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American Teens Love E-Cigs & China's Hooking Them Up With Little Oversight

Americans' love of e-cigarettes continues to grow, especially among teenagers who haven't even taken their SATs. No longer favored exclusively by Playboy playmates and Stephen Dorff, the vapor-spewing alternative to conventional cigarette smoking is catching on with America's youths, according to the federal government. Show More Summary

James Franco’s Latest Project: Making Korean Barbecue Lasagna With the Epic Meal Time Guys

No doubt still sick from last week's Thanksgiving Voltron feast, glutton extraordinaire Harley Morenstein nabbed some A-list stand-ins for this week's webisode, an eight-minute-long desecration of lasagna. Franco and Rogen decide toShow More Summary

What Happens When A Scary Foreign Spider Creeps Into Your Suitcase?

Nearly 15 years ago, Popular Culture taught us that unwittingly smuggling a mysterious spider into the United States tends to unleash a plague of venomous arachnids, mass casualties, and heroic behavior from Will McAvoy. But what happens...Show More Summary

Meteorologists: Maybe Don't Travel Tomorrow?

Everyone has a friend who is immune to guilt and refuses to travel "home" on Thanksgiving, instead opting to spend the day giving thanks for unlimited bong rips and blissfully absent roommates. Maybe you are that friend, in which case you must be feeling pretttttty smug right now, because tomorrow's travel forecast is not specifically too good. [ more › ]

35 Pounds Of Blow Found In Shipping Container Full Of Wine

Border officials at the Port of New York/Newark seized 35 pounds of cocaine from aboard a shipping container last month, having unearthed it from among 1,050 cartons of wine. This pool party's going to suck now. [ more › ]

Watch This Depressing 60 Minutes Video About Crumbling Infrastructure In The Northeast Corridor

We know that over a thousand NY State bridges are "structurally deficient"—which makes reminders of our crappy infrastructure (example) incredibly alarming, like last night's 60 Minutes segment about how the government is failing everyone by not investing in infrastructure. [ more › ]

Bonnie Slotnick on the Struggle to Save Her Cherished Cookbook Shop

Slotnick with her famous sign. Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks is like a shop out of Simon and Garfunkel's version of Bleecker Street: Slotnick herself is almost always there and happily able to guide you through her vast collection of vintage cookbooks. Show More Summary

Holding The NYPD Accountable, Holding The Movement Accountable

When activists turned out to a 2013 city council meeting in Oakland to protest the hiring of Bill Bratton as a consultant to the Oakland Police Department, was anyone surprised? Organizer Bella Eiko gave an impassioned speech pointing...Show More Summary

How We Arrived At The Current State Of Our Politics

This post will take you all the way from the invention of the Tonight and Today shows through the dysfunction of modern politics. It's a bumpy ride, so please stow your tray table. There used to be a thing called "mass media." FirstShow More Summary

Cut The Line At Blue Bottle & Brooklyn Roasting With This New App

Waiting on line is part of life—so is searching for ways to bypass lines. Our civilization has been vastly improved by innovations like "Express Checkout" or "VIP Fast Pass," but if your local artisanal coffee joint is still stuck in...Show More Summary

This ‘#SNACK’ Video Perfectly Parodies ‘#SELFIE’

Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson, the creators of the Webby Award-nominated web series "SRSLY," spoof the Chainsmokers' party anthem "#SELFIE" in their latest video. It's a hilarious parody, complete with references to avocado toast Instagrams, pork buns "for the table," Jessica Simpson's Chicken of the Sea, and even Grub Street. Show More Summary

Video: Enraged NYC Bus Driver Threatens To Throw Farebeating Teen Out The Window

A Queens bus driver unraveled yesterday morning after a teenager boarded without paying his fare. The (NSFW) video of the encounter begins with the Q112 driver telling the boy, "The only way you're getting out is through the fucking window." [ more › ]

What It's Like To Be Princess Leia Walking Around NYC For 10 Hours

If you're familiar with that video documenting one woman's experience being endlessly catcalled while walking around NYC, and if you have a passing familiarity with the motion picture franchise Star Wars, then perhaps you'll enjoy this...Show More Summary

Yuna at Stage 48: The Sweetest Taboo

The Lincoln Tunnel connects New York City to New Jersey by a 1.5 mile passage under the Hudson River. It enters Manhattan in Midtown on the West Side, and since 1937 it has served as a punishment for motorists wishing to enter the city through that gateway. Show More Summary

Watch John Oliver Fire A Salmon Cannon At Everyone On TV

Why is it so gratifying to watch famous people get hit in the head with a fake fish? You know the fish is coming, because that's the premise of the joke: John Oliver using a salmon cannon (yes, that is a hilariously real thing) to magically fire fish at celebrities. Show More Summary

Festival of Light turns Dumbo Into a Magical Scene

Dumbo couldn't be better name to this Brooklyn's neighborhood hosting the first edition of The New York Festival of Light this weekend Nov. 7-9. As magical as the movie, a display of artistic light designs transformed the Manhattan Bridge...Show More Summary

The Most Insane Video About Totino's Pizza Rolls You'll Watch This Week

Creators of spectacularly bizarre television and a very offbeat film Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are surprisingly adept at advertising. They partnered with Zach Galifianakis for their now-classic Absolut vodka spot and more recently with Jeff Goldblum for a very sexy GE lightbulb endorsement. Show More Summary

'Hello' Isn't Always 'Hello' in NYC

"Yes, some things are blatantly offensive," my friend Jay typed over Gchat, referring to the recent street harassment video that went viral this past week. "But sometimes, the dudes just say hi," he continued. "Unless I'm missing a nuance." "You are," I said quickly. Show More Summary

LeBron James And Cavs Are Still Searching For An Identity

It's not that the Cleveland Cavaliers aren't going to score points. Newly minted head coach David Blatt should be able eventually to get his three superstars -- including young point guard Kyrie Irving, who understands pick-and-rollShow More Summary

Cuomo & Republicans Win Big, Empire State Building Turns Red, NYC Still Part Of America

The Empire State Building turned from red, white, and blue to simply red last night as Republicans took full control of the New York state senate, plus that other Senate in Washington, as well as winning many tightly-contested races for governor in states like Colorado and Iowa. Show More Summary

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