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Now the Full Story of the Persecution of Julian Assange Can Be Told

Washington’s bid to get Assange is “unprecedented in scale and nature." Julian Assange has been vindicated because the Swedish case against him was corrupt. The prosecutor, Marianne Ny, obstructed justice and should be prosecuted. Her...Show More Summary

Jared Kushner: White House Senior Adviser, Slumlord

A new report depicts Jared Kushner as a ruthless landlord who sues his low-income tenants until their deaths. Everyone is fully aware of Jared Kushner’s multitasking capabilities. The son-in-law of President Donald Trump wears many hats in the White House. Show More Summary

Could a 'Boycott Trump' Movement Change His Policies?

Activists aim to "make hate unprofitable." In normal times, Dee from New York would have ordered her copy of The Handmaid’s Tale from Amazon, but these are not normal times. Amazon is on the Grab Your Wallet list, a campaign to boycott...Show More Summary

Vatican Bigwig Makes the Astounding Prediction That the Pope Will Flip Trump on Climate Change

Pope Francis called climate change "a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation." A senior papal official is confident that Pope Francis will be able to change President Donald Trump's views on climate change when they meet at the Vatican on May 24. Show More Summary

How the 'Alt-Right' Is Weaponizing Irony to Spread Fascism

Experts say the "alt-right" has stormed mainstream consciousness by using "humor" and ambiguity as tactics to wrong-foot their opponents. Earlier this month, hundreds of “alt-right” protesters occupied the rotundaat Boston Common in the name of free speech. Show More Summary

Yet Another Video Shows U.S.-Funded White Helmets Assisting Public Executions in Rebel-Held Syria

The shocking regime change scandal mainstream media refuses to touch. Syria Civil Defense, popularly known as the White Helmets, can be seen in a new video assisting in a public execution in a rebel-held town in Syria. It is at least the second such execution video featuring members of the Nobel Prize-nominated group. Show More Summary

Trump Is Hollowing out Our Democracy, Leaving Us Vulnerable to a True Authoritarian

History tells us a disastrous presidency can make a strongman seem like a reasonable alternative. Well before the Russia scandal became a national soap opera, comparisons between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were a media staple. Trump...Show More Summary

The Alt-Right Is Furious at Trump for His Foreign Trip

Bannon's waning influence on President Trump's foreign policy has not gone unnoticed. Trump's Syria strike, while widely praised in the mainstream media, drew significant backlash from the president's populist base. Now, five weeks later, Trump's first foreign trip has ushered in a new wave of criticism from his core group of supporters. Show More Summary

Why Trump Will Never Recover from His Russia Scandal

The Trump-Russia scandal has metastasized quickly and destructively. A little more than a week ago, I said on CNN and wrote on Facebook that — based on reporting I’d just completed in Washington DC — it was clear that the controversy surrounding Russian contacts with advisers to President Donald J. Show More Summary

What an Indian Reservation Can Teach Us About Trauma

Pine Ridge offers an inspiring, hopeful contrast to the dysfunction of Washington. South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is the site of the 19th-century Wounded Knee Massacre and the 20th-century American Indian Movement rebellion. Show More Summary

The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth

The death of Lauren Bloomstein, a neonatal nurse, in the hospital where she worked illustrates a profound disparity: The health care system focuses on babies but often ignores their mothers. This story was co-published with NPR. AS A NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE NURSE, Lauren Bloomstein had been taking care of other people’s babies for years. Show More Summary

The Inhumanity of the American Bail System

For Chicago's poor, who can't afford attorneys, bail hearings often don't last longer than a few seconds—and may keep them in jail for want of a few hundred dollars. On the afternoon of June 4, 2016, a pleasant Chicago Saturday, Carmelita Woods was the last family member to come out of Cook County Central Bond Court. Show More Summary

The Best Sex Advice I Never Got

Growing up in a sex therapist's house didn't make me a goddess in bed, and neither did the internet. As the daughter of a sex therapist, the question I am most often asked at cocktail parties and in the carpool line is: What was it like...Show More Summary

Trump Is Asking for $4.6 Billion for His Immigration Crackdown

While he's still waiting for Mexico to agree to pay for his "big, beautiful" border wall, President Donald Trump is asking for $1.6 billion for, as Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney put it, the barrier's "bricksShow More Summary

Woman Maces Three Wendy's Workers During Dispute Over Fresh French Fries

Today's episode of drive-thru rage comes to us from Coon Rapids, Minnesota. read more

Coworkers Nabbed For Threesome

Police: Mississippi trio caught in act on restaurant's outdoor deck The defendants, cops say, were collared for engaging in sexual activity in broad daylight at Triple D's Landing, an eatery that was closed at the time of the tryst. read more

Robert Reich: Trump’s Budget Is Cruel and Deviant

We are a better nation than this. For years, conservatives warned that liberals were “defining deviancy downward.” They said that by tolerating bad social behavior, liberals in effect lowered what was deemed acceptable behavior overall...Show More Summary

There's Finally a Dollar Amount Attached to How Much Trump Hates the EPA

President Donald Trump reserves a special level of antipathy for the Environmental Protection Agency. He campaigned on eliminating the EPA "in almost every form," and his budget director, Mick Mulvaney, declared that its climate change...Show More Summary

Trump Budget Proposal Would Circumvent Courts to Target Undocumented Immigrants

Included in the White House's budget proposal is language that would allow the administration to circumvent a court order and take away funds from state and local governments that protect undocumented immigrants. The little-noticed provision,...Show More Summary

Here's How Trump's New Budget Screws Everyone but the Filthy Rich

In a plan entitled "The New Foundation for American Greatness," the Trump administration released their full budget proposal on Tuesday morning, which outlined an extreme schedule of tax cuts for the next 10 years amounting to a total...Show More Summary

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