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Tuesday's HOT MIC

BREAKING: Decisions soon on the fate of Sessions.

Liposuction Fraudster Faces Felony Charge

Cops: Woman used stolen credit card for fat reduction procedure Police were able to identify defendant Natasha Bostick, 29, as a result of distinctive tattoos seen in before and after photos taken by a surgeon. Liposuction Fraud read more

Liposuction Fraudster Faces Felony Charge

Cops: Woman used stolen credit card for fat reduction procedure JULY 25--A Florida woman is facing a felony fraud charge after using a stolen credit card to pay for a liposuction procedure at a cosmetic surgeon’s office, according to Liposuction Fraud read more

Former CIA Director Encourages Federal Officials to Refuse to Follow Any Trump Order to Fire Mueller

"I really hope that members of Congress and elected representatives are going to stand up and say, 'Enough is enough.'" Former CIA Director John Brennan, in a vocal and unapologetic rebuke to Trump, said White House officials should refuse orders to fire special counsel Robert Mueller if ordered to do so by President Donald Trump. Show More Summary

ATM Robbers Wear Trump Masks in Bank Heist

On the outskirts of Turin, Italy, the two brothers reportedly stole more than $115,000 from ATMs. Two brothers, Vittorio and Ivan Laforè, 27 and 31, were arrested on Monday on suspicion of carrying out a stream of bank heists dressed as U.S. Show More Summary

Why Mitch McConnell May Be the Only Person in Washington Who Can Save the Trump-Kremlin Conspiracy Investigation

That man could hold the fate of the nation... As soon as Congress goes into recess, Donald Trump will have the opportunity to remove special prosecutor Robert Mueller—unless Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) stops him. What will McConnell...Show More Summary

This Energy Bill Lays the Groundwork for a Much Bigger Fight to Come

The Senate soon could be considering legislation to modernize the nation’s energy policy. The wide-ranging and surprisingly bi-partisan bill, co-sponsored by Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chair Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Ranking...Show More Summary

Boy Scouts of America Skewered for 'Total Cop-Out' on Trump's Jamboree Speech

There were multiple comparisons to Hitler Youth. President Donald Trump’s angry, partisan speech to the Boy Scout Jamboree on Monday evening is still stirring controversy, and has forced the Boy Scouts of America to issue a statement defending the organization’s decision to invite the president. Show More Summary

A Dying Baby and His Parents Are Being Exploited by the GOP to Advance Their Project to Destroy the American Health Care System

The sad story of Charlie Gard shows there's no limit to right-wing political vampirism. The sad story of Charlie Gard, a dying British baby who became a cause célèbre on the American right, seems to be coming to a close. Charlie’s parents, Chris...Show More Summary

Firm of Oligarch Behind Trump Jr. Meeting Was “Primary Client” of Co. Probed for Money Laundering

In 2000, an investigation spearheaded by then-Sen. Carl Levin identified Russian businessman Ike Kaveladze as a “poster child” for the practice of establishing anonymous US shell corporations that could be used to launder “ill-gotten gains,” according to the Michigan Democrat. Show More Summary

'Sessions Has a VERY Weak Position on Clinton Crimes': Trump Issues New Loyalty Test to Attorney General

Trump sharpened his attack against Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday in a series of tweets. President Donald Trump has made clear to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he must launch an investigation of Hillary Clinton to keep his job. Show More Summary

173 suicide bombers expected in Europe

On 27 May 2017, Interpol has sent to every single European police force a list, drawn up by the US Intelligence Services, of 173 members of Daesh. According to the Guardian (the journalistic source for this information), the United States...Show More Summary

The appearance of a new alliance in the Greater Middle East, by Thierry Meyssan

President Trump's policy in the Greater Middle East is beginning to materialise. While up until now, the United States and their allies have been attempting to destroy states and impose chaos, they are now legitimising alliances against the jihadists. Show More Summary

The Only Heartwarming Story You’ll Read About Climate Change Today

This story was originally published by Grist and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The best shot at large-scale climate action under the Trump administration might lie with a lawsuit set to go to trial early next year. Juliana v. United States has a plot suitable for a Disney movie: An eclectic group of 21 kids (and their […]

13 Bright Spots and Optimistic Thinkers Challenge the Dark Future of Trump

Positive views and a good sense of progressive history will help us fight the Trump disasters. We all recognize the darkness that has descended upon us as the Trump administration reveals its reactionary intentions, levels of corruption and destructive and chaotic approach to governing. Show More Summary

The World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis Is Basically Being Blacked Out by Western Media

Click here for reuse options! The United States is fueling a conflict that has resulted in war crimes and famine. A day ago, a Saudi jet fired on a convoy of cars in Mawzaa district, Yemen. The strike is reported to have killed at least twenty civilians, many from the same family. Show More Summary

What Trump Owes America's Christian Fascists

If the alliance between these zealots and our current administration succeeds, it will snuff out the last vestiges of American democracy. Donald Trump’s ideological vacuum, the more he is isolated and attacked, is being filled by the Christian right. Show More Summary

9 Plagues That Could Destroy Everything We Love About Life on Earth

Click here for reuse options! It could be game over for humanity, much sooner than we think. Our climate is changing rapidly, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, denial seems to be one approach many are taking to deal with this reality. Show More Summary

How the Food and Drug Companies Ensure That We Get Sick and They Make Money

Even the non-profit watchdogs are on Big Pharma's payroll. Another reason for single-payer health care: The documentary What the Health shows how the lives and health of human beings are considered insignificant, and in many ways threatened,...Show More Summary

It’s (Loan) Shark Week: Families are Biting Back!

From payday loan sharks to Wall Street bottom-feeders, financial predators of all shapes and sizes are It’s Shark Week, but the most dangerous predators this year aren’t on TV or at the beaches – they are in Washington D.C., where they are menacing families with the help of their chums in Congress. Show More Summary

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