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Stephen Colbert Trolls Trump with a Pitch-Perfect Re-Election Slogan

"Trump 2020—False, Malicious, and Absurd." While Republicans search for new ways to kick millions of Americans off their health insurance, the White House has been beseiged by revelations of a second (and previously undisclosed) meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit. Show More Summary

'Morning Joe' Believes There's a Simple Explanation for Trump's Baffling Actions and Wild Attacks

"He is scared to death." MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said the president seems to be terrified that his connections to Russia will soon be unraveled — and will provoke a constitutional crisis to keep them from being exposed. President Donald...Show More Summary

My Daughter Was Murdered in a Mass Shooting. Then I Was Ordered to Pay Her Killer’s Gun Dealer.

At 24 years old, my daughter, Jessi, was sparky, beautiful, and ambitious, with red hair that mirrored her fiery spirit. In summer 2012, she was finishing her final year of college in Colorado and looking forward to pursuing a career as a sports journalist. On the night before she had an interview for a dream […]

Childish Rants or Putin-Style Propaganda?

President Donald Trump does not directly answer questions about his campaign’s or administration’s interactions with Russian officials. He deflects, pointing at his opponents. (That is, when he’s not outright denying the connections even exist.) “Look what Hillary Clinton may have gotten away with. Show More Summary

This Republican Wants to Prevent Med Students From Even Learning How to Perform Abortions

A Republican lawmaker in Wisconsin is pushing legislation to prohibit medical students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from learning how to provide abortions. If he is successful, the OB-GYN shortage in the state could worsen, and the state’s medical school could lose national accreditation for its OB-GYN program. Show More Summary

There’s Something Strange About Missouri’s New Opioid Law

Calling opioid addiction a “modern plague,” Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed an executive order on Monday establishing a statewide prescription drug monitoring program, ending Missouri’s holdout as the only state without such a program.  “The welcome mat is still out for drug dealers to shop for prescriptions in our state,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill. […]

Will the Federal Government Make It Illegal to Protest Israel?

A new bill with bipartisan support has drawn the ire of the ACLU and more. A growing number of Republicans and Democrats in Congress are backing a bill that would criminalize support for the international boycott against Israel, also widely known as the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Show More Summary

How Trump Defines the Future

President Trump has defined the future as a battle between old-style nationalism and neoliberal globalism, a challenge that the West’s elites mock at their own peril, as ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke describes. By Alastair Crooke Europe, the Guardian tells us,…Read more ?

Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

After undergoing surgery last Friday to remove a blood clot above his left eye, doctors discovered that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has brain cancer. According to a statement from the Mayo Clinic, where the surgery was performed, “Subsequent tissue pathology revealed that a primary brain tumor known as a glioblastoma was associated with the blood clot.” Treatment […]

The Trump Administration Just Made it Easier for Law Enforcement to Take Your Property

The Trump administration is expanding the use of asset forfeiture, which allows law enforcement to take cash and property away from people, even if those individuals have not been charged with a crime. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a directive on Wednesday instructing the Justice Department to renew a program known as “adoptive forfeiture,” a controversial […]

Trump’s Labor Board Appointments Are Another Blow for Unions

In 2000, Donald Trump wrote in his book The America We Deserve that “with the globalization craze in full heat, unions are about the only force reminding us to remember the American family.” During last year’s presidential campaign, he boasted that he had “tremendous support within unions” and then received a larger share of the union vote than […]

The Right’s Long War on Media

Exclusive: A danger from the mainstream media’s Russia-gate obsession is that it reinforces a longstanding right-wing meme about a “liberal media” out to get conservatives, as Jonathan Marshall explains. By Jonathan Marshall Never in modern American history has a president…Read more ?

5 Reasons Trump Is a Health Calamity Waiting to Happen

The guy seems like he's not in the best shape. No reasonable person (which automatically rules out his base) sees Donald Trump as a paragon of good health. The oldest person to enter the presidency, Trump maintains a lifestyle conspicuously...Show More Summary

Trump's Budget Shows How He Is Building a Police State

Trump is aiming to turn the federal government into a much more militaristic and paramilitary policing organization. Donald Trump plans to turn the federal government into a much more militaristic and paramilitary policing organization...Show More Summary

7 Pundits Who Spread the Myth of Trump's Working-Class Voter Base

The media has gotten a few things disastrously wrong about Trump supporters. But a few commentators got things right. Following Donald Trump’s ascent to the U.S. presidency, both liberal and conservative pundits and commentators have circulated a dangerous myth that the white working-class propelled Trump to the White House. Show More Summary

'I Quit!' Teachers Are Fed Up—And They're Telling the World Why

Teachers are going public with their reasons for leaving a profession that they say has gone off the rails. When Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Shawn Sheehan decided to leave his job as high school math teacher for a better paying position in Texas, he didn't go quietly. Show More Summary

Is Bannon Trump's Rasputin, Known for Slovenly Appearance and Lack of Normal Social Graces?

Steve Bannon doesn't need to have inroads to Russia's ruling class. He's with them in spirit. A few days ago, I noted that Steve Bannon seems to be the only member of President Donald Trump’s inner circle untouched by the Russia scandal,...Show More Summary

Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People 'Back to Middle Ages' in Electricity Crisis

It's a humanitarian catastrophe with hospitals and homes unable to perform critical tasks. Israeli-imposed restrictions have limited electricity in Gaza to barely four hours a day, creating a humanitarian catastrophe for its 2 million residents. Show More Summary

The Mega Rich Are Getting Mega Richer: A Former CEO Exposes the Corruption Behind Their Obscene Paychecks

The indirect effect of ?the increase in income inequality is economically more injurious than the erosion of company earnings or a stock market downturn. The following is an excerpt from the new book The CEO Pay Machine: How It Trashes...Show More Summary

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