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Federal Refugee and Asylum Officials Criticize Trump's Muslim Travel Ban as Ill-Informed and Un-American

The union representing 11,000 DHS officials files a Supreme Court brief and wants to resume vetting refugees. The union representing 11,000 Department of Homeland Security employees who screen foreign refugees and asylum seekers hasShow More Summary

With Trump on Your Mind, Explore What Makes a Jerk a Jerk

Ten trapdoors that prevent careful exploration of bad behavior. Obsessed with some particularly obnoxious politician or just bothered by someone persistently awful in your life? If so, take the opportunity to do some exploring and learning, but beware. Show More Summary

Activists Rally in Last Push to Kill Trumpcare

Click here for reuse options! Republicans are counting on burnout; let's show them we're ready to fight. Republican leaders' thirst for depriving millions of health care remains unquenched. With a make-or-break September 30 deadlineShow More Summary

NFL Stars Defy Breitbart Haters on Colin Kaepernick

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers say the quarterback’s protest politics shouldn’t keep him off the field. In a few short years, Colin Kaepernick has gone from quarterback of the future to spokesman for social justice. But what he would really like right now is to be is an employed football player—and more and more of his fellow NFL players agree. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Took $107 Million Promised to Charities... And Kept It

The money hasn't gone to help anyone but Trump. Occupying the White House has proven lucrative for Donald Trump. He’s been able to charge the Secret Service hundreds of thousands for rental space and golf carts. He’s been able to turn his Washington Hotel into a place where the emoluments clause is put to constant test. Show More Summary

How Depressed Are the People of Europe? You Would Be Surprised Which Country Tops the List

The data revealed the percentage of depression sufferers in the UK was more than double that of people in Greece, Italy and Poland. British people are among the most depressed people in the Western world, according to new data.  TheShow More Summary

Fake Planet's Apocalyptic Prediction Gains Internet Cache on YouTube

An amateur astronomer claims Nibiru, an invented planet, threatens to hit earth in days, and thwarts public attention from more important matters. On Saturday, September 23, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter will conjoin in the constellation of Virgo. Show More Summary

What Is Marijuana Doing to Your Penis?

All about erections, sperm count, orgasms and other issues. Since marijuana is one of the most popular recreational drugs on the planet, scientists have been interested to know what all that consumption may be doing to the sexual experience. Show More Summary

Bill Nye on Powerful Hurricanes: 'This Is Probably the Future'

Climate change is the culprit. Bill Nye delved into the debate between hurricanes and climate change in recent interviews. When asked by TMZ if Harvey and Irma—as well as Jose and Katia, two other dangerous hurricanes swirling in the...Show More Summary

Is There a Single Food That You Can Survive on Forever?

Potatoes are close, but not close enough. Potatoes are close, but not close enough. Potatoes are awesome, but not enough to live off of them forever. Deposit photos For all of 2016, Andrew Taylor ate only potatoes. There were a few caveats: He ate both white potatoes and sweet ones, and sometimes mixed in soymilk, tomato sauce, salt and herbs. Show More Summary

Republican Governors Have Created a Fake News Site Masquerading as a Legitimate Publication

Even GOP strategists concede it's propaganda. Never underestimate Republicans’ willingness to pull out a shovel when it seems they’ve hit rock bottom. For proof one need look no further than the Free Telegraph, a website purposely constructed...Show More Summary

Latino Officials Arrested in Dream Act Protest Outside Trump Tower

The stakes have been raised in the fight to protect DACA. While Donald Trump was threatening to destroy North Korea in his first major speech to the United Nations, Reps. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) and Raul Grijalva...Show More Summary

Trump Is Using Campaign Funds to Pay Mounting Legal Bills in Russia Investigation

Donald Trump is using donations to his reelection campaign and from the Republican National Committee to foot the legal bills associated with the ongoing probe into his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, according to two sources who spoke to Reuters.  One source noted that some of the funds for these legal bills […]

Trump Falls in Line with Interventionism

Exclusive: President Trump’s U.N. speech showed that despite his America First rhetoric, his policies are virtually the same as the neocon strategies of George W. Bush and liberal interventionism of Barack Obama, says Robert Parry. By Robert Parry In discussing…Read more ?

An Escalating North Korea Crisis

With President Trump demeaning North Korea’s leader as “Rocket Man” and threatening to “totally destroy” North Korea, tensions over Kim Jong Un’s nuclear missile program grow worse, as Dennis J Bernstein reports. By Dennis J Bernstein The United Nations Security…Read more ?

How Trump’s Top Lawyer Angered Senate Investigators

In a move that appeared to backfire, President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer and defender, Michael Cohen, angered lawmakers from both parties on Tuesday by issuing a lengthy statement just before he was scheduled to be interviewed privately by Senate intelligence committee staffers in connection with the spiraling Russia scandal. Show More Summary

Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Russia Says Trump Is Wrong About Russia

During his confirmation hearing today for the post of ambassador to Russia, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman made clear that, unlike President Trump, he believes that Russia interfered in the US election. “There is no question, underline no question, that the Russian government interfered in the US election last year, and Moscow continues to meddle in […]

There Are No Good Options When It Comes to North Korea. Here’s Why.

President Trump stood in front of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning to warn of North Korea’s total destruction if it threatened the US with force. “The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself, or it’s allies,” he said, “We will have no choice but […]

St. Louis Police Ripped for 'Alarming,' Unconstitutional Treatment of Demonstrators

Officers loudly mocked protest chants after making a series of arrests. Members of law enforcement and civil libertarians were strongly critical of the tactics and behavior of the St Louis police department amid protests over the acquittal of a white officer in the 2011 shooting death of a black man. Show More Summary

Stephen Miller Censors Internal Report on Refugees to Push Nakedly Xenophobic Agenda

The Trump administration ignores hard data proving refugees benefit the country economically. The Trump administration is suppressing an internal executive branch report that found refugees admitted into the U.S. add billions to federal...Show More Summary

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