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Colbert Begs Trump Not to Mass Text Americans — In a Musical Number

Click here for reuse options! "Mr. Twump, please don't tap my phone." "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert has some bad news for Americans wishing to tune out Donald Trump's tweets: Enjoy your freedom this month. Dissecting the President-elect's social media use has become a mainstream media obsession. Show More Summary

Accused Dealer Arrested In Perfect T-Shirt

Arkansas man, 31, was charged following search of his residence Timothy Williams, whose rap sheet includes multiple felony convictions, was wearing an unfortunate message t-shirt when his El Dorado home was raided. Who Needs Drugs? read more

Bush’s Iraq Lies, Uncontested, Will Haunt Us Under Trump

Click here for reuse options! Reminder: Iraq posed absolutely no threat to the United States. The CODEPINK Tribunal taking place December 1 and 2, and live streamed by The Real News, is a historic collection of testimonies about the lies and costs of the Iraq war. Show More Summary

About Face: The Pentagon Could Roll Back Soldiers' Rights Under Trump

At a town hall meeting held by a small veterans' political action committee in October, a retired Army colonel named Don Bartholomew stood up to ask then-Republican nominee Donald Trump what he would do to fix what he called "the social...Show More Summary

2016 Was Amazing in One Respect

This year has been a rough one, characterized by political catastrophe and the deaths of great musicians: David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Sharon Jones, and more. One way I've coped is by cooking while listening to favorite songs from these fallen geniuses—and a bumper crop of great cookbooks has been a great comfort. Show More Summary

Here Are the Sanctuary Cities Ready to Resist Trump's Deportation Threats

President-elect Donald Trump still has about two months to go before he is inaugurated, but pockets of resistance to his mass immigrant deportation plan are already emerging across the country. Since his election, local officials in at least 18 major "sanctuary" cities have pledged to limit their cooperation with federal immigration officials. Show More Summary

Mike Pence's Voucher Program in Indiana Was a Windfall for Religious Schools

One of Vice President-elect Mike Pence's pet projects as governor of Indiana was expanding school choice vouchers, which allow public money to pay for private school tuition. President-elect Donald Trump has said he'd like to expandShow More Summary

Here's How to Save Obamacare

Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law. In fact, he vowed to ask Congress to deliver a full repeal "on day one." Can he do that? Well, no one can stop him from asking. But can Congress make it happen? Even a Republican Congress? The answer turns out to be sort of complicated. Show More Summary

13 Top Theories for How Trump Won and Why Clinton Lost: What's Your Theory?

Click here for reuse options! Everyone is still debating what happened. It’s now three weeks since Donald Trump won the presidential election, and people are still reeling. In an election that shocked the world and scrambled people’s...Show More Summary

Epic Battle: Sanders' Social Democracy vs. Trump's Authoritarian Doctrine

Click here for reuse options! What Trump's semi-success at the Carrier plant means for the future. President-elect Trump scored a remarkable victory by saving 1,000 of the 2,100 jobs that Carrier and its parent company, United Technologies, were outsourcing to Mexico. Show More Summary

How to Save the Planet From Donald Trump

Click here for reuse options! It’s quite possible that we’ve lost our best chance to combat climate change, writes Bill McKibben, but we must try to contain the damage. We’re going to be dealing with an onslaught of daily emergencies during the Trump years. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Scariest Pick So Far? Right-Wing Fruitcake Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser

Click here for reuse options! Beyond his hateful comments on Islam, Michael Flynn subscribes to a whole range of terrifying far-right theories. From the looks of it, Donald Trump plans to staff his administration with every plutocrat and retired general he’s ever met. Show More Summary

The Election That Changed Everything and Could Prove History’s Deal-Breaker

Click here for reuse options! We're in danger of ushering in a new era of kleptocracy. For decades, Washington had a habit of using the Central Intelligence Agency to deep-six governments of the people, by the people, and for the people...Show More Summary

Stop Normalizing Hate: Reactionary White Nationalism Doesn’t Equal ‘Populism’

Click here for reuse options! The media constantly downplays the rise of white nationalism. The process by which the media continue to normalize President-elect Donald Trump and the extreme elements that now define his pending administration is achieved story-by-story, headline-by-headline, and even adjective-by-adjective. Show More Summary

Cornel West on Donald Trump: This Is What Neo-Fascism Looks Like

Click here for reuse options! On Tuesday, Donald Trump named Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, to be Treasury Secretary. President-elect Donald Trump has announced a handful of new cabinet picks with deep ties to Wall Street. Show More Summary

What Is the Most Popular Sex Position?

Click here for reuse options! A new survey sheds light on what sex looks like behind closed doors. Defining sex is easy, but having it is slightly more complicated—namely, because there are a lot of different ways to get it on. But is there a crowd favorite out there? According to Dr. Show More Summary

GOP Suddenly a Wee Bit Nervous About Privatizing Medicare?

Click here for reuse options! Chuck Schumer: "We say to our Republicans who want to privatize Medicare, we say: go try it. Make our day." Donald Trump promised to protect it. Paul Ryan wants to dismantle it as does Rep. Tom Price, Trump's pick to head the Health and Human Services Department. Show More Summary

MDMA Could Be on the Market Legally by 2021

Click here for reuse options! Researchers are seeking to "fast-track" medical Ecstasy for approval as a psychotherapeutic agent within five years.     MDMA could be on the market legally by 2021 Medical ecstasy isn't far off Kripos_NCIS...Show More Summary

Mississippi Woman Knocked Unconscious in Kroger Baking Aisle for Asking How to Make a Pie

Click here for reuse options! This violence was so uncalled for. A Mississippi woman said that she was assaulted in a Kroger grocery store because she asked a man how to make a pie. Nia Jones told WMC that she visited a Kroger store in Southaven to buy some last-minute Thanksgiving supplies. Show More Summary

Even After Trump, Left Still Using 'Weasel Words' to Conceal Truth

The Left is still obsessed with "messaging," even after the tactic was exposed and rejected.

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