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Greece Makes ‘Enormous Strides’ to Reach Deal With Lenders

Greece has made great efforts at agreeing a deal with its international lenders in a bid to avoid default, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said Sunday.

ISIL Savagely Slaughter 400 in Palmyra, Mostly Women and Children

Islamic State militants have killed at least 400 people in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, most of the victims women and children, Syrian state television reported Sunday.

Self-Parking Car Flattens Two People in Demonic Demo

Malfuntion! Malfunction! An automated parking system gets a life of its own and "parks" itself into two people.

Official Lists Countries Stalling Ratification of EU-Ukraine Association

The deputy head of Ukraine's Presidential Administration has revealed a list of countries said to be hindering the ratification of Ukraine's Association Agreement with the European Union.

War Is Peace: US Needs External Enemy to Ensure Internal Unity

Since the end of the Cold War the US has fabricated two enemies for itself – Radical Islam and Russia – but now it has to choose only one, and the best candidate is Radical Islam, according to French historian, diplomat and novelist Jean-Christophe Rufin.

Crew Killed as Military Helicopter Crashes in Syria - Source

Syrian military helicopter crashed in the country's northern governorate of Aleppo. Helicopter was reportedly shot down by ISIL militants.

Libyan Coast Guard Arrests 600 Illegal Migrants heading for Europe

The authorities based in Tripoli made the arrests on Saturday as part of a crackdown on those who migrate illegally from Africans to Europe and use Libya as a point of transit.

Spanish Game-Changing Local Election Heralds Political Paradigm Shift

Spain holds Sunday regional and municipal election that may transform country’s two-party system.

US Navy Destroyer Ross Enters Black Sea

The USS Ross (DDG 71), a guided-missile destroyer from the US Sixth Fleet, has reportedly entered the waters of the Black Sea.

Severe Heat Wave Kills at Least 335 in India

At least 335 people have already been killed by unusually hot weather in India, the local media reported on Sunday.

Australian PM Sets New Anti-Terror Laws in Motion

In a video message, Tony Abbott promised that new anti-terror laws drawn up by the government will make the country safer from the threat of terrorist.

At Least 43 Dead in Chinese Downpour

The worst torrential rain in China in 40 years has reportedly claimed the lives of at least 35 people; 13 others remain missing.

Malaysian Police Find Mass Graves of Suspected Migrants

Malaysian police have discovered scores of graves of suspected migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh in Malaysia's northern state of Perlis.

Biden to Cops: ‘We Expect You to Be Constitutional Scholars’

"And when you make a mistake we come down on you like a ton of bricks but you still do your job.”

Italian Fascists and Antifascists Demonstrate in Italian Border Town

Thousands of fascists and antifascists marched on Saturday in the Italian town of Gorizia, on the border with Slovenia, to mark the 100th anniversary of Italy' entry into the First World War.

Nazism as Entertainment: Czech Reality TV Recreates the Nazi Occupation

The Czech Republic seems to be missing the iron talons of the Third Reich so badly that it has decided to launch a reality show featuring a family trying to experience what it was like living during the Nazi occupation of their country during World War II.

White America’s Waco Insanity: The Shocking Realities it Ignores About Racism & Violence

The response to the Twin Peaks shootout shows how privilege really works. Malcolm X, the famed Civil Rights leader and minister of the Nation of Islam, would have turned 90 years old this week. While America annually marks the significance of the life of Dr. Show More Summary

Iraqi Security Forces Liberate From Islamic State Area East of Ramadi

The Iraqi security forces on Saturday regained control over the city of Khalediyah, located to the east of the Anbar province's capital, Ramadi, according to the local police.

Pyongyang Repeats Request for Inter-Korean Probe Into Cheonan Sinking

North Korea has reportedly repeated its call for a new joint investigation into the sinking of a South Korean warship in 2010 in an attempt to ward off accusations of its involvement in the incident and prompt Seoul to lift its sanctions.

Numerous Protesters Arrested in Ohio Following Acquittal of Policeman

Numerous demonstrators were arrested Saturday during the protests in Cleveland, Ohio, after a local police officer was found not guilty in the killing of an unarmed black pair, according to the local police.

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