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People’s War in India Clippings 31/3/2015

Surjagarh project would destroy villages, say Naxals ETAPALLI (Gadchiroli): A section of top guerrilla leaders of Western regional committee of South Gadchiroli division, during a marathon meeting with the scribes at an undisclosed location on Chhattisgarh border last week, claimed that exploitation of irone ore in Surjagarh hills would bring irreparable adverse consequences [...]

Solidarity against TTIP and TISA

“Solidarity from left to right” is necessary against TTIP and TiSA, Interview with Jacqueline Badran / Prosperity for all?, by Thomas Kaiser / “We would have to adopt future legislation automatically”, Interview with Roland Rino Büchel...Show More Summary

Yes, women deserve “spa-like” abortion providers

A new "brand" is trying to change the way women terminate pregnancies

Spainish Prime Minister Slams Roadmap for Catalonian Independence

On Monday, Republican Left of Catalonia and Democratic Convergence of Catalonia signed a roadmap for the region's independence process, which outlines the path they want to take if they win the elections on September 27, according to El Pais newspaper.

George Soros: Ukraine Teeters on Edge of Abyss But EU Hardly Pays Attention

While Ukraine is teetering on the edge of abyss, the EU hesitates to provide Kiev with additional financial aid, noted George Soros, denouncing Brussels' for its "fundamentally wrong" approach.

San Diego Zoo Welcomes Baby Jaguar Cub

The San Diego Zoo has introduced its newest addition, a baby jaguar cub.

US Program on Training Syrian Opposition to Start in May – Ankara

The program that plans to train about 5,000 Syrian fighters annually was supposed to start in March. However, on Friday, the Turkish foreign minister said it was delayed by Washington.

Russia's Kalashnikov Arms Maker Aims to Double Production Despite Sanctions

Kalashnikov is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of automatic and sniper combat weapons, guided artillery ammunition, and a wide range of civilian products, including shotguns and sporting rifles, as well as machines and tools.

Kiev's Recruitment Campaign Resembles That of Third Reich - French Media

Recruitment efforts, aimed at attracting young people to the notorious Kiev-controlled battalions, resemble those of the Third Reich during its last days, according to the Nations Presse magazine.

Time to Pull Out of China, as Investors Lose Trust in Beijing

Investment capital is fleeing mainland China due to increasing combined economic risks and a lack of trust toward the government in Beijing, one of its destinations being Greece.

Russia Launches Three Telecoms, One Military Satellites Into Orbit

Three Gonets-M satellites will be part of Russia’s low-orbit grouping of telecoms satellites designed to provide communications services for remote areas of Russia.

South Korea to Resume Landmine Removal

South Korea's military will launch another campaign to remove landmines near the inter-Korean border and southern radar sites this week, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said Tuesday.

US Accuses China of 'Creating a Great Wall of Sand'

Speaking before an audience in Australia, the commander of the US Pacific Fleet rang alarm bells over perceived Chinese aggression. But shortly after condemning the construction of a "great wall of sand" in the South China Sea, he stressed the importance of an American fleet presence – a great, floating fence, you might say.

Spanish PM Rajoy Hopes Greece Will Say 'No' to Leaving Eurozone

Mariano Rajoy expressed hopes that EU-Greek negotiations will be successful and will lead to a solution that benefits everyone.

Donbass Struggle, European Shame

I am standing on sacred territory in Donbass, which also happened to be sacred territory during the former Soviet Union. On the top of this hill roughly halfway between Donetsk and Lugansk, there used to be an elaborate monument complex celebrating the heroes of World War II who defeated nazi-fascism.

Dramatic High Speed Chase During Rush Hour in Virginia

A driver was taken into custody after leading the police on a Chase in Virginia Tuesday morning.

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