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Trump tax reform bill makes little difference to US expats

US expats who were hoping a miracle as part of the Trump tax reform would ease FATCAâ??s pressure on their lives are now deeply disappointed. US citizens living and working overseas were hoping against hope that continuing calls by US expat organisations representing both sides of the political divide might result in an easing of the... Expats Blog -

Plateau Salle de Spectacles Divan Orange Has Its Final Dance This Weekend

And other closures to know PLATEAU — Some three months after the news broke, Le Divan Orange, the concert spot known for hosting a myriad of local indie musicians and bands, will switch its amplifiers off for the final time this Sunday (March 18). Show More Summary

Where to Eat The Best Poutine in Montreal Right Now

Answers to all your poutine questions Do the cheese curds squeak? Did the gravy come from a box? Were the potatoes hand-cut? And just what kind of oil is in that fryer? All vital questions when it comes to Quebec's most emblematic food export. Show More Summary

Dramatic Photos Show How Sand Mining Threatens a Way of Life in Southeast Asia

Vietnam is prime example of a little-known global threat: the mining of river sand to build the world’s booming cities.

Biggest Fake Native American Art Conspiracy Revealed

Jewelry dealer Nael Ali will be the first defendant sentenced in the most extensive federal investigation into Indian arts and crafts fraud.

Python Moms Care for Their Young, Surprising Experts

A new study from South Africa observed wild snake mothers protecting and warming their young for weeks after they emerged from eggs.

Stephen Hawking's Most Provocative Moments, From Evil Aliens to Black Hole Wagers

The famous physicist was fond of making scientific bets and predictions, from the nature of black holes to the end of humanity.

Meet ‘Steve,’ a Totally New Kind of Aurora

Canadian citizen scientist photographers spotted a fleeting type of aurora not seen before, dubbed “Steve,” and scientists have started working out what’s causing them.

These Neon Shrimp Are the Bees of the Sea—Here's Why

Egg-laying shrimp queens rule over complex colonies—and a new study reveals their intriguing evolution.

Total Brit expat numbers in Spain now in serious decline

Recent reports suggest British would-be expats are continuing to buy Spanish properties, but the actual number of UK citizens in the country is in sharp decline. Official figures from the last quarter of 2017 show more British buyers are busily buying Spanish homes than are investors from other world countries, but the total number of... Expats Blog -

Shortage of real Indian curries in Spain inspires new expat aimed business

British expats in Spain and France are to get authentic curry kits from a new Derbyshire start-up. If thereâ??s one thing that Brits living in Spain and France miss, itâ??s the authentic Indian curries served up all over the UK in takeaways and restaurants owned by equally authentic curry chefs. However, relief is now at hand thanks to an... Expats Blog -

Beijing eateries restricted to serving 10 expats at any one time

Expats living in Beijingâ??s student accommodation district were confused as police ordered bans on more than 10 expats in any one restaurant at any time. Wudaoku district is a popular location for expats a well as for students as itâ??s well supplied with restaurants serving Chinese food at affordable prices and is located conveniently... Expats Blog -

Giant Ancient Shark Tooth Mysteriously Stolen

Australian authorities say the tooth's monetary value "would not be very high," though it may be prized by collectors.

Stephen Hawking, Famed Physicist, Dies at 76

Hawking's scientific claim to fame was his revelation that the universe began in a singularity, an infinitely dense point of spacetime.

Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2018 in Montreal

For those into crowds, Guinness, and loud volumes While Montreal has a notable Irish heritage, with a parade running since 1824, the city has relatively few Irish (or “Irish”) pubs to accommodate large numbers of revelers. That means...Show More Summary

An Ex-Prohibition Owner Has a New NDG Salad Counter — and Other Openings to Know

Including a sleek new bar for St-Léonard NDG — One of the owners of hit Monkland neighbourhood spot Prohibition is back in business less than a year after the seven-year-old mainstay shuttered. Stephanie Russell recently opened up salad...Show More Summary

Plateau Sushi Pros Tri Express Open Petite-Patrie Outpost

This one’s more of a take-out spot The people behind Plateau sushi restaurant Tri Express have opened a second location, Le P’tit Tri, in Petite-Patrie. Food blog Tastet reports that the Japanese spot is open as of Tuesday from the father-son duo of Tri Du (the Tri Express chef and founder) and Thierry-Tri Du-Boisclair. Show More Summary

This Tiny Butterfly Can Fly a Record 2,500 Miles at a Time

The painted lady is the longest continuously migrating butterfly ever recorded.

Wild Gorilla Cuddles Its Newborn Baby in Rare Video

Gorilla babies are a rare sight, even for researchers who spend all day studying the apes.

Why a Warming Arctic May Be Causing Colder U.S. Winters

A new study shows how a warming Arctic could negatively impact regions thousands of miles away.

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