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Why We Need Black Feminism More Than Ever Under Trump

Click here for reuse options! This political time calls for intersectionality. In April 1977, members of the Black feminist Combahee River Collective—named after Harriet Tubman’s 1863 raid in South Carolina to lead more than 700 enslaved people to freedom—published a document called the Combahee River Collective Statement. Show More Summary

What Can Noam Chomsky's Co-Author Teach Us in the Age of Trump?

Click here for reuse options! Ed Herman's media criticism remains as vital today as ever. The story goes that Einstein's theory of relativity began with a simple question: What if a person could sit on a beam of light? A single inquiry led to an entire field of study, and perhaps the world's most famous scientific breakthrough. Show More Summary

Dems in Congress Demand Hearings for Trump's Sexual Harassment Accusers

This Presidents' Day, let's fight for the survivors. Donald Trump was elected president despite his history of sexual harassment.  While in office, he's continued to hire men accused of the same, and continue to defend most of them, like former Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who was accused by multiple ex-partners of domestic abuse. Show More Summary

Baltimore Police Corruption Myths: Dirty Cops Don't Just Target Criminals

Yes, robbery is still illegal, even when cops are pocketing the spoils. What the public gets wrong. Baltimore City Police officers of the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) Evodio Hendrix, Maurice Ward, Daniel Hersl, Marcus Taylor, Wayne Jenkins,...Show More Summary

Trump's First Year in Office Was So Bad That Scholars Already Rank Him as the Worst President Ever

He's also the most polarizing president in American history. President Donald Trump’s first year in office — which was marked by a nonstop stream of scandals, as well as record-low approval ratings — was so bad that a survey of scholars has already ranked Trump as the worst president ever. Show More Summary

Why Corporate Democrats Do Not Support Immigrant Justice

Liberal politicians can must be pushed further to the left. "Liberal academics are busy supporting the Dream Act or whatever helps them avoid being called racist." This is how a member of Chicago's Moratorium on Deportations Campaign expressed...Show More Summary

A Big Part of Fixing Our Education System Is Simply About Its Price Tag

Click here for reuse options! Is higher education really worth the price tag? If you want a higher education in the United States, you need to have money. The average cost of a college education at a public university in the USA is over $20,000. Show More Summary

America’s Election Meddling Would Indeed Justify Other Countries Retaliating In Kind

Highlighting the U.S.’s long history in meddling in other countries’ elections is not “whataboutism,” but rather a highly germane point to understanding the context for the allegations of Russian meddling in Election 2016, Caitlin Johnstone observes. By Caitlin Johnstone There…Read more ?

Tuesday's HOT MIC

Michael Moore Participated In Russia-Sponsored Anti-Trump Rally?

Scott Pruitt Is a Historically Bad EPA Chief. But This One Might Have Been Even Worse.

Scott Pruitt isn’t the first EPA administrator famously hostile to the agency. That distinction goes to Anne Gorsuch. Appointed by President Ronald Reagan, the agency’s first female head was known for her jet-black hair, fur coats, proclivity for Marlboro cigarettes—and coziness with polluters. Just weeks after taking the post on May 20, 1981, Gorsuch relaxed […]

Thom Hartmann: We Live in a Country That Has a Totally Corrupted Political System

The young people see this situation for what it is: Corruption. As the school shooting in Parkland, Florida has shown, what was considered insanely corrupt political behavior 40 years ago is now normal. And you can thank right-wingers on the Supreme Court.  Back in 1982, the late novelist Robert B. Show More Summary

John Oliver's 6 Big Lessons on How to Report on Donald Trump

The late-night comic has some sound advice for us. "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" returns to HBO Sunday, Feb. 18, for the British comedian's fifth season, after a brief hiatus. Though, as he tells a room full of reporters at the network's Bryant Park headquarters Monday, he and his team never stopped working. Show More Summary

Robert Reich: The Meaning of America

We are forgetting the ideals on which our nation was built. When Trump and his followers refer to “America,” what do they mean? Some see a country of white English-speaking Christians. Others want a land inhabited by self-seeking individuals...Show More Summary

Students Who Survived the Florida Shooting Are Stepping onto the National Stage to Demand Gun Control

Five teenagers invite the nation to march with them to end mass shootings. Seventeen people were shot to death at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14. Their peers and family members want this mass...Show More Summary

Toxic White Masculinity: The Killer That Haunts American Life

Joseph Nickell’s murderous rampage last weekend in Kentucky was not exceptional. That’s the terrifying part. Over and over again in America, it is revealed that whiteness is the complexion for the protection. Toxic white masculinity has proven itself to be lethal once again. Show More Summary

Charles Blow: The Russians Exploited America's Racist Past to Swing the Election for Trump

Click here for reuse options! They used legitimate grievances to force young black men and women to lay down their best weapon: the vote. The Russian government exploited America's shameful racist history in order to elect a virulently racist man as President. Show More Summary

Are Dead Children The Price of Freedom?

Click here for reuse options! These are troubling days in the United States. There is a sickness eating at the body and soul of my home country, and it is on full view for the world to see. When the news broke on Valentine’s Day that 17 people—mostly young students—had lost their lives in Parkland, Florida, one could be forgiven for being numb. Show More Summary

This Former NFL Player Is Running on a Progressive Agenda to Flip a Red District in Texas

Former linebacker Colin Allred is hoping to take out Republican Rep. Pete Sessions by campaigning on Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage and automatic voter registration. When it comes to Texas, for many years national political pundits...Show More Summary

Florida Student Survivors Announce 'March For Our Lives': Here’s a Time to Talk about Gun Control

“This is about the adults. We feel neglected, and at this point, you’re either with us or against us." Surviving students of the Valentine's Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, have set a date for lawmakers, and everyone else in the country to discuss gun control: March 24. Show More Summary

'Scared' Trump Blamed FBI for Shooting to Deflect from the Russia Probe Says Ex-FBI Official

"He’s scared out of his mind and playing with the parents of America." Appearing on AM Joy, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi harshly criticized Donald Trump for attacking the FBI over the tragedyShow More Summary

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