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Age of Tanks: 5 Reasons Why a Cold War Weapon is Making a Comeback

We look at five trends behind the development of modern tanks, an armament often thought to be outmoded by improved aircraft and missile technology.

The Truth Behind Turkey’s Dual Offensives

Turkey’s bombing campaigns against Syria and Iraq are motivated by a lot more than supposed ‘anti-terrorist’ considerations.

India, Pakistan Exchange Fire in Disputed Kashmir Region

India and Pakistan exchanged heavy fire along the line of control near the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, according to the Indian officer.

Hillary Clinton to Launch $2-Mln Ad Campaign on Tuesday

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is set to start running TV ads in a media buy worth $2 million as part of her 2016 presidential campaign on Tuesday, a campaign official said.

This July in Pictures

Sports events, festivals, religious observances and protests - this July was hot in more ways than one. Here's a photo recap of some of the past month's more notable events.

Police Account for 16% of All Rio De Janeiro Homicides in Past Five Years

Nearly 16 percent of the homicides in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro over the past five years were committed by on-duty police officers who were not prosecuted, according to a new report by an international rights watchdog.

Normal Ties With Serbia Impossible Until Croatia Admits Guilt - Veteran

Mile Milosevic, the Serbian War Veterans' Society head, called for the total eradication of right-wing ideology and symbolism in Croatia.

German Finance Chief Wrong to Talk of Temporary Grexit - French Minister

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said that the idea of Greece withdrawing from the eurozone is unacceptable.

Armed actions against rightwing newspaper and AKP district office

The armed wing of the MLKP published a announcement about actions carried out on the 19th and 20th of July. The MLKP – FESK made a statement concerning the bomb planted outside the STAR newspaper on July 19: “We have left a bomb outside a building where the STAR newspaper is edited. After they [...]

International campaign to support people’s war: Austria

Revolutionary Construction (Revolutionärer Aufbau/RA) is part of the International Committee to Support People’s War in India (ICSPWIndia), and so it took part at the international campaign and called other revolutionary forces in Austria to support the campaign and the people’s war in India. Because of our initiative actions for the [...]

People’s War in India Clippings 3/8/2015

Naxal involved in attack on police party in Jharkhand arrested NEW DELHI: A Naxal leader, who was allegedly involved in an attack on a police party in Jharkhand’s Chatra last December, has been arrested by Delhi Police’s Special Cell. Show More Summary

Lena Dunham, White Privilege and the Myth That Anything Is Possible

The "Girls" creator had more than just drive and spunk on her side. Watching Lena Dunham’s 2009 proto-"Girls" film, Tiny Furniture, I was struck with a question I often ask myself when I'm watching random films on Netflix: How did this get made? As always, I turned to IMDb for answers. Show More Summary

Meet the Hedge Funders and Billionaires Who Pillage Under the Shield of Philanthropy

For every dollar they give, they take 44 from the rest of us. America’s parasitical oligarchs are masters of public relations. One of their favorite tactics is to masquerade as defenders of the common folk while neatly arranging things behind the scenes so that they can continue to plunder unimpeded. Show More Summary

Top 8 Rock and Roll Death Conspiracies

From bonkers to believable, these stories offer hidden insights into the secrets behind our favorite rock stars' deaths. I love a good conspiracy theory. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I’m not into the loose-cannon, feverishly paranoid, life-is-one-big-false-flag thinking that has a stranglehold on today’s right wing. Show More Summary

We Have the Left and Right All Wrong: The Real Story of the Politics of Nostalgia and Tradition

It's no longer the right who wants a return to the past. Ever since Edmund Burke, founder of the conservative tradition,declared, “The very idea of the fabrication of a new government, is enough to fill us with disgust and horror,” pundits and scholars have divided the political world along the axis of time. Show More Summary

Body Cams Can Capture Abuse, But Can They End Police Brutality?

Criminal justice experts say much more is needed to really reform police departments nationwide. The swift first-degree murder charge filed against a former University of Cincinnati police officer after his body camera captured him shooting an unarmed black man to death reflects how crucial video is in proving police misconduct. Show More Summary

Teachers Are Spending Thousands Of Their Own Money to Stock Classrooms with Basic Supplies

They're often forced to foot the bill for the essentials that make learning possible. School may be out for summer, but I guarantee you there’s one thing teachers are already worried about as they plan for the coming school year: how they'll offset the inevitable out-of-pocket costs that come with running a classroom. Show More Summary

People Are Dying from Contaminated Food, but Obama and Congress Don't Seem to Care

A sweeping food safety reform bill was passed five years ago, but not a single new rule has yet been implemented — and people continue to die. In 2010, after thousands of Americans were sickened by tainted spinach, peanut butter andShow More Summary

How To Be Filmed Murdering a Man, Cover It Up, Be Free On Bail, And Ask For Your Job Back

Privilege at a whole new level. How to achieve what's posed in the headline? Be a police officer. Only in America could a man do what Officer Ray Tensing did—be filmed blowing a man's head off, be filmed telling at least 21 lies about...Show More Summary

Cecil the Lion’s 'Brother' Jericho Alive And Well Despite Rumors, Says Researcher

Researcher tells Guardian Jericho seen ‘probably mating’. Despite reports that Cecil the lion’s “brother” Jericho had been shot dead by a poacher, a field researcher at Hwange Lion Research said on Saturday: “He looks alive and well.”...Show More Summary

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