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L.A.'s own radical nuns

To the editor: Forty-five years ago last March, the Immaculate Heart sisters felt the brunt of male hierarchical power as the Los Angeles Archdiocese intruded into their lives, including their manner of dress and prayer and their freedom to choose active ministries. ("Vatican ends its years-long...

Sweetwater 420 Fest 2015 Day 2: Cage the Elephant, Primus

BY YVONNE ZUSEL The second day of Sweetwater 420 Festival might have seen only a few drizzles of rain, but the damage was already done — Centennial Olympic Park turned into a giant mud pit after...

Business Bookshelf: Lessons from master strategists in the tech world

Tech industry giants Steve Jobs, Andy Grove and Bill Gates were not cast from the mold of the model business leader.

Many credit unions offer tempting mortgage deals

Want to buy your first home with little or nothing down and maybe get a refund on part of your realty agent's commission?

What happens if board meeting minutes are 'scrubbed clean'?

Question: How is a board meeting supposed to be structured? What does "prima facie" mean and is it affected if, on advice from management company personnel, our board scrubs all meeting minutes clean?

Clippers vs. Spurs: How they match up in NBA playoffs

They are seven words Doc Rivers said he would utter at some point, though he wasn't sure when.

2016 election pits desire for change against a demographic shift

The presidential campaign got fully underway this last week with a flurry of announcements, road trips and rallies that will roll across the country with increasing intensity for the next year and a half.

Wildfire in Southern California threatens more than 300 homes

A fast-moving brush fire in Southern California has prompted mandatory evacuations for more than 300 homes threatened near Chino Hills, near the cities of Norco and Corona, according to the Riverside County Fire Department.

Gay As Fireman Calendars, Both of ‘Em

Woman #1: I heard your son started going to my son’s doctor.Woman #2: Yeah, he has a great bedside manner… And he has a handlebar mustache, too, haha.Woman #1: Yeah, so does my gyno.–29th & 3rdOverheard by: Jeffrey G.

Just Slowly Back Away from the Terrifying Foreign Person

Barista: Sir, you can pay for the juice over there.Middle-aged Brit: But I bought it.Barista: No you didn’t.Middle-aged Brit: Yes, I did — at another place.Barista: Yeah, oookay [rolls eyes].Middle-aged Brit: I really did.Barista: Yeah, oookay.Middle-aged Brit: What the fuck is your problem?Barista: Well, you just stole juice, and you’re being an ass, so you […]

After Oklahoma City bombing, McVeigh's arrest almost went unnoticed

Like all the local legends in this little town, Charlie Hanger has a portrait hanging on the wall of the Kumback Cafe, between the photo of outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd (said to have once eaten the biggest steak in the place) and the state champion wrestling teams.

Weather Gang: D.C. area forecast: Cooler and cloudier today with showers late; heavy rain likely tonight

Today is not a total loss as we stay dry for the better part of the day. But a heavy soaking is likely tonight.

Weather Gang: Nationals vs. Phillies weather forecast: Leave the sunglasses, grab the jacket; will rain hold off?

Trade in your sunglasses for perhaps a light jacket if you’re headed to the park today. Rain should hold off unless the game runs long.

….Yes. Yes, I Have

English professor: Actually, I am from the same town as Robin Hood.Student: Wait, have you met him?–Eugene Lang

Warning: Watching Hitch Has Been Shown to Cause Suicide in Laboratory Animals

Guido #1: What’re you doin’ tonight? Guido #2: Goin’ to a movie wit my girl. Guido #1: Mm. Guido #2: Goin’ to see Hitch. Guido #3: Hitch? Isn’t that a chick flick? Guido #2: I said my girl asked me to take her to a movie. Guido #3: Oh. Alright. Guido #2: I ain’t seein’ […]

His Bowels Found It Moving

Guy #1: Dude, I just shit in my pants. Guy #2: My story wasn’t that funny. Guy #1: No, I really took a shit in my pants. –N train

Ducks' late-period work is an artistic success in Game 2 win over Jets

Just when it seemed as though it would be one of those vintage Ondrej Pavelec nights, unsolvable and unbeatable, the Ducks managed to solve the Jets goalie in the third period.

Three keys to the Ducks beating the Jets, 2-1, in Game 2

The Anaheim Ducks won their second consecutive game of the Stanley Cup first-round playoff series against the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday night at the Honda Center.

Um, Have You Seen “Sex and the City”?

Gay man: And over here, I like to call it “shoe street,” cuz they have shoe after shoe after shoe after shoe store!Tourist: They have shoes in New York?–M8 BusOverheard by: They Have Shirts Here, TOO!!

200 homes threatened by brush fire in Chino Hills

A large brush fire has prompted mandatory evacuations in Chino Hills and about 200 homes are threatened, according to the Riverside County Fire Department.

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