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Jason Chaffetz Is Fleeing Scandal—But Maybe Not His Own

Jason Chaffetz is so ambitious that his last name is a verb. In the political world, to Chaffetz means to throw a former mentor under the bus in order to get ahead, and various prominent Republicans, from former Utah governor and presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. Show More Summary

Rabbi Jack Moline's Resistance Reading

We asked a range of authors, artists, and poets to name books that bring solace or understanding in this age of rancor. Two dozen or so responded. Here are picks from the Rabbi Jack Moline, president of the Interfaith Alliance. Latest book: Growing Up Jewish Reading recommendations: I can't avoid including the Book of Psalms. Show More Summary

Here Comes the Big Assault on Workers' Rights

Trump and Republicans are pushing a radical Heritage-style agenda that could deliver immediate and long-term harm to workers and unions across the United States—including millions of those who helped elect Trump. Editor's note February...Show More Summary

The Bizarre Experience of Watching Cable News in America on Earth Day

Nobody's Talking About How People Are Getting Rich by Destroying the Planet Just exactly what the hell are they afraid of?  Are the fossil fuel billionaires, corporations, and lobby really so strong that they can cow entire television...Show More Summary

With Le Pen, Trump (and Putin) Are Still Pushing Fascist 'Nationalism'

Fascist themes have emanated from Trump and his circle almost from the beginning of his presidential campaign. Hold the exhalations of relief about the supposed moderation of Donald Trump and the apparent demotion of Steve Bannon, his official strategist. Show More Summary

Bill O'Reilly Ruined the News: 10 Ways He and Fox News Harassed Us All

Bill O’Reilly may be out at Fox News, but we will be feeling the impact of his show for a long time. On Wednesday Fox News announced that it would sever ties with Bill O’Reilly in response to multiple charges of sexual harassment and...Show More Summary

Might the 5 Ex-Presidents Prevent Trump From Making the U.S. Unrecognizable by 2020?

The five living former presidents have a unique moral and political authority. They must use it to admonish a dangerous sitting president. America prides itself on peaceful transitions from one president to the other. No coups. No backstabbing. Show More Summary

Believe It or Not: The New Age and Occult Underpinnings of Trump and Bannon's Ideology

If you think New Age alternative spirituality is solely the domain of lefty hippies, you don't know your history. When my book “Occult America,” a history of supernatural religions in the U.S., appeared in 2009, I was surprised to receive an admiring phone call from a conservative documentarian and financier. Show More Summary

Melania Trump Profile Says She’s ‘Frosty’ With Ivanka and ‘Never Had Any Interest’ in First Lady Job

"She never wanted this, and never had any interest" A profile of First Lady Melania Trump in Vanity Fair magazine paints the former model as bored and disinterested with the duties of First Lady and sources close to Mrs. Trump say that she has been dragged along behind her husband’s political ambitions against her will. Show More Summary

Trump's Education Budget Will Undermine Teaching and Schools

Before Trump, class sizes were already growing. Though much has been written about President Trump’s proposed budget cuts, little has been said about how his largest proposed cut to public schools, the total elimination of $2.4 billion in Title IIA funds, would likely increase class size across the nation. Show More Summary

If You Simply Must Have a Late-Night Snack, Try These Healthy Options

You don't need simple starches and sugars to go bed feeling satisfied. The Body Clock You aren’t just what you eat, but when you eat it, too. Some of the best dieting advice, long before you need to start thinking about calories or food...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's 100 Days Flip-Flop: After Campaigning on A '100-Day Plan,' Trump Now Calls It a 'Ridiculous Standard'

"Americans will be voting for this 100-day plan," Trump said while campaigning in Gettysburg. Less than three weeks before last year’s election, Donald Trump traveled to Gettysburg to lay out his priorities for his first 100 days as president. Show More Summary

Artist Ravi Zupa Takes on Racist Police Killings

Dragons, swords and skeletons help tell the story of police brutality. Amid the daily panic of the Trump administration, artist Ravi Zupa wanted to make sure Americans don't neglect the epidemic of police violence. So he collaborated with Art Responders, a San Francisco-based activist art collective, to create Countdown to Justice. Show More Summary

100 Days of Deconstruction: Part One

At CPAC, Steve Bannon declared that key members of Trump’s Cabinet were “selected for a reason.” In the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, that reason has become clear. At its best, government saves the environment from polluters,...Show More Summary

Driverless Future?

If they ever get the bugs out, autonomous cars will put a lot of human drivers out of work. Five to ten years from now, Uber hopes, the following will be an everyday occurrence: A driverless Uber car pulls up at Nick and Nicole Smith’s house at 7:30 in the morning. Show More Summary

Budweiser Wants You to Sext More

The King of Beers and others are cashing in on the ubiquity of sexting. The ubiquity of sexting has evolved to become not so much private, embarrassing, or particularly intimate, but a business enterprise. In 2010, the Pew Research Center reported six percent of people 18 years old or older had sent a sexually suggestive image to someone else. Show More Summary

Solarcoaster: Workers Very Unhappy With Elon Musk-Owned Solar City and Chaos in the Industry

Former employees are disillusioned by the Wall Street-backed industries focus on sales over employee safety. Co-published by Slate Barely 18 and fresh out of high school, George Estrada was lucky to land a job as a solar installer. He needed work, and the pay — $15 per hour — was not bad for a teenage dad willing to work hard. Show More Summary

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Chameleon Presidency

MOAB sounds more like an incestuous, war-torn biblical kingdom than the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, aka “the mother of all bombs...”

Coal Miners’ Futures in Renewable Energy

Exclusive: President Trump has scored political points by touting coal-mining jobs, but he could create more real jobs in coal country by recognizing the potential for renewable-energy jobs, says Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall If President Trump wants to earn…Read more ?

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