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Why Can Only Humans Be Murdered? What About Non-Human Animals?

Click here for reuse options! It's time to change the language we use to discuss the killing of other species. It's well known that the language we use to refer to nonhuman animals can be used to hide or sanitize the often egregious ways in which we use, harm and kill them. Show More Summary

Why Arab Autocrats Haven't Confronted Trump

Click here for reuse options! They're both huge fans of “fake news” and “alternative facts.” You’d think, given the harsh anti-Muslim Trump administration in Washington, that the Arab kings and dictators would be lining up to condemn the ruthless sectarian laws being drawn up by an American president who approves of torture. Show More Summary

Hundreds Join Sanctuary Restaurants Movement to Create Safe and Inclusive Spaces

Click here for reuse options! The nationwide Sanctuary Restaurants Movement provides safe spaces free from hate and discrimination. Numerous restaurants across the country have joined a Sanctuary Restaurants Movement to offer safe and...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Press Conference, by Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Thank you very much. I just wanted to begin by mentioning that the nominee for Secretary of the Department of Labor will be Mr. Alex Acosta. He has a law degree from Harvard Law School, was a great student. Former clerk for Justice Samuel Alito. Show More Summary

Trump Weaves a Revealing Blend of Zionism and Fascism in Making a New Mideast Policy

Click here for reuse options! Why did the president decline to endorse the two-state solution or criticize anti-Semitic hate crimes? Perhaps the most telling moment in President Trump's joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister...Show More Summary

Making Puppy Mills Great Again

Many Americans applauded President Trump’s vow to slash government regulations – that always sounds great in the abstract – but it may be less popular when it means gutting rules that addressed puppy mill abuses, says JP Sottile. By JP…Read more ?

5 Unreal Moments from President Trump's Most Bizarre Press Conference Yet

Click here for reuse options! It was, in a word, a mess. Donald Trump's erratic behavior has raised concern about his mental health, even amongst Republicans if Sen, Al Franken (D-MIN) is to be believed. Thursday's press conference,Show More Summary

Trump Expected to Sign Executive Orders Hitting the EPA

Scott Pruitt will almost certainly be the next head of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Oklahoma attorney general's nomination is expected to sail through Senate—possibly as soon as Friday—despite Democrats' protests that he is unfit to lead an agency that he has repeatedly sued. Show More Summary

Congress Just Got a Lot Closer to Defunding Planned Parenthood

On Thursday afternoon, the House voted to approve a resolution that is widely seen by advocates as a step towards defunding Planned Parenthood. Should it become law, the measure would weaken contraceptive access across the country. The...Show More Summary

Robert Reich: Trump's Most Shameful Act So Far

Click here for reuse options! If anything is fake news, it's this administration's voter fraud lies. On Sunday, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller claimed 14 percent of non-citizens are registered to vote. “We know for a fact,...Show More Summary

Trump's New Labor Nominee Oversaw Politicized Hiring at Justice Department

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump announced Florida International University College of Law Dean R. Alexander Acosta as his next nominee to oversee the US Department of Labor. The decision comes after a...Show More Summary

Trump Repeatedly Ducks Questions About Alleged Campaign Contacts With Russia

In a wide-ranging and an at-times erratic press conference that lasted more than an hour Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump said that he had "nothing to do" with any possible contacts between his campaign associates and Russia during last year's election. Show More Summary

Clinton Campaign Sent Fake Phishing Emails to Its Own Staff

Hillary Clinton's run for the White House will be remembered for many things, but information security isn't likely to be one of them. Her campaign was buffeted by two major hacking episodes. First, the contents of Democratic National Committee servers were stolen and disseminated through WikiLeaks and other news organizations. Show More Summary

Trump Launches Tirade Against Media, Claiming White House Is "Running Like a Fine-Tuned Machine"

President Donald Trump intensified his attack on the media in a wild press conference Thursday, once again characterizing the press as "dishonest" in response to recent reports that have depicted an administration increasingly in turmoil. Show More Summary

ICE Is Quietly Accelerating Deportations of Central American Mothers and Children

Click here for reuse options! Three families are slated for deportation Friday, including a 19-year-old and her 3-year-old child. Legal advocates say that, since November, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been expediting...Show More Summary

Trump Asks African-American Reporter to Arrange Meeting with Congressional Black Caucus

During a chaotic and rambling press conference on Thursday, April Ryan, an African-American journalist with the American Urban Radio Networks, asked President Donald Trump if he would be arranging a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss actions he might be taking to help inner cities. "Well I would," Trump said. Show More Summary

What Is the 'Deep State'—And Why Is It After Trump?

Click here for reuse options! Trump escalates his battle with the U.S security apparatus. The firing of Gen. Michael Flynn has popularized the concept of the "Deep State” across the political spectrum. Breitbart's Joel Pollak attacks the disloyal "Deep State #Resistance" to President Trump, while conservative pundit Bill Kristol defends it. Show More Summary

Deutsche Bank Examined Donald Trump's Account for Russia Links

Click here for reuse options! The bank looked for evidence of whether loans to the president were underpinned by guarantees from Moscow, the Guardian learns. The scandal-hit bank that loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to DonaldShow More Summary

Is the 'Deep State' Trying to Take Down the Trump Presidency?

Click here for reuse options! Some are seeing Watergate 2.0 in the current struggle. The firing of Gen. Michael Flynn has popularized the concept “the Deep State” across the political spectrum. Breitbart's Joel Pollak attacks the disloyal “Deep State #Resistance” to President Trump, while conservative pundit Bill Kristol defends it. Show More Summary

'Morning Joe' Shreds Trump's 'Fake News' Answer for Flynn Fallout: 'You Keep Lying, We'll Keep Reporting About It'

Click here for reuse options! "He’s taking (lying) to a whole new level, where I’m not sure the presidency can sustain it.” Investigators determined Trump campaign aides were in constant contact with the Russian government during the campaign; just 48 hours after Michael Flynn's resignation. Show More Summary

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