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Onward for All of Us: Thoughts on Independence Day

Are we humans the only species entitled to pursue happiness? Heady and triumphant. There aren't too many times when these words fit our circumstances. But last week, they certainly did. First, there was the astonishing grace of the nine families of the Charleston murder victims who forgave their killer, asking God to show mercy on him. Show More Summary

Recovering New York City's Black History

On Saturday, June 27, 2015, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dedicated a marker on Wall and Water Streets near the site of an 18th century slave market. It was established by the city's Common Council and operated from 1711 until at least 1762. Show More Summary

Video: Stephen Colbert Hosts Local Public-Access Program (With Guest Eminem)

Stephen Colbert has come out of beard-induced hiding in recent weeks to start building up steam for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert by doing things like shaving his beard, announcing an announcement, and impersonating Justice Scalia. Show More Summary

Walmart Refused to Make a Confederate-Flag Cake, Happily Made an ISIS One Instead

Pretty good cake artistry, though! When Walmart told Chuck Netzhammer that he couldn't order a Confederate-flag cake because the company has put the kibosh on any merchandise with that image, the outraged Louisianan made a trick request for a cake with a different flag — the one belonging to ISIS. Show More Summary

Video: Seinfeld Apartment Accidentally Broken By Kramer-Wannabe

This week, Hulu unveiled a recreation of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment (modeled after season 8 of Seinfeld) to celebrate the show passing from network Earth and entering into the celestial realm of immortality (via streaming syndication). Show More Summary

There’s Finally Going to Be a ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Beer

Nothing really matters, except beer. Forty years after the release of their rollicking, genre-smashing hit song "Bohemian Rhapsody," English rock stars Queen are celebrating the song's anniversary with... a branded beer. Aptly, if blandly,...Show More Summary

The 3 Biggest Things I Wish I Didn't Stress Over in High School

High school: A place where you spend four vital years learning, making friends, and finding yourself. I went to Archbishop Molloy, a Marist high school in Queens, New York. I loved my high school, I made the best of friends that I'mShow More Summary

Let's Laugh At This Drunk Raccoon Getting Sloppy In A Beer Warehouse Because We Never Get That Wasted

Raccoons: if they're not running amok in John Varvatos stores in SoHo, then they're kicking down doors in Bed-Stuy, Park Slope, the Bronx, and City Hall. The raccoons own this city, and if they want to break into our beer warehouses and trip the pink elephant fantastic, than we can only stand by in awe like video uploader Phillipp Scott. [ more › ]

Watch a Guy Expertly Assemble a Hot Dog Using a Giant Excavator

To the very short list of things that make Grant Achatz look uncoordinated, add watching a man put together a hot dog with a machine more commonly seen, you know, dredging rivers and demolishing buildings. In an ad for "new and improved"...Show More Summary

Photos: Ghostface Killah Rocked Greenpoint Last Night

  Sweltering and bathed in neon green, hundreds of bodies packed in beneath the low ceiling of Good Room Wednesday night to glimpse one of the legends of New York hip-hop. Arriving late but with ample energy, Ghostface Killah of theShow More Summary

A Study Says Eating Pickles Could Help You Feel Less Anxious

Happy food. Picklebacks for all! Researchers at William & Mary and the University of Maryland say that they found a connection between eating pickled foods and feeling less anxious. The findings, which are being published in the August...Show More Summary

Here's How You Ride A Scooter On The E Train

The MTA doesn't have any rules explicitly prohibiting you from lugging your sleek motorized scooter on the subway, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when subway scooting. First, it is against the rules to actually drive...Show More Summary

Why Andy Cuomo Attacks the "Wall of Separation"

In 1802, President Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptist Association where he argued that the "act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment...Show More Summary

Shaquille O'Neal Is A 9/11 Truther (According To Online Posts He's Deleted)

Shaquille O'Neal wears a lot of hats: Famed pro basketball player and current NBA analyst; rapper; star of Kazaam; deputy city marshal of Lafayette Parish. Now he can add 9/11 conspiracy theorist to the list, as suggested by a posting on his website. Mysteriously, that posting has now...disappeared! [ more › ]

Now There’s an Official Breaking Bad Vodka

The vodka itself is clear, though. Here's a better way to get your Heisenberg fix: Blue Ice Vodka and Sony Pictures have teamed up to create three limited-edition bottles of vodka. Californians can find them on liquor shelves right now,...Show More Summary

Grisly Footage From a Costco Egg Supplier Shows Hens Crawling Over Dead Ones

The Humane Society has released a horrible video that shows egg-laying conditions for hens at a Pennsylvania farm — one that supplies Costco's Nearby Egg brand of eggs. The grisly footage doesn't show birds confined to their controversially...Show More Summary

Puerto Rican Pride As Sunset Park Fights Off Police Brutality

For the first time, Sunset Park will be hosting its own Puerto Rican day parade this year. A long tradition in the neighborhood, Sunset Park residents usually celebrate with music and dancing later in the day hours after the big parade in Manhattan ends. Show More Summary

Pizza Hut Couldn’t Make ‘Artisan’ Work, So Now It’s Stuffing Hot Dogs Into Crust

Canada's version even has mustard drizzled on top. Pizza Hut's most frightening pie — with a crust that doubles as a hot dog — has been inching toward America for years (eight, to be exact), first invading South Korea, then infiltrating the U.K., and then Canada. Show More Summary

Snoop Dogg Says Pabst Owes Him $70 Million

Time to cash out. Blast by Colt 45 — a 12 percent ABV fruit-flavored malt beverage — is one of the many insane products Snoop Dogg has hawked over the years. From 2011 to 2014, he signed a presumably lucrative contract to be the drink's...Show More Summary

Watch This Awesome Astronaut Make Tacos in Space

Even the most mundane tasks are harder in space, which is precisely why there's nothing but respect for astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's deft taco assembly in this clip from the European Space Agency. Cristoforetti (the same astronaut...Show More Summary

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