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WATCH: Ivanka Trump Booed and Hissed After Praising Dad as 'Tremendous Champion' of Families

The first daughter was razzed during a W20 conference in Germany Tuesday. Ivanka Trump faced a hostile reception at the W20 conference in Germany on Tuesday when she praised her father as a “tremendous champion” of families. As reported...Show More Summary

Phil Klay's Resistance Reading

Courtesy of Phil Klay We asked a range of authors, artists, and poets to name books that bring solace or understanding in this age of rancor. Two dozen or so responded. Here are picks from author Phil Klay, who served in Iraq prior to...Show More Summary

The Chains of “anchorage” to the U.S.A., by Manlio Dinucci

In the newspapers and on the TV news, there is barely any coverage on the meeting between Trump and Gentiloni. Yet this was an event that was anything but formal. For Gentiloni, the challenge was to dispel the doubts on the attitude of his government to the new US President. Show More Summary

The French scuttle their own ship, by Thierry Meyssan

We are witnessing an historical reversal in France, where the ancient political spectrum is exploding into pieces as new fractures appear. Because of the intensive storm of media propaganda which has recently almost drowned the nation, the French can now perceive nothing more than the essential markers, and cling to red lines which no longer exist. Show More Summary

How Trump Anxiety Is Spawning Business Opportunities and Marketing Campaigns Across America

The Trump era has unleashed a cascade of consumer trends. Reports from the World Health Organization have shown that Americans are among the most anxious, depressed people in the world—and that was before a reality television star settled...Show More Summary

4 Scary Implications of the French Election

Europe's left-right political order is dying and Bannonite populism is stronger than ever. With the first round of voting in France’s presidential election marked another step in the emergence of a new political world in the Western democracies. Show More Summary

Jim Hightower's Tips for Resistance: Donald Is Deranged, but People Are Fighting Back From Coast to Coast

A feisty, creative civic spirit is igniting activists in nearly every zip code. A majority of the public almost always blesses new presidents with a honeymoon gift. In a gesture of patriotic fairness, even people who voted against the incoming chief say, Okay, we’ll give you a chance. Show More Summary

Is Hannity Next to Fall? Fox Guest Says Anchor Tried to Pressure Her Into Hotel Room Sex

Former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel said Hannity propositioned her after a taping. Former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel says Fox News host Sean Hannity tried to pressure her into accompanying him to his hotel room for sex, according to a bombshell report from KFAQ radio. Show More Summary

Just Because the Label Says 'Organic' Doesn't Make It So—Study Reveals Big Marketing Deceptions

Many brands use the word "organic" on labels when their products are not certified as such, warns Soil Association. The makers of many “organic” beauty products have been accused of confusing and meaningless labelling, according to a new survey in which 76% of consumers admitted they felt misled. Show More Summary

An Apolitical Profession Wakes Up: Trauma Surgeons Speak out About Gun Violence

Trauma surgeons push for more research into the causes of gun violence, 20 years after such efforts were silenced. There are a lot of voices in the national discourse about gun violence — victims, politicians, activists, lobbyists, gun...Show More Summary

The Problem With Moral Nuance on Abortion for Democrats

Voters will smell the stink of abortion equivocation a mile away. The New York Times received numerous responses to an opinion piece it recently published—from a man—about how the Democratic Party should tone it down on abortion to win back Catholic voters. Show More Summary

How Climate Change Leads to Violent Conflict Around the World

Drought, desertification and deforestation are some of the climactic phenomena that have led to environmental racism and violence in postcolonial regions. The following excerpt is from Razmig Keucheyan's new book, Nature Is a Battlefield:Towards...Show More Summary

There’s No Strategy Behind Trump’s Wars—Only Brute Force

Trump's wars are now all over the map. The peace movement can fight back by joining already thriving intersectional campaigns. These are awesome days for headline writers. So many global settings, such an abundance of weapons, such a wealth of choices! On the morning of April 14, the New York Times led with “A Giant U.S. Show More Summary

6 Flint Residents Arrested at Water Crisis Town Hall

"They were roughing people up about taking off their hats." Six arrests for disorderly conduct at a Flint, Michigan town hall last week have been widely criticized as the city continues to battle its water crisis.  "This is a people's...Show More Summary

Who Needs Trump? It Takes Only a Few Countries to Kickstart Shift to Low Carbon Energy System

A small group of countries could trigger a global transformation of our energy systems. Triggering a global transformation of our energy systems as required by the Paris Agreement does not take the whole world; it can be started by just a small group of countries, according to a new Climate Action Tracker report. Show More Summary

State Department Pulls Post Gushing About Mar-a-Lago

After drawing sharp criticism on Monday, the State Department deleted a web article that showcased the President's Mar-a-Lago estate and private club. The post, which had been available on the department's ShareAmerica site since April...Show More Summary

State Department Deletes Article Showcasing Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate

After drawing sharp criticism on Monday, the State Department deleted a web article that showcased the President's Mar-a-Lago estate and private club. The post, which had been available on the department's ShareAmerica site since April...Show More Summary

Behind Trump’s Anti-Iran Tough Talk

Appeasing the Saudi-Israel axis in the Mideast, President Trump is talking tough against Iran and bringing his administration even more into line with neocon orthodoxy, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains. By Paul R. Pillar The Trump administration is…Read more ?

Obama Lays Out Plans in His First Post-Presidency Public Appearance

In his first public appearance since leaving the White House, former president Barack Obama said that empowering young people to take on leadership roles would be the "single most important" issue in his post-presidency life. "What I'm...Show More Summary

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