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Ronald Reagan and Alzheimer’s: There’s rich material in his presidency, but dementia isn’t a laughing matter

You don't have to be a Reagan-lover to think his mental decline isn't material for "hilarious political satire"

Failing the “DuVernay Test”: 6 signs your on-screen black character is a tired stereotype

Exhibit A: Eddie Murphy's new film "Mr. Church," which has been dubbed a "spiritual sequel" to "Driving Miss Daisy"

Donald Trump can actually beat Hillary in November: Stubborn pundits still refuse to accept it

Polls have Hillary beating Trump in swing states, but the billionaire is far more popular than we'd like to believe

Donald Trump thinks he can win over disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters

Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says Trump is ready to bring into the fold anyone who is still feeling the Bern

Small Town, Big Secrets

21 hours agoNews / Crime : Sword and Scale

Wade Knox was only 5-years-old when he began showing signs of emotional distress. His tantrums and anti-social behavior was alarming to the Knox family, and they did everything they could

Who’s The ‘Vampire Pimp’? 5 Things To Know About This Creepy Criminal Sentenced to 27 Years

22 hours agoNews / Crime : Crime Feed

In late March, a federal appeals court in Georgia upheld a 27-year conviction for a man named Damion Baston. Called “Drac” (short for Dracula), the self-proclaimed vampire ran an international prostitution ring in which he subjectedShow More Summary

JetBlue Pilot Accused Of Being Drunk On Flights With 270 Passengers Tries To Blame It On His Gum

22 hours agoNews / Crime : Crime Feed

A JetBlue pilot was in court on Wednesday for allegedly being drunk while flying. A complaint claimed that Dennis Murphy manned […] The post JetBlue Pilot Accused Of Being Drunk On Flights With 270 Passengers Tries To Blame It On His Gum appeared first on CrimeFeed.

Incidents of Ransomware on the Rise

22 hours agoNews / Crime : FBI Crime Stories

FBI offers tips to protect yourself and your organization from this growing threat.

Stealing Victoria’s Secrets: Video captures two women shoplifting in lingerie store

The women, holding large bags, were seen taking items from the store in Waldorf, Md., authorities said.

Incidents of Ransomware on the Rise

23 hours agoNews / Crime : FBI News Blog

Ransomware has been around for a few years, but during 2015, law enforcement saw an increase in these types of cyber attacks. And if the first three months of this year are any indication, the number of ransomware incidents—and the ensuing damage they cause—will grow even more in 2016 if individuals and organizations don’t prepare for these attacks in advance.

Paul Krugman: Trump is appealing to aggrieved white men by lying to them

The collision "between demography and Obama derangement" will doom the GOP for generations to come

Massive melee erupts outside Donald Trump’s first campaign rally in California

Violence returns as Trump's campaign hits California's biggest Republican stronghold -- Orange County

“Daily Show”: “Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper’s playbook”

"He brags about his money, he's disrespectful to women and there's always fights at his concerts"

2-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shoots Mom From Back Seat While She’s Driving

yesterdayNews / Crime : Crime Feed

A toddler reportedly shot and killed his mother from the back seat while she was driving. The post 2-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shoots Mom From Back Seat While She’s Driving appeared first on CrimeFeed.

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