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Get Stupid Fresh Tomorrow Night With the Author of the Hiphop Bible Check the Technique

A book for the real geek headz of hiphop... At the opening of one of the truly great and original hiphop tracks of the '90s, Dr. Octagon's "3000," we hear the echoed last four words of a seedy conversation between a woman and her doctor:...Show More Summary

An ode to an American music masterpiece

Every time I hear this song, I’m struck again by the beauty and power of its lyrics. It’s just sublime, subtle storytelling of a quality that you don’t often get in popular music or anywhere else for that matter. For example, the conversation it recounts at the family dinner table is adroit in the details that it reveals to us, and even more adroit in what it refuses to tell...

Yes, You Should Vote for Hillary "Just" Because She’s a Woman

A female commander in chief will radically challenge stereotypes that paint girls and women as soft, vulnerable, and unable to fight back. kisa kuyruk/Shutterstock In an effort to assert the pretty obvious fact that Hillary Clinton is...Show More Summary

30 More States Are Trying to Ban Powdered Alcohol

Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Now that powdered alcohol has received full federal approval, the fight against it is mounting into a Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth–size war. According to the AP, about 30 state legislatures are now frantically...Show More Summary

The Torontoist Guide to the Raptors Playoffs

Don't count your baskets before they're shot. In the Torontoist guide to the 2015 Raptors playoffs, we outline what you need to know, and some things you don’t. Wooooo! Playoffs, baby! Wooooooo! Yes. The Toronto Raptors have, for the second year in a row, made the NBA playoffs. You seem awfully sedate. WE’RE IN THE PLAYOFFS! MOST WINNING RAPTORS TEAM EVER! DIVISION […]

US Senators Are Trying to Pull a Fast One With a New Trade-Related Bill

The Port of Seattle is one of the largest container ports in the US. Charles Mudede Ronald Lee "Ron" Wyden, the senior Senator for Oregon:“I'm proud this bipartisan bill creates what I expect to be unprecedented transparency in trade...Show More Summary

From Chicago to Senegal by Way of the Drum: Interview with Local Filmmaker Mallory Sohmer

2 days agoUnited States / Chicago : A/C

By Ana Sekler Mallory Sohmer is a freelance documentary filmmaker from Chicago and a Columbia College alumna. She co-directed the new film, Drum Beat Journey, the story of four inner-city youth who travel to Petit Mbao, Senegal, to participate in...

Reel Toronto: Madonna: Innocence Lost

2 days agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city. Gentle […]

My State of the City

Watching Mayor Eric Garcetti give his eloquent State of the City address from the Valley Performing Acts Center at Cal State Northridge got me thinking about my own performance this past year when it comes to key indicator data likeShow More Summary

Watch This Fancy Restaurant’s Drone Go Down in Flames

Every spring, Ronald Peijenburg gathers media for a wild publicity stunt to mark the arrival of asparagus at his Michelin-starred Dutch restaurant, De Zwaan. In prior years, the vegetable has arrived unscathed in everything from a hot air balloon to a Formula 1 race car. Show More Summary

Former City Council Members, Space Needle Family's Howard Wright Among 44 Applicants for Vacant Council Seat

3 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

The eight remaining council members, led by council president Tim Burgess, will soon choose someone to replace Sally Clark through the end of the year. City of Seattle In his quest for an "experienced caretaker" to fill the city council...Show More Summary

KEEPING THE PANHANDLE WEIRD: 2015 “Now Festival” Runs April 19th-25th – A Massive Schedule – “Slackline City?”

TweetGet all the deets from Fun Cheap SF. Note the carve out for the afternoon of Annual 420 Day, held, as always, on April 20th. Note Slackline City in a city park – is that legal? IDK. We’ll see. (IMO, RPD’s signs banning affixing items don’t match our Park Code.) Note Chalk The Panhandle – […]

Man Sets Rental Car On Fire While Trying to Rid It Of Bedbugs

A Long Island man managed to set three cars on fire and give himself second-degree burns while attempting to rid his rental vehicle of bedbugs by dousing it in rubbing alcohol. Then, apparently, he lit a cigarette. No one pays attention during fire safety films. [ more › ]

Remembering Chef Homaro Cantu, an Innovator Who Stood Apart From the Crowd

The chef, at his restaurant Moto in 2007. The October 2006 issue of Gourmet featured a photo that was atypical of a glossy food magazine: Instead of a lovely slice of pie or a hefty burger, a chef's eyes peeked out from behind a menu that the chef himself was eating. Show More Summary

San Francisco Catches Antman Fever: “Marvel’s Ant-Man – Trailer 1? – Filmed On Location, Sort Of, Last Year

TweetOh, now I get it – San Francisco-based Ant-Man, he’s just a little guy! Some of the the time, anyway: Boy, this looks like it’s the start of an extremely generic super-hero series. But prove me wrong, Marvel. Prove me wrong.

Morning Reads for IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July and Today… the only four days you need to celebrate annually. “Dot Eye” by Sam Prekop Hank Johnson: “It feels like open season on black men in America.” Tuition up at all research universities in Georgia.  New Falcons Stadium costs RISE UP! Again. Show More Summary

Where to go Strawberry Picking in Atlanta

By Sue Rodman Strawberry picking season in Atlanta runs mid April to early June.  That means now is the perfect […] The post Where to go Strawberry Picking in Atlanta appeared first on Field Trips with Sue.

Augusta Ga. | Beyond the Masters Golf Tournament

Today, the world will be watching as the best golfers descend on Augusta, Georgia for The Masters golf tournament. If […] The post Augusta Ga. | Beyond the Masters Golf Tournament appeared first on Field Trips with Sue.

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