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Watch Mesmerizing Industrial Cake Decorating Videos To Cure Your Thanksgiving Hangover

Thanksgiving is disorderly. The turkey comes out splay-legged if you don't truss it with twine, which is impossible without squinting at a Youtube tutorial, which inevitably leads to smearing your mom's iPad with raw turkey slime while you pause and rewind and try to figure out how the hell to make a surgeon's knot. [ more › ]

The Official Grub Street Review of Walmart’s Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie

Thanks to YouTuber James Wright's viral review, Walmart's Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie has become the hottest Thanksgiving dish in America. At one point, Walmart was actually selling the pie, which retails for $3.48, at the rate of...Show More Summary

Dying and Buying Black

Dashcam video footage of the last seconds of Laquan McDonald's life was finally released tonight after over a year had passed since he was killed by a Chicago police officer. Thousands were already taking to the streets as mayor Rahm...Show More Summary

Video: Recreating Ross's "Moistmaker" Sandwich From Friends

In 1998 we were introduced to the "moistmaker" sandwich on Friends, in the episode titled: "The One with Ross's Sandwich" (Season 5, Episode 9). The unfortunately named sandwich was created by Ross's sisters Monica, and was comprised of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. Show More Summary

Domino’s Decides the World Needs Yet Another Push-for-Pizza Button

Perfect for a tiny hamster pizza party. Proving to be the pizza world's greatest innovators, the minds at Domino's have done it once again by improving upon emoji pizza ordering with a new, real button that people can jab at for pies,...Show More Summary

Supporting Children in Greece Suffering From Cancer

On Monday night, a big charity event took place in Manhattan. Spiros Menegatos, a young Greek-American entrepreneur and owner of the famous Nerai Restaurant undertook an initiative to support children suffering from cancer in Greece....Show More Summary

A Meditation on Aging at 25

I'm over halfway done with my 20s, and I still don't know if I'm doing them right. I'm 25 -- a couple months shy of 26 -- and all of a sudden, shit feels different. I have problems that no amount of SoulCycle endorphins or Le Labo candles or parental advice can fix. Show More Summary

8 Genre-Spanning NYC Restaurants To Call Home On Thanksgiving

Given the confines of a New York City apartment kitchen, Thanksgiving dinner is hardly the Norman Rockwell painting you'd imagine it to be. But, luckily, that doesn't mean it has to be as truly disastrous as any of Gossip Girl's Thanksgiving episodes. Show More Summary

The Black Market Is Booming for Walmart’s Patti LaBelle Pies

Here is the most American thing you'll read all day: It's been a long few days since an unprecedented run on Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie began at Walmart, owing to YouTuber James Wright's viral review. Now, however difficult it may...Show More Summary

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Finally Hosting SNL Together

For the first time ever, except for every time we've dreamed about it, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (who have a movie coming out soon) will be hosting Saturday Night Cheese Live together. We thought we hit the high water mark with Louis CK, but this, THIS, is as good as this show will ever get. Show More Summary

Video: Adam Sandler's New "Chanukah Song"

For the fourth time since its Saturday Night Live debut in 1994, Adam Sandler has rewritten his "Chanukah Song." The latest rendition was performed live at Judd Apatow's show at Carnegie Hall over the weekend, and features mentions of Shia LaBeouf, Jared from Subway, and Adam Levine. [ more › ]

Video: Revisit The Old Days Of Chinatown Fair In This New Documentary

Chinatown Fair opened its doors on Mott Street in 1944, after original owner Sam Palmer, who had never been inside of an arcade before, had a "religious vision." The Fair was packed with old arcade games, a tic-tac-toe playing chicken (who retired in the late '90s), and a slew of patrons. Show More Summary

Let's Get Ready to Rumblr... or Not

The first rule of Rumblr is, well, it doesn't matter because Rumblr is a hoax. A few days ago, Rumblr, the self-described "Tinder for fighting" application, was announced. Then came news that it was a marketing ploy for a new public relations firm. Show More Summary

Tattoo Artist To The Stars Will Ink You For Free This Week...But There's A Catch

If we've learned anything from the Sweetest Thing and the now-defunct Wreck Room bathroom, it's that nothing good ever comes from sticking a body part through an unknown hole. I want to say that came out wrong, but it didn't. [ more...

Stephen Colbert Unveils "Candy Crush: The Movie," Considers Raising Baby Hitler

Have you seen the official trailer for Avatar 2 Warcraft? It's the first film since the original Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring to take a magnifying glass to the marginalized orc society. It's also trying to be the first video game-to-film adaptation to be taken even remotely seriously since, I don't know, Super Mario Bros. Show More Summary

Campbell’s Is Messing With Chicken Noodle Soup

Now practically homemade. After months of laggard soup sales, Campbell's is giving in to the times and yanking most of the chemicals out of its chicken noodle soup. The soup will lose a third of its 30 ingredients, mostly changes toShow More Summary

Some Genius Made an Actual Levitating Cake

Cake decorator Christine Jensen wanted her entry at this year's ultra-competitive Cake International to be something that "is actually cake and is actually levitating," so naturally that required using the Force (like lots of dessert these days, apparently). Show More Summary

De Blasio On NYC's Deadly Streets: "The Car Has Been A Little Too Sacred"

Noting that it had been a "very tough week" after eight New Yorkers were killed in traffic crashes, Mayor de Blasio told reporters that his Vision Zero plan has "never been more necessary," while also touting the gains it has made so far. [ more › ]

Spectre Review: Bond. Adequate Bond.

The theme song of any given James Bond film doesn't necessarily reflect the content of the film. I couldn't sing you the Chris Cornell tune from Casino Royale, a universally-loved Bond film that stands as one of my two or three favorites, if you strapped me to a chair and threatened me with a laser. Show More Summary

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