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You Can Be Most Helpful After a Natural Disaster When the World Has Stopped Paying Attention

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico two months ago, we asked readers what they wanted to know about the crisis. Many of you asked about conditions on the ground, the status of electricity and clean water, and how aid was being allocated. But one of the most frequent questions was about how to help. Whether it was providing funds […]

How Gutting Net Neutrality Poses a Direct Threat to Political Organizing

The FCC's Ajit Pai ignores public support and laws upholding equal internet access. Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai issued a major order Tuesday in which he outlined his plan to dismantle landmark regulations that ensure equal access to the internet. Show More Summary

Gary Cohn Faked Bad Connection in Conference Call to Get Trump Off the Phone: Report

White House staffers continue to treat the president like a child. White House economic adviser Gary Cohn faked a bad phone connection in order to fool President Donald Trump into hanging up — because it was the only way to get him to stop talking. Show More Summary

Trump Wants Ivanka and Jared Kushner to Return to New York: Report

The president appears to have lost faith in his son-in-law's political advice. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has not been impressed by the amateur efforts of President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner. He's increasingly...Show More Summary

Donald Trump’s Hometown Papers Denounce His Roy Moore Support

A day after President Donald Trump defended Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama accused of sexually abusing teenage girls, the president’s hometown papers agree: Trump is backing a “perv.” One of those rare days when...Show More Summary

Trump Resists Progress on Global Warming

Exclusive: Market trends now favor renewable energy as a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels, but President Trump’s resistance to this good news is doing real damage in the fight against global warming, reports Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall With petrochemical…Read more ?

Friday's HOT MIC

He showed up to a meeting in his underwear.

Journalism Is Imploding Just When We Need It Most

One of the few bright spots this past year was supposed to be the revival of journalism. And to be sure, it’s been a great time for muckraking, with newsrooms bringing home scoop after scoop on the Trump administration. Subscriptions to everything from the New York Times to Mother Jones are up. And for the […]

That Swamp: What Trump Really Meant Was to Drain the Pockets of Americans Who Make Less Than $500,000 a Year

The plutocrats should set aside a moment to thank all the voters suckered by the Trumpian promise to drain the swamp. As Americans gather for Thanksgiving, we can only hope that the richest among us have the good graces to give thanks...Show More Summary

'It's Foolish to Taunt the Tiger': CNN Legal Analyst Gobsmacked by Donald Trump Jr. Heckling Mueller on Social Media (Video)

"It's like going to the zoo with a steak in your hand and walking into the tiger's cage." During a panel discussion on the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, a CNN legal analyst said Donald Trump Jr. wasShow More Summary

This Alex Jones Parody Is So Good, Infowars Is Having a Fit Over It

“Lil’ Alex Jones” seems to have gotten under the very thin skin of the tinfoil-hat outlet. Honestly, it's pretty easy to parody Alex Jones. The gravel-voiced, vein-popping, conspiracy-theorist leader of his own mini media empire and health-supplement sales platform is so impossibly over the top that he lends himself to it. Show More Summary

Oregon Police Collar Pervy Coat Thief

Creep used purloined garments for sexual purposes Mark Mahoney, 51, reportedly confessed to cops that he swiped the coats and then used them for his own "sexual gratification." Creepy Coat Thief read more

2 Million Stunning Images of Earth’s Biodiversity Are Now Available for Free

This story was originally published by Slate and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  There are thought to be about 10 million distinct species of plants and animals on Earth. That number is incomprehensibly large, not least because most species are still undiscovered. Show More Summary

A Lot of “Ethical Consumers” Are Going to Make Really Unethical Shopping Choices

As a person living in the 21st century, it’s almost inevitable that you’ve had the seamless, fast, and hassle-free experience of shopping online: a few clicks and you’re done without ever needing to interact with anyone, and then your items can show up at your door in as little as a day.  But as the holiday season ramps up, it’s a good […]

Republicans Are Sneaking Right-Wing Social Policies Into Their Corporate Tax Cut

Fetuses don’t file 1040s in April, but they still appear in both Republican tax bills. The reason is simple: giving corporations a massive tax cut is great; doing that while advancing the culture war is even better. “Unborn children” are not the only ones who are singled out in one, or both, of the House and […]

10 Things You Should Know About Julian Assange

The founder of Wikileaks was Twitter pals with Donald Trump Jr. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is more loved, and more hated, than ever. And just who is doing the loving and the hating is more complicated than ever.  In his rise...Show More Summary

Black People Are Being Openly Bought and Sold in Libyan Slave Markets

This is happening today. Black Africans are being sold like inanimate objects in slave auctions across Libya. Like so many modern horrors, there is video evidence of this atrocity. Cellphone footage from August, captured in an unidentified Libyan town, documents an outdoor slave market during a sale in progress. Show More Summary

On Black Friday, Face The Music: 'Environmentally Conscious Consumers' Use More Energy and Carbon Than Those Who Are Less Aware

Growth must go on – it’s the political imperative everywhere, and it’s destroying the Earth Everyone wants everything – how is that going to work? The promise of economic growth is that the poor can live like the rich and the rich can live like the oligarchs. Show More Summary

African Americans Are Disproportionately Arrested for Low-Level Marijuana Violations—and the Disparity Is Growing

Blacks are nearly four times more likely than whites to be arrested for minor pot possession violations. According to a groundbreaking 2013 report authored by the American Civil Liberties Union, African Americans in the United States are nearly four times more likely than whites to be arrested for minor marijuana possession violations. Show More Summary

Everything Trump Campaign Told About US About Campaign Connections with Russia Is a Lie

"Everything the Trump campaign told you about the connections between Trump and Russia was a lie." Editor’s Note: The news is coming so fast and furious, from so many sources and in so many fragments, that it takes more than a scorecard to keep up with the Trump-Russia Connection. Show More Summary

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