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Trump’s Company Won’t Say How Much It Made From Foreign Governments—But Swears It Gave It All Away

The Trump Organization released a statement on Monday announcing it had donated all profits earned from foreign government spending at Trump-owned hotels to the U.S. Treasury. But the company declined to say how much profit was donated, where it was earned, and how the company calculated the size of its payment. Almost immediately upon Trump’s ascension […]

Who Benefits from Russia’s ‘Peculiar’ Doping Violations?

The Winter Olympics concluded with two Russian athletes testing positive for banned substances. But the doping would have made little sense in terms of gaining a competitive edge, leading Rick Sterling to wonder who benefits? By Rick Sterling Viewers of…Read more ?

Scott Pruitt Is Gutting the EPA Because He Thinks It’s God’s Plan

Scott Pruitt may be at the center of another Trump administration flight scandal over the skyrocketing costs of his first-class flights, but recently he’s been more likely to talk about how deeply his evangelical faith influences his work running the Environmental Protection Agency. Show More Summary

After Sandy Hook, the NRA Made Big Promises About a New School Safety Program. It Hasn’t Done Much.

In December 2012, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre held a press conference in Washington to present the group’s plan for protecting the nation’s schools from gun violence. LaPierre announced that the NRA was launching the National School Shield Emergency Response Program. “From armed security […]

Millennials Face a Major Financial Hurdle That Has Nothing to Do With Student Debt

We can’t blame this one on avocado toast. If you thought student debt explained why a growing number of millennials have nothing saved, think again. A new report from the Resolution Foundation, a British think tank, finds that people in their 20s and 30s are earning significantly less than they did a generation ago. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Makes Ludicrous Claim He Would Have Personally Stopped the Parkland Shooter

Who does the president think he's kidding? President Donald Trump, who infamously avoiding serving in the Vietnam War by citing “bone spurs” in his medical examination, said on Monday that he would have personally intervened to stop Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz. Show More Summary

The Florida High School Shooting Survivors Are Being Inundated with Death Threats

Conspiracy theorists have smeared at least one teen as a "crisis actor." The mother of Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg says her family has received death threats over their son's efforts to campaign for tighter gun control in the U.S. Show More Summary

Ivanka Trump Bristles When Pressed About Her Father's Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The first daughter looked visibly irritated during an interview with NBC Monday. First Daughter Ivanka Trump on Monday scolded a reporter for asking her to comment on allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against her father. WhenShow More Summary

The Supreme Court Just Dealt Trump a Major Blow in His War on Immigrant Youth

DACA renewals will continue, even if Dreamers remain incredibly vulnerable. In a major win for undocumented immigrant youth, the Supreme Court will not hear the Trump administration’s appeal of a lower court decision that partially reinstated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA program). Show More Summary

Federal Appeals Court Finds Anti-Gay Workplace Discrimination Is Illegal

A federal appeals court on Monday ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits anti-gay discrimination in the workplace. The decision is a victory for LGBT rights and a blow to the Trump administration, which had argued that the seminal civil rights law does not protect against sexual orientation discrimination. The Second Circuit Court of […]

Guess How Often Teens Are Actually Sexting

Until now, sexting has been somewhat of a vague phenomenon, without much concrete data on how common it actually is in teen life. Experts have tried to pin down how many and how often teens participate in explicit text messaging, and have had a hard time reaching a consensus; over the years they’ve predicted that somewhere between 1.3 to […]

The Supreme Court Just Rejected the Trump Administration’s Request to Quickly Kill DACA

The Supreme Court has denied the Trump administration’s request for it to quickly review a lower court decision that temporarily blocks ending protections from deportation for Dreamers—young undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children. Show More Summary

Hardcore R&B Fans Will Dig These Epic New Releases

Album Reviews Various Artists Stax Singles, Vol. 4: Rarities & the Best of the Rest Craft Recordings Various Artists The Ru-Jac Records Story Omnivore The great Memphis soul music label Stax has been extensively surveyed in three box sets collecting the A-sides of the company’s singles, from its humble beginnings in 1959 to a messy […]

Ivanka Trump Thinks It’s “Pretty Inappropriate” to Ask Her About Her Father’s Accusers

Ivanka Trump has nurtured a public image as a backer of women’s empowerment. But, in remarks released by NBC News on Monday morning, she categorically denied the accounts of the nearly two dozen women who have accused her father of sexual misconduct spanning several decades. In an interview conducted over the weekend, NBC’s Peter Alexander […]

John Oliver Rips Into Trump’s Plan to Arm America’s Teachers

John Oliver kicked off his latest installment of “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday by condemning President Donald Trump’s highly controversial proposal to arm America’s teachers in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting. He wasted no time mocking Trump for failing to read the room during a listening session at the White House last week, […]

California Democrats Stun Dianne Feinstein in State Convention Shocker

The latest delegate vote could mark a seismic shift within the party. California Democrats shocked Senator Dianne Feinstein by not endorsing her for re-election at their state convention Sunday. Conservative Democrat Feinstein won just...Show More Summary

It’s Been 51 Days Since a Massive Oil Spill Off China’s Coast. There’s Still So Much We Don’t Know.

The words “oil spill” may conjure images of black globs floating in the ocean and seabirds slick with ebony-colored gunk. But not all oil spills are highly visible disasters. Last month, one of the largest tanker spills in decades involved a toxic petroleum that did not leave a dark trail. Much remains unclear about the […]

This Year, Democrats Are Actually Fighting for California Republicans’ Seats

Every week for more than a year, protesters have gathered in front of the local offices of Rep. Devin Nunes, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, and Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republicans who represent what are usually considered safe red districts. But as Democrats seek to retake the House of Representatives in November, their plan depends on taking […]

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Now Matches His All-Time Low

The president's numbers have plummeted in the wake of the Parkland school shooting. Trump's Approval Rating Now Matches His All-Time Low President Donald Trump’s approval rating now matches its all-time low following several weeks of White House scandals and a mass shooting in Florida. Show More Summary

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