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9/11 Prompted Russia to Cancel Nuclear Forces' Drills - Ex-Defense Minister

The 9/11 tragedy pushed Moscow to cancel its planned SNF drills so as "not to make the Americans nervous".

Extremists Kill 30 Civilians in Captured Northwest Syrian Town – Reports

The Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, seized large parts of Syrian city Jisr al-Shughour on Saturday.

'Nonsense': London Mayor Denies Claims of Future Conservative Leadership

London Mayor Boris Johnson denied media reports on Sunday that the UK Conservatives' donors wanted him to take over the party.

5 Reasons Why the Chernobyl Disaster Got So Out of Control

On the 29th anniversary of the April 26, 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, we look at the reasons behind the accident, how it was managed and what challenges it faces today.

The central delusion of the Christian right: Americans aren’t really churchgoers after all

New research reveals we're not the nation of Bible thumpers Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee like to tell themselves

Menace on Tracks: Russian T-14 Armata Tank Revealed

The new Russian T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank (MBT) will likely steal the show at the 2015 Moscow Victory Parade on May 9.

Hundreds of Australians Unaccounted for in Nepal - Foreign Affairs Dep't

About 300 Australians are unaccounted for in Nepal after Saturday’s massive earthquake, the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Sunday.

Nineteen Bodies Recovered From Everest After Quake-Triggered Avalanche

Nineteen bodies were recovered from Mount Everest, following an avalanche triggered by an earthquake in Nepal, the spokesperson for Indian Defense Ministry said Sunday.

Dozens of Taliban Militants Killed in Afghanistan

Forty-one militants were killed, 28 wounded and one was detained as the Afghan army continued its mop-up operations to purge the country's restive provinces of Islamist radicals, the country’s defense ministry said in a statement Sunday.

Tehran at a Glance: A Fusion of Modern and Ancient History

The origin of Tehran’s name is debatable. One version states that that it is translated as “foot of slope,” as the city is located on the southern slope of Mount Tochal. Another hypothesis suggests that the name denotes the dwelling of the god of rain in the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism.

Russia Uncovered Direct Links Between US Intel, Caucasus Militants - Putin

Russian Rossiya-1 TV channel will aired a documentary titled "The President" dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Vladimir Putin's accession to the presidency on April 26.

Insurer's Nightmare: Bugatti Hits Ferrari

Repairing a scratch on such a car's bumper costs more than a salary in some countries.

Merkel Knew German Intelligence Was Spying on German Companies for US

Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service has been spying for US intelligence agencies for years. Merkel's Office should have been informed in 2008 about this practice, but the federal government has not undertaken any corresponding measures, a German magazine wrote.

Battalion of Ukrainian Nationalists Refuses to Come Under Army’s Command

According to Commander Nikolai Kokhanivsky, the decision was made taking into account that battalion forces were roughly disarmed and dismissed in violation of all the agreements with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Malaysian Police Arrest 12 for Plotting ‘Chaos’ Ahead of ASEAN Summit

Twelve people have been arrested in Malaysia for allegedly planning “chaos,” local police said Sunday, just one day before the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit is set to kick off in the country.

Israeli Spy Plane Violates Lebanon’s Airspace – Lebanese Army

An Israeli reconnaissance plane briefly violated Lebanese airspace early on Saturday, overflying parts of the country’s south, the Lebanese Army said Sunday.

Economic Stability in Ukraine Unattainable Without Russia – Steinmeier

In a leaked letter the German Foreign Minister urged the European Union not to neglect the role of Russia in the settlement of the Ukrainian financial crisis.

Death Toll in Massive Nepal Earthquake Exceeds 2,200

Over 2,200 people have died as a result of a powerful earthquake that shook Nepal Saturday, media reported Sunday.

Chinese Honor Guard Arrives in Moscow for First Time Ever

The Chinese army's Honor Guard has arrived in Moscow for the first time ever in what the country's ambassador calls a new stage in inter-military ties.

Ukraine Marks 29th Anniversary of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Ukraine is marking the 29th anniversary of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster when a power surge blew the roof off a reactor, spewing radioactive clouds across Russia, and Eastern Europe.

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