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Russian Arms Are Best in War Against ISIL – Iraqi Defense Minister

Russian-made weapons are most efficient in fighting ISIL terrorists, Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said on Friday.

Choo Choo! Moscow Showcases Steam Trains

On July 30, Russian Railways launched a new modern train maintenance yard in Moscow. The Podmoskovnaya station will be used for all kinds of maintenance and repair works for Russia’s new generation electric trains.

Afghan Taliban to Elect New Leader Following Disputed Pick

A Taliban spokesman said that the appointment of Mullah Mansour on Thursday contradicted the traditional principles of choosing a new leader.

Don't Worry, Trump: Putin and Obama Don't 'Hate' Each Other

The White House has described relations between US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as "business-like" in response to a comment that both leaders "hate" each other recently made by the opinionated Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

Putin, Erdogan to Discuss Turkish Stream Impasse

The current gridlock over the planned construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline may be broken when Russian and Turkish leaders meet each other in November, President Vladimir Putin’s press-secretary said on Friday.

People’s War in India Clippings 1/8/2015

Three Maoists killed in encounter Three Maoists, including two female cadres, were killed in an encounter with the police in remote Burudi forest under Tandki panchayat of Malkangiri district bordering Sukma district of Chhattisgarh on Friday afternoon. Odisha Director General of Police (DGP) Sanjiv Marik confirmed the encounter. This anti-Maoist operation, involving personnel [...]

Big Food Wants You to Believe These 7 Products Are Healthy

They're not—and their supposed benefits are readily available in actual food. Science has come a long way toward identifying what kills us, but we are still a longer way from knowing what keeps us going. It is in the murky gray areas that charlatans lurk, peddling snake oil remedies they promise will perform miracles. Show More Summary

The Marijuana Legalization Express: 10 States That Could Vote on It Next Year

After they count the ballots on election day next year, a whole lot of Americans could be living in legal marijuana states. Marijuana is going to be part of the political conversation between now and Election Day 2016. Support for legalization...Show More Summary

The FBI Built a Database That Can Catch Rapists — Almost Nobody Uses It

The agency has virtually ignored a system meant to help cops track the behavioral patterns of violent criminals. This story was co-published with The Atlantic. QUANTICO, Va. — More than 30 years ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a revolutionary computer system in a bomb shelter two floors beneath the cafeteria of its national academy. Show More Summary

11 Favorite Sayings of Terrible People

Number 10: 'They’re just jealous of me!' I don’t know about you, but there are certain things that people say that, to me, signal right off that the person saying them is probably kind of an asshole, or generally kind of terrible in some other way. Show More Summary

How Donald Trump Is Feeding Off the Death of the American Dream

The fascinating and dangerous trick of Trump is that he offers an escape from responsibility. “The American dream is dead” and “the US is going to hell” do not make for inspirational campaign slogans. It is difficult to imagine either one decorating a vehicular bumper next to adhesive flags and yellow ribbons. Show More Summary

Busted: Video Shows Georgia Cop Slammed Elderly Black Man’s Head on Concrete and Lied About It

Police officer Ryan Hall was fired after cell photo video emerged showing that he lied to justify his use of force. A former Georgia police officer was indicted this week after cell phone video showed that he lied to justify force against a 69-year-old black man who was moving into his new home. Show More Summary

The Koch Brothers’ Twisted Beauty Pageant: The Disturbing Way They’re Choosing Which GOP Candidate to Buy

The conservative billionaires are throwing a lavish party this weekend to decide which candidate they want to buy. People who regularly read my byline will recall that back in April I wrote about poor Scott Walker making a huge gaffe just as it seemed like the Koch brothers, his presumed benefactors, were ready to go all-in on his campaign. Show More Summary

That Time I Tried to Lose My Virginity to a Christian Who Liked to Get Off to the Bible

I was, like many teenage girls, not aware that I had much say in the matter when it came to sex. This is part one in a three-part series. A few months after I turned 17, I decided I was ready to lose my virginity. And though I was excellent...Show More Summary

Even Feminist Amy Schumer Plays Stereotype in 'Trainwreck'—the Female Journalist Who Jumps Into Bed

In the movies, we jump sleep with practically every interviewee. Strange how the men don’t get that treatment. A couple of years ago, my editor told me to interview a well-known actor. I mentioned this to a friend, and he smirked knowingly. Show More Summary

Reform at the VA? Think Again, Say ‘Horrified’ Whistleblowers

One doctor tells senators she was handed a box of year-old cardiac ultrasounds to read -- some of the veterans had died while waiting.

Iran has signed a historic nuclear deal – now it’s Israel’s turn

What a farce it is

Hilary Jones ponders absurdity and farmer's markets by From Adbusters #120: Manifesto for World Revolution PT.III I want to share with you my recent experience at a "Winter Farmer's Market" in Vancouver. Although I have been to manyShow More Summary

TPP Talks in Hawaii Fail to End in Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement

High-level talks in Hawaii failed to lead to the conclusion of a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Japan WikiLeaks Documents Pose Threat to Pacific Trade Pact Talks

Experts claim that new WikiLeaks revelations that the NSA secretly spied on Japanese diplomats could delay or derail negotiations to bring Tokyo into the US-led Trans Pacific Partnership.

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