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Fights Break Out in German Asylum Camps as Violence Spreads

Police in Germany have warned that violence in and around asylum centers has threatened to spiral out of control, leaving dozens injured as fights break out between different nationalities and minority ethnic groups.

Russian, Turkish Defense Ministries Establish Direct Communication

The defense ministries of Russia and Turkey established on Wednesday a direct line for consultations, according to Rossiya-24 TV channel.

Who Is the Wet Prince of Bel Air?

This story was produced and originally published by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Subscribe to the podcast and learn more at In the...Show More Summary

Have Humans Killed Off the World's Pristine Places?

Jason Mark started thinking about the purpose of preserving wilderness after a battle over an oyster farm in the Point Reyes National Seashore, 40 miles north of San Francisco. When the seashore was set aside for protection in 1972, the government cut a deal to let the owner of an oyster farm inside the park stay in business. Show More Summary

I fought for nothing: Staggering incompetence, egregious corruption & America’s doomed war in Afghanistan

As the U.S. watches Kunduz fall, I'm left contemplating the lessons of a war whose meager gains are evaporating

Donald Trump, American hustler: The frightening fascist tendencies of his GOP rise

Previous right-wing leaders had a healthy fear of the rage they unleashed from their base. Not this one

A tale of two magazine covers: The Kardashians, the Lowes & America’s racist double standards

America celebrates the Kardashians' female-centered family -- but pathologizes Black matriarchs

The pope rebukes the GOP: The real story behind Boehner’s departure and the right’s assault on American values

On climate change, war and income inequality, Christian spirit says one thing and right-wing lawmakers another

Order of Judas Now Finds Its Worthy Owner – Russia to Ukrainian Politician

Russia’s Defense Ministry has commented on the urge of Ukrainian Interior Ministry advisor Gerashchenko to submit to him any personal information about Russian pilots operating in Syria so that he may pass it along to ISIL terrorists, suggesting that the politician be appointed to an order of Peter the Great in the name of Judas Iscariot.

Israel Discovers Enormous Oil Deposit in Occupied Golan Heights

Israeli oil prospectors have discovered a large oil deposit in the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory which it has occupied since 1967.

Saudi Arabian Wife Facing Jail for Posting Video of Cheating Husband Online

A Saudi woman who secretly filmed her husband kissing the couple's housemaid and then posted the footage on the internet, is now facing defamation charges.

Turkey, Crimea in Talks on 20 Investment Projects

Tahir Nursacan, the head of the Turkish Organized Industry Zone (OIZ), said that there are 20 investment projects in Crimea OIZ is actively working on right now.

Kremlin Confirms Readiness to Talk With Foreign Militaries Over Syria

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Moscow has confirmed its readiness to coordinate and hold consultations with foreign militaries, including Turkey.

India Refuses Purchase of 44 Rafale Fighters, Opts for Homebuilt Aircraft

The Indian government prefers to purchase domestic made Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA) instead of an additional 44 French-built Rafale fighter jets.

Russia Deploys Mi-24 Helicopter Gunships Near Afghan Border

Russia's military said it will beef up its force in Tajikistan, which neighbors Afghanistan's Kunduz province, the site of a recent uptick in Taliban violence.

No Conflict of Interest Between Turkey, Russia Over Syrian Crisis - PM

Turkish Prime Minister said that there is no conflict of interest between Ankara and Moscow over the situation in Syria.

Free Syrian Army Ready for Contacts With Russia

The Free Syrian Army is ready to establish contacts with the Russian leadership, Fahad Masri, a former official FSA representative and a coordinator of the Syrian opposition’s National Salvation Front, said Wednesday.

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