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Know Your Illegal Sidewalk Stencils: “STALIN.ORG – WE ARE COMING” – Oh, It’s a Band – Red Dawn 94117

TweetNot to be confused with The Stalin, it’s just Stalin.   Four octaves? Well, that’s got me beat Anyway, if you advertise your product/service in this way on the sidewalks of Haight Ashbury, The Man (City Attorney Dennis Herrera) just might come at ya, Josef. Oh, what’s that, it’s chalk and it comes right off? […]

Newsstand: July 23, 2015

Happy Little Thursday! In the news: the global spotlight is on Scarborough sprinter Andre De Grasse, who took gold in yesterday's 100m race. Also, a man in California has replicated the Guvernment nightclub, and aerial drones remind us Toronto is A-Okay. Show More Summary

Georgia Senators Express Misgivings About Iran Deal

On August 14th, officials announced an agreement had been reached between the United States, Iran and five other countries regarding Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. As the White House sung the praises of the arrangement, others...Show More Summary

Sandra Bland Is Dead Because She Believed in Her Rights as an American

Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia forces Sandra Bland out of her car with a weapon. YOUTUBE/TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY The video of the July 10 arrest of the black American woman, Sandra Bland, who died on July 13 in a Texas jail...Show More Summary

High Altitude Ice Ice, Baby: A Recent 22-Degree Halo Over Frisco – A Full-Circle Rainbow, All The Way!

TweetHere it is, a noice 22-degree halo on a Dreaded Sunny Day in the 415: And look, the ‘bow has an arrow, a chemtrail. Whoops I meant to say contrail. The power of their source? The crystal… The ice crystal… The crystal Look – “chemtrails” all the way back in the 1940’s. It’s like, “Forget […]

NYPD Assaults 11-Year-Old in the Bronx -- On Video

Now that the City of New York has settled the Eric Garner case for almost $6 million, we owe a debt of thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio and Comptroller Scott Stringer for taking responsibility for the racially-disparate police misconduct which has plagued our communities of color for so long. Show More Summary

Newsstand: July 22, 2015

It's day two of athletics at the Pan Am Games, which means we all wonder how the triple jump works. In the news: the SIU finds no criminal wrongdoing in the Peel Jermaine Carby case, the TTC probably won't open early on Sundays after the Pan Am Games, and your unicorn chaser for the day. Show More Summary

Morning Reads for July 22

The one thing the nation needed more than anything else? 16 GOP POTUS hopefuls. “The Warning” by Hot Chip.  Our oceans are warming faster than we thought.  Four of the five hottest months on record occurred in 2015.  Good thing the jury...Show More Summary

Have You Seen the Video of the Sousaphone Player Trolling the Racists?

This is why we need to fund music in the schools. Without band, no one is going to have the talent or the inclination to pick up a sousaphone and gracefully make a mockery of a bunch of marching racists by playing a goofy rendition of "Flight of the Valkyries." I see you did there, expert troller. Show More Summary

Electronic Music Innovator Dieter Moebius Died Yesterday. You Probably Never Heard of Him, But You Should Mourn the Loss

The late Dieter Moebius: His impact on underground music was profound. German electronic-music producer Dieter Moebius, who played on many crucial, innovative records, but was largely unknown by the general public, died July 20 at age 71. Show More Summary

You Have to Watch This Stunning Timelpase Video of the White Cliffs of Dover – Video

This timelapse video of the area around the historic port of Dover is so stunning we just had to share it. You won’t regret it. You can almost hear Vera Lynn singing in the background. About the video: 20 hours, in this short time iShow More Summary

Trump Is King Shit of Primary Campaign Mountain

Lindsay Graham just had his cell phone number read on live TV by Donald Trump. Lindsay Graham, Donald Trump / Shutterstock Confidence is America's favorite perfume, and Donald Trump wears buckets of the stuff. If Trump survived a plane...Show More Summary

Weird Englishmen Abroad: Strange occurrences that happened on holiday

As I write this, I’m on my annual fortnight in Door County, Wisconsin. In commemoration of this, I’ve decided to cover a bunch of stories about what some other Brits did or happened to them while on their holidays. Woman goes halfway around the world for school reunion; school demolished before she gets there. Show More Summary

Coffman Hating Planned Parenthood Again

Just last year, during his re-election campaign, Rep. Mike Coffman was apparently so enamored with Planned Parenthood that he featured the organization's logo in an advertisement. Now, after a bogus video has been released attackingShow More Summary

Spotted: Toronto Sunset Timelapse

Sunset Timelapse in Toronto from Liam Kearney on Vimeo. WHERE: Downtown Toronto WHEN: Sunday, July 19 WHAT: This weekend’s sunsets saw the skyline aflame, and Torontoist reader Liam Kearney caught the action in slow-motion. Spotted features interesting things our readers discover in their journeys across Toronto. If you spot something interesting, send a photo and […]

The Giant Church in Golden Gate Park: CHRIST EMBASSY, in Our Hall of FLowers – CHURCH, MEET STATE and STATE, MEET CHURCH

TweetOur iconic Hall of Flowers regularly becomes a House of God, apparently. I guess they were they highest bidder? Did they need to hire a lobbyist, a fixer, an expediter, to get this deal through? I know not. The Soul is For Hire/ And They’ve Sold the Heart

Televisualist: Rick and Andie

Each week, Torontoist examines the upcoming TV listings and makes note of programs that are entertaining, informative, and of quality. Or, alternately, none of those. The result: Televisualist. Monday Deep Blue Sea, the movie about superintelligent sharks with That One Amazing Scene Which We’re Not Gonna Ruin. Also featuring Thomas Jane, before he was… well, […]

Is this the end of Trump ’16? I very much doubt it

Donald Trump said something truly dumb over the weekend, which isn’t exactly news. The news came in the reaction of his fellow Republicans, who finally saw the chance they had sought to gang up on...

Historicist: Patrick Macnee, Before the Bowler

2 weeks agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

A budding star finds opportunities on stage and screen in 1950s Toronto. In 1952, 30-year-old Patrick Macnee arrived in Toronto with less than 10 pounds in his pocket and checked into a downtown YMCA. The struggling actor had found limited...Show More Summary

New Plan for the Weekend: 10 Hours of the Grateful Dead Playing "Dark Star" in 1972

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Is this your fave version of "Dark Star"? Don't answer right away. No band in the history of music has more maniacal, documentation-drunk fans than the Grateful Dead. This axiom has been reinforced by the 36-volume Dick's Picks live-recording...Show More Summary

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