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The Manchester Bombing is Blowback from the West’s Disastrous Interventions and Covert Proxy Wars

How the US and UK helped bring jihadists like Salem Abedi to Libya and Syria The heinous suicide bombing by British-born Salman Abedi of an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester was not merely the work of an “evil loser,” as Donald Trump called it. Show More Summary

5 of the Most Dangerous and Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories Spread by Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is now losing advertisers due to the blunder. But it's been years in the making. Much to Sean Hannity's dismay, Fox News issued a long-awaited retraction on Tuesday of a story involving slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich pushed heavily by the host. Show More Summary

How Trump's Budget Would Gut the Economy: Massive Cuts to Medicaid and Food Stamps Will Have Devastating Ripple Effects

Federal spending on health care and food stimulates the economy — and losing those dollars will hurt most Americans. Despite his populist rhetoric on the campaign trail, Donald Trump revealed with his proposal for the federal budget that...Show More Summary

Sean Hannity Takes Abrupt Vacation as Advertisers Continue to Flee His Fox News Show

At least seven different advertisers have agreed to stop buying ads on his TV show, including, USAA and Crowne Plaza Hotels. Fox News host Sean Hannity is taking an early vacation this week right as advertisers have started fleeing his show. Show More Summary

Leading Right-Wing Think Tank Caught Circulating White Nationalist Propaganda Over 2,000 Times

Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) executive director Mark Krikorian has some answering to do. The surprising Electoral College victory of President Donald Trump has been like winning the lottery for nativist extremists and other fringe groups. Show More Summary

Christian Sex Advice Websites Offer a Peek Into Evangelical Politics

Try to make evangelism sexy. On May 4, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that allows churches and religious leaders to explicitly endorse or oppose a political candidate without penalty to their nonprofit, tax-exempt status. Show More Summary

Our Identities and Political Thinking Are Formed in Our Free Time, Which Is Constantly Shrinking

We get our deepest and most important thinking done in solitude in our free time. But that condition is less and less available to us. The following is an excerpt from the new book The Aesthetic Imperative: Writings on Art by Peter Sloterdijk...Show More Summary

Here Are the Results for Montana's Body-Slamming-Marred Special Election

Update 12:50am ET Friday, May 26, 2016: The race has been called for Republican Greg Gianforte. On Thursday voters in Montana went to the polls in a special election to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who left Congress in March. Show More Summary

Trump’s Saudi/Israeli First Foreign Policy

President Trump boasts about his America First foreign policy committed to “jobs, jobs, jobs,” except when he parrots the Saudi-Israeli hatred of Iran, a hostility that hurts U.S. interests and costs jobs, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. By Paul…Read more ?

Trump Plunges Deeper in Mideast Chaos

Sales of more U.S. weapons to Saudi Arabia may portend more chaos in the Middle East but President Trump justifies the move with his rhetoric about “jobs, jobs, jobs,” as Trita Parsi explained at Middle East Eye. By Trita Parsi…Read more ?

Here Are the Results for Montana's Body-Slamming-Marred Special Election

On Thursday voters in Montana went to the polls in a special election to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who left Congress in March. (See below for the results, beginning at 7 p.m. PT.) The race was marred by a fishing-hole dispute,...Show More Summary

Jared Kushner Is Reportedly Under FBI Scrutiny for Meetings With Russians

Jared Kusher, the husband of President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka and one of the president's top advisers in the White House, is "now a focus in the [FBI's] Russia investigation," according to a Washington Post report published Thursday evening. Show More Summary

If You Have a Preexisting Condition, the GOP Health Care Bill Is Even Worse Than You Thought

When Republican lawmakers face criticism over their plan to allow states to dismantle protections for people with preexisting conditions, they have a pretty standard response. Their Obamacare repeal bill, they insist, would only allow insurers to jack up prices on sick people if those people haven't maintained continuous health coverage. Show More Summary

New Report Details What Dirty Tricks Russian Cyber Hackers Use to Spread Lies and Mayhem

Citizen Lab, a Toronto-based human rights research group that focuses on cyber security and surveillance, issued a report Thursday offering a detailed look at what they call an "extensive Russia-linked phishing and disinformation campaign"...Show More Summary

Alabama's Republican Governor Just Helped Thousands of Felons Get Their Voting Rights Back

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a law on Wednesday that could restore voting rights to thousands of felons, many of them African American, in a state where about 250,000 people are disenfranchised because of their criminal records. TheShow More Summary

Officer's First Question to Immigrant in Accident: 'You Illegal?'

In Trump's America, only citizens get help from the police. Instead of offering to help a man who had been knocked off his bicycle by a pickup truck, a Florida police officer quizzed him on his immigration status. Univision first reported the story after obtaining the officer’s body camera footage. Show More Summary

Georgia Civil War Museum Shuts Down Rather Than Surrender Its Confederate Flags

Museum curators blame political correctness run amok. Rather than comply with a request to remove Confederate flags from public property, a Civil War museum in Georgia is shutting down. In a Facebook message, board members of the Nash Farm Battlefield and Museum lamented that the venue will shutter on June 1. Show More Summary

Right-Wing Media Jump to Defend Montana Candidate After He Assaults a Reporter

After Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for Congress in Montana, was charged with assaulting a journalist, some right-wing media figures and outlets immediately came to his defense, attacking the reporter as a “hack." MontanaShow More Summary

Reince Priebus Is 'Nervous' Comey Will Drop Another 'Damning' Memo—or That Trump Might 'Blurt It Out'

White House officials are starting to realize the Russia probe, and fallout over the administration’s attempts to push back against the investigation, isn’t going away. Reince Priebus could be the next Trump administration official implicated in what appears to be a White House cover-up. Show More Summary

Defense Attorney Arrested for Telling Rape Victim She Would Be Deported by Trump If She Testified

“You know how things are with Trump’s laws now; someone goes to court, and boom, they get taken away." A defense attorney in Baltimore has been arrested after he allegedly told a rape victim that the Trump administration would have her deported if she testified against his client. Show More Summary

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