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Suspect describes how fatal San Francisco shooting unfolded

The man suspected of fatally shooting a woman at a popular tourist spot in San Francisco last week, a five-time deportee with a criminal record, has spoken to a reporter about how the shooting unfolded, where the gun came from and why he kept returning to the U.S.

Is That Any Creepier Than a Store with a Hair Salon for Dolls?

Child with doll in tow: Mommy, I really want Mia.Park avenue mom #1: Well, maybe. Wouldn’t it be cool if they just sold the heads?Park Avenue mom #2, poking head out of stall: What?Park Avenue mom #1: Like, if they just sold Julie’s head, or Addy’s head?–American Girl Store BathroomOverheard by: Layla

Victim of fatal Metro stabbing was a recent American U. grad who loved D.C.

He was a Connecticut transplant thriving in his adopted city, a policy and politics wonk known to capture sun-basked monuments, cherry blossoms and the marble halls of power in Washington with his ever-present camera.Read full article >>

The Big Rock in Riverside Park

Metropolitan Diary: A woman's poetic reminiscence about sharing adventures and secrets with her friends at recess on a big boulder in the 1970s.

That’s Your Solution to Everything

Husband: What do you want to do?Wife: I want to get a massage.Husband: You want a Chinese massage? I’ll put on stilletos and walk on your back.–12th & 4thOverheard by: lbp

Where to Eat the Best Ramen in NYC

The ramen at Ippudo, one of the city's great options. New York's ramen scene has grown from a few noteworthy shops into a full-blown phenomenon, with a number of places turning out a diverse array of exemplary noodles. Whether you want...Show More Summary

Slain homeless man had been photographer with home, family

Joel Johnson Jr. spent his last day alive following the most routine of schedules.He shuttled documents to the State Department for a courier service in Foggy Bottom, earning about $40 the morning of June 19. He spent the afternoon at a church hall in Georgetown. He mailed a Father’s Day card to his uncle. He took a bus to Glover Park.Read full article >>

July 4th Mall evacuation for storm revealed the plan for terrorism threat

It wasn’t a drill. It was happening, and now: Open the doors, suspend the bag checks, turn off the magnetometers, let everyone inside.The plan had been developed to shelter masses gathered on the Mall in the case of an emergency weather...Show More Summary

Many People Are Simply Incapable Of Political Discussion

Hipster guy, finishing a story: And so I said “suck on that, commie!”Hipster girl: Wait, what?Hipster guy: By “commie”, I mean “communist.” And by “suck on that,” I mean my cock.Hipster girl, disappointed: Oh.Gay hipster guy: I get it! But, I mean, what about the chafing?–Q TrainOverheard by: Alexx

Shocker: Paris Hilton Was In On That Plane Crash Prank The Whole Time

While the near-plane crash that Paris Hilton thought she was in turned out to just be a terrifying prank, there's a new twist: turns out Paris was in on the joke the whole time. [ more › ]

But, to Be Fair, We Also Said That About the Cast Of The Real World

Little girl #1, looking at Neanderthal diorama: I just saw her pupils move!Little girl #2: I just saw her hair move!Little girl #3: I just saw her blink!Little girl #1: I just saw his penis move!Little girl #2: I just saw her boob move!Little girl #1: I think those are real people!Little girl #2: Me, […]

Disco's Deity and Dita Toast Giorgio's - 3 of 3

The 2 Year Anniversary of Giorgio’s celebrated the release of namesake Giorgio Moroder’s DÉJÀ VU and a performance by Dita von Teese, at The Standard, Hollywood

150 years later, schools are still a battlefield for interpreting Civil War

Five million public school students in Texas will begin using new social studies textbooks this fall based on state academic standards that barely address racial segregation. The state’s guidelines for teaching American history also do not mention the Ku Klux Klan or Jim Crow laws.Read full article >>

Father Stabbed To Death Trying To Break Up Fight Involving Son In Eagle Rock

A man was stabbed to death in Eagle Rock after trying to rescue his son from a fight on the Fourth of July. [ more › ]

We Also Would Have Accepted “My Pants!”

Woman looking over jewelry on sidewalk table: Where are these necklaces from?Seller: Wherever you want them to be from, baby.–5th Ave & 52nd St

Illegal Fireworks Set Off Several Blazes Across Southern California

Fireworks are generally pretty cool (who doesn't love seeing stuff blow up?), but illegal ones can get out of control and ruin some people's night. [ more › ]

We Heart Wednesday One-Liners, Now More Than Ever

Guy to friend: Oowee! Some weed and a perm! That's my perfect New York day.–West VillageOverheard by: JoeConductor: Step in, stand clear…let's go New York!–1 TrainOverheard by: Ashley NelsonIntoxicated creepster: Are we in Manhattan? What the hell! This city is so full of New Yorkers!–St. Mark's PlaceOverheard by: LizzzzzBitter man on subway: I think one […]

Father fatally stabbed in July 4 Eagle Rock altercation

A 53-year-old father was fatally stabbed Saturday night when he stepped in to stop an altercation between his son and two others, Los Angeles police said. 

Book notes: Deal for a book on Jerry Brown, more LA authors

Jim Newton will write the next book on Jerry Brown "and the creation of modern California." Plus Diana Wagman, Holly Madison, William Mulholland, Josh Kun and more.

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