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Central Washington University Is Investigating Rep. Matt Manweller for Something, But They Won't Say What

2 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Wonder why. by Rich Smith Wonder what for. WALEG According to the News Tribune, this morning, Central Washington University put Washington State House Rep. Matt Manweller (R-Ellensburg) on paid leave, took his computer, and told him in a letter that he was under investigation. Show More Summary

The Morning News: Smoke From LA Wildfires Reaches Seattle, I Heard Black Man Being Shot to Death

7 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede After the fog, the smoke... @lwolfmother. Smoke from LA Fires Reached Seattle: This weekend, the city had fog in the morning, and smokey dusks in the evening. The smoke came from what the local weather celebrity Cliff...Show More Summary

Inbox Jukebox: A Weekly Shortlist of Good New Music. Cindy Wilson, Visible Cloaks, M.E.S.H., and More

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Dave Segal Cindy Wilson's on a whole different wild planet these days. Kill Rock Stars Cindy Wilson, "Mystic" (Kill Rock Stars). This song from the B-52s vocalist starts out sounding like Gary Numan's "Cars" (never a bad move), and then downshifts into a dulcet, subdued new-wave charmer. Show More Summary

John Lennon Was Murdered on December 8, 1980 with a Legal Handgun

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Sean Nelson Yoko Ono posts this image of Lennon's actual glasses, which she took the day after he was murdered. This is the 2016 edition. The number will have gone up when she posts it again today. Thirty-seven years ago today, Mark...Show More Summary

Another Posthumous Jimi Hendrix Album, Both Sides of the Sky, Is Coming Out Next March

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks, Jimi Hendrix's umpteenth posthumous LP, Both Sides of the Sky, comes out March 2018. by Dave Segal 'scuse me while I kiss Both Sides of the Sky. Mike Berkofsky There are few certainties in life, but one on which you can count is the ceaseless stream of Jimi Hendrix archival releases. Show More Summary

Adana Staff Help Rescue a Woman from Elliott Bay (and More Updates)

Seattle’s disappearing teriyaki shops, salmonella outbreak in Oregon and Washington, and Shanghai’s biggest Starbucks Welcome back to Eater News, a semi-regular round-up of mini news bites. Have info to share? Email intel to A...Show More Summary

Protesters Disrupt Landlord Convention, State Rep Calls for Rent Control

6 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

And protesters interrupt a landlord convention. by Heidi Groover While landlords met inside the convention center, tenant advocates rallied outside. HG Tenant advocates and politicians, namely Kshama Sawant, have for years called for...Show More Summary

Popular Leftist YouTuber ContraPoints Gets Caught Up in University of British Columbia Free Speech Debate

6 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

ContraPoints agreed to participate in a conversation along with prominent conservative YouTubers. by Katie Herzog Natalie Parrott aka ContraPoints in "Decrypting the Alt-Right" ContraPoints/YouTube The latest drama coming out of higher...Show More Summary

The Morning News: Trump & Trouble, California & Flames, Cake & Court, Protesters & Durkan

6 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Dan Savage Is the president above the law? Trump's lawyers think so. Alex Wong / Getty THE KING CAN DO NO WRONG: Trump's lawyers are out there arguing that the president can't obstruct justice because he's the president. The Washington...Show More Summary

Spun Out: 5 Essential Cuts Selected by Local DJ Jenn Green

DJ Jenn Green's top 5 tracks reflect the excellent, eclectic taste she displays on her Greenhaus radio show. by Dave Segal Jenn Green: "Cultivating high-quality radio, bringing people together through culture and universal sound, has...Show More Summary

The Dirty Little Secrets That Keep Morning Radio Thriving in Seattle

How does morning drive-time terrestrial radio thrive in the era of on-demand content and digital media? We ask a few hosts to find out. by Jake Uitti Sir Mix-A-Lot: Baby got chat. Hot 103.7 FM It’s about 10 a.m. on a Monday, and Carla Marie and Anthony have just finished their four-hour morning show on Seattle FM station, POWER 93.3. Show More Summary

Inbox Jukebox: A Weekly Shortlist of Good New Music. Scarface, Ty Segall, Makaya McCraven, and More

Our music critic praises hot new tracks by Scarface, Makaya McCraven, Ty Segall, and more from his overflowing inbox. by Dave Segal Scarface gives us the best Public Enemy homage in a minute. Facemob Records Scarface, "Black Still" (Facemob/BMG). Show More Summary

Krina Turner Steps Up As Executive Director of Whim W'him

by Rich Smith Get ready for some contemporary dance mothafuckas. Josh Skinner Today, Whim W'him announced that interim executive director Krina Turner is stepping up as the dance company's non-interim executive director. Turner, whoShow More Summary

Live Review: Ten Years Later, The National's Depressive Realism Is Just Too Real

A look back at Tuesday night's sold-out show at The Paramount. by Zach Frimmel Matt Berninger doing his tortured baritone thing at the Paramount Tuesday night. They'll also play tonight. Matthew Lamb “We’re half awake in a fake empire” is the sobering refrain on the opening track of The National’s 2007 studio LP, Boxer. Show More Summary

Keith Olbermann Announces His Retirement from Political Commentary

by Sean Nelson Obermann to world: Trump's done, I'm done. Keith Olbermann, the former sports broadcaster (ESPN/Fox Sports) who went on to be a cable news host/pundit (MSNBC/Current TV), announced today that he was "retiring from political...Show More Summary

A New Poll Shows That Seattle Residents Have No Idea What Their City Is or Wants to Be

by Charles Mudede What is Seattle? And what is it good for? Charles Mudede What's revealed in Gene Balk's story on a new Atlantic Media/Allstate Regional Renewal survey of 400 Seattle-area residents "on their perceptions about living here?" That Seattleites have no idea what their city is or wants to be. Show More Summary

With Apple's New Ad, Animoji Karaoke Is Officially a Thing

This is really weird. by Chase Burns And you thought Trumpy Bear was scary? YouTube Do you like cute stuff? Do you want your phone to store a complex 3D map of your face? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you'll love...Show More Summary

Inbox Jukebox: A Weekly Shortlist of Good New Music. Mogwai, Noel Gallagher, Bitchin Bajas, and More

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Succinct reviews of five new standout songs by Mogwai, Bitchin Bajas, and others from our music critic's overflowing inbox. by Dave Segal Mogwai's new single finds a sweet spot between early New Order and Ride. Mogwai, "Party in the Dark" (Temporary Residence). Show More Summary

Why Did Racist Ceramicist Charles Krafft Change His Profile Picture to Charles Mudede?

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

What the fuck? by Steven Hsieh What the fuck? Facebook Charles Krafft is a ceramicist whose reputation took a nosedive after former Stranger arts writer Jen Graves exposed him as a white nationalist Holocaust denier. Krafft more recently...Show More Summary

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Another Lonely Kinkster

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Get online. Use your words. by Dan Savage Long time reader, first time writer. I was raised conservative, still am in many ways (not politically), and find it hard to talk about kinks. There are a couple things I really want in a partner...Show More Summary

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