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The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides

Kelly O A HILLSIDE NEAR OSO A lot of the hills along the Stillaguamish River look like this. Forest Board Enacts New Rules on Logging: Eight months after the mudslide in Oso that killed 43 people, state regulators adopted new interim...Show More Summary

Vice Mag's Noisy Design: Art Chantry

This a short, but sweet bit from Noisy Design, "The Lo-Fi Art Of Seattle Grunge," features local design legend Art Chantry. In the late 80's and early 90's, Art Chantry pioneered the visual style of grunge — designing posters and art for bands that defined the seattle sound. Show More Summary

Mayor Murray Gets More Serious About Police Reform

Ansel Herz Mayor Ed Murray and a small band of public officials announce a package of police reforms proposals. "We are not Ferguson in Seattle." That was the only soundbite, courtesy of City Council Member Bruce Harrell, tossed to reporters at yesterday afternoon's City Hall press conference on reforming the Seattle Police Department. Show More Summary

The Song of the Day Comes With a Question: Do People Still Love Marilyn Manson?

Here's the first song released from his newest album, The Pale Emperor (due out on January 20th.) Sounds like he's mellowing out. Though a "Seven Day Binge" sounds a lot like a "Dope Show," now doesn't it? I love his new press photo. No signs of aging... Biz 3 Publicity [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

Landlord Confirms "Pretty Good" Chance Seattle Theatre Group Will Give The Neptune's Small Business Neighbors the Boot

Courtesy of Trabant Coffee Inside Trabant Coffee and Chai, which expects to lose its space to Seattle Theatre Group in the coming months. For the past several months, a few small business owners next to the Neptune Theatre have become...Show More Summary

Rosewater Is the Funniest Movie About Ahmadinejad's Iran You'll See All Year

The trailer for Rosewater is abysmal. This is important to say up front, because based on the evidence given to me in the trailer, when I attended the press screening for Rosewater I thought I was about to watch a crappy Oscar-bait movie...Show More Summary

SL Letter of the Day: Dr. Lori Brotto Steps In

I am a regular reader of your column and my wife and I have a problem I hope you can give some advice on. From the birth of our daughter, my wife ended up with a pelvic floor injury. Since then, she saw various specialists that performed...Show More Summary

Batman: The Complete Series Out on DVD/Blu-ray!

Courtesy Warner Brothers After a nearly interminable wait, the late '60s classic, Batman: The Complete Series (starring Adam West and Burt Ward) is finally out on DVD and Blu-ray. Why the long wait? Apparently not only did it take forever to bring the episodes up to today's Blu-ray standards, but Warner Bros. Show More Summary

Free Will Astrology for the Week of Nov 12

SCORPIO (Oct 23–Nov 21): "Sex is like pizza," said comedian Mel Brooks. "Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." That's a generalization, of course. I'm sure you can think of times in your past when mediocre pizza and mediocre sex were just plain mediocre. Show More Summary

"Is This Bicycle Rack Uncut?"

Slog tipper Bill CUT or uncut? Slog tipper Bill writes: Hey, Since I am far too good of a person to ever look at pornz on teh internets, I submit this question to your expert homos and readers: Is this bicycle rack uncut? Location: Crown...Show More Summary

Vote For The Best Worst Tattoo!

Okay, Slog, it's time to vote! I know, like Eli Sanders reports, Washington State just had the worst voter turnout in a midterm election since the 1970s, but THIS VOTE IS IMPORTANT! Whoever gets the most votes, by 1 pm tomorrow, Thursday...Show More Summary

What Are You Doing Today? What Are You Doing Tonight?

SAM Hair Portrait Series (detail), 2014, Mickalene Thomas Mickalene Thomas: She's giving a lecture tonight at the Seattle Art Museum, in conjunction with the Pop Departures exhibition, of which her work is a part. GWAR Has a New Front-Beast: Who goes by the name Vulvatron. Show More Summary

Another Casualty on Capitol Hill: The Redwood Is Closing

Kelly O Farewell, wooden bowls of peanuts. These are not words I ever thought I would write, but they’re true. The Redwood isn’t closing tomorrow, or even next month, but it’s closing. According to Lisa Brooke, one of the bar’s owners,...Show More Summary

Savage Love: Friendship

I'm a pretty quiet Midwestern woman currently wracked by a guilty Catholic conscience. My last boyfriend and I were in an open, long-distance relationship. We were together for a year and a half, and things were great fun. We considered...Show More Summary

Local Musicians Band Together to Pay Tribute to The Last Waltz and Help Rain City Rock Camp for Girls

Several Seattle musicians have been rehearsing like mad to take on one of roots rock’s sacred cows: The Last Waltz LP by the Band. They’ll be paying tribute to it November 23 at the Tractor Tavern. (If you haven’t seen Martin Scorsese’s...Show More Summary

I Love Televison: Stop Mocking Shy Bladders!

OH, YOU AND YOUR BITCHIN'! Will it ever stop? [Editor's Note: For those who'd like to avoid another of Wm.™ Steven Humphrey's borderline nonsensical "in MY day" rants, please skip the next two paragraphs.] In MY day, whining, griping, and bellyachin' was FROWNED UPON. Show More Summary

Philae Successful!

solarseven/Shutterstock The European Space Agency landed a probe on one of these. The European Space Agency confirmed it this morning: The space probe Philae (rhymes with Miley) has landed on the surface of a goddamn comet. [ Comment on this story ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

Why Are Credit Default Swaps Called Swaps?

This is how it works. When you buy a CDO it's recommended you also buy a CDS. A CDO is a "collateralized debt obligation." Theses are financial assets that were in high demand in the years leading up to the crash of 2008. CDOs connect an investor to revenue streams from a variety of mortgages. Show More Summary

The Morning News: A Port of Seattle Slowdown for the Holidays?

steve estvanik / LONGSHORE AND WAREHOUSE WORKERS are looking for a better contract, and West Coast port owners are accusing them of a work slowdown. Port of Seattle slows down as labor negotiations continue: "Pressure...Show More Summary

The Many Lives of "Mary Lou"

I reckon most of you folks know the jam "Mary Lou" as the closing killer track off the Oblivians' "gospel" album, The Oblivians Play 9 Songs with Mr Quintron; it's a solid version, indeed. Well, the original version, there are two takes...Show More Summary

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