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#ShoutYourAbortion Is Still Roaring On the Internet

Photo by Erin Frost Since my post on Monday afternoon about #ShoutYourAbortion, a lot has happened. Obama and the pope each weighed in on Planned Parenthood and abortion this week. Here in Seattle on Tuesday, a big group of folks got together to support each other, talk in person, and make some buttons. Show More Summary

UPDATE: Central Seattle Blood Donation Center is Fully Booked for Today and Tomorrow. 206.292.6500 to Schedule Monday

Go give some blood! The Aurora Bus Crash has created an urgent need. Roibu/Shutterstock Update to the urgent call for blood donors: According to their own phone bank, Bloodworks NW central Seattle location—921 Terry Ave, a block away from the Sorrento—is completely booked for the rest of today AND all of tomorrow. Show More Summary

Bears v. Seahawks Sunday!

Hey Slog-readers!Long time no Slog, but that's the writing life.Just checking in briefly to remind one and all that my nom-de-slog dates back to when the Bears and Seahawks were competitive. Chicago fan v. Seattle fan (Brad, you out there?) to talk smack till the epic battle. Show More Summary

Pope Francis's Speech to Congress Was Great, Except for That Swipe at Gay Marriage

The Pontiff, opting for the low-profile big yarmulke zucchetto over the tall and pointy mitre. All pomp relegated to the cape. giulio napolitano / As you may have heard, the Successor of St. Peter made his first visit to our country this week. Show More Summary

It's on TV Tonight: Heroes Reborn, Scandal, and More Return!

Courtesy NBC HEROES REBORN: Ummm... stop staring at me like I'm an asshole. While tonight doesn't have the sizzle of many of this week's TV premieres and returns, there are curiosities and, of course, MAJOR ANNOYANCES. (But that's the...Show More Summary

What the Plan to Build a 101-Story Building Tells Us About the Future of Seattle

Are Columbia Center's days as top dog numbered? Charles Mudede The plan to build a 101-story building tells us that the future really believes in Seattle. If the Crescent Heights tower is built, it will not only be the tallest building...Show More Summary

What Is Your Professor Really Like? A Peek Into His or Her World

JAMES YAMASAKI What goes on inside the tweedy brains of professors while they're standing in front of a classroom? Every day they show up and puke knowledge all over the chalkboard or make you do annoying group work, and then they......Show More Summary

Pamela Banks Announces Public Safety Platform, Criticizes Kshama Sawant for Not Making Gun Violence a "Priority"

At an announcement about her public safety platform this morning, city council candidate Pamela Banks said her opponent Kshama Sawant "hasn't led on this issue." HG Seattle City Council candidate Pamela Banks announced a public safety...Show More Summary

Civilian Police Commissioners to the Feds: We'll Go Back to Protesting the Police If We're Ignored

DOJ Civil Rights Division head Vanita Gupta listens as Seattle's Community Police Commissioners complain that they've been ignored and undermined throughout the federally-mandated police reform process. Ansel Herz Never mind Chinese President Xi Jinpng—America's own Department of Justice is in town. Show More Summary

Call for Blood Donations to Help Victims of Aurora Bridge Crash

Donate blood in North Seattle or downtown to help survivors of the Aurora Bridge crash. Bloodworks Northwest Bloodworks Northwest is putting out an emergency call for blood donors to aid victims of this morning's Aurora Bridge crash....Show More Summary

SL Letter of the Day: Kick My Rich Asshole Balls

Originally posted on November 11, 2012. I am a 22-year-old straight female. I used to babysit for a wealthy family, but their children have outgrown babysitters. The dad of this family is very into martial arts/fighting and has invited...Show More Summary

Decibel Festival Night 1 Highlights: Alien Emissions, 22nd-Century Kraftwerk, and More

Raica, pregnant with child and brilliant ideas. Dave Segal Fuckin’ hell, Decibel Festival came roaring out the gate this year. The Optical Kick-Off party at Re-bar set the course of my night on a properly psychedelic tone with Seattle...Show More Summary

State Officials Are Preparing for Another Year of Continued Drought

This Clallam County creek isn't supposed to look like this. With a warm winter forecast, state officials predict another year of drought could lie ahead. WA Department of Ecology Fall rains may have brought a brief respite during this...Show More Summary

Savage Love: Friends with Violations

JOE NEWTON I'm a 26-year-old single bi woman. Sometimes my roommate/best friend and I have drunken threesomes with men. We've had some great one-night stands (less scary with a friend!), but recently we slept with a man I've been (drunkenly)...Show More Summary

Two Dead, Nine Critically Injured in Collision Beteween Bus and Ride the Ducks Vehicle on Aurora Bridge

Two people have been killed and at least nine critically injured in a collision between a bus and a Ride the Ducks vehicle on the Aurora Avenue bridge. The fire department is evaluating about 50 people.— Seattle...Show More Summary

Strawshop Switches Capitalism for Communism in Havel's The Memorandum, and It Fits Perfectly

A tragedy about large-scale catastrophe wrapped in a comedy about tiny human interactions. JOHN ULMAN In 1965, a new play by Vaclav Havel titled The Memorandum premiered at the Theatre on the Balustrade in Prague. It was a bitter satire...Show More Summary

Meet the Man Who Made the Gift Seattle Gave to China's President

So, how does it feel when the Seattle mayor asks you to make a work of art for the authoritarian president of a fifth of the world's population? Only Louie Gong knows. Two weeks ago, Mayor Ed Murray's office asked him to drop everything, and make Xi Jinping a gift. Show More Summary

The Breast Advice, or Tit Tips

ELAINE LIN People will treat you differently just because of your boobs. I discovered this after hating and hiding mine throughout junior high. My breasts made their debut the final day of eighth grade. A school bus dropped off my class for rec day at the beach. Show More Summary

Welcome to College, Now Pay Attention to Local Politics

Your civic overlords: Mayor Ed Murray, Council Member Kshama Sawant, and Council President Tim Burgess. If you moved here from anywhere in the rest of America, Seattle probably seems like a stoned socialist paradise. In some ways, it is. Show More Summary

The Morning News: The President of China Is Leaving Seattle Today and the UW Has Linked Human Brains

Goodbye, extreme Seattle traffic. Hello, normal Seattle traffic. Khongkit Wiriyachan/Shutterstock Today Is the Last Day of President Xi Jinping's Visit to Seattle: Seattle drivers—who were stuck in crazy traffic jams while his motorcade...Show More Summary

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