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In Europe Refugees 'Will Go Through Windows if Doors Closed' - UN

UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights urging the European migrant crisis to be solved stated that EU would better to find more efficient ways to prevent conflicts rather than constructing anti-migrant border fences.

Wanted Drug Lord El Chapo Guzman Could Be in Costa Rica

Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar appears to help investigators to locate his father, a drug lord "El Chapo" who escaped from a Mexican prison earlier, by posting a photo in social media.

Boeing Unveils ‘Starliner’ Spaceship Plant at Cape Canaveral

Much-anticipated Starliner spaceships by Boeing will be assembled in a hangar once used for NASA’s space shuttles, after the grand opening ceremony of the assembly plant took place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday.

European Migrant Crisis Resolution Possible Without Tax Hikes - Merkel

Angela Merkel stated that migrants inflow will not harm German taxpayers as the country is ready to deal with the massive inflow of refugees stressing, however, the need of fundamental reforms for the European refugee policy.

Exposed: Germany and Sweden Help US With 'Kill Decisions' in Afghanistan

Despite the Obama administration’s pledge to withdraw US military forces from Afghanistan, the Pentagon continues to conduct airstrikes in the country. According to a pair of senior Western officials, the German and Swedish governments are violating their own constitutions to help coordinate those attacks.

US World War II Ship Pays Homage to Russia

The US war material cargo of WWII times raised the Russian flag in Baltimore harbor on its way to Russia, honoring the history and nations fighting against Nazism.

Week-End Fumbles for Both US Presidential Frontrunners

News this week that Hillary Clinton admitted she did not “stop and think” of the consequences of using private email for official diplomatic correspondence, and of Donald Trump admitting he does not know the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas, is raising doubts on both sides of the aisle that either are prepared for the job they both seek.

Doctors Warn Trump’s Deportation Policy Would Devastate US Public Health

As Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump calls for the mass deportation of the United States’ undocumented immigrants, the American College for Physicians (ACP) has issued a statement cautioning against such a move, saying it will devastate the country’s public health.

Snowden Says Will Return to US Only If Fair Trial Guaranteed

Edward Snowden admits a possibility to come back to the US only if he is guaranteed a fair trial.

Kerry Orders DoS Planning Group to Tackle Syrian Refugee Crisis

A State Department official said that John Kerry ordered to set up a group to direct US responses to the European refugee crisis and to similar world's humanitarian challenges.

Syrian Refugees to be Allowed Into Austria, Germany

According to Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, refugees who have found themselves in political limbo in Hungary will be allowed to enter Austria and Germany.

Turkish Agents Likely Provide Chemical Weapons to ISIL

Experts claimed that Turkish intelligence agents and scientific pundits might have been embroiled in buying or producing chemical weapons that ISIL used to attack Syria and Iraq.

Brothers in Arms: Despite Human Toll, US to Supply More Weapons to Saudis

Turbulence in the Middle East presents an obvious challenge for the Obama Administration, seeking to satisfy all major players in a series of convoluted games. Washington continues to supply weapons to "crucial ally" Saudi Arabia, where coalition airstrikes on Yemen kill innocent people and humanitarian aid is blocked from entry.

Hungarian Migrants to Be Allowed Into Austria, Germany – Chancellor Faymann

Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann said that migrants from Hungary will be allowed to enter Germany and Austria following Faymann’s recent meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister.

Obama, Putin Should Discuss Ukraine Regional Autonomy - Former US Official

Asking to the question on issues to be discussed by Putin and Obama in case two leaders meet on the sidelines of the September United Nations General Assembly,the Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe claims that it should be Ukraine’s regional autonomy and the country’s future as a non-NATO member 'any time in the near future'.

US Urges China to Boost Domestic Demand as Response to Crisis

The US Department of the Treasury said that the recent talks held between the Chinese Finance Minister and the US Treasury Secretary include number of issues from the Chinese economy' current outlook to the country's actions to financial markets.

In Bed with the Reactionary Saudis

The U.S.-Saudi alliance is no longer just an anachronism. It has become a dangerous anachronism with the Saudis implicating the United States in its brutal sectarian conflicts, such as the wars in Yemen and Syria, and in its reactionary human rights policies, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains. By Paul R. Pillar Saudi King…

Islamist Terror Threat in US Rapidly Growing - Homeland Security Committee

US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee Chairman stressed the rapid grow of the threat posed by ISIL that still remains grave adding that the number of US-based jihadist terror cases in 2015 outweigh those happened in any full year since 9/11.

Syria Crisis Makes Improved US-Russia Relations Possible - Former Official

The Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and chief nuclear arms negotiator said that the Syria crisis' diplomatic talks could trigger a positive change in the US-Russia relationship.

US CENTCOM Refuses to Probe Reports of Civilian Deaths in Syrian Airstrikes

US airstrikes against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group have already allegedly killed hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria. Yet, despite these reports, US central command (CENTCOM) refuses to investigate most of the claims.

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