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Photo: The Smuggest Man On The N Train Invites You Into His Subway Car

People sometimes need to transport their belongings via the subway, and people sometimes like to sit on furniture while riding the rails. But only one man has the moxie to do both of these things while looking for all intents and purposes like the smuggest lifeform on Earth, a mix of Sean Parker, a CIROC vodka ad, and a poodle on its birthday. [ more › ]

All's Not Quiet on the Democratic Front: Why Occupy Wall Street Still Matters Today

On the third anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, don't be so sure that that the ranting and raving about income inequality, fracking and student debt is dead. Although thousands are no longer protesting in the streets, a quiet revolution inspired by Occupy principles has been brewing in the American public. Show More Summary

#WhyICare: Sandy Survivors Demand Action on Climate Change

Across New York City, there is one name that's on the tip of everyone's lips.. Sandy. Nearly 2 years out from Hurricane Sandy, the most destructive and deadly storm to hit New York City, communities across the five boroughs are still recovering. Show More Summary

Kobayashi Battles the Tiny Hamster in the Eating Contest You’ve Eagerly Awaited

According to the rules, there are roughly two times in life when it's acceptable to watch videos of food consumption: One is when it's competitive eating contests onscreen, and the other is when it's tiny hamsters doing the nibbling....Show More Summary

Religious Crimes and Free Speech: From Pussy Riot to Fellatio with Jesus Statuary, the Controversies Keep on Coming

Consider it a Pussy Riot-like controversy of a very different kind, with the hullabaloo this time not transpiring in Vladimir Putin's Russia, but in the Alleghenies of Pennsylvania and without any of the trappings of a protagonist making...Show More Summary

10 Weirdest Restaurants in the World

Spice up your eating experience at these incredibly weird restaurants around the world. You'll be dodging ninjas and dining out of a toilet in no time! Think we're kidding? Read on, because these restaurants have to be seen to be believed. Modern...Show More Summary

Occupy to Main Stream Media: 'We Are Replacing You'

At least, social and alternative media folks clearly have that intention in mind, if you are to believe the message that they are delivering at Zuccotti Park on Occupy's Birthday #3 this coming Wednesday, Sept. 17. Alternative MediaShow More Summary

Estelle Breaks From Fashion Week to Eat Doughnuts

"... I had a rosé wine, and a smoothie with alcohol. It was great." #wrap-wrap.jackDanielsSpot{display:none;} !+[sponsored-jack-daniels] "When I cook, I like to eat properly," says British songstress Estelle. "And I'm really set about...Show More Summary

9/11: On Terror, Grief and Forgetting

There are not too many moments in our national consciousness available for mourning and lost. Though our history is fraught with war and loss both domestically and abroad, our nation's commemorations have fallen to our capitalist nature...Show More Summary

Your Guide to 33 Different Kinds of Dumplings at NYC’s Newest Dumpling Paradise

Duck-filled dumplings from Dumpling Galaxy Dumplings are one of those foods, like, pizza and burgers: Even when they're bad, they're still pretty good. But when they're good — made with care and high-quality ingredients — they are truly special. Show More Summary

As Climate Change Hits Home, Americans Call for Action

The World Meteorological Organization announced this week that climate change pollution has reached record levels. Carbon pollution alone -- one of the most potent greenhouse gases -- had its biggest spike in 30 years. These measurements tell an alarming story about what is happening in our atmosphere. Show More Summary

Video: Giants Bro Burns His Eli Manning Jersey Because Sports Is Hard

On Monday night, the Giants kicked off their 2014 football season with their worst game of 2014 (but they have 15 more chances to top it!). They were completely humiliated by the Detroit Lions (yes, the Detroit Lions) 35-14. And Eli Manning, the godfather of pranks and patron saint of Dunkin' Donuts, was particularly terrible. Show More Summary

The Drug War and the Mass Incarceration It Caused: Where We Are and Where We Still Must Go (Part 1 of 5)

Intro To understand the outrage and "righteous indignation" of the black community of Ferguson is to understand the excessive policing and harassing, segregation, unequal political representation, and an unsurprising (given the foregoing) lack of economic mobility that has become a constant for blacks in Ferguson. Show More Summary

Green Groups to New York City: Drop Dead

"It's like a forest," the high school student marveled as she strained her neck to see the oak and maple trees that rose high above her head. "Like"? That's a peculiar qualifier to use for a forest, especially after having just jumped...Show More Summary

Meet the 5 Food Truck Finalists for the 2014 NYC Vendy Cup Awards (WATCH)

Every year, the NYC Vendy Awards picks food truck finalists to battle it out for the best of the best in New York City street food. This year, the finalists span not only cuisines, but many of the boroughs. As the official storyteller for the fourth year in a row, food. Show More Summary

I Love Westboro Baptist Church and Here's Why You Should Too

The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to New York City to protest The Huffington Post (and a handful of other media outlets) for protecting and promoting the queer agenda and I couldn't be more excited. As they noted in their most recent...Show More Summary

Brooklynite Creates Realistic Sidewalk Sets Out Of Discarded Furniture

Photographer Justin Bettman has gone Full Kramer with his latest project, which reuses discarded furniture to create miniature sets on the sidewalks. Certainly not for those with certain phobias, but a fun use of furniture that's just...Show More Summary

Thousands Win: Two Friends Trying to Grow More Sht in Brooklyn

Caleb Freese and Julian Hensarling met in kindergarten at a Montessori school in Austin, Texas. The students there tended chickens, selling eggs and produce, and learning what it meant to grow things and be part of a community. WhenShow More Summary

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