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SF Progressives’ Hypocrisy on Affordable Housing

Last Saturday, the Council for Community Housing Organizations (CCHO) sponsored a mayoral forum on affordable housing. But the real story here was that only days before CCHO’s  steering committee had rejected endorsing Prop D, the Housing For All ballot measure. Read More » The post SF Progressives’ Hypocrisy on Affordable Housing appeared first on Beyond Chron.

Did a Bus Driver Just Pass Your Stop Leaving You Behind? Here are the SFMTA’s TOP FIVE REASONS “Why MUNI Sometimes Doesn’t Stop”

TweetHere’s what the SFMTA DOESN’T want you to do – it doesn’t want you take your handy skateboard and start smashing up advertiser-friendly but actually somewhat delicate bus stops. So here it is, from MUNITRUE, your official, David Lettermanesque, TOP FIVE REASONS A MUNI BUS JUST PASSED YOU BY: Full vehicles: The vehicle may have been […]


TweetAs seen on Clementina, near our SFMOMA: Apparently, it’s a better-than-average fight shop, down there in Whittier, CA.

The Slowest MEMBER of the Corrupt-Appearing “CHP 11-99 FOUNDATION” License Plate Holder Club

Tweet Oh there’s an appearance of corruption issue? OK, so we’ll just stop issuing license plate frames then: Can drivers buy CHP leniency? License plate frames for donors to the 11-99 Foundation are seen by some as speeding-ticket insurance. The group will stop issuing them. But the above was from a decade ago. Wouldn’t it be […]

Goofy Mervyn’s Heights Location Claims Another: RIP Geary and Masonic (Sort Of) Panera Bread Chain Store – 2015 to 2018

TweetI just noticed that this place shut down. I thought it was a bakery at first. IDK anybody who actually ate something from here. If you plopped me down at the Lucky Penny (also RIP) parking lot that’s actually at Geary and Masonic and gave me two minutes to run across traffic and around Target […]

PAPER DRIVERS: If You Actually Pay Bridge Tolls Every Day in the Bay Area, You’re a Big Sucker – Presenting FasTrak UBER / Lyft-Style

TweetGentle Reader, is these UBERs and Lyft cars new? No, they is not. And that means that they should have real license plates by now, right? I think I saw all these cars on the Streets of San Francisco over the course of a few hours. There were more I came across, I’m sure. But […]

Leno’s Flawed Homeless Plan

Promotes Unavailable SRO Vacancies Over Real Solutions Since I head an organization that contracts with the city to house homeless single adults, I planned to not critique the mayoral candidates’ homeless plans. But Mark Leno’s homeless plan promoted a false Read More » The post Leno’s Flawed Homeless Plan appeared first on Beyond Chron.

Will SF Voters Back Housing For All?

June Measure Raises $1 Billion for Housing, Homelessness San Francisco, like Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and other cities, suffers from both an acute homeless crisis and an inability to provide affordable housing for its working and middle-class. On June 5, Read More » The post Will SF Voters Back Housing For All? appeared first on Beyond Chron.

Did We Just Hit Peak Auto? – New DMV Stats Show Fewer Registered Vehicles in SF for the First Time Since 2011 – But Licensed Drivers in SF are Up

TweetHere’s your background, from a year ago. And here are your stats for 2016: est_fees_pd_by_county2016 And here are your stats for 2017, released just today: est_fees_pd_by_county2017 So that’s about a half a percentage decrease for registered AUTOS as well as all registered VEHICLES from 2016 to 2017. And here are your licensed driver numbers for […]

Daylight Saving Time

Sunday March 11 is time to spring forward at 2:00am to 3:00am.

Can Suzy Loftus Unseat DA Gascon?

Former San Francisco Police Commission President Suzy Loftus announced plans last week to challenge District Attorney George Gascon in the November 2019 election. Here’s why I think Loftus has an excellent chance to win. Gascon Is Vulnerable George Gascon has Read More » The post Can Suzy Loftus Unseat DA Gascon? appeared first on Beyond Chron.

Central SOMA Exposes SF’s Political Identity Crisis

YIMBYs Lead Effort to Protect Tenants from Central SOMA Plan For the first time since San Francisco’s 1970’s downtown highrise boom, activists are demanding that new office space—-in this case in Central SOMA— be balanced by new housing. This concern Read More » The post Central SOMA Exposes SF’s Political Identity Crisis appeared first on Beyond Chron.

Has London Breed Pulled Ahead?

Breed Gains Momentum in SF Mayor’s Race In the past two months, San Francisco’s June mayor’s race has escalated. London Breed now appears to be the frontrunner, and Jane Kim is showing surprising strength. Mark Leno’s momentum has slowed. My Read More » The post Has London Breed Pulled Ahead? appeared first on Beyond Chron.

Koret Children’s Quarter Playground Update: Still Shut Down to Repair Arson Damage – Grand Reopening Skedded for March 31st, 2018

TweetFrom this last year… to this right now: Here’s the current state – mostly fixed: The tall rope climbing structure to the right is gone – maybe it’ll reappear over the next dozen days: In the meantime, a lengthy chain link fence encircles almost everything, leading to tears from children and a string of swear […]

AN SFMTA MYSTERY: This Car was Illegally Parked on a Sidewalk Right Next to Four PCOs, Yet It Didn’t Get Cited – How Come That?

Tweet Here are the other three: Simply, PCO’s won’t cite sidewalk parking during (usually) weekly street cleaning time, barring somebody calling in a complaint about sidewalk blockage. This is a POLICY. It might not be written down, but it’s a policy nevertheless…

Stingray, Presidio

TweetBut is it Art? Get your own – just $399.99, which is full retail despite what some dick might tell you.

Beauty Tips from America’s Slowest Big-City Transit System

TweetThat would be SFMTA MUNI DPT – they’re all “UPDATE YOUR MAKEUP.” See? So then I talked with ppl and they’re telling my look is “so 2011,” but everybody was afraid to tell me. I guess I will need to “UPDATE.” Thanks for the tough love, MUNI! I needed it.

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