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New US Sanctions: 'This is Deliberate Provocation Against Putin'

The US has imposed further sanctions against Russia over the events in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Washington's blacklist has been expanded to include eleven additional individuals and fifteen companies. Francis Boyle from the University of Illinois College of Law talked to Radio Sputnik about the new sanctions and their consequences.

High Stakes: France Risks Its Honor, Pride Over Failed Mistral Deal

If French President Francois Hollande fails to secure the Mistral deal with Russia, he will have to explain the decision in front of the entire French nation, Thierry Mariani and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, members of the French Union for a Popular Movement party, said in an official letter addressed to Hollande, according to Atlantico website.

US Imports of Russian Oil Hit 3-Year High – Media

US imports of Russian crude oil in the past two months have reached their highest level in three years, British media reported on Saturday.

Iran to Buy 90 Planes Annually to Revamp Ageing Fleet

Tehran plans to purchase around 90 Boeing and Airbus planes every year in a bid to upgrade its ageing fleet of commercial airliners, a senior aviation official said on Saturday.

1,300 People Die in Iraq in July Amid ISIL Violence

Baghdad and the ISIL-controlled Anbas governorate have borne the brunt of the casualties.

Georgia to Ask Again to Put Saakashvili on Interpol’s Wanted List

Earlier, Interpol refused to issue a warrant for the former Georgian president and withdrew a warrant for former defense minister David Kezerashvili, the Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office said.

France Should Compensate UK Losses Over Calais Crisis - UK Labour Party

Harriet Harman called on David Cameron to request compensation from Paris, as the Calais migrant crisis inflicted damage on UK businesses.

Georgia Seeks to Repair Relations With Russia

Tbilisi wants to restore ties with Moscow and does not hope for NATO membership in the near future.

China’s Growing Maritime Power May Look Like Mini US Navy by 2020

China’s determination to become what President Xi Jinping called a “great maritime power” and how the United States should respond has received a lot of media attention.

Disenchanted Ukrainian Army 'Expressing Admiration for Right Sector'

The honeymoon phase seems to have long since ended: soldiers fighting in eastern Ukraine are increasingly disillusioned and angry with Kiev authorities, who left the army and the country hanging, and praise ultranationalists for their alleged bravery and fighting skills.

Baby Sloth Raised by Teddy Bear at London Zoo

Edward the baby sloth was born seven weeks ago, but his mom stopped lactating and has been unable to care for him.

Lavrov to Discuss Syria, Yemen, Libya Crises, ISIL Threat on Qatar Visit

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will discuss the crises in Syria, Yemen and Libya, as well as international efforts to fight extremism with Qatari leadership during his visit to Doha, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturda...

EU Spends Millions due to Impact of Anti-Russian Sanctions

The EU again has to transfer millions euros from taxpayers’ money to farmers as compensation for the damage caused by the sanctions. The sanctions cost European countries a fortune. More than 155 million euros have already been allocated for support measures between September 2014 and June 2015.

Murdered Palestinian Toddler's Family Remains in Critical Condition

The father, mother and brother of a Palestinian toddler who was burned to death remain in critical condition, according to local media.

Russian MiG-31s Perform Unique Non-Stop Flight With Three Aerial Refuelings

A flight of Russian MiG-31 interceptor jets successfully performed an unprecedented operation: they covered more than 4,000 km with three air refuelings.

Maximum Tolerance: Owl Does Not Care Being Attacked by Birds

This majestic-looking bird looks so bored that it sees no point in reacting to anything around.

Menace in the Air: US Homeland Security Department Warns of Drone Terror

The US Department of Homeland Security reportedly informed law enforcement agencies that drones might be used for attacks.

Two Better Than One: Egypt to Open New Suez Canal Thursday

The new waterway is expected to decrease the transition time for ships from 22 to 11 hours, and provide more jobs in Egypt.

EU Farmers Lost €5.5 Billion From Russian Food Import Ban – Unions

The trade embargo from Russia has cost European farmers an estimated 5.5 billion euros in lost revenue, a senior trade union official complained on Friday.

Ukraine, Netherlands Seek Alternative MH17 Investigation Plan

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has discussed with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte alternative proposals on establishing an international judicial inquiry to investigate the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 disaster.

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