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Joe Scarborough Blisters GOP Congressman for Trying to Sabotage FBI Investigation Into Trump

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"One of the most staggering things I've seen." House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes defended President Trump's wiretapping claims in a press conference on Wednesday, leaving the "Morning Joe" team in shock. "This is oneShow More Summary

Read Our Reporter's Powerful Personal Story on the Real Costs of Repealing Obamacare

Mother Jones reporter Patrick Caldwell is on Capitol Hill today reporting on the upcoming vote to repeal and replace Obamacare. Earlier today, he shared his personal story about his experience with the American healthcare system, and...Show More Summary

Nunes Apologizes to Intel. Committee Members—But Won't Explain His Stunt

On Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the chair of the House intelligence committee, blew up the congressional intelligence oversight process. On Thursday morning, at a private committee meeting, he apologized to his colleagues. Show More Summary

Why Are Republicans So Relentlessly Cruel to the Poor?

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Paul Ryan has dreamed of slashing Medicaid since his keg-party days—and that blithe hostility is widespread. Republican Paul Ryan, like most other members of the United States Congress, is a millionaire. Christa Patton is 68 years old. Show More Summary

Democrats Trade Places on War and McCarthyism

Exclusive: The anti-Russia hysteria gripping the Democratic Party marks a “trading places” moment as the Democrats embrace the New Cold War and the New McCarthyism, flipping the script on Republicans, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry Caught up in the…Read more ?

This One Chart Shows Why Trumpcare Is Such a Disaster for the GOP

The GOP's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare is facing a precarious future. A vote is supposed to happen sometime Thursday in the House of Representatives, but it's still unclear what the bill will actually look like, with moderates...Show More Summary

How Many Lies Can Donald Trump Defend in One Interview?

As President Donald Trump continues to attack the press and cling to baseless wiretapping accusations, a new poll released this week reveals the American public may not accept the president's version of the truth, with 60 percent ofShow More Summary

Report: Republicans Are Making America Sad Again

America is a prosperous nation, but not a super happy one. That's been true for a while. But the policies of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are making matters worse. That's according to the latest "World Happiness Report,"...Show More Summary

Resisting the Trump/Ryan Health Plan

The complex Obamacare system struggled to gain popularity, but now that Republicans are moving to replace it with a less generous program, many medical professionals are irate, reports Dennis J Bernstein. By Dennis J Bernstein President Trump and House Speaker…Read more ?

Samantha Bee Explains Why Trump's America Will Be a Living Hell

The "Full Frontal" host reveals just how dangerous the president's proposed budget really is. Donald Trump's budget may be "hard power" but it's remarkably weak in its support of American families. So concluded Samantha Bee in a dazzling...Show More Summary

The 5 Craziest Quotes from Trump's Bonkers New Time Interview

"I'm president, you're not." President Donald Trump sat down with Time Magazine for an interview this week in which he doubled down on multiple falsehoods that he has said over the course of the past two years. During the interview,Show More Summary

Is the Big Republican Attack on Our Health Care Doomed to Fail?

The clock is ticking for the Republican Party. Thursday’s House action on repealing Obamacare—how the GOP majority votes, or if they postpone—will be a defining moment for the Trump presidency and Congress. As Wednesday closed, vote counters in the capital, such as, listed 25 Republican representatives publicly saying they would vote no. Show More Summary

Big Strike Brewing Against Trump: Coalition of More Than 300,000 Food Workers to Join May Day Showdown

The workers vow to withhold labor on May 1 to protest the Trump administration's "relentless attacks." A network of more than 300,000 farmworkers, servers, cooks and food-manufacturers, including a large local chain of the Service Employees...Show More Summary

Alabama Legislature May Give Fundamentalist Church Its Own Police Force: What Could Go Wrong?

What separation of church and state? Birmingham megachurch wants to hire its own cops, claims innocent motives. Donald Trump’s election didn’t just empower the alt-right troops with their #MAGA hats and Pepe the Frog avatars. The religious...Show More Summary

10 Ways to Speak Truth to Lies in the Trump Era

How to engage, inform, and fight back against falsehoods. In an era of fake news, alternative facts, and downright lies, it’s a daily struggle to promote a positive, inclusive vision for our country that’s rooted in truth and justice. Show More Summary

The American Empire Continues to Barrel Ahead, Despite Trump's Claims and Its Failures Across the Planet

Behind the curtain of the Pentagon's Central Command. By way of explaining his eight failed marriages, the American bandleader Artie Shaw once remarked, “I am an incurable optimist.” In reality, Artie was an incurable narcissist. Utterly devoid of self-awareness, he never looked back, only forward. Show More Summary

Pepsi, McDonalds, Nestlé, Other Major Brands Implicated in Illegal Destruction of Critical Elephant Habitat (Video)

A new investigation links major food corporations to a rogue palm oil company that is ravaging the rainforest. A Rainforest Action Network field investigation team has documented new evidence of large-scale, illegal rainforest destruction within habitat critical to the survival of the Sumatran elephant, tiger and orangutan. Show More Summary

The Trump GOP Prescription for America: Don’t Get Sick

This Republican health care bill would actually kill people who need help most. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump still insists he’s going to Make America Great Again! Mind you, it won’t be a healthy or vigorous America — in fact,...Show More Summary

Is Trump Really at War with the CIA? The Jury Is Still Out

The president's upcoming decision on thousands of still-secret JFK records will be revealing. From the fever swamp of Alex Jones' InfoWars, Jerome Corsi reports that "JFK researchers" are saying President Donald Trump is at risk for assassination because of his differences with the Central Intelligence Agency. Show More Summary

The Best Recipe for Maximizing the Medical Effects of Marijuana

CBD-only preparations lack the synergies available when marijuana's other cannabinoids and its terpenes are kept in the game. CBD (cannabidiol) is getting a lot of attention these days as the medicinal cannabinoid in marijuana. CBD-only...Show More Summary

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