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EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Ansel Herz Duh! She has the dankest memes! All of them! "I don't know who created Pokémon Go," is a real thing Clinton said last month, "but I want to figure out how to get them to have Pokémon Go to the polls." Millennials do not...Show More Summary

'Mr. Robot' Recap: Too Many Codes

Hello friend, and welcome back to the sunny world of Mr. Robot, where everything can be fixed with a well-placed punch (or punchline), Alf, and expert bludgeoning with a tire iron. This week was oddly fun—though last week ended withShow More Summary

Mr. Robot Recap: Remembrance of Things '80s in Episode 6

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede You are looking right at the cliffhanger of Mr. Robot's episode six. USA Network The penultimate decade of the 20th century, the '80s, is the cultural and technological cradle for Mr. Robot, a TV series about a team...Show More Summary

Solutions to Seattle’s Growing Housing Crisis: Part Four

2 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede The Evans family of the sitcom Good Times lived in apartment 17C, at 963 N. Gilbert Ave., in a housing project called Cabrini–Green. CBS Hear writer and activist Cary Moon talk about solutions to Seattle's housing crisis...Show More Summary

Free movie tickets and soundtrack to ‘Suicide Squad’

If you rushed out to see “Suicide Squad” last weekend, then you already know about its adrenaline-pumping soundtrack. So maybe you want to hear and see it all again? And if you haven’t yet experienced the DC...

Multiple, Multiple COYOTE ADVISORY Signs, Telegraph Hill, Frisco

TweetThey mostly come at night, mostly, I assume, since I’ve never seen one in the daytime. (Here are the older signs, for the record.) Anyway, I don’t know how much more our SFGov can do, you know, than what they’re already doing. These critters were here before us and they’ll be here after we’re gone. […]

Why 48 Layoffs at the Toronto Star is a Loss for the City

2 weeks agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

Forty-five newsroom staff will be laid off. In news that surprised no one in the world of Toronto media, the Toronto Star will lay off 48 employees–including 45 in the newsroom. The reasons are straightforward. Advertising revenues are down significantly as more money goes to Google and Facebook, and the value of each page continues to decline. Show More Summary

Frisco’s Millennium Tower Exceeds Its Limits – Srsly – And Here’s the Sidewalk Out Front

TweetUh oh: And, speaking of exceeding limits, here’s the cracked sidewalk out front: (Level 42 is called Level 43 – why is that? And Level 44 is called Level 46 – again, why is that?) Ah, memories: “More Than A Place To Live, This Is A Way To Live. Rare and precious, shimmering on the skyline […]

Where Bob Dylan’s Terrible 1987 Movie Hearts of Fire Was Filmed in Toronto

2 weeks agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

At his 1980s nadir, Dylan starred in a Toronto and Hamilton-shot musical drama from the director of Return of the Jedi. Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Show More Summary

St. Louis Firehouses

So in a previous blog, I described my intentions to visit and photograph each of St. Louis' active fire houses. There are a total of 30 currently in operation across the city. There are also 11 or so former firehouses that are still standing. Show More Summary

How Toronto’s Papers Covered Canada’s Olympic Victories (and More Shirtless Trudeau, of Course)

2 weeks agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

In Front Page Challenge, Torontoist analyzes the best and worst of Toronto’s major dailies. The 2016 Olympic Games are now well underway. Toronto’s daily papers are covering Canada’s winning achievements in these first few days of competition,...Show More Summary

Beware the “Friendly” White Bus – Beware this White Whale

TweetIDK, man. I like my corporate buses all black and sharp-edged. So what’s up what’s up with this? Check out the text up front – “friendly?” I think I want off of this ride. (I prefer planes)

Why The Police Chief’s Letter to Pride Toronto Misses The Point

2 weeks agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

Highlighting coffee socials misses the larger context when it comes to LGBTQ and TPS community relations. Last week, Police Chief Mark Saunders sent a letter of support [PDF] to Pride Toronto’s Board of Directors. Officially, he says...Show More Summary

Bow Wow announces retirement from rap

Melissa Ruggieri is on vacation so I’m writing this up on her behalf.  By RODNEY HO/, originally filed Monday, August 8, 2016 Usually, musical acts who “retire” from their primary profession do so in their 60s...

Bill Bratton, Bulldozer

Bratton steamrolled over poor communities of color from New York to Los Angeles (Photo: LA Times) For nearly three years we waged a small, and at times hopeless, war against Bill Bratton. Not just Bratton the man, but Bratton the legacy. Show More Summary

This Feel-Good Cop Video Is Ill-Timed at Best, Exploitative at Worst

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Ana Sofia Knauf Earlier this week, a video showing a Virginia police officer pulling over a black woman at a traffic stop went viral. In the video, the white male officer asked the driver if she knows why she was pulled over, sheShow More Summary

Motorists are Already Driving in the New Bloor Bike Lanes

3 weeks agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

A ride-along with a Torontoist reporter proves the pilot project still has some kinks to work out. In May, Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the installation of a Bloor Street bike lanes pilot project, much to the joy of Toronto cyclists. Show More Summary

“I’m Kirk.” “No, I’m Kirk!” – Two Getaround Smart Cars Huddle Together in Just One Space on Fell Street

TweetSomehow our SFMTA makes money off of offering rental cars like this: Somehow, I getaround without rental cars. Anyway, I’ve never seen this…

Prep for Pizza Fest and Watch the Premiere of Steal Shit Do Drugs’ Video for “15mg”

3 weeks agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Dave Segal Steal Shit Do Drugs: Seattle’s whirlwind arsonists of rock decorum. Marianne Spellman The seventh annual Pizza Fest begins tonight, offering several variants of punk- and no wave-inflected music over three nights at El Corazon and the Funhouse (August 4-6). Show More Summary

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