't done or tried to do. Show More Summary

Feds Raid -- Are We Any Safer?

Great news for Craigslist: The Department of Homeland Security just raided, shutting down the best way for escorts and clients to connect in a safe, open environment. And good for DHS, because prostitution is bad, right? Well, that's what they say. Show More Summary

McDonald’s Cuts Ties with Chicken Supplier Over Animal Abuse

Sad. McDonald's has kicked a Tyson chicken supplier to the curb after seeing an undercover video purportedly showing farm workers treating birds cruelly. The video, shot at T&S Farm in Tennessee, is the work of an investigator for Mercy for Animals who the supplier allegedly hired. Show More Summary

Bernie and Occupy -- Separated at Birth -- Together Again?

There's a love affair goin' on, or at least heavy flirtation. Occupy, born on 9/17/2011, is courting a man born only nine days earlier in the same month, but 69 years earlier. Could this Spring-December fling be something serious? Depending on which Occupier you question, the attraction is very real. Show More Summary

NY Times, Sane People Struggle To Understand Donald Trump's Appeal

Donald Trump is a racist, sexist hypocrite who doesn't understand the economy (or basic math) and probably doesn't have anything resembling an inner life—but the man sure can put on a good show! Good enough that thousands of people who...Show More Summary

Photos: The Worst People In America Gather For Donald Trump Rally

  Real life gremlin Donald Trump continued his assault upon the American electoral system with his biggest pep rally to date in Alabama Friday night. Trump, looking every bit the personification of bad breath, riled up thousands of attendees with all of the gusto (but none of the charm) of U.S. Show More Summary

Citi Bike Expands To Greenpoint, Williamsburg And Bed-Stuy

Citi Bike expanded this week to several more neighborhoods in north Brooklyn. Wooooo! Wooowooooo! [ more › ]

The Hottest Ticket In Town Is This SoHo Ball Pit For Adults

  A free ball pit for adults opens in SoHo today, but don't expect to be able to stroll in off the street while your parents pick you up a couple of Happy Meals. There are only a handful of slots left at JumpIn, creative agency Pearlfisher's...Show More Summary

NASA Is Spending $200,000 to See If Poop Can Be Turned Into Food

One small step for the colon... Space food's always been pretty crappy, but if NASA gets its way, astronauts will soon be eating their actual waste, the rationale being that this next-level Waterworld-style of self-sufficiency could sustain them on far-flung journeys to colonize Mars (please, just not Uranus... Show More Summary

The End of Hogs & Heifers, ‘ A Bawdy, Rowdy Vortex Reminiscent of the Best Bars in New York’s History’

Dennis Quaid enjoys a quiet night out on the town. When I first moved to New York City in the late ’80s, I did what most downtown-pulse-seeking arrivistes on a budget did: I started in Alphabet City, where there were still affordable...Show More Summary

Someone Stole Papa John’s Beloved Camaro

The Papa John's Camaro will ride again. It's hard to one-up the Papa John's origin story: To launch his global pizza empire in 1983, John Schnatter used the $2,800 he made from selling his 1971 Camaro Z28. While he loved owning a massively...Show More Summary

Seal-Eating Shark Scares The Heck Out Of Cape Cod Swimmers

A Cape Cod shark who does not subscribe to Bruce's vegetarian philosophy snacked on a seal this week, as sharks do, but he managed to terrify human swimmers and cause the beach to shutter briefly in the process. [ more › ]

Beautiful Tom Brady Courtroom Art Inspires Beautiful Photoshops

The appeals trial over 'DeflateGate'—one of the dumber sports controversies of recent years—has finally been graced with its defining image, the picture that is worth a thousand footballs to the groin. The courtroom artist's rendering of Tom Brady in U.S. Show More Summary

Video: What If The Subway Turnstile Beeps Were Fart Noises?

It could have been Tuvan throat singers or Laura Dern's Jurassic Park scream, but the deconstructive elegance of a Fart makes for a successful parody of James Murphy's Subway Symphony project. "The turnstile has to make a sound, it might as well be a fart." Well? [ more › ]

Angry Cops Are Now Photographing The Homeless Because De Blasio Or Something

If tabloid reporters and NIMBY disruptors aren't enough to remind them that they are somehow less than human, New York City's homeless population has a new stated enemy: the public employees who are paid to protect and serve them. [ more › ]

Ryan Adams Is Covering Taylor Swift's 1989 Album & It's Beautiful

Ryan Adams has been in the studio recording his own versions of every song from Taylor Swift's most recent release, 1989. This kind of thing has been done before, and it's been done its best by Adams himself (remember Wonderwall?), who seems to have a knack for turning good pop songs into something that sounds a little more important, or depressing, or meaningful. [ more › ]

Competition Is Stiff for the Beer-Mile World Record

It's a proud day to be North American, people. Lewis Kent, of Ontario, Canada, has set a new record in the beer mile (for the uninitiated: chug a beer, run a quarter mile, do that again three more times), yanking the title away fromShow More Summary

The Best & Worst Subway Lines & Stations For Free Wi-Fi

It seems like just yesterday we were told we'd soon be living in a kooky world in which we'd be able to get a signal in most subway tunnels. "Pssh," we scoffed, "we'll believe we're living in the far flung future when we see a hoverboard in action." But the far flung future is here now, with 67 stations in Manhattan equipped with free Wi-Fi. Show More Summary

Cops Rescue Adorable Baby Skunks From Bronx Subway Station

Skunks might not seem so adorable when they're hunting you down in Central Park or showering you with unwanted sexual advances. But these two baby skunks saved by a bunch of NYPD transit officers are soooooooo cute, it's hard to imagine you'd mind if they sprayed you with their fetid scent. HI BABIES!!!! [ more › ]

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