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'Election Prophet' Nate Silver Tells Colbert Who Will Win—Says Trump Is Bluffing

Click here for reuse options! "You have been surprisingly accurate over the last few elections with one exception... who is that candidate you got wrong?" "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert had quite the introduction for fivethirtyeight founder...Show More Summary

Why Trump Terrifies the Republicans Who Created Him and His Movement

Click here for reuse options! Some of Trump's debate responses just proved how dangerous he really is. In the aftermath of the final presidential debate, Republican leaders and elected officials will no longer be able to shirk theirShow More Summary

Eminem Shreds Donald Trump in Pitch Perfect New Track Called 'Campaign Speech'

Click here for reuse options! "You should be afraid of this dang candidate," Eminem raps in new diss track. On Wednesday, the legendary rapper Eminem took aim at the Trump campaign with a new diss track, entitled "Campaign Speech." The...Show More Summary

Call Me a Nasty Woman, Thank You Very Much

Click here for reuse options! The more Trump makes this election all about himself, the more women of America will choose to make it about themselves. Donald Trump just couldn’t help himself. At the third and final presidential debate...Show More Summary

Colbert Rips Trump's Insane Refusal to Say He'd Accept the Election Results

Click here for reuse options! "What I'm saying is I'll tell you at the time. I'll keep you in suspense," Trump said in the debate. "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert really doesn't want democracy to "end on a cliffhanger," a possibility that Trump flirted with during Thursday's final Presidential Debate. Show More Summary

The Trump Files: How Donald Drove Palm Beach Nuts With an American Flag

Until the election, we're bringing you "The Trump Files," a daily dose of telling episodes, strange but true stories, or curious scenes from the life of GOP nominee Donald Trump. We all know Donald Trump firmly believes that size matters. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Alpha Male Insecurity: Getting His Butt Kicked by a Girl Is Just Too Much for Him

Click here for reuse options! Even before Barack Obama told him to "stop whining," Trump's masculinity was in crisis thanks to Hillary Clinton. At the heart of Donald Trump’s talk of a “rigged” election lies one incontrovertible fact that eats away at him: He is getting his butt kicked by a girl. Show More Summary

Here Are All of the Trump Products Made Overseas

Click here for reuse options! Like everything else about his campaign, Trump's trade talk is a pure scam. When right-wing commentators are not making bizarre apologies for sexual-assault braggart Donald Trump's "locker room talk," they are praising him for how great he is on trade. Show More Summary

When Bacteria Is a Good Thing: 10 Ways Probiotics and Prebiotics Can Change Your Life

Click here for reuse options! Your gut is telling you something. Listen! In modern Western society, say the word “bacteria” and alarm bells go off. Germs! Disease! Danger! Modern society seems bent on viewing the microbial world with a combination of fear and disgust. Show More Summary

Warren Buffett's Tax Challenge Proves That Trump Doesn't Know What an American Value Is

Click here for reuse options! Trump said “that’s smart,” when confronted with his tax shirking. It's actually dishonorable and unethical. Warren Buffett threw down the gauntlet to Donald Trump again last week. It happened after Trump lied about Buffett’s federal income tax payments on national TV. Show More Summary

Why Libya Is a Mayhem State

Click here for reuse options! ISIS is the least of their problems, as Libya struggles with daily violence and economic distress. On October 14, a former Prime Minister of Libya – Khalifa al-Ghwell – gathered some supporters at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli and announced that he was the new head of government. Show More Summary

White Privilege Wages Jihad: Kansas 'Militia Members' Aren't Considered 'Terrorists' Because They're Not Muslim

Click here for reuse options! The three white men planned to unleash a killing spree and to bomb a house of worship—what should we call them? On Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it had arrested three white men, Curtis...Show More Summary

Is Porn Racist?

Click here for reuse options! Everything that exists in reality is magnified in porn. Including racism. Mainstream porn is a wacky realm. For every pair of breasts that exists in the real world, there’s a monster set to dwarf them in the porn world. Show More Summary

Nearly Half of College Kids Go Hungry—Even With Jobs and Financial Aid

Click here for reuse options! Students are facing food insecurity despite assistance programs. Between balancing school, work, and a social life, students have more than enough to think about without worrying where their next meal is coming from. Show More Summary

8 Fossil Fuel Companies Responsible for 15% of Global Carbon Emissions Since 1850s

Click here for reuse options! One of the worst offenders is ExxonMobil, whose CEO routinely misrepresents basic climate science. When assessing responsibility for global warming, politicians, journalists and others tend to think in terms of nations. Show More Summary

AlterNet Comics: Tom Tomorrow On Trump's Descent Into Insanity

Click here for reuse options! His speeches are pretty much world salads now.   Click here for reuse options! Related Stories AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on Clinton's Internal Debates AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on Donald Trump's Tantrum-Like Response to His Accusers AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on the Silver Lining Only the Women Who Still Support Trump Can See

Climate Change Got Exactly 2 Seconds of Time in the Final Debate

This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Five minutes and twenty-seven seconds were spent on climate change and other environmental issues in the three presidential debates, 2 percent of the total time—and that was pretty much all Hillary Clinton talking. Show More Summary

Watch the Best Moments From the Final Presidential Debate

The debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are finally over. And they will go down as unprecedentedly nasty, incoherent, and bizarre political theater. The final debate, Wednesday night in Las Vegas, featured what will go down...Show More Summary

At the Final Debate, Trump Tries to Rally a Zombie GOP Army for Post-Election Apocalypse

Donald Trump no longer seems to be trying to become the elected commander in chief of the United States. Instead, he appears bent on becoming the leader of a zombie army that can destroy the Republican Party—and perhaps undermine American...Show More Summary

Trump Refuses to Commit to Accepting Election Results

Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump has continually complained that the election is "rigged" against him. When asked during the final presidential debate on Wednesday whether he would accept the results of the election, Trump refused...Show More Summary

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