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DOT Plans To Widen 7th Avenue Sidewalks Between Penn Station & Grand Central

The Department of Transportation is planning to widen overflowing sidewalks on 7th Avenue between Penn Station and Grand Central by next spring, according to a presentation [PDF] made Tuesday to Manhattan's Community Board 5 transportation committee. DOT believes the redesign will improve conditions for pedestrians in one of the city's most congested corridors. [ more › ]

Video: Man Licks PATH Train Pole For Free Alcohol

It's an age-old dilemma: is a moment in the white hot spotlight of viral fame worth the risk of infection from licking stuff on mass transit? The answer is a resounding yup for this adventurous tourist, who took a page out of the Bart Simpson playbook and licked a pole on a dare while on vacation in New Jersey and NYC. Show More Summary

Revisit David Lynch's Eerie 1990s PSA On NYC's Rat Problem

As season two of Twin Peaks was airing on ABC in 1991, David Lynch and the City of New York released an eerie (and evergreen!) PSA from the director, which addressed NYC's rat and trash problems. The piece, part of the "We Care About New York" series, also featured the work of Lynch's trusted Director of Photography, Frederick Elmes (Eraserhead, Blue Velvet). [ more › ]

Everything You Need To Know About 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me' Before The New Season

Like many people who either weren't born yet or can't remember the early '90s, I knew about Twin Peaks before I had any idea what Twin Peaks really was. Although it was only on TV for two thoroughly-bizarre seasons, the show trickled...Show More Summary

Heroic Pizza Deliveryman Brings Dinner To Hangry Passengers On Stalled Amtrak Train

When a train breaks down, some choose to revisit DMX's catalogue or impotently rage at the transit gods. But for Mitch Katz, a partner at CA Wealth Management, it was an opportunity to prove that the old Bagel Bites jingle is still the most accurate song ever written: you really can have pizza anytime. [ more › ]

3-Minute Hyperlapse Video Tries To Capture NYC's Essence

A few independent filmmakers at Film Spektakel spent ten days in NYC last year, collecting footage for a high-speed timelapse, which they've just released. The three-minute final cut is part of their "A Taste Of" series, which attempts to capture the essence of cities all over the world. Show More Summary

dOGUMENTA, The World's First Art Exhibit For Dogs, Is Coming To NYC This Summer

The Internet is nothing if not filled with artistically-inclined dogs, whether it's the dog who paints to raise awareness of gas chambers or the blind dog who rocks a beret like no other. But we've spent so much time expecting masterpieces...Show More Summary

Why Your Allergies Are Really Bad Right Now

As prophesied by Taylor Swift and Mark Wahlberg, the real monsters in this world are trees. They wield their pollen against us, knowing humans are powerless against itchy eyes and dripping mucus, and that one day they WILL avenge The Giving Tree. One. Day. [ more › ]

The Story Behind This Perfectly Post-Apocalyptic 1980s NYC Footage

In the 1980s, photographer Steven Siegel was filming footage for what's been referred to as a "city symphony," a film genre Alex Barrett of the Guardian once described as "a poetic, experimental documentary that presents a portrait of...Show More Summary

It's Time For The Media To Wake Up And Do Its Fking Job!

We just passed the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Ya know, that milestone that Trump either believes is the most “phony,” meaningless marker (as he’s been saying for weeks now), or, an incredibly important measure of his accomplishments (as he’s been saying for weeks now). Show More Summary

Video: Travis Scott Convinces Fans To Jump Off Terminal 5 Balcony

During a performance at Terminal 5 on Sunday night, buzzy rapper and all-around showman Travis Scott encouraged fans to jump from the balconies, which they did, because there are no fans on Earth quite as wild as Travis Scott fans. [ more › ]

Experience The Soothing Sounds Of 17th-Century Manhattan

It's may be hard to imagine now, but there was once a time when New York was a tranquil place, an island of lush greenery and singing birds and majestic mountain lions sipping out of clear freshwater ponds. That foreign-sounding land...Show More Summary

Midtown Pret A Manger Will Become First In Nation To Serve Alcohol

Pret A Manger—Manhattan's de facto lunch spot and frog mausoleum—previously only offered buzzes of the caffeine variety, but a forthcoming location at Penn Station will take it to the next level by getting you drunk. The boozy Power Lunch just isn't what it used to be. [ more › ]

Sex Trafficking Victim Spearheads Legislation To Post Indicators Of Trafficking In All NY Hotels

Anneke Lucas, 56, a Brooklyn-based survivor of child sex trafficking and advocate for victims, launched a petition in January urging New York to mandate informational signage about human trafficking in all New York hotels and motels....Show More Summary

City Council Member Will Introduce Bill Intended To Force Trump To Disclose Tax Returns

It's almost Tax Day in America, which means that citizens across our great nation are doing everything they can to not be hit with a devastating Write-off by Irwin R. Schyster. It also means that President Trump's taxes are in the news again. Show More Summary

NYC Man Takes Bold, Public Stand Against 'Hot' Women

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that "rich" men will only date "hot" women. Once a man hits a certain tax bracket, he no longer needs to "impress" a woman, or "pay attention" to the things she says, or "learn" her first name....Show More Summary

AT LAST, The World Is Getting A 'Friends' Musical

In the thirteen years since the Friends crew moved to the suburbs, there have been Central Perk pop-ups, misguided late night reunions, Netflix binges, miniatures, sex lists, and off-brand Lego sets. But as far as we know there has never been a Friends MUSICAL, which is nuts considering how easy it is to incorporate the characters' names into songs. Show More Summary

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