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Starting September 15 the people of Cloncurry and district came out to host local celebrations marking 150 years of settlement since Ernest Henry was attributed as the founder of Cloncurry in the year 1867. Henry, who was in search of grazing land at the time, discovered the regions mineral deposits instead and established the Great... Read more

Rec and Park’s New Sign in the Panhandle Directs Tourist Pedestrians AWAY from the Multi-Use Path Abutting Fell

TweetLet’s pay off on that headline right now. Looking east from Stanyan: Enhance! Oh here we go: Bikes to the left, peds to the right, see? Now I say tourists ’cause locals already know that they can tread upon “the bike path” in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle. The real solution would be to widen […]

Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor Opens in Dorchester

Stews, lentils, and more Dorchester’s Four Corners neighborhood just got a vegan restaurant. Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor — the brainchild of Dorchester couple Nahdra Ra Kiros and Jahriffe MacKenzie — is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. Show More Summary

How Do You Make a Play About the Internet? Don't Ask Teh Internet Is Serious Business

5 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Rich Smith Behold the power of the dox! Jeff Carpenter Washington Ensemble Theatre's west coast premiere of Tim Price's Teh Internet Is Serious Business, which runs at 12th Ave Arts through October 2nd, could have been good if itShow More Summary

Witness: Neo-Nazi Threw a Banana Before He Got Socked in the Face

5 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Antifa groups circulated the neo-Nazi's photo on social media prior to the punching. by Ana Sofia Knauf The man allegedly threw a banana at a passerby. Another bystander then punched the neo-Nazi in the jaw. Sean Patrick Duff Sean Patrick...Show More Summary

Old NISHIKI Mountain Bike from the 1980’s is the Un-FordGoBike: Old, Cheap, Light, Reliable, Sustainable, and NOT an Advertising Vehicle, At All

Tweet Old, Cheap, Light, Reliable, Sustainable, Time-Tested and Not an Advertising Vehicle At All Old: Well, sure, just look at it. (Reminds me of the “MOTIV” “brand” bikes I bought for $199.99 at the South Airport Drive (which is,oddly, located north of SFO) Price Club (loaned it to a bro, told him how to lock […]

Room 104's "The Missionaries" Is the Best Coming Out Story in Recent TV

6 days agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Jack Mormons just wanna jack. by Chase Burns Jack Mormons just wanna jack. Jordin Althaus/courtesy of HBO. Yes, there are spoilers. Every episode of Room 104 is an invitation for disaster. HBO's latest from Duplass Brothers Productions is a series that offers half-hour vignettes of random eccentric characters who visit a single hotel room. Show More Summary

Seawater Based Agriculture with the Sahara Forest Project

In Tunisia,Qatar & Jordan: Sahara Forest Project: From vision to reality from Sahara Forest Project on Vimeo. The Sahara Forest Project is a new environmental solution designed to utilize what we have enough of to produce what we need more of, using deserts, saltwater, sunlight and CO2 to produce food, water and clean energy. Show More Summary

Earthen Flooring from EarthEnable, Rwanda

EarthEnable: Sustainable earthen flooring for Rwanda from EarthEnable on Vimeo. Dust is kicked up, spills and puddles stick around, and the floors of peoples’ homes become a breeding ground for mosquitos, parasites, and all of the disease that comes with them. Show More Summary

Longtime Mystery Revealed: Here's What Was Really Happening in that L Word Toilet Scene

So that's what was going on! by Katie Herzog Old friends. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Earlier this month, Nancy, a podcast about queer stuff out of WNYC Studios, did an episode revisiting The L Word, a Showtime series that aired from 2004-2009. Show More Summary

Opinion: Sing it, Rhiannon

Here’s a beautiful song, written originally by Roebuck “Pops” Staples of the Staples Singers back in 1965, performed in this brand new version by the great…

Inbox Jukebox: A Weekly Shortlist of Good New Music. Kate Tempest, Funkadelic, Kyle Craft, and More

Inbox Jukebox: a survey of new songs by Kate Tempest, Funkadelic, Kyle Craft, and others worth putting on repeat. by Dave Segal Kate Tempest's latest single is a two-fingered salute to every motherfucker who thinks "social justice warrior" is a clever slur. Show More Summary

Once trouble when you buy a ticket for the train

Once trouble when you buy a ticket for the train, okay you can press the help button.It is this result.(Funny this video.)

Rolling Canvas: JIB, JIBBER JABBER

TweetYou know, it really makes you think: I’ll spend more time listening after this. Mr. T would want things this way…

Sitting Isn't Just Killing You, It's Rendering You Immobile

Studies have been screaming for years that sitting is killing us, but I've long thought hardcore sitters like myself would go out with a bang, like a heart attack or literal heartsplosion. Unfortunately, a new study says a sitter's future...Show More Summary

Amazon Is Not Your Newly Cheating Lover, Seattle. It's a Massive Business With a Low-Tax Agenda.

Instead of encouraging civic despair and a renewed race toward the tax-giveaway bottom in response to the HQ2 news, dear civic leaders, how about reminding Amazon that it's gotten at least as good as it's given here at HQ1? by Eli Sanders Don't be desperate and pathetic, civic leaders. Show More Summary

Readers: OK To Raze For Amazon’s HQ2

Last week Amazon announced it planned to build a second headquarters somewhere in North America. Every Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of at least 1 million people is likely interested in attracting Amazon. That’s roughly 50 regions just in the US, the St. Louis region is 20th in size on this...

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