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Shocking Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia

Investigative reporter Allan Nairn links Trump associates to terrorist plots in Indonesia. As Vice President Mike Pence railed against ISIS-linked terrorism Thursday, we speak with longtime investigative journalist Allan Nairn aboutShow More Summary

Populism v. Elites in French Election

Exclusive: Popular resistance to neoliberal economic policies gets its next test in Sunday’s election in France with two populists from the Right and Left challenging two mainstream candidates, explains Andrew Spannaus. By Andrew Spannaus French voters will head to the…Read more ?

The First Vote Trump's Supreme Court Justice Made Was to Hasten an Arkansas Execution

After a protracted legal battle, Arkansas carried out its first execution since 2005 using the controversial drug, Midazolam. Ledell Lee, who was convicted of murder in 1995, died on Thursday night at 11:56 p.m., twelve minutes after...Show More Summary

How an Activist Campaign Toppled Fox News' Biggest Star

Using both old and new activist techniques, progressive organizations knocked off a right-wing media titan. During his long career in television, Bill O’Reilly has been the quintessential survivor. In large measure, this was because his high ratings (and the revenues they brought in) made him invaluable to his employers at the Fox News Channel. Show More Summary

Trevor Noah Mocks the Trump Aministration's Obsolete Views About Marijuana

"There's another reason that it's weird Trump's attorney general is against marijuana..." "Daily Show"'s Trevor Noah celebrated the annual stoner holiday 4/20 with two major announcements; His overview of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' looming weed war being the less horrifying of the two.  "Calm down, Jeff Sessions. Show More Summary

Poll: More Americans Than Ever Want Marijuana Legalized

A new Quinnipiac survey shows support for freeing the weed rising sharply.     / > Related Stories Giving Cannabis the Respect She Deserves As You (Responsibly) Enjoy 4/20, Remember Those Who Can’t Homeland Security Chief Flip Flops on Weed: Now It's a Threat Again

A Former Trump Partner in a Failed Russia Deal Donated to his Inauguration

One odd thing about Donald Trump's relationship with Russia is that for decades he bragged about developing projects there—and made big promises that he would rule the Moscow skyline—but the deals always fell through or never materialized. Show More Summary

Dominatrix Is Collared For Shakedown Plot

Cops: "Ruthless" Mistress Teenie is also a convicted sex offender Fatin Ward, 35, advertises herself as a "black, dominant, ruthless, plus size Bitch." Which seems about right based on felony charges filed against her. Dominatrix Bust read more

Diehard O'Reilly Fans Are Boycotting Fox News for Letting the Embattled Host Go

"The Young Turks" weighed in on their plans. Following a steady stream of sexual harassment lawsuits, Fox News revealed Wednesday that Bill O'Reilly would not be returning to "The O'Reilly Factor" after his vacation ends later this month. Show More Summary

Jason Chaffetz Is Fleeing Scandal—But Maybe Not His Own

Jason Chaffetz is so ambitious that his last name is a verb. In the political world, to Chaffetz means to throw a former mentor under the bus in order to get ahead, and various prominent Republicans, from former Utah governor and presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. Show More Summary

America Commits Acts of Terrorism—Why Is That So Hard to Understand?

When America bombs, it's rational; when other countries do it, we cry terrorism. A few years ago, I asked a retired Iraqi Air Force officer what it felt like to be bombed periodically by the United States in the 1990s. Whenever US President Bill Clinton felt irritated, I joked, he seemed to bomb Iraq. Show More Summary

France Is About to Vote in the Craziest Election the World Has Seen Since, Well, November

French voters will go to the polls on Sunday to vote for a new president. The election will have profound reverberations around the world. Will France take a nationalist turn to the right? Will it seek to withdraw from the European Union...Show More Summary

If There's Going to Be a Wall, Let It Be This Collaboration Between American and Mexican Designers

This story was originally published by Fusion and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. When President Trump appealed to the public to submit proposals for his "big, beautiful" border wall, you can be pretty sure...Show More Summary

This Simple Advice Completely Changed the Way I Cook (and Eat)

In the days after reading Samin Nosrat's new book, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, eating felt like a new adventure. My tongue became a detective, searching for the source of different flavors and how they mingled together, whether they balanced each other out or dragged each other down. Show More Summary

Will Forcing High School Kids to Make a Post-Graduation Plan Actually Help Them?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got a lot of attention two weeks ago when he announced a new graduation requirement for high school seniors: They would have to have a plan. Starting with the class of 2020, Chicago Public School students will be required to show proof of their next step after graduation—such as a college acceptance letter or a job offer. Show More Summary

Karen Russell's Resistance Reading

We asked a range of authors, artists, and poets to name books that bring solace or understanding in this age of rancor. Two dozen or so responded. Here are picks from the delightfully evocative wordsmith Karen Russell, whose debut novel...Show More Summary

If You're Reading About "The Circle" on Facebook, It's Already Too Late

Tomi Um The Circle, published in 2013 by the prolific novelist (and McSweeney's founder) Dave Eggers, is a dire prophecy for our wireless world. Protagonist Mae, fresh from college, goes to work for the eponymous social network, a hyperdriven mashup of Facebook and Google that won't stop until it knows everything about everything—and everyone. Show More Summary

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The Shocking Reality of a Future of Shrinking Jobs

A stunning 94 percent of the 9 million new jobs created in the past decade were temp or contract-based gigs. The jobs reports would have us believe our rebound from the recession is almost complete. The reality is very different. The Economist has...Show More Summary

Senator Sycophant: Lindsey Graham Goes Full Donald

The elusive hope for a principled Republican dies in the fog of war. Some thought Sen. Lindsey Graham was a rare point of light in the darkness of the Republican Party; a principled conservative who would stand up to Donald Trump. He embodied the waning hopes of “bipartisan” opposition to an impulsive and ill-informed president. Show More Summary

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