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The Morning News: Inauguration Chaos Begins, Seattle Sued for Homeless Encampment "Sweeps"

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Ana Sofia Knauf Does anyone else feel like they can't breathe right now? Nate Gowdy Today's the Day: A racist, misogynist xenophobe is about to be sworn into the highest government office in the country. Here's where you can watch our world turn into the Upside Down in company, if you can bear to. If It's Any Comfort: We're all in this together. Show More Summary

Things I'm Going to Miss About President Barack Obama

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Christopher Frizzelle This guy. Pete Souza / White House Flickr Photostream • Decency, intelligence, and compassion • Grammar • His Lincoln-esque ability to translate sadness (his father abandoned him when he was a toddler) into rhetorical...Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump, and Angry Men Who Don't Understand Journalism

6 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Megan Burbank I read it so you don't have to. Over the holidays, I read Megyn Kelly's memoir, Settle for More. I'm not proud of this, and I felt weird reading Kelly's book in public—like I should probably have donned Handmaid's Tale...Show More Summary

The Morning News: Facebook Removes Post that Calls Ben Carson the GOP's Nigger, Murray Kills Bike Sharing

by Charles Mudede That Post: Was by me. It responded to statements made by Ben Carson, a former surgeon picked by Trump to run HUD because he is black and says things racist whites like to hear about blacks (such as black culture and not racism is the cause of black poverty), during his confirmation hearing on January 12. Show More Summary

The Morning News: State Supreme Court Rules Against Grays Harbor Oil Terminal, DOJ Opens Comey Investigation

by Sydney Brownstone The Lummi Nation, whose fishermen are pictured here, won a similar victory over the proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal last year. Matika Wilbur Quinault Indian Nation Celebrates Supreme Court Decision Over Oil...Show More Summary

UPDATE: Busted Capitol Hill Street Drummer Joe Buckets Now Plays in a Band Called Daniel the Dreamer

by Dave Segal Joe Buckets: now smacking tubs in the studio instead of in the streets. Ansel Herz Remember in the much simpler, saner times of March 2015 when the Seattle Police Department confiscated the makeshift kit of semi-ubiquitous...Show More Summary

Practice Staring into the Void by Watching this Ice Circle, Turn, Turn, Turn...

by Jennifer Campbell Last night, we witnessed what we are losing. This morning, we witnessed what's coming. We are, as always, staring into the void of an unknown future, so perhaps it is time to meditate for a moment on the beauty and...Show More Summary

Watch: Jeff Sessions's Confirmation Hearing

by Rich Smith It's Jeff Sessions's confirmation hearing day! So far, the longtime senator and former Attorney General of Alabama who was too much of a racist for a Republican-led committee to approve his nomination to Reagan's federal...Show More Summary

Trump and Trump Flack Are Mad at Meryl Streep for Her Globes Speech

by Jennifer Campbell At tonight's #GoldenGlobes we honor Hollywood legend Meryl Streep with the prestigious Cecil B. Demille Award.— Golden Globe Awards (@goldenglobes) January 9, 2017 Donald Trump has launched...Show More Summary

Richard Sherman Joins Marshawn Lynch in Boycott of Media

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Tricia Romano Richard Sherman is mad, bro Via Creative Commons Richard Sherman, previously my favorite Seahawk, because he’s smart, outspoken, and the “best corner in the game” whose fingertips...Show More Summary

Listen to Elliott Smith's Previously Unreleased "I Figured You Out"

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Dave Segal Be on Kierkegaard for this. Kill Rock Stars Twenty years after the release of Elliott Smith's Either/Or, Kill Rock Stars is reissuing an expanded edition of the late, vastly influential singer/songwriter's third studio album. Show More Summary

America's Next Top Model Recap: She Fell. She Hit Her Head. And Her Back. And Her Arm.

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Chase Burns You can't get every Major Key you want, Binta. CBS Television Distribution. Collage by author. I don't remember exactly how Susan Sontag's On Camp goes, but I think one of the rules is that you can't have a camp classic without an ingenue throwing herself down a flight of stairs. Show More Summary

The Morning News: Seattle Corporation Wants to Put Warehouses in the Sky, Seattle Burglars Only Want Tech, Seattle Is About to Get Very Cold

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede The headquarters of capital's deepest fantasies. Charles Mudede Seattle Corporation Obtains a Patent for Floating Warehouses Serviced By Drones: That corporation is, of course, Amazon, and it has a vision of the future that's becoming clearer by the day. Show More Summary

The Morning News: Skier Killed in Avalanche, Ceasefire in Syria, Debbie Reynolds Dies

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Rich Smith Behold the power of nature. Lysogor Roman Bellingham Man Dies in Avalanche: According to the Herald, Adam Roberts was skiing out of bounds with a friend near White Pass, which is south of Rainier. The two had been out skiing all day. Show More Summary

Saddam Hussein Was Too Focused on Writing His Novel to Run Iraq in 2003

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Rich Smith Killer of Kurds, dedicated novelist. Georgios Kollidas / CIA analyst John Nixon's new book, Debriefing the President, reportedly presents a number of facts that completely undermine the Bush administration's...Show More Summary

Pop Life: The Horror of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex"

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede "I want your terminal illness..." Video for "I Want Your Sex" - YouTube In the mid-1980s, the bomb that I expected to explode the whole world into a nuclear winter, and a bomb Trump recently reactivated with a tweet about reviving the arms race with other superpowers, became the implosion of a disease that was spread sexually, AIDS. Show More Summary

Pop Life: The Hologram of Princess Leia

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede The most famous hologram in the known universe. Lucas Films One of the many pleasures of Rouge One is the appearance of Princess Leia. (My favorite pleasure from that film, though, is the deactivated Star DestroyerShow More Summary

The Morning News: Seattle Stabbings, George Michael's Last Christmas

4 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Rich Smith And now back to your regularly scheduled program: Death, Violence, and Shopping. Nadiia Gerbish / Violence Doesn't Take a Holiday: At a home for cancer patients, an unknown man stabbed a woman in the neck in South Lake Union on Christmas Day. Show More Summary

George Michael Is Dead

4 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede From the video for George Micheal's "Father Figure." YouTube BBC reports that George Micheal, a singer whose moment in the pop sun was the 1980s, and who returns to the airwaves during the holiday season with the tune "Last Christmas," is dead. Show More Summary

The Real Reason Trump Wants To Go Nuclear: Increase Government Spending

last monthUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede Trump, the raider of the lost nuke economy. overcrew/ I am not at all surprised that president-elect Donald Trump is talking about nuclear weapons. He has promised to grow the economy faster than Obama did, and that will not happen with this business of granting massive tax cuts. Show More Summary

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