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AlterNet Comics: Keith Knight on the Flint Water Crisis

Governor Snyder should watch out for angry parents.   Related Stories AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen Asks What If Flint's Water Problem Happened to Rich People AlterNet Comics: Keith Knight on the Toxicity of a Trump Rally AlterNet Comics: Brian McFadden on Gov. Rick Snyder's Skinflint, Michigan

NATO to Boost Presence in Eastern Part of Alliance - Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO defense ministers agreed on an enhanced forward presence in the eastern part of alliance.

Daesh Only Controls Only 98-km Strip of Syrian Border With Turkey

US Presidential Envoy for the Global anti-Daesh Coalition said that, US-led coalition will continue to deprive the Daesh terrorists of access to the remaining 98 kilometers along the Syrian border with Turkey that the group still controls.

NATO Seeks to Build Up Forces in Black Sea, Acquire Intelligence

NATO's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged the alliance's ministers to increase NATO's presence in Eastern Europe in order to deter aggression.

Iraq Needs Russia’s Advice, Help to Overcome Low Oil Prices’ Outcomes

Member of the Iraqi parliament's foreign relations committee Iqbal Abdul Hussein said that Iraq will need the Russian experience to get out of financial crisis.

Bernie makes history: After the New Hampshire earthquake, his “revolution” enters uncharted waters

Of course it's not over. But Bernie's big win has shifted political reality, and made conventional wisdom worthless

How Elizabeth Warren Helped Sanders Deflate Clinton's Massive Political Apparatus

Clinton has failed Warren’s ‘money-in-politics’ litmus test — and now the Democratic Party is splitting in two. Several years before Bernie Sanders zoomed towards a virtual tie in national polls with Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren began the discussion about Wall Street's influence in American politics. Show More Summary

The Pentagon Has Fired the First Shot in a New Arms Race — Against 'Russian Aggression'

The Defense Department's message is unambiguous: Russia is a much bigger threat than ISIL. As the voters of New Hampshire braved the snow to play their part in the great pageant of American democracy on Tuesday, the US secretary of defence was setting out his spending requirements for 2017. Show More Summary

Watch Defense Contractor's Bizarre 1969 Anti-LSD Propaganda Video: Girl Drops Acid, Murders Hot Dog

A 1969 anti-drug film short from Lockheed Aircraft is unintentionally hilarious. In 1969, the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation wasn't just busy making planes to drop bombs on Vietnamese villagers; it was also making films about young women dropping acid and blowing their minds. Show More Summary

Clinton Set to Hire Former Obama Campaign Manager After New Hampshire Loss

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton could hire the former Obama campaign manager, Jen O'Malley Dillon after her defeat in the New Hampshire primaries, according to local media reports.

Founding Members Say European Union Could Split Over 'Challenging Times'

The six founding members of the EU have said they are "concerned" about the state of the European project which is facing "very challenging times" and have hinted at a division in the union, with some splitting off into a more integrated EU than others.

Germany 'Needs Reduction of Refugees,' Says Country's Catholic Leader

Germany has to reduce the influx of refugees, a previous supporter of the open door policy, chief German Catholic and chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx said.

Military Escalation in Syria Inadmissible – Iraqi Prime Minister

Prime Minister Haider Abadi said that Iraq is against attempts to escalate foreign military presence in Syria and expects the international community to step in.

The Problem of the Establishment

One thing that both parties have in common in this primary season is the fact that there's a sharp divide between "We, the People" populism, and the rich and powerful Washington establishment.

Political Pressure at Home to Bolster Iranian Oil Exports - Risk Agency

According to the associate director of the international risk consultancy firm Control Risks, Iran will increase its oil exports because of growing political pressure within the country.

Inventing the Right’s ‘Metanarrative’

For decades, the Koch Brothers have funded a massive propaganda operation to disparage what democracy can do when a society pulls together and to glorify a “greed is good” narrative promising great benefits if capitalism reigns free. But the results have been good only for a privileged few, as Michael Winship describes. By Michael Winship…

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