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US Ready to Help Transnistria – State Department

Washington is ready to render assistance to Transnistria, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Bridget Brink, said on Friday.

Erdogan's Gambit: 'Empty Threat' Against Russia Sends Clear Signal to NATO

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's warning that Russia could lose Turkey as a major trading partner should be viewed as an "empty threat, a clearly populist move" made on the eve of a snap national poll, Russian analyst Natalya Ulchenko told RIA Novosti.

Islamic State in Details

The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist organization declared a caliphate on the territories it captured, and is trying to expand its holdings.

Washington Fails to 'Set All NATO Members Against Russia'

There is a rift inside NATO who is currently waging a media war against Russia over its military operation in Syria, political analyst Grigoriy Tischenko told Sputnik Radio.

Freedom, on the oligarchs’ terms: What a billionaire’s nuisance suit reveals about American plutocracy

A GOP mega-donor's failed attempt to silence the press offers a view behind the curtain of America's new Gilded Age

US, Russia to Resume Talks on Air-to-Air Conduct Over Syria

The US said that Washington and Moscow are planning to resume negotiations in order to avoid accidents in the Syrian airspace, as both the countries are conducting airstrikes in Syria.

Putin VS Erdogan: Syrian Kurds Seek Alliance With Russia

Syrian Kurds have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Russia. This would be a setback for the Turkish President Erdogan, who is seeking to destroy the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), DWN wrote.

Airbus A340 Makes Thrilling Low Landing in Costa Rica Airport

A video was published showing an Iberia airliner coming dangerously close to cars during a landing at the Juan Santamaria airport in Costa Rica.

Donetsk Leader Signs Decree to Move Local Elections to April 20, 2016

Leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko signed a decree on Saturday, moving the local elections in the republic to April 20, 2016.

Shock and Awe: Russian Cruise Missile Strike on ISIL Caught US Flat-Footed

Impressed by Russian cruise missile strikes on ISIL positions in Syria, leading US and European military experts figured out that Russia’s Caspian Fleet alone can effectively hit targets on most of the Arabian Peninsula.

EU Gets Tough on Refugees, Plans to Send Asylum-Seekers Back

Although EU leaders initially told refugees that they were welcome to come to Europe and that everyone would be taken care of, things are quickly changing; refugees themselves have started to realize that European hospitality is a myth, RIA Novosti columnist Nika Filimonova said.

Bill Maher, atheist fundamentalist: Why he gives nonbelievers a bad name

The comedian loves to rail against religious fanatics, but his treatment of Islam is no less radical and intolerant

Russian Aerospace Forces Conduct 64 Sorties in Syria, Hit 55 ISIL Targets

The Russian Aerospace Forces have conducted 64 sorties in Syria hitting 55 ISIL targets, the Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday.

Some 3,000 Gather in Berlin to Protest TTIP, CETA Deals

About 3,000 people convened near the Berlin central railway station on Saturday to protest against the European Union’s controversial free trade pacts with the United States and Canada, a local policeman told RIA Novosti.

The corporatization of higher education: With a system that caters to the 1 percent, students and faculty get screwed

Low-paid teachers are fighting back against exploitation in public & private colleges. No more poverty wages

You Think the NSA Is Bad? Meet Former CIA Director Allen Dulles.

"What follows," David Talbot boasts in the prologue to his new book The Devil's Chessboard, "is an espionage adventure that is far more action-packed and momentous than any spy tale with which readers are familiar." Talbot, the founder...Show More Summary

When Logic Misses the Marc: No Hijab? You Are Prostitute!

The unexpected influx of refugees became a shock for the typically calm and quiet country of Hungary, where a police car with working lights and sirens is a rarity: some migrants forget that they are guests and should pay respect to the local population whose taxes actually give them shelter and safety.

See How Your Life Would Change If We Cloned Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In 2012, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made headlines by saying she hoped to see an all-female Supreme Court one day. "When I'm sometimes asked when there will be enough [women justices] and I say, 'When there are nine,' people are shocked," she explained during a legal conference in Colorado. Show More Summary

Syrian Army Clears Valley Near Idlib Province of Nusra Militants

Syrian military has liberated a valley near the Idlib province from Nusra Front militants.

Money-Losing Business: West Loses Faith in ‘Project Ukraine’

Eighteen months after the Maidan “revolution” in Ukraine, the West is getting increasingly worried by the rampant corruption in Kiev’s corridors of power and the price it has to pay for the money-hungry Ukrainian bureaucracy.

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