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Erdo?an allows his opponents at Washington

When the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, arrived at the Turkish embassy at Washington, he was greeted by demonstrators who had assembled before the embassy, peacefully demonstrating against his draconian policies. The Embassy's...Show More Summary

Robert Reich: 10 Reasons Europe Can't Stand Trump

Many of our allies think he's unstable and not to be trusted. European governments, preparing for a round of major summits with Donald Trump, are wary. I spent much of the past week speaking with officials and cabinet ministers in Europe. Show More Summary

Supreme Court Strikes Down North Carolina's Racial Gerrymander

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down North Carolina's congressional map, finding that the Republican legislature unconstitutionally used race in drawing district lines that reduced the voting power of minorities. In the 5-3 decision,...Show More Summary

Indian Air Force's Army on Isis Alert

In a letter addressed to 12,000 officers of the Indian Air Force's Army, the Air Force's Chief Marshal, Birender Singh Dhanoa, asked them to get ready for new operations for which very little notice would be given. General Dhanoa made explicit reference to a terrorist threat to Jammu and Kashmir. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Republicans Are Stripping Our Freedoms One by One

"Americans are creeping along the road to serfdom, yoked to corporate employers." America, as Paul Krugman writes in his Monday column, is supposedly "an open society, in which everyone is free to make his or her own choices about where...Show More Summary

Republicans Claim Their Health Care Bill Provides $138 Billion for Preexisting Conditions. They're Lying.

Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur found himself in front of a hostile crowd at a recent town hall event in his home district. His New Jersey constituents were particularly upset with the amendment MacArthur authored last month that finally convinced hardcore conservatives in the House to back the GOP's bill to repeal Obamacare. Show More Summary

Saudis Win Hearts by Lining Pockets

Exclusive: By achieving an odd-couple alliance with Israel, Saudi Arabia has cleared away U.S. political resistance to the massive arms build-up that President Trump just embraced, reports Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall (This is the fourth in a series on…Read more ?

John Oliver Has Some Devastating News for Those Eagerly Awaiting Trump's Impeachment

Odds are we're stuck with him for four years, and possibly more. John Oliver, who (regrettably) urged Trump's presidential run in 2013, now insists we're stuck with him for years. In his latest "Stupid Watergate" segment, the "Last Week...Show More Summary

'Morning Joe' Panel Identifies the Most Likely Targets of the FBI's Russia Probe

Only two officials fit the description of a "significant person of interest." Only two White House officials fit the description of the “significant person of interest” targeted in the ongoing Russia probe, according to panelists onShow More Summary

Trump Confidante Roger Stone Tears President Apart Over Trip to Saudi Arabia

"Candidly, this makes me want to puke." Trump's Former Ally Roger Stone Slams President Over Saudi Visit President Donald Trump's one time campaign adviser and longtime confidante Roger Stone criticized the president's meeting with the...Show More Summary

Trump Panders to the Saudi Royals

President Trump’s speech to the Islamic world amounted to a pander to his regal Saudi hosts and a blindness toward the realities of Mideast terrorism, explains ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. By Paul R. Pillar The bar for Donald Trump’s…Read more ?

Black Cadet Stabbed to Death by Member of Racist 'Alt-Reich Nation' Facebook Group

Authorities who reviewed videotape of the incident described the attack as unprovoked. A black ROTC cadet set to graduate from Bowie State University this week was stabbed to death by a white University of Maryland student who’s a member of a racist online hate group, the Baltimore Sun reports. Show More Summary

John Oliver Breaks Down the Latest Scandals to Rock the Trump White House

While President Donald Trump continues to bury himself in scandal after scandal, John Oliver on Sunday sought to answer a few basic questions surrounding what his show has deemed Stupid Watergate—"a scandal with all the potential ramifications...Show More Summary

The "License to Kill" Bill Is As Terrifying As It Sounds

Earlier this year, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said the Trump administration will be fighting regulations at every turn through "the deconstruction of the administrative state." The Regulatory Accountability Act, dubbed...Show More Summary

The Band Land of Talk Ponders "Life After Youth"

Land of Talk Life After Youth Saddle Creek Courtesy of Chromatic Publicity A vehicle for Canada's Elizabeth Powell, Land of Talk offers numerous visceral pleasures on Life After Youth, her first album in seven years. This alluring work...Show More Summary

Trump Administration Could Send Thousands to Crisis-Plagued Haiti—or Underground

Lys Isma lives legally in the United States. She has no memory of ever living anywhere else. But depending on a decision the Trump administration is expected to make by Tuesday, she could be forced to move to Haiti. The Department of...Show More Summary

Trump Administration Arrests of Noncriminal Immigrants Up 150 Percent

The policy is having a devastating effect on families and communities. For the most part, the Trump campaign was transparent in its xenophobia, playing to the anti-immigrant sentiments of Trump's base with promises to increase deportations of the undocumented. Show More Summary

While Turkish Bodyguards Brutalized Protesters, This DC Think Tank Connected Erdogan with Foreign Policy Insiders

As it whitewashing Erdogan, a top DC think tank rakes in money from Turkey and other authoritarian states Turkey’s authoritarian leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has dominated his country’s politics since 2003. He has transformed the state...Show More Summary

Want To See How School Choice Leads to Segregation? Visit Betsy DeVos’ Hometown

Don’t believe me? Take a look. To see for yourself how school choice leads to segregation, I recommend a visit to Betsy DeVos’ hometown of Holland, MI. Here, two decades of the policies that the Trump/DeVos education budget now wants...Show More Summary

The Degree of Self-Sabotage in the Trump White House Is Staggering

By stacking his inner circle with blindly loyal neophytes and assuming he knows far more than he does, Trump guarantees daily chaos. On Wednesday night, for just a moment, Donald Trump acted like the sane president he will never be. ...Show More Summary

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