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Metro Employees Are Protesting Sick Leave Policy On Friday

The regulation requires employees to call of out work 72 hours ahead of the time they anticipate being sick. [ more › ]

Foxx Announces Legislation To Add Second Review To Police Shootings

"Historically, there has been a lack of trust in how these cases are handled," said the Cook County State's Attorney. [ more › ]

City Council moves to ban smoking in most new apartments

A suite of bills aimed at reducing smoking in the city includes a provision to prohibit it in apartment buildings that have received city financing, including the luxury high-rises that get tax... To view the full story, click the title link.

Has the 9th Circuit gone 'bananas'? And can Trump break it up?

The president and his supporters have bashed the federal appeals court for California and the West. Here's a closer look at the circuit.

How to Cross Fulton in the Avenues as a Pedestrian: Act Like You are a Jaywalker, Whether You are or Not

TweetLet me explain. Bro here crossed all willy-nilly, which isn’t illegal at all, but it’s dangerous because he didn’t get a buy in from all the drivers. See? All these cars were moving with the exception of the black car on the left. The white truck in the fast lane should have stopped but didn’t. […]

Street Vendors Sue City After DOH Seizes & Disappears Their Food Carts

A pair of street vendors are suing the city over what they say was an unconstitutional seizure and destruction of their property by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In both instances, the vendors say that health inspectors...Show More Summary

Chicago's Second Boozy Taco Bell Will Hit The Loop

We always thought Taco Bell was for after booze, not during. But the market has spoken. [ more › ]

Kuneho Achieves Quest for Perfect Bite According to Statesman

Austin Monthly isn’t on board with Revelry’s brunch Statesman’s Matthew Odam discovered chef Paul Qui’s new restaurant Kuneho is a return to the basics — and that’s a good thing. The new spot re-debuted in January as the successor to...Show More Summary

Arlington to seek bids for new Long Bridge Park aquatics center

The long-delayed project has been scaled back, and a new design-build process will be used.

Seeding project near Key Bridge in Baltimore offers oysters ‘a second chance’

The hope is that the oysters will filter pollutants from the Patapsco River and create a habitat for other creatures.

Stream Queen: Return of the Nerds! Watch Bill Nye Saves the World and Silicon Valley

15 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Chase Burns Bill’s back and he’s here to save the world. I didn’t expect to be so giddy. I thought the return of Bill Nye would get an “oh, cool” out of me, like if Zoom came back to TV. But holy chemtrails! Bill is back, and he’s...Show More Summary

Washington's Student Loan Complaints Shot Up 732 Percent Over the Last Year, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reports

15 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Sydney Brownstone Predatory lenders are a problem for Washington state students, but efforts to create a student loan bill of rights in the state legislature have stalled. zimmytws/Getty Images According to a new report from the federal...Show More Summary

Boteco Sets a New Opening Date

A former Joël Robuchon staffer goes it alone Once hoped to debut this month, unusual concept Boteco has officially posted a revised opening date for its arrival on Eastern Avenue. Created by chef Rachel LeGloahec, a veteran of both Joël...Show More Summary

Step Inside Star Fish, The Heights’ Sophisticated New Seafood Spot

Cherry Pie Hospitality has done it again For Cherry Pie Hospitality, opening restaurants that Houstonians love has become something of a science. The team behind spots like State Fare, Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, Petite Sweets, and...Show More Summary

Culver City Police Department removes guidelines for immigration enforcement from its manual

The Culver City Police Department has removed a section from its manual that gave officers guidelines on how to enforce immigration law, a move that follows a Los Angeles Times report on how several police departments in California retain written policies that are inconsistent with their public...

Revamped Building is All Window, or as Much as It Can be in Victorian/Edwardian Frisco

TweetBoy, that’s a lot of window: You don’t to have too much window in Frisco, else you’ll run into trouble: “…large windows and unusual highly glassy appearance were a statement of class and privilege.”

Visitor from New Yawk Scores 23(!) Parking Tickets in Less Than One Month

TweetThis won’t end well, it doesn’t look: (Extraordinarily High Parking Ticket Prices Like Frisco’s Are Regressive – discuss amongst yourselves) As seen in RPP Area Q, which was precisely devised to be most unfriendly to auslanders...

Photos: The Bronx Zoo's Snot Otters Are Neither Otters Nor Snot

I tend to squee with glee every time a zoo sends out a blast about one of their new animals, especially if that animal has the word "otter" in its name (or "porcupine," or "giraffe" or, dear god please one day, "panda.") So I was very...Show More Summary

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