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State Department Pulls Post Gushing About Mar-a-Lago

After drawing sharp criticism on Monday, the State Department deleted a web article that showcased the President's Mar-a-Lago estate and private club. The post, which had been available on the department's ShareAmerica site since April...Show More Summary

State Department Deletes Article Showcasing Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate

After drawing sharp criticism on Monday, the State Department deleted a web article that showcased the President's Mar-a-Lago estate and private club. The post, which had been available on the department's ShareAmerica site since April...Show More Summary

Behind Trump’s Anti-Iran Tough Talk

Appeasing the Saudi-Israel axis in the Mideast, President Trump is talking tough against Iran and bringing his administration even more into line with neocon orthodoxy, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains. By Paul R. Pillar The Trump administration is…Read more ?

Obama Lays Out Plans in His First Post-Presidency Public Appearance

In his first public appearance since leaving the White House, former president Barack Obama said that empowering young people to take on leadership roles would be the "single most important" issue in his post-presidency life. "What I'm...Show More Summary

Robert Reich: How Trump Degraded the Presidency in Just 100 Days

"Not until Trump has the moral authority of the office disappeared." Trump’s failure to accomplish little or any of his agenda during his first 100 days is striking. But we should not forget the vast harm he has done in this comparatively short time – especially his degradation of the presidency. Show More Summary

Some Rare Good News—New Orleans Removes First of Four White Supremacists Monuments

Supporters of the monuments made death threats against city workers. We may have a few white supremacists wandering freely around the White House, but at least New Orleans is working towards removing symbols from its racist history.Show More Summary

Expert: Why Airplane Industry Acts of Cruelty Won't Stop Any Time Soon

"As passengers, we don't really know what rights we have..." Days after United's Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz announced no staff would be fired following viral dragging incident, another airline is now under fire for more violent...Show More Summary

AlterNet Comics: Brian McFadden on Trump's First 100 Days

Cake, nepotism, and the mother of all bombs.   Related Stories AlterNet Comics: Tom Tomorrow on Life During (Endless) Wartime AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on Trump's Hatred of Children AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on Trump's Extremist Supreme Court Pick

Meet the Man Who Should Be the Next to Go at Fox News

Bill Shine continues at the helm despite reports that he helped cover up sexual harassment at the network. It took years of sexual harassment reports, millions of dollars in non-disclosure agreements, and a successful advertisers boycott, but Bill O’Reilly was finally fired from Fox News. Show More Summary

Trump Slams New Polls as "Fake News"—Except for the Stuff That's Good for Him

President Donald Trump lashed out on Sunday at two new polls that showed a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the president's first 100 days in office. However, unlike previous times the president has criticized similar surveys...Show More Summary

The Pro-War Twist of the ‘Resistance’

Exclusive: The anti-Trump “#Resistance” has become a movement to defend the Democratic establishment’s pro-war policies, to purge anti-war Democrats, and even to embrace Donald Trump’s attack on Syria, reports James W Carden. By James W Carden The Resistance, a self-aggrandizing…Read more ?

Paul Krugman: Trump Is Quite Willing to Pretend That Tax Cuts for the Rich Will Help Everyone

It's the 1980s all over again. Donald Trump loves the 1980s. After all, it was when his celebrity rose in New York, when Trump Tower was built, The Art of the Deal was published, and when he first learned he could get away with the flagrant racism that put five innocent men in jail (Central Park Five anyone?). Show More Summary

John Oliver Wonders What Justifies Jared Kushner and Ivanka's Massive Policy Portfolios in the White House

"We may all be thinking that Ivanka is doing a lot more than she actually is..." While President Trump remains widely unpopular, most Americans maintain a positive view of his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, both of whom...Show More Summary

Watch: 6 Trump Voters Explain Their Mixed Feelings About the Early Days of His Presidency

CNN's Alisyn Camerota hosted a panel discussion with six Trump voters on Day 94 of Trump's presidency. According to a new Washington Post poll, just 2% of Trump supporters regret their vote after approximately 90 days. But there are some signs of skepticism, even among Trump's die-hard supporters. Show More Summary

Former Trump State Campaign Chair Charged With Human Sex Trafficking of a Minor

He was serving on a local school board at the time of the charges, which also include giving alcohol to a minor and inducing them to engage in sex. A former judge now serving as a school board member in suburban Cincinnati has been charged...Show More Summary

Trump Is Totally Reliant on the Media - Maybe That's Why He Pretends to Hate It So Much

Despite the "fake news" claims, Trump knows the media helped elect him— and sees ratings as his salvation. Over the weekend the New York Times published a major story about FBI Director James Comey’s decision, in the final 10 days of...Show More Summary

The Stain of Anti-Semitism at the White House Isn't Going Away

Trump hides behind his Jewish daughter and son-in-law, but he has been a godsend to anti-Semitic movements and ideologies. What is it with President Trump and anti-Semitism? He kicked off his inauguration with a sermon by pastor Robert Jeffress, who has declared that Jews are going to hell. Show More Summary

As Soon as Trump Started Bombing, the Corporate Media and Establishment Rushed to Call Him 'Presidential'

Why Trump’s Wars Should Seem So Familiar MOAB sounds more like an incestuous, war-torn biblical kingdom than the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, aka “the mother of all bombs.”  Still, give Donald Trump credit.  Only the really,Show More Summary

What Is 'White Supremacy'? A Brief History of a Term, and a Movement, That Continues to Haunt America

The term gets thrown around carelessly, but the history of this ideology is long and tangled. We must secure the existence of our people and the future of White children. — David Lane’s 14-word creed. Hardly any concept is thrown around...Show More Summary

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