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Opinion: Missouri Should Reject ‘Right to Work’

Even though my parents were both blue collar workers they both were anti-union. In 1979 General Motors opened a new plant in Oklahoma City to build the new X-Body cars (Chevy Citation). Briefly my father considered trying to get a job there, but he didn’t want to be forced to join a...

Annual Look At Changes Along St. Louis’ Dr Martin Luther King Drive

Today is the 13th year I’m posting about St. Louis’ Dr. Martin Luther King Drive — formerly Franklin & Easton Avenues.  These streets were official renamed almost 45 years ago, on February 17, 1972. As in the past dozen years, there are some bright spots: The abandonment in the neighborhoods...

Sunday Poll: Is ‘Right-To-Work’ Right For Missouri?

Eric Greitens was sworn in as Missouri’s governor on Monday. One of his campaign promises is a top priority for the legislature. When Greitens takes office, Monday, Republicans for the first time in history will hold supermajorities in both chambers of the Legislature and control of the governor’s mansion. That...

St. Louis Board of Aldermen: New Board Bills 1/13/2017 (247-274)

Almost to the end of the session, so 28 new Board Bills will be introduced at today’s meeting of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. Review the agenda here. B.B.#247 – Conway –An ordinance recommended by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment authorizing and directing the St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation to issue and sell the Corporation’s...

Opinion: Missouri Needs To Increase Fuel Taxes, Index For Future Adjustments

The last time Missouri’s fuel tax rate increased was 1996 — from a 1993 law that increased it a little for 3 years. Meanwhile, Missouri has built more miles of infrastructure to maintain and maintenance/construction costs have increased. There are many ways to raise money for roads & bridges but...

Senior Apartments To Be Built Adjacent To Swansea MetroLink Station Parking Lot

Back in September 2016, on the 20th,  I received a press release from our transit agency Metro — aka Bi-State Development: SWANSEA, IL, SEPT. 20, 2016…  Southwestern Illinois Development Authority (SWIDA), in partnership with Bywater Development Group and Bi-State Development (BSD), is pleased to announce a new, $10.5 million development that...

3801 Hampton Avenue - In Danger of Suburbanization

Man, I recently got a slap in the face when I went to get some Christmas shopping done at a place I have a long history with: FYE at 3801 Hampton Avenue just north of Chippewa in the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood. As I was entering, there...Show More Summary

Sunday Poll: Should Missouri Index Fuel Taxes?

The new year brought changes to fuel tax rates in many states: Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana and Florida will each see modest gas tax increases of less than a penny per gallon, based on automatic adjustments in those states, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Two states —...

St. Louis Board of Aldermen: New Board Bills 1/6/2017 (229-246)

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen return from their Winter break today, introducing the following eighteen (18) Board Bills — review the full agenda here. B.B.#229 – Ortmann/Spencer – An ordinance approving the petition to establish the Cherokee Street Community Improvement District, and containing a severability clause. Show More Summary

Cole Chemical Building - 3721 Laclede Avenue in the Midtown Neighborhood

The following is an example of how a building can pique one's curiosity and desire to learn about your surroundings and place in history. Conservation and preservation of places and buildings is such a valuable asset toward historical understanding and providing context within a city. Show More Summary

Happy New Year And Thanks For Reading

I just wanted to check in and give thanks to folks who've followed this blog or who've stumbled upon it over the years. I have been at this website for over eight years and I had a blog called South St. Louis City Talk before that, so I've held this as a hobby for almost 25% of my life. Show More Summary

Readers: Next Mayor Should Not Continue Slay’s Policies Unchanged

In the recent non-scientific Sunday Poll more than 60% felt our next mayor should not continue the policies of 4-term mayor, Francis Slay. Agreed! Q: This year St. Louis will have their first new mayor in 16 years. Agree or disagree: the new mayor should continue, largely unchanged, the policies of Mayor...

There’s A New Sheriff In Town

I moved to St. Louis over 26 years ago, in that time there has only been one sheriff: James Murphy.  When I ran for the Board of Alderman in 2005 Murphy was working the poll for the incumbent on the day of the primary — he’s as old guard South St....

One Hundred Kingshigway - 2016 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

Last but certainly not least on my list of twenty favorites from 2016, the skyscraper proposal at One Hundred Kingshighway Boulevard between West Pine and Lindell in the Central West End Neighborhood. This one was announced in December, so I had already assembled my list of top twenty projects when this one came in. Show More Summary

The City Foundry - 2016 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

Continuing with my top twenty development announcements or under-construction projects of 2016, the City Foundry makes the list. This ~$340M proposal is billed as a public market that will bring office, retail, creative space and a food hall to a 17 acre former industrial site, the Federal-Mogul foundry. Show More Summary

Sunday Poll: Should The Next Mayor Continue Slay’s Policies?

In April Francis Slay will end his 4th term as mayor — the longest serving in St. Louis’ history. Slay had previously indicated his intentions to seek a 5th term, but in April 2016 announced he wouldn’t run again. Those seeking to replace him have until January 6th to file to...

Former Praxair Site in Lafayette Square - 2016 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

Continuing with my top twenty announced or under-construction projects from 2016, we move to Lafayette Square with a development announcement for the former Praxair site along Chouteau Avenue. I'm amazed at how long this property has sat vacant in such a desirable neighborhood (2005). Show More Summary

Better Family Homes

Continuing with my twenty 'Best of 2016' development announcements and under-construction projects, we have an exciting project in North City. Better Family Life would like to renovate 100 homes around Page Boulevard, the project has a potential to reach $20M in investment in some areas that haven't seen much investment recently. Show More Summary

Brew City - 2016 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

Continuing on with my favorite 2016 developments in St. Louis, the local beer scene in the city just seems to get bigger and better. 2016 was no exception with the addition of one more brewery and announcements for a couple others in the city. Show More Summary

Major League Soccer Expansion in St. Louis - 2016 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

This is the second of two sports related favorites from 2016. The first was the Cardinal/Cordish proposal for a mixed-use development at Ballpark Village. The next is the potential for MLS soccer in our fair city. The league is expanding and they indicated that St. Show More Summary

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