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Canadians Really Are that Nice: A Review of Come From Away

In order to become a proper Newfoundlander and thus become one of the nicest people in the world, you have to drink Screech and kiss a cod. Chris Bennion The island of Newfoundland is a geological relic of a great continental collision. Show More Summary

When I Think of the Protests at Mizzou, I Think of This Poem by Roger Reeves

5 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Roger Reeves is reading for the Hugo Literary Series tomorrow, which means he'll present new work based on the prompt: "Beggars can’t be choosers." This year's Lit Series explores cliches, hence the cliche prompt. He'll be reading along with big deal essayist Leslie Jamison, and Portland-based novelist Alexis Smith. Show More Summary

Light in the Attic to Reissue Three Records by UK Post-Punk Legends This Heat

6 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

This Heat dismantled and rebuilt rock to their own twisted designs. Light in the Attic Seattle label Light in the Attic will be reissuing three crucial records from British post-punk innovators This Heat on colored and black vinyl, on January 22, 2016—40 years after the band formed. Show More Summary

Why Putting the French Flag on the Space Needle Is Racist

To some people, the flag on the Space Needle is a show of solidarity; to others, it shows that Seattle loves France more than Kenya and other non-Western countries that experienced very deadly terrorist attacks. Screenshot from YouTube There is a huge French flag on top of the Space Needle right now. Show More Summary

Seahawks Lose Game You Probably Don't Want to Read About

The stunned Pete Carroll face...— Jeff Rosen (@jeff_rosen88) November 16, 2015 Yesterday, the Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals 32-39, and all but doomed their playoff chances. What follows is derivedShow More Summary

The Gum Wall Always Reminds Me of a Painful Thing I Did to My Mother Many Years Ago

A ghostly, foul-smelling mist appeared during the removal of the gum wall this week. Charles Mudede For me, the gum wall has a racial dimension, a cultural dimension, and a deeply personal dimension—the subject of this post. Whenever...Show More Summary

Emerald City Soul Club Hails 10 Years of Northern Soul Parties, Plus 12 Definitive Soul Cuts to Help You Get Ready

Emerald City Soul Club Emerald City Soul Club—the northern soul dance party that happens monthly at Lo-Fi—will mark 10 years of making sophisticates shake their asses to rare 45s cut during the '60s and early '70s with a weekend-long celebration. Show More Summary

New Songs/Videos from Missy Elliott, Emitt Rhodes, Pony Time, and Deep Sea Diver. Three Gems. One Bummer.

Missy Elliott has been missed. Four totally unalike artists—including two of Seattle’s finest—unveiled new songs and vids today. Three of them are very good. Missy Elliott’s “WTF (Where They From)” featuring Pharrell Williams Like all Missy Elliott’s greatest work, “WTF (Where They From)” sounds simultaneously meticulous and instantaneous. Show More Summary

The Morning News: Drone Hits Great Wheel, New Interest In Key Arena, and Old Seattle Times Building Smoldering

Seattle's Great Wheel: struck by a drone. Denise Lett / Drone Hits the Great Wheel: "A flying drone hit the giant Ferris wheel near downtown Seattle’s waterfront Wednesday, crashing into a nearby pier and prompting a police response, according to Seattle police," Jessica Lee reports. Show More Summary

Counter-Counter-Counterpoint: The Gum Wall Is a Monument to Political Transgression

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

It's also a helpful advertisement for the pleasure of communal transgression, which we're in desperate need of here in Seattle. f11photo / Children are told not to stick gum beneath their desks. It's one of the first things they're not supposed to do. Show More Summary

REVIEW: Benoit Pioulard's Noyaux EP Is Unsurpassably Beatific

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Benoît Pioulard: Blissin' up. Benoît Pioulard's Bandcamp It’s perhaps strange to say that an artist whose music is so calm, cool, and reflective as Benoît Pioulard is on fire this year, but it’s not inaccurate. So far in 2015, Pioulard...Show More Summary

In Defense of the Gum Wall

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Long live the wall of slime, the wall of grime, the wall of time. Matt Ragen / shutterstock Give up your vicious attack on the gum wall, Charles. First of all, the gum wall is the People's Monument. I'd like to believe that someone like...Show More Summary

Morning News: Voters Elect Sawant and Burgess, Majority of Women to the City Council, Fresh New School Board, Pass Huge Transportation Levy, And More

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Democracy. Sean Nelson Here's What Happened in Yesterday's Election, Based on the Results So Far: Seattle elected to the city council its first Latina in Lorena González, first Native American in Debora Juarez, creating a majority of women on the council. Show More Summary

Cupcake Royale's "Seattle Sweeties" Series Benefits a Great Cause, But Its Marketing Campaign Is a Very Bad Idea

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Inspired by the women of the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Sweeties are, according to Cupcake Royale's Nicki Krebs, "classy, interesting, approachable, a bit sassy, and independent." Cupcake Royale For the month of November, Cupcake Royale has introduced six new flavors to help raise money for survivors of domestic violence. Show More Summary

Seahawks Win Terrible Football Game

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Defibrillator please. Whew. #SEAvsDAL — Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) November 2, 2015 The Seattle Seahawks beat the Dallas Cowboys 13-12 yesterday, securing a much-needed road win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Show More Summary

No, We Did Not Endorse Pamela Banks or Tim Burgess

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Misleading If you look at the latest context-free advertisements from Pamela Banks and Tim Burgess, you might get the idea that The Stranger supports them. Readers, don't give them any of our precious SECB election juice by mistake.Show More Summary

Ken the Ghost Hunter Takes a Trip to Jimi Hendrix's Grave

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

"Jimi, are you there? It's me, Ken. I'm a paranormal investigator." KELLY O Standing under the 30-foot-high marble dome that encases Jimi Hendrix’s grave, Ken Arnold scanned AM/FM radio frequencies with his SB11 Spirit Box. Nothing but static from the device could be heard. Show More Summary

NYC Artist Sondra Perry Performs Her First Solo Show (!) in Seattle Friday Night

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

The young New York artist Sondra Perry already made an impression in Seattle this year. Her work was your ecstatic, manic escort through a darkened tunnel to enter the phantasmagoria of Disguise at Seattle Art Museum (above). Now, Perry...Show More Summary

Sounders Celebrate Halloween Early with Exorcism of Demons

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Centerback/fullback/Swiss Army knife/handsome gentleman Brad Evans has a leg injury of unknown severity. Photo Works / The Seattle Sounders, after a mid-season slump caused by inane MLS policies and frustrating injuries,...Show More Summary

Mac DeMarco's "Salad Days" Kontroversy

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Mac DeMarco, working out the Kinks. Mac DeMarco is playing tonight at the Moore Theatre. Emily Nokes says it's going to be good and she's pretty much always right. (Also, openers The Courtneys sounded fantastic on KEXP last weekend.)...Show More Summary

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