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In Bed with the Reactionary Saudis

The U.S.-Saudi alliance is no longer just an anachronism. It has become a dangerous anachronism with the Saudis implicating the United States in its brutal sectarian conflicts, such as the wars in Yemen and Syria, and in its reactionary human rights policies, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains. By Paul R. Pillar Saudi King…

Islamist Terror Threat in US Rapidly Growing - Homeland Security Committee

US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee Chairman stressed the rapid grow of the threat posed by ISIL that still remains grave adding that the number of US-based jihadist terror cases in 2015 outweigh those happened in any full year since 9/11.

Syria Crisis Makes Improved US-Russia Relations Possible - Former Official

The Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and chief nuclear arms negotiator said that the Syria crisis' diplomatic talks could trigger a positive change in the US-Russia relationship.

US CENTCOM Refuses to Probe Reports of Civilian Deaths in Syrian Airstrikes

US airstrikes against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group have already allegedly killed hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria. Yet, despite these reports, US central command (CENTCOM) refuses to investigate most of the claims.

Saudi King to Provide Fuel to Yemen, Open Red Sea Ports - White House

Saudi King has committed to provide assistance to Yemen and agreed with Barack Obama to take steps on eradication of the humanitarian crisis in the country, long suffered from the conflict.

Huge Manhunt Shakes MA Town After Cop's (Fabricated) Story of Being Shot At

As conservative politicians and social media commentators rush to call Black Lives Matter activists terrorists, blaming them for reported cop shootings, it was revealed that the Massachusetts cop who reported he was fired at this week made the whole story up.

EU Seeking Discussing Intl Issues With Russia - Belgian Foreign Ministry

Belgian Foreign Minister stated that the European Union is interested in discussing a number of international issues with Russia, which contributed to the Iran Nuclear deal negotiations.

Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Still in Doldrums - Gallup Poll

A recent Gallup poll has revealed that Clinton has the worst slumps in ratings since she left her cabinet of the secretary of state and that could provoke Democratic voters to choose another nominee for the 2016 presidential run.

Russia’s Buildup in Arctic ‘Reasonable’ - State Department

US State Department Representative to the Arctic stated that Russia has 'reasonable' reasons for a buildup along Arctic as long as it possesses a maritime responsibilities towards the peninsula.

Canada's Major Opposition Leader: I'll Legalize Pot 'Right Away' if Elected

Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau announced that, if elected, his government would begin taking action on legalizing marijuana “right away,” stressing that he would strictly regulate the sale of pot should he succeed.

Germany Steps Up to Plate in Handling EU Refugee Crisis

Experts are united in saying that Germany has been doing its best to deal with the migration crisis in Europe, while Austria and Hungary have opted to 'reduce exposure'.

Disease Control Centers Funnels $20Mln to States Hard-Hit by Heroin Plague

The Centers for Disease Control said that 16 US states would receive overall $20 million to combat heroin epidemic over the next four years.

UN Confirms Middle East Quartet to Meet September 30

The United Nations claimed that the Middle East Quartet of foreign ministers to settle Israeli-Palestinian conflict was agreed to meet on September 30.

Pennsylvania Cop Who Hasn't Worked for More Than 20 Years Still Gets Paid

The city of Harrisburg is still currently paying wages to a police officer who has not worked a single day since 1993.

US-Led Coalition Against ISIL Launches 21 Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq - DoD

The Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve stated that the 62-nation US-led coalition continues to attack the ISIL and conducted 21 airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.

Openings Exist for US-Iran Cooperation on Syria - Former Ambassador

Former US Ambassador to Russia and career diplomat Thomas Pickering claimed that the successful negotiation of the Iran nuclear agreement could present an opportunity for the United States to coordinate more openly with Iran on mutual interests in Syria and Iraq.

Hungary to Send Buses to Shuttle Refugees to Austrian Border

The Hungarian government has announced that it will provide buses for refugees en route to the Austrian border.

Denis Pushilin Becomes Interim Speaker of DPR Parliament - Source

A source claimed that Denis Pushilin was elected on Friday interim speaker of the parliament (People's Council) of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine.

WTO Urges Ukrainians to Vaccinate Children Amid Polio Outbreak in Country

Amid the polio virus outbreak in Ukraine, the World Health Organization called for Ukrainians to vaccinate their children against the virus stressing a low level of the immunization coverage in the country.

Two-Thirds Support US-Mexico Border Fence, Majority Opposes US-Canada Fence

A clash of opinions in regards to a fence building with Mexico and Canada has been seen among US respondents: a poll revealed almost 64 percent of respondents eager to vote for a border fence with Mexico while nearly 55 percent are reluctant for the Canada border fence.

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