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Mayor Seems to Think If Hookah Lounges Switch to “Steam Stones,” They’ll No Longer Be a Public Nuisance

1 hour agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Hookah on—for now. Roman Rybaleov/Shutterstock Late-afternoon Friday news dumps aren't just for the Washington State Department of Transportation. Mayor Ed Murray's office sent out a press release at 4:36 p.m. announcing in painstakingly...Show More Summary

Ten years after, a tribute to New Orleans

Ten years ago, I remember staring in awe at a weather radar map much like the one posted above and thinking “Holy $$##&!”, that thing is just going to wipe New Orleans off the face...

Hillary Compares GOP Candidates to Terrorists. Good for Her.

8 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

ISIS and the GOP do have one thing in common: religious extremism. kisa kuyruk / At a campaign event in Ohio yesterday, Clinton blasted GOP candidates for their positions on women's health issues. She criticized Rubio...Show More Summary

Just a "Simple" Day-Trip to the City When You Can't See

I am totally blind and a very brittle type I diabetic. I was recently profiled in the American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Forecast because I've not let my challenges stop me from doing things healthy people haven't done or tried to do. Show More Summary

It Takes a Certain Amount of Balls to Release a Song Like MC Mike Stallion's “My Small Penis”

9 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Mike Stallion, courageously spittin' fire about his shortcomings. Mike Stallion might be the bravest man in rap. In a genre where artists often boast about their XXL dicks and sexual prowess, he's dropped a new track called “My Small Penis,” in which he laments his lack of length, girth, and therefore, worth. Show More Summary

Nobody Walks in LA

One thing that I have never understood about Los Angeles is the lack of public transportation. After living in Europe and traveling to a significant number of metropolis areas in the states, I could not wrap my head around why Los Angeles wasn't keeping up. Show More Summary

Feds Raid -- Are We Any Safer?

Great news for Craigslist: The Department of Homeland Security just raided, shutting down the best way for escorts and clients to connect in a safe, open environment. And good for DHS, because prostitution is bad, right? Well, that's what they say. Show More Summary

McDonald’s Cuts Ties with Chicken Supplier Over Animal Abuse

Sad. McDonald's has kicked a Tyson chicken supplier to the curb after seeing an undercover video purportedly showing farm workers treating birds cruelly. The video, shot at T&S Farm in Tennessee, is the work of an investigator for Mercy for Animals who the supplier allegedly hired. Show More Summary

Federal Judge Calls The Stranger's Reporting on SPD "Inflammatory," but It's Clear He Learned from It

2 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

This is Judge James Robart—the final word on SPD reform. He wore the same red bowtie in today's hearing. In this week's The Stranger, I wrote about how local police reform advocates are raising questions about the federal oversight of the Seattle Police Department—in particular, about the degree of civilian oversight. Show More Summary

Rachel Lark Talks "Warm, Bloody, and Tender," Period Sex, and How I Wound Up Smeared With Blood In Her New Music Video

2 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Rachel Kramer Bussel interviewed Rachel Lark for Salon about her new music and her new role as "the poster girl for period sex." A sample... What would you say to women who are categorically against period sex? I would be interested in why. Show More Summary

A Rally of Loners: (Ayn) Rand Paul at Town Hall

2 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

I spoke with these young supporters after the rally. They liked Paul's "common sense solutions." Jack Dorito The crowd of about 500 felt small in the sun-blasted auditorium at Town Hall, which holds more than twice that many. I expected to see row upon row of cane-shaking elderly people in cowboy boots lining the pews. Show More Summary

At the Smoke Farm Symposium, Artist John Criscitello Talked About Tech Gentrification—and Some Tech Guys Talked Back

2 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

One of Criscitello's street-art paintings discussed at this year's Smoke Farm Symposium. John Criscitello At last weekend's Smoke Farm Symposium, something unexpected happened. Artist John Criscitello, who's become one of the most elegantly...Show More Summary

Watch Amy Schumer Rap With Talib Kweli At Constellation

Talib Kweli joined Amy Schumer on stage at Constellation last night to perform a vintage Kanye West classic "Get 'Em High." [ more › ]

Is It Time for an Artisanal College Movement?

In recent decades, as we have come to feel increasingly distant from the sources of our food and of much else, there has grown a desire to know where our products come from, to see the hands that made them, to understand how they came to be. Show More Summary

You Spin My Head Right Round

When you’re commuting in Georgia, it’s generally because (with apologies to Flo Rida) you’ve got people to see, and your time is precious. Daily commutes are getting longer, so perhaps communities should defer to traffic engineers – and the Mythbusters – and embrace the roundabout. As reported in the AJC, roundabouts are on the increase […]

Morning Reads for Nine Days Before GSU Football!

Truly a nation holds its breath. But does anyone remember when Georgia had a self-inflicted third and 57, narrowly avoiding two personal foul penalties but then picked one up after the punt? No? Well refresh your memory.  “Royalty” by Lou Barlow Atlanta’s socialists pounding the pavement in SC for Bernie Sanders.  Did you know that Atlanta […]

Lawrence Lessig Wants to Hack the Presidency

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

If he can raise a million bucks in two weeks, Lessig will run for the presidency. His platform's one plank: make elections more equitable. George Koroneos / You might know Lawrence "Larry" Lessig if you've recently taken...Show More Summary

Yelplash! – 100s Upon 100s of One-Star Yelp Reviews for Napa Valley Wine Train – Also, “NAPA VALLEY RAILROAD POLICE!?”

TweetThis post is two posts… …two posts in one! So the reason why the Napa Valley Wine Train people just caved so quickly and completely is that they needed to stop the massive bleeding pronto. I’ll tell you, the Regular Yelp reviews for la Vallee de Napa Train de Vin are bad enough these days, but it’s Secret […]

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ turns 40 with grit and grace

BY MELISSA RUGGIERI When Bruce Springsteen strikes the first guitar chord of “Born to Run” in concert, few live experiences match the combination of intensity and unabashed joy. The houselights are up, Springsteen is usually either....

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