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Fatal crash in Fairfax kills one

The accident shut down part of Route 7, authorities said.

Man in "Friday the 13th" mask shoots three, kills one

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Police are still searching to the identity of the gunman after the Sunday shooting at a Jackson, Miss. apartment complex

Cops: Thief steals purse from mom after school shooting

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Police say that while parents ran to ensure their children were safe after a shooting at Freeman High School, someone "took advantage" of the situation

Nelson DeMille: The Best-Selling Author Talks Castro, Crime & “The Cuban Affair”

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crime Feed

CrimeFeed talked to Nelson DeMille about his new page-turning blockbuster, his experience doing on-the-ground research in Cuba, and what he believes the future holds for the island nation just 90 miles from Florida’s shores. The post Nelson DeMille: The Best-Selling Author Talks Castro, Crime & “The Cuban Affair” appeared first on CrimeFeed.

Cops: Woman killed boyfriend as he slept, dismembered body

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Detectives say the gruesome crime happened in the couple's suburban Houston apartment last month while the suspect's ten-year-old daughter was in the living room

Protesters return to the streets over ex-cop's acquittal

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Demonstrators march in St. Louis to protest acquittal of white ex-police officer in killing of black suspect

Shared Delusional Disorder in the Slenderman Case

6 days agoNews / Crime : Sword and Scale

On 15 September 2017, a jury in Wisconsin decided that 15-year-old Anissa Weier was mentally ill when three years ago, along with friend Morgan Geyser, she stabbed 12-year-old Payton Leutner

Missing woman's body found after alleged fight with ex

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Police say family members told them Breanna Bradford, 22, was last seen arguing with her ex-boyfriend

Md. mom indicted in deaths of two long-missing children

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Sarah and Jacob Hoggle were 3 and 2 when they were last seen in Maryland in September 2014

Slain student's family speaks out on police shooting

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Georgia Tech police killed 21-year-old Scout Schultz, who they say was advancing on officers

“Girl Trouble” — “Glamour Girl Slayer” Harvey Glatman Inspired BTK’s Serial Killings

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crime Feed

Harvey Glatman got women to let him tie them up, telling him he was photographing for a detective magazine. He'd do the photo shoot — and then kill them. The post “Girl Trouble” — “Glamour Girl Slayer” Harvey Glatman Inspired BTK’s Serial Killings appeared first on CrimeFeed.

1727: Three at Tyburn

6 days agoNews / Crime : Executed Today

Daniel Defoe once summarized early 18th century England’s class strata as The great, who live profusely The rich, who live plentifully The middle sort, who live well The working trades, who labour hard, but feel no want The country people, farmers, etc. who fare indifferently The poor, who fare hard The miserable, that really pinch […]

Why a Jury Acquitted Sex Offender Matthew Burry of Killing His Baby

Reading from the Voice Media empire: In July 2015, a sex offender who spent more than a decade in prison, was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death after the passing of his four-and-a-half-month-old son, Dominic. But a jury has now found Burry not guilty of the crime after his legal team presented evidence that the child actually died [...]Show More Summary

Man charged with chasing daughter, 6, while wearing clown mask

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Second man charged with firing gun during incident; police say first man offered unique explanation for his actions

Witness: Man "seemed content" after allegedly killing his 3 kids

6 days agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Father suspected of killing his three children in California has been interviewed by investigators, though they still aren't offering a motive for the slayings

The Steven Zelich Rough Sex Murder Case

On June 5, 2014, a highway cutting high grass along a road in Geneva, Wisconsin, a town in Walworth County 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee, exposed a pair of large suitcases. The overpowering odor of rotting flesh caused the highway employee to notify the police. Show More Summary

When You Sit Down to Write--Write

Here's a short list of what not to do when you sit down to write. Don't answer the phone. Don't look at e-mail. Don't go on the Internet for any reason, including checking the spelling of some obscure word, or for what you might think of as research but is really a fancy form of procrastination…Sit down and stay there…Get used to the discomfort. Show More Summary

Sherlock Holmes Would Have Ridiculed His Creator

Sir A. Conan Doyle's detective Sherlock Holmes was the epitome of rationalism and logic. However, Doyle himself was not. He believed deeply in ghosts, fairies, and other spiritualistic claptrap, and was duped over and over again by charlatans and hoaxers.Erin Barrett and Jack Mingo, It Takes A Certain Type To Be A Writer, 2003

Agatha Christie's Hoax

Agatha Christie nearly pulled off a real-life hoax worthy of her mystery novels. Upset that her husband was leaving her for another woman, she set up an incriminating scene that almost got him arrested for her "murder." Luckily for him,...Show More Summary

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