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People’s War in India Clippings 3/7/2015

Suspended professor accused of Maoist links released on bail Suspended Delhi University professor G N Saibaba who was lodged in the central prison here after being accused of Maoist links was released today after he was granted temporary bail for three months by the Bombay High Court. The wheel-chair bound English lecturer was [...]

'Grassroots Movement Working': Bernie Sanders Gains on the Clinton Machine

The Vermont senator is winning over progressive voters and has raised millions in small donations. What began as a progressive pipe dream – that a rabble-rousing senator from the nation’s second least populous state could wrest the Democratic...Show More Summary

Thousands Gather in Athens Ahead of Key Referendum

The legacy of political steadfastness and deadlock discussions between the Greek government and the Troika are fast becoming visible on the streets of Greece.

EU to Make Example Out of 'Non-Conventional' Syriza to Deter Other Revolts

It is hard to understand the troika of international creditors' insistence on deep austerity and recessionary policies that have failed in Greece over the past five years, according to the head of the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy.

Fox News Fan Sniffs Out Home Intruder

Cops: Woman, 66, said she noticed channel was changed JULY 3--A 66-year-old South Carolina woman called 911 today to report that she realized an intruder had been in her apartment because the TV had been Fox News Sleuth read more

Twilight of the homophobes: 2 ways anti-LGBT activists will respond to equal marriage in America

SCOTUS' decision transformed the country, but don't expect its opponents to go quietly into that good night

Cops: Mom Hit Daughter Who Flushed Her Pot

Victim, 18, discovered parent's stash in kitchen Kyle Mullane, 46, reportedly said that the marijuana disposal was "no big deal because she would just go out and get more." Pot Flush Bust read more

N.C. Man Corners Market On Confederate Flag

After massacre, rebel symbol multiplies outside home While many Americans are running from the "Stars and Bars," probationer Edward Lee West, 69, has further embraced the flag. read more

Toad Licker Is Locked Up On Trespass Charge

Man, 41, tongued amphibian outside bar After issuing a warning, cops returned to an Indiana bar and found that suspect Richard Mullins was "holding another toad." Toad Licker Bust read more

Stuporhero Arrested By Florida Cops

Suspect, 23, posed "like Superman exposing himself" Joshua Masciarelli was not wearing a cape, or pants, when collared late Saturday evening as he drunkenly ambled near his residence. Stuporman Bust read more

Woman Busted For Ruff Sex Is Back In Jail

Floridian, 18, collared for continuing pet contact Just days after departing jail, Ashley Miller was arrested and placed back in custody for violating terms of her supervised release. Ashley Hunter Bust read more

Cops Corral Notorious Mail Slot Urinator

Surveillance camera recorded Arizona dope David Azari, a 30-year-old bar employee, was collared this morning by Scottsdale cops and charged with several misdemeanors. read more

Victim Bloodied In Subway Defenestration

Man shoved fight opponent through window As seen in a video shot by another patron, Jonathan Tyler Pugh, 26, drove the victim straight through a plate glass window Saturday. read more

NAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race Claims

Rachel Dolezal alleged she was discrimination victim The embattled activist once charged that Howard University officials discriminated against her because she was white. Rachel Dolezal Lawsuit read more

Felony Rap For Brawling Mom In Walmart Video

Indiana pugilist, 34, busted for child neglect Amber Stephenson was nabbed after video surfaced showing her yelling at her six-year-old son, "Punch her in her fucking face!" Walmart Brawl Bust read more

For Illegals, Snitching Will Set You Free

How to avoid deportation? Try to enlist with DEA There is a way to dodge deportation after spending a decade in prison for trafficking. Think of it as an H1-B visa for snitches. DEA Informant read more

Woman Busted For Hamburger Battery On Beau

Cops: Victim was struck in eye by tossed beef In the middle of an argument about her infidelity, Rykihia Moore, 27, hit her boyfriend in the head with a hamburger, according to police. Hamburger Battery read more

Man Jailed For Pizza Battery On Roommate

Cops: Probationer struck victim with hot slice According to investigators, Daniel Plunkett, 50, “had an argument about pizza” with Brenda Fiejdasz before the slice took flight. Pizza Battery read more

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