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In Writing News: Seattle Has Selected Its First Civic Poet, and Yesterday Was James Baldwin's B-Day

5 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Our fair city now has an official civic poet. Her name is Claudia Castro Luna. Has anyone ever heard of her? Seattle / Shutterstock • The Office of Arts & Culture presents to you Seattle's first civic poet: Claudia Castro Luna. I'd never...Show More Summary

Today in '90s Music: Old Nirvana Song and Pavement's Secret History Come to Light

5 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Pavement's brilliant ephemera finally gets collected on wax. Spiral Stairs archive NME reports that a previously unheard version of a Nirvana song from around 1991 titled "Sappy" has surfaced on YouTube. A track by the same name appeared...Show More Summary

The Heavy Music Shows in August You Can't Afford to Miss

5 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

High on Fire: See them while you can. J. Hubbard Fans of giant amplifiers, ear-splitting noise, and frequencies that disrupt biological functions have a whole slew of shows to look forward to in August. So dust off your earplugs, grab...Show More Summary

Don't Run, Biden, Don't Run!

5 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Dude, c'mon, no. Take some time off. Jason and Bonnie Grower / Can't we just keep the clown car to one party? Are we seriously supposed to consider Joe Biden for president? As an American, I'm opposed to this idea. I think we're just fine with Hillary vs. Show More Summary

Arthur Blank Taps DeKalb for $12M, Because He Can

The public’s natural reaction to government plans for sports stadium “investments” is inchoate incandescent rage. Taxpayers could have been convinced, once upon a time, before Russia’s winter Olympics, before the FIFA scandals, before John Oliver’s weekly rants went viral. Show More Summary

Morning Reads for Monday, August 3rd

Today’s Georgia music brought to you by Obergefell v. Hodges and free tickets from Teri ‘N Chris. Georgia Aaron Gould Sheinin produced a major multimedia story on Georgia’s evolving agriculture industry. The future is science, sesame, and yes, cotton. Show More Summary

Better stay profitable, Tom Cruise

The media’s unrequited love affair with (relevant) celebrities has long been an exercise in shameless, soulless pandering, but the wet … Continue reading Better stay profitable, Tom Cruise

Westwood is for Bikes Too

Dear Paul: LA City Councilman Paul Koretz that is. Say it ain't so! How sobering to read in the LA Times and The Daily Bruin that you now not only oppose bike lanes on Westwood Blvd but also want to strike the planned lanes from the City's Mobility Plan. Show More Summary

What to Read at the Beach This Weekend: The Interrogative Mood: A Novel?

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Just because you’re reading a book at the beach doesn’t mean the book has to be a beach read. Mike Force The sun is going to be all over the place this weekend, and, despite the fact the fish are suffering, warm water means fine swimming for us people. Show More Summary

The Morning News: Shell Ship Escapes Portland, Earthquake Warning System Gets New Funding, Primary Voter Turnout Lags

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Police removed enough protesters from the St. Johns bridge that Shell's ship could pass below it. Courtesy of Greenpeace USA Things Got Rowdy at Portland's #ShellNo Actions: After 13 activists suspended themselves from a bridge in Portland, temporarily preventing the passage of a Shell ship needed for Arctic drilling, Shell went to the courts. Show More Summary

A Season Revised For Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez's birthday this past Monday meant more to him than just turning 40. He was playing against the Texas Rangers -- his former team that signed him to the most lucrative contract in baseball history at the time. And he hit his 24th home run of the season, tying him with Mark Teixeira for the team lead in that category. Show More Summary

Congressman Tom Price on the Fiftieth Birthday of Medicare and Medicaid

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson signing Medicare and Medicaid into law. They were the crowning achievements to LBJ’s Great Society programs designed to eliminate poverty, improve education, and ameliorate racial injustice. Show More Summary

Too Close for Comfort: The Social Significance of New York City's Public Pools

This week, New York City temperatures are topping out in the mid-90s, and finding water to cool off can become a blood sport. While many urbanites spend time plotting how to scam their way into Soho House or better befriend those with Hamptons digs, the city's municipal pools may be fairly called the "unsung heroes" of the summer. Show More Summary

Concert review: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga prove a bewitching pair in Atlanta

BY MELISSA RUGGIERI By now, most fans of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are beyond giving quizzical looks upon hearing that the premier jazz-pop crooner of our time and the Top 40 mainstay with a penchant...

Oh, Here’s Why All These Street Lights in Golden Gate Park Have Been Burning 24-7 for Half a Year – Lazy Lazy SFGov

TweetThe switches up there are photovoltaic? So when they get covered with grime and whatnot the lights stay lit even in the daytime – that’s your clue that you need to fix the light. Except this is Frisco, where the way to become a department head is, more or less, through elections fraud and/or sharing sports activities […]

Senators Isakson and Perdue Cosponsor Measure to Defund Planned Parenthood

The release of a third video showing the role of Planned Parenthood in harvesting the organs of unborn babies has prompted the introduction of Senate Bill 1881, which would remove the approximately $500 million per year in federal funding for the organization. Show More Summary

Hot or Not? Kiing @LaFliiyette Channels Michael Jackson in ‘SEARCHING’ Video…

A good friend of mine forwarded over a video the other day that features an up & coming artist performing a song called ‘searching.’ The song features Gerald Grant II aka ‘Kiing @LaFliiyette’ singing and hitting a few classic dances moves made famous by the late great Michael Jackson. Show More Summary

Istanbul Has a Breaking Bad Café and We Don’t

Pure sugar. Alas, Heisenberg superfans: Brooklyn was this close to getting Walter's Coffee Roastery, the world's first (although technically not all that official) Breaking Bad–themed coffee shop, but co-founder Deniz Kosan says an investor backed out and screwed New Yorkers out of blue-meth cupcakes. Show More Summary

ATC's Youth Ensemble Dramatizes North Carolina Massacre with 2015 Resonance

5 days agoUnited States / Chicago : A/C

Casey Edwards and Guadalupe Bollas. Photo courtesy ATC. A political massacre that took place 36 years ago in another state is being dramatized with power and feeling by a cast of 11 Chicago high school students at the American Theater...

Filmed in Frisco: “The Net” – Sandra Bullock – 20th Anniversary – MacWorld 1995 – DotCom 1.0 – KTVU’s Elaine Coral & Dennis Richardson

TweetHere you go: The Net, filmed on location in the 415 for a day or two back in 1995 and released exactly 20 years ago, during the beginnings of  Dotcom 1.0. The Gist is that quite attractive hackr gurl Sandra Bullock is such is such a social loser that nobody in the world knows who […]

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