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The Morning News: Bremerton Hotel Explodes, Hookah Lounge Debate Rages, Seattle Police Help Deliver Baby

We don't have any photos of the Bremerton hotel, but this is basically what the aftermath of a gas leak explosion looks like. a katz / Bremerton Motel 6 Explodes After Gas Leak: One person is critically injured and two are unaccounted for, the Seattle Times reports. Show More Summary

Every Year, Seattleites Try to "Save" Seal Pups from Local Beaches (It Usually Doesn't End So Well)

DON’T LOOK INTO THEIR EYES: No, seriously, don’t. Federal law prohibits humans from getting closer than 100 yards to a seal (no matter how cute). PAWS If a human stumbles across a baby seal, one of the first things that person might notice about the baby seal is its eyes. Show More Summary

The Artist Who Thought, Hey, Nobody's Here in Detroit Anyway, So I'll Just Bring in a Tiger and Some Wolves and Whatnot and What Could Go Wrong?

Seriously, David "Jackass" Yarrow? "That tiger ain't go crazy—that tiger went tiger." Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock The hattest-off of hats off to Sarah Rose Sharp, who wrote yesterday's report on Hyperallergic about photographer andShow More Summary

Struggling Campaigns, Introspective Comics, and an Amazon Story for the Ages

MONDAY, AUGUST 10 This week of struggling campaigns, introspective comics, and an Amazon story for the ages kicked off near the back bar of the Seattle performance venue the Showbox, where tonight Last Days had the pleasure of standing...Show More Summary

This Is What a Reading Party In Scotland Looks Like

This photo was taken last night. Mariel Symeonidou "Last night's reading party went really!" writes Mariel Symeonidou, who organized a reading party in Dundee, Scotland, based on the reading party in Seattle. There have also been reading parties in Brooklyn, Toronto, Tacoma, and some other places I can't remember at the moment. Show More Summary

FDA Approves First Libido Pill for Women

Addyi (pronounced ADD-ee) is being called the “pink Viagra.” piggu/Shutterstock A couple months ago, I wrote about the first libido pill for women (it's apparently the first pill to address desire in general), and questioned whether such a pill might work. Show More Summary

Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Boyfriend Is Out—Should I Get Out?

Here’s my situation: I’m 27, straight, and female (and GGG, or trying to be anyway), and I’ve been with my partner, male, for six years. A little over a year ago he came out to me as bisexual. To keep a long story as short as possible:...Show More Summary

Bad News for Northwest Snowboarders & Skiers

Slate takes a look at the coming El Niño—the biggest ever—and while there's lots of rain coming to California this winter (rain the state needs, rain that won't be enough), we're not going to see much snow: One place that probably won’t benefit from this winter’s El Niño is the Northwest. Show More Summary

Today in "Let's Make Fun of Donald Trump"

Believe it or don't, somehow... MIRACULOUSLY... the walking joke that is Donald Trump is the clear leader among Republicans for their presidential nominee. HAHAHAHAAAAAA!! WOW. (By the way if you're thinking this reflects terribly on the average Republican—you're right. Show More Summary

Hitchhiking with the Prince of Puke in Carsick

How out of your mind would you go if you picked up John Waters hitchhiking? I WOULD LOSE MY BANANAS. I'd lay some slavish praise at the feet of the cult icon who directed some of the greatest films of all time (Pink Flamingos, Cry-Baby),...Show More Summary

Ferguson Transformed Marissa Johnson in a Good Direction, but Her Use of "White Supremacy" Is a Big Problem

Flowers on the spot where Michael Brown was shot and killed just over a year ago in in Ferguson, Missouri. R. Gino Santa Maria / In the Seattle Times article "Marissa Johnson part of a new, disruptive generation of activists,"...Show More Summary

Breaking with the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton Says She's Opposed to Arctic Drilling

Clinton's stance against Arctic drilling doesn't exactly jive with this gas-guzzler's show of support. Joseph Sohm / In response to today's federal approval of drilling for oil in the Arctic, Hillary Clinton posted a...Show More Summary

How One Seattle DJ is Keeping 78rpm Culture Alive

Taylor (left) on huntng for 78s: "The excitement of digging through moldering piles of filthy records in hopes of uncovering a gem holds a unique sway." Kelly O If Seattle can support HISSSSSSS, a monthly DJ night devoted to cassettes, it can probably sustain one dedicated to 78rpm shellac. Show More Summary

This Year's Hempfest Through the Eyes of an Anthropologist

Out-of-towners at Hempfest: University of Rochester-based researcher Joe Orman (left) and Sacramento-based comedian Ngaio Bealum (right). bk By the end of his first day at Hempfest, anthropology student Joe Orman was shivering and starting to turn blue. Show More Summary

Vice's Guide to Washington Food Launches This Week, Hosted by Chef Tarik Abdullah

Seattle chef Tarik Abdullah: Hosting VICE shows and teaching kids how to cook. This week, VICE's food channel MUNCHIES is releasing its five-part Guide to Washington video series. The first two episodes are available now, with the rest following over the next three days. Show More Summary

The GOP Wants to End Birthright Citizenship

Remember when Republicans just wanted to undo the 20th Century? "Reform" Social Security out of existence, roll back women's rights, undo the Voting Rights Act, restrict access to contraception, destroy the unions, shove gays and lesbians back in the closet? Now they want to undo the 19th Century too. Show More Summary

Today Is the Day Balzac Died from Drinking Too Much Coffee

A sculpture of Balzac in Paris. Balzac/Shutterstock Balzac drank coffee for days on end, weeks on end, on an empty stomach, and they say it's how he croaked. The 19th-century French writer "died of caffeine poisoning." Some say he drank...Show More Summary

No More Maurice Lenell Cookies

Sad news for anyone who grew up in Chicago: For lifelong Chicagoan Ron Hall, a bite into a Maurice Lenell cookie brings flashbacks to his younger days — from grade school field trips to the former cookie factory on Harlem Avenue in Norridge to walking his beat as a police officer while snacking on the sweets. Show More Summary

The Morning News: Seattle Debates Hookah, Chelan Wildfire Bakes Apple Trees, and Hillary Criticizes Arctic Drilling

Earlier this month, Mayor Ed Murray announced that he wanted to shut down Seattle's hookah lounges. Dan Nolte, City of Seattle Hookah Debate Continues After City Implements New Anti-Hookah Lounge Rules: People packed City Hall on Monday in response to the city's new attempt at cracking down on hookah lounges. Show More Summary

Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Asexual Dom

I’m confused about my sexuality. For many years I thought I preferred heteroromantic asexual relationships. Exposure to select reading material—thanks to the corrupting influence of my gender studies classes—has convinced me that I am an asexual t-type (i.e. Show More Summary

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