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That's Not Real Cocaine! 6 Drugs and the Fakes Movie Prop Masters Use to Imitate Them

Click here for reuse options! What's really going up an actor's nose or in her arm in the movies? Jonah Hill recently recounted a tale of drug-inspired woe from his days on the set of the 2013 movie The Wolf of Wall Street. It didn't...Show More Summary

Pepe's Post-Debate Identity Crisis: Online Alt-Right Turns on Donald Trump After His Presidential Debate Fiasco

Click here for reuse options! The alt-right has turned on Donald Trump: "Our only mission... was for the lulz." Despite finding Donald Trump’s performance unsatisfactory, 4chan and Reddit users, according to various news reports, banded...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Tries to Justify Trump Endorsement to a Furious Glenn Beck

Click here for reuse options! "Why not just cover me with a bucket of blood?" Beck shouts at listeners. On Friday, Ted Cruz officially endorsed Donald Trump and the news did not sit well with Glenn Beck, who had campaigned for Cruz during...Show More Summary

Attention, Men: Bright Light Could Lead to Better Sex

Click here for reuse options! A new study suggests sexual satisfaction can be related to circadian rhythms and seasons. Morning light may help get us up and out of bed, but that's not be the only thing it helps. According to a new study, bright light can actually lead to more satisfying sex for men. Show More Summary

If Christie Saw Something, He Should Have Said Something

Click here for reuse options! The stakes are high in New Jersey. In Newark federal court this week, there’s a lot more on trial than just the two defendants, former Christie administration staffer Bridget Anne Kelly, and former top Port Authority executive Bill Baroni. Show More Summary

U.S. Mining Company Defends Deploying Hired Thugs Against Indigenous Farmers in Peru

Click here for reuse options! Similar attacks on environmental defenders are mounting throughout Central and South America. The Denver-based Newmont Mining Corporation was hit with negative press last week following reports that itsShow More Summary

Eligible but Got Nothing: Hundreds of Thousands of People with Disabilities Blocked from College Aid

Click here for reuse options! When offices set up to assist people with disabilities become obstacles. QUEENS, N.Y. — Wendy Thompson always knew she wanted her son to go to college, but she didn’t realize so many people would disagree. Show More Summary

Walmart, Nike and Others Decline to Back $40 Monthly Wage Hike in Cambodia’s Garment Industry

Click here for reuse options! Cambodia is a popular spot for American and European brands to subcontract production of textiles and shoes. Major Western retailers sourcing clothing from Cambodia—a country marked by authoritarian rule and...Show More Summary

Rosie O'Donnell Blasts 'Orange Anus' Donald Trump After His Attack on Her During Debate

Click here for reuse options! "Sit and spin, my friend." Comedian Rosie O’Donnell hit back at Republican presidential nominee and former reality TV star Donald Trump after he lashed out at her during Monday night’s presidential debate. Show More Summary

Trump’s Missed Debate Opportunities

Donald Trump missed chances in the first debate, including failure to exploit a U.S. intelligence report that cited U.S. support for an Islamic State forerunner, part of Hillary Clinton’s scheme for Syrian “regime change,” notes Joe Lauria. By Joe Lauria…Read more ?

CCA Plans Layoffs and CEO Pay Cuts As Its Stock Keeps Dropping

The Corrections Corporation of America, the nation's second largest private prison company, announced today that it will eliminate 50 to 55 full-time positions—approximately 12 percent of the corporate workforce—at its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Show More Summary

Why Did Trump and Clinton Ignore Syria Last Night?

Even by the already horrific standards of the Syrian civil war, the violence in the city of Aleppo during the past week has been brutal. Russian and Syrian government airstrikes killed more than 300 people, targeted the last vital scraps...Show More Summary

Climate Change Got 82 Seconds in the Presidential Debate

This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. One minute and 22 seconds were spent on climate change and other environmental issues in Monday’s presidential debate—and that was pretty much all Hillary Clinton talking. Show More Summary

Congressman Steve King Expresses Overt White Supremacist Sympathies, Backs European Fascists

Click here for reuse options! Iowa Republican tweets white nationalist phrase, "Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end.” Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) appears to be going public as an outright white supremacist. On September...Show More Summary

Clinton’s Faulty New Scheme to ‘Fight’ ISIS

Exclusive: Even as Hillary Clinton pushes a new scheme for defeating ISIS, the reality is that contradictory U.S. policies in the Mideast that she helped formulate are fueling the growth of jihadi extremism, writes Daniel Lazare. By Daniel Lazare Hillary…Read more ?

Clinton Toned Down Her Hawkishness

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton’s strongest point in Monday’s debate may have been what she didn’t say, as she avoided a return to her hawkish rhetoric that has alienated many anti-war Democrats, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry By most traditional standards…Read more ?

6 Conservative Talking Heads Who Say Trump Bombed

Click here for reuse options! Not even their hate for Hillary can compel these conservatives to say Trump won the debate. Donald Trump’s debate performance was bad; so says the general consensus among even casual political observersShow More Summary

Law Enforcement and Prevention of Terrorism

Reaffirming our common security values, Interview with Colonel Alain Bergonzoli / Migration on the Swiss South border – rules also apply for migrants, by Marianne Wüthrich / Are legal vacuums developing in Switzerland? Police calls for...Show More Summary

Fighting Resumes in Syria, but a Negotiated Truce Remains the Only Alternative, by Webster G. Tarpley

Kerry Pledges to Pursue “Every Avenue of Progress”; Russian Officials Note Deep Factionalization of U.S. Government Between State Department Realists and Utopian Pentagon Circles of Ashton Carter; JCS Chair Gen. Dunford Concedes He Can't...Show More Summary

PSYOPs: Operation Syria, by Manlio Dinucci

While the emirate of Qatar promotes international tour of an exhibition on the crimes attributed to the Syrian Arab Republic, Manlio Dinucci recalls —with supporting documents—, what we really know about this conflict.

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