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At Least Three Killed in Shootout Involving US Police in Texas

At least three people were killed in a shootout involving the police in the US state of Texas, local media reported citing the police.

Jim Hightower: What Really Poisoned the Water in Flint, Michigan

Flint reveals that there is a much deeper contamination poisoning our country's political morals. The mantra of every Koch-headed, right-wing politico is that government should be run like a business, always focused on cutting costs....Show More Summary

Flashing the Flesh – A History of TV Nudity

A Russian soldier in the buff on War and Peace is just another notch on the bedpost of TV nakedness – and proof that a penis can still prick people’s attention Two decades ago, the screenwriter Andrew Davies gave Colin Firth a skinny-dipping scene in a BBC TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Show More Summary

End of Cooperation? China Rebuffs US Demand for Pressure on North Korea

Despite years of cooperating in multiparty talks regarding their policies handling North Korea, it appears the partnership between the US and China is starting to come apart as Beijing appears reluctant to kowtow to Washington's desire to bring down more pressure on Pyongyang in light of nuclear tests.

Dozens Anti-Islamization Pegida Activists Arrested Across Europe

Dozens of activists were arrested on Saturday at the Pegida anti-islamization movement rallies across several European countries, media reported.

Lebanese Journalist Killed in Syria's Aleppo

Lebanese war reporter Ali Yousef Dasho was killed while covering a military operation to liberate the Syrian city of Rityan in the northern Aleppo province from terrorists, a source close to Hezbollah told RIA Novosti.

Twitter Steps Up War on Daesh

Social media has become an indispensable recruitment and propaganda tool for Daesh and other Islamist terrorists. But Twitter says it’s making strides in its digital war on terror by shutting down terror-linked accounts faster than ISIS can recruit.

Austrian Police Confirm Boy Raped by Iraqi Refugee in Vienna Swimming Pool

Austria's police have confirmed a rape case involving sexual assault against a 10-year-old boy by an Iraqi migrant, local media said Saturday.

Jeb Bush on Trump: "He Needs Therapy"

"A steady hand." Jeb Bush has used that phrase repeatedly throughout the campaign, as he attempts to convince voters that he's the tried and tested choice for president—the anti-Donald Trump. Bush made that case again today, ahead of Saturday's Republican debate, at a crowded town hall meeting in Bedford, New Hampshire. Show More Summary

Russia-Iran Simplified Visa Deal First Step to Visa Lifting for Russians

The entry into force of Russia’s agreement with Iran to simplify visa procedures is the first step toward the abolition of visas for Russian tourists, Iran’s Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanai said Saturday.

Having the First Name 'Isis' Has Become a Massive Burden for Lots of People

A petition calling for news outlets to stop calling the organization ISIS has a whopping 63,000 signatures. Over a few decades’ stretch, the name Isis became an  increasingly popular name to give a newborn, particularly among parents of baby girls. Show More Summary

The NFL machine grinds on: I love football, but I can’t watch Super Bowl 50 — or the game, ever again

For too long, I looked past what I knew about the sport so I could enjoy it—but I can't ignore the truth anymore

No Security Wall to Be Built Around Baghdad - Iraqi PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday denied the military’s reports of plans to build a security wall around Baghdad in order to protect the city from attacks by Daesh militants.

Tehran, Moscow to Discuss Credit Line Extension on Monday - Iranian Envoy

Tehran and Moscow will discuss credit line extension during a visit of an Iranian deputy economy minister to Russia on Monday, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanai said Saturday.

NASA to Launch Sun-Powered Space Probe

A space probe the size of a large shoebox may be the first spacecraft to venture outside of the earth’s orbit while being powered entirely by the sun.

Kurdish Militants Use Western-Produced Weapons - Erdogan

Kurdish militants use weapons manufactured in the western countries, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday.

Woman Crashes Own Funeral to Scare Husband who Ordered Hitmen to Kill Her

During her own funeral, a woman rose from the dead to take revenge on her husband who had ordered hitmen to kill her – At least that’s what the husband thought.

The Special Hell of a Ted Cruz Rally: What It's Like to Spend an Evening With the GOP's Oiliest Operator

There's nothing quite like a middle school auditorium positively overflowing with Cruz supporters. There is a boisterous Oath Keeper leaking alcohol from every pore sitting three seats away from me in a Nashua, New Hampshire, middle school auditorium hosting a Ted Cruz town hall. Show More Summary

Out of Control? Dresden Protesters Demanding Merkel's Resignation

A series of protest rallies organized by Germany's far-right political movement Pegida took place across a number of European countries on Saturday, with activists opposing the "Islamization of Europe" and demanding to stop the influx of migrants.

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