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After the March: How to Take Action in Trump's First 100 Days

56 minutes agoNews / Independent News : AlterNet

Click here for reuse options! The fight against Trumpism has only just begun. On Saturday we marched. This week, the work continues. While the pundits of the world were wringing their hands over the limits of protest, and whether anti-Trump...Show More Summary

The Zionist Record on Refugees

Historically, Zionists have put the interests of Israel over the humanitarian plight of refugees, even in the face of Nazi Germany and now in shying away from offending President Trump, writes Lawrence Davidson. By Lawrence Davidson It is a strange…Read more ?

Trump Declares His Inauguration 'National Day of Patriotic Devotion' in Proclamation Littered with Religious Buzzwords

Click here for reuse options! More troubling signs from the new administration. One of Donald Trump’s first acts as president was to personally issue Proclamation 9570, which designates the day of his inauguration, January 20, 2017 as National Day of Patriotic Devotion. Show More Summary

White House Press Secretary Defends False Statements About Inauguration Crowds

After making several false statements over the weekend about the size of the crowd at President Donald Trump's inauguration, White House press secretary Sean Spicer promised to the media on Monday that he would never intentionally lie to them. Show More Summary

White House Press Secretary Strongly Suggests Trump Will Push Through Dakota Access Pipeline

Click here for reuse options! Sean Spicer strongly hinted it would happen, but didn't offer specifics. During a press conference Monday, White Press Secretary Sean Spicer heavily implied that President Trump would overturn the permit denial that is prohibiting a pipeline from being built through the Standing Rock Reservation in the Dakotas. Show More Summary

Giant Study Shows That—Surprise!—Vaping Entices Non-Smokers

E-cigarettes, long touted as a tool to discourage smoking, are actually doing the opposite, according to a landmark study published Monday in Pediatrics. In this first-of-its kind national analysis, researchers found that the devices...Show More Summary

Republican Ethics Lawyer Suing Trump for Violation of Constitution: 'We Are Fed Up!'

Click here for reuse options! "There's money coming under the table from foreign governments to the president of the United States." President Trump will have held office for just three days before facing yet another lawsuit. The Citizens...Show More Summary

5 Sketchy Facts About Trump's Pick for USDA Chief

Amid the pomp and tumult of inauguration week, you may have missed that President (whoa) Donald Trump at last made his final cabinet pick, naming former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue US Department of Agriculture secretary. At a televised...Show More Summary

Trump Reinstates Global Gag Rule to Cut Off Abortion Funding Abroad

Surrounded by men, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday reinstating the "global gag rule," which bans federal funding for international non-governmental organizations that offer abortions or advocate for the rightShow More Summary

The House Is About to Hand a Big Win to the Anti-Abortion Movement

Since the 1970s, the Hyde Amendment has prohibited the use of federal funds for abortions. The rule has always functioned as a budget rider attached to individual federal appropriations bills. But as early as Tuesday, the House could vote to make it permanent. Show More Summary

Alt-Right Event in Seattle Devolves Into Chaos and Violence Outside, Truth-Twisting Inside

Click here for reuse options! Antifascist protester shot by Trump supporter amid mass counterprotest on UW campus, but Yiannopoulos spins a tale of martyrdom to his audience at end of speaking tour. It was a scene ripe for violence last...Show More Summary

Trump's CIA Pick Said He Was Against Waterboarding. Then He Changed His Tune.

The Senate is set to confirm as the new head of the CIA on Monday a man who is open to revisiting the practice of waterboarding—even if that's not what he told the Senate Intelligence Committee during his confirmation hearing. Rep. Mike...Show More Summary

The New National Debate: Is It Ever OK to Punch a Nazi?

Click here for reuse options! America can't agree on whether violence is an appropriate response to Hitler's ideology. On Friday, Richard Spencer, president of the white nationalist think tank National Policy Institute and advocate for...Show More Summary

Trump's Rhetoric Is Already Colliding With the Reality of His Political Agenda

Click here for reuse options! The contrast between his promises to America's forgotten vs. the greed of the new president and his circle of fat cat appointees is stark. Throughout the campaign and the transition period leading up toShow More Summary

Ethics Experts Just Filed a Lawsuit Accusing Trump of Violating the Constitution

Donald Trump brought many conflicts of interest with him when he moved into the White House last week. Chief among them are the Trump Organization's dealings with foreign power and players, including leasing office space to one Chinese state-owned bank and borrowing money from another. Show More Summary

America’s Putin Derangement Syndrome

Exclusive: The mainstream U.S. media blames Russian President Putin for pretty much everything – from the Mideast mess to Europe’s disorder to the U.S. elections – but the reality is quite different, notes Daniel Lazare. By Daniel Lazare Last week…Read more ?

‘Morning Joe’ Demands President Trump Fire Some Staff: 'The Show Has Begun Really Badly'

Click here for reuse options! “Whoever was encouraging him, goading him to keep fighting about the size of the crowds… should be fired today for the sake of America." President Trump’s first 48 hours in office began with a lie, widely criticized by both the left and the right. Show More Summary

Charles Blow Throws Down the Gauntlet: 'We Dissidents Are Legion'

Click here for reuse options! After Trump was "installed" as president, rousing weekend protests gave some hope. As Charles Blow put it in his Monday column, on January 20th Donald Trump was "installed" as President of the United States. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Reveals How the Trump Presidency Will Get Immeasurably Worse

Click here for reuse options! This weekend's temper tantrum about reality was nothing compared to what's to come. Paul Krugman yearns for a parliamentary system of government in Monday's column. If we had one, Donald Trump would already be facing a vote of no confidence after his abysmal weekend temper tantrum. Show More Summary

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