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Experimental Choreographer Tere O'Connor Embraces the Ambiguity

Choreographer Tere O'Connor doesn't want to tell you a goddamn story. Unlike in traditional ballets or more contemporary dance polemics, he doesn't afford his audiences the safety net of preordained plots or moods. His choreography is...Show More Summary

If the New Cinerama Can't Save Movie Theaters, Nothing Can

The re-refurbished Cinerama is a marvel, inside and out. "I have seen things you people wouldn't believe," says replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner, which screened at the Cinerama in 1982. Thirty-two years later, I can say something similar about my visual and also aural experience of the new technology in the newly re-renovated theater. Show More Summary

President Obama Will Declare Himself "Monarch" Tonight, According to Ted Cruz

American Spirit / By Ted Cruz's logic, Ronald Reagan is "lawless," "defiant," and "angry." Tonight at 5 pm Seattle time, President Obama will announce his plan to fix "our broken immigration system" through executive orders. Show More Summary

RIP Mike Nichols

Everett Collection/Shutterstock The ridiculously gifted writer, performer, filmmaker, and producer was a perennial force for artistic good. Eli mentioned it in The Morning News but it deserves a follow-up: Mike Nichols—Emmy-, Tony-,Show More Summary

NY Times Spends Six Minutes in Seattle. Do You See Yourself in This Google Ad?

The paper of record has released the latest in its series of Google Maps-sponsored 36 Hours In... travel videos for a city, and Seattle winds up looking a lot like all the other cities in the series (Nashville, Glasgow, Nice, Madrid). Show More Summary

Self-Checkout Machines and the Existential Status of the Worker

CM The machine orders the buyer to work. What do self-checkout machines tell the worker in a supermarket? What is their ultimate message? The answer can be found in a lecture, "Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism," delivered just over a year ago by the Marxist geographer David Harvey. Show More Summary

The Morning News: Why Kshama Sawant Got Arrested Protesting Against Alaska Airlines

Working Washington Socrates Bravo, left, and Kadra Osman, right, were arrested yesterday along with Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant and one other person. They were part of a protest aimed at getting $15 an hour for SeaTac Airport...Show More Summary

Washington State Is Flying Blind in a Storm of Corporate Tax Breaks

James Yamasaki We often don't know who gets them, why they were created, and what we get in return. Why is Olympia keeping this secret? Continue reading »

Council Member Kshama Sawant and Three Others Arrested in SeaTac While Protesting Minimum Wage Lawsuit

BREAKING: Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant has just been arrested in @AlaskaAir protest:— Brandi Kruse (@BrandiKruse) November 20, 2014 Saying Alaska Airlines is trying to "block the $15/hour minimum...Show More Summary

SL Letter of the Day: You've Done Nothing Wrong

I am a bisexual male in my early twenties who until recently was in the closet. I have been exploring my sexuality for only the past year or so and I didn't want to label myself and open Pandora's box of oppression in the American south before I knew who I was for sure. Show More Summary

Free Will Astrology: For the Week of November 19

FESTA/Shutterstock SCORPIO (Oct 23–Nov 21): Many people use the terms "cement" and "concrete" interchangeably, but they are not the same. Cement is powdery stuff that's composed of limestone, gypsum, clay with aluminosilicate, and other ingredients. Show More Summary

The Song of the Day Is Bratmobile's "Cool Schmool"

You know why? 'Cause Kill Rock Stars just this week re-released Bratmobile's Pottymouth on bright-pink vinyl. The first pressing in more than 10 years! F$%CK YOU! What's so cool about being cool? We're not in junior high school! Rather be dead than cool. Click the image to listen, schmools! [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

Elephants to Go Extinct in Seattle

News from Woodland Park Zoo: Woodland Park Zoo announced today that it will phase out its on-site elephant program and continue to move forward with its mission of saving animals and their habitats through conservation leadership. “We remain committed to putting the welfare of our elephants first. Show More Summary

Cinderella: Disney Really Wants a New Frozen

As everyone who plays even the smallest part in modern society on earth is painfully aware, Disney's Frozen has made more money than has even been invented yet, both in box office and branding. From the New York Times Magazine:Disney...Show More Summary

I Love Television: A Very Netflix Thanksgiving

As you undoubtedly know, I maintain very strict Thanksgiving traditions, and they are as follows: sleep until 2 p.m. Drain the remaining liquor bottles in my cabinet and howl, "Closing liquor stores for Thanksgiving is NOT what our forefathers intended!!" Go back to sleep. Show More Summary

Marriage Equality Comes to Kansas, South Carolina, Montana

It's been a good week for marriage equality—and it's only Wednesday. Freedom To Marry: This is the 54th court ruling since June 2013 in favor of the freedom to marry. Just four courts - most notably, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit - have upheld marriage discrimination. Show More Summary

What Do the Aliens Want in Nancy Kress's Yesterday's Kin?

The first pleasant surprise in local sci-fi writer Nancy Kress's novel Yesterday's Kin is that it's a first contact novel that doesn't waste much time on the first moment of contact between an alien civilization and humanity. At theShow More Summary

Savage Love: Sticking Points

I am a 30-year-old trans guy, on T since college, happy and comfortable with my sexuality. However, I can't find any helpful health info on a fetish I've developed: I insert needles directly into my clit, maybe an inch and a half in....Show More Summary

Have You Guys Met Eugene? He's a "Cool Dude in a Loose Mood"

I dunno if this ever made the MTV, but Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band's ridiculous video for their 1980 A-side "Eugene" kinda speaks for itself. I ran into Eugene's son, Gary, this past Saturday night. I knew he was Eugene's boy because he acted exactly like his dad. Show More Summary

I Didn't Go to Jail for Any Kind of Cool Reason—It Was for the Dumbest Reason Imaginable

I didn't go to jail for any kind of a cool reason. I wasn't arrested at a protest; I didn't assault somebody deserving. I went to jail because I was a doofus. How I became a doofus of the magnitude I was—that's a different story. Step one was a car accident. Show More Summary

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