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Joseph Stiglitz: 'Trump Has Fascist Tendencies'

Nobel prize-winning economist on the threat from the US president, fairer globalisation – and whether Bernie Sanders would have won. Harry Truman once demanded to be given one-handed economists because he became so frustrated with his advisers meeting every demand for answers with “on the one hand, on the other hand”. Show More Summary

Southern Plantations Should be Slave Memorials—Not Storybook Theme Parks, or Trump Businesses

Southern plantations teach a version of history that leaves out the very white supremacy that created them. The Trump brothers, Eric and Donald Jr., have embarked on a new business venture to open luxury hotels in Mississippi as part of an effort to cash in on the state's blues music culture. Show More Summary

So, Is CBD Legal Or What?

A series of police raids in North Dakota has set the stage for a courtroom showdown regarding the legal status of CBD. So far, it's not going well. Highlights:  The FDA has issued more warning letters to hemp CBD companies for making unsubstantiated medical claims. Show More Summary

It's a Myth That Turkey Makes You Sleepy—but It May Bring More Trust to Your Thanksgiving Table

Tryptophan doesn't cause you to nod off, but it may be connected to cooperation. ‘Tis the season for giblets, wattles and snoods—oh my. On Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans consume about 68 million turkeys—one for about every five of us. Show More Summary

FCC Leader Doing Trump's Dirty Work Against a Free Press

FCC Chair Ajit Pai is doing his best to undermine net neutrality and the fight against media consolidation. Journalists in Manila had very little time to cover Monday’s meeting between President Donald Trump and his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte. Show More Summary

The Iranian Peace Plan for Yemen, by Mohammad Javad Zarif

I would like to draw your urgent attention to the extremely appalling situation in Yemen, caused by aggression, indiscriminate targeting of civilians and a blockade, imposing intolerable suffering on the Yemeni people and resulting in an unprecedented famine and the outbreak and spread of cholera in that country. Show More Summary

How Syrian-Nuke Evidence Was Faked

Exclusive: In joining Israel and the White House selling military intervention in Syria, the CIA and international inspectors hid key evidence that would undermine the case, says Gareth Porter in a second part of a two-part series. By Gareth Porter…Read more ?

Undercounting the Civilian Dead

During the “war on terror,” the U.S. government has understated the number of civilians killed (all the better to manage positive perceptions back home). But a new report underscores the truth, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. By Paul R.…Read more ?

Stop Cutting Down Trees. Cities Need Birds to Eat Gross Bugs that Transmit Disease.

This story was originally published by CityLab and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  A grove of five or six mature trees, some of them rising more than 50 feet into the air, once grew on a lot abutting our East Boston yard. In the summer, they shaded the cluster of five townhouses that wrapped around […]

Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike

Exclusive: The Iraq WMD fiasco wasn’t the only time political pressure twisted U.S. intelligence judgments. In 2007, Israel sold the CIA on a dubious claim about a North Korean nuclear reactor in the Syrian desert, reports Gareth Porter. By Gareth…Read more ?

Unfounded Pot Hysteria Spreads on the Internet

Headlines declaring the "first marijuana overdose" are sensational and misleading. A local Colorado NBC-affiliated news station recently ran a misleading and irresponsible story with the headline “Colorado doctors claim first marijuana...Show More Summary

Statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the Vetoed UN Security Council Resolution

As the future of the UN OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) was being discussed at the UN Security Council on November 16, the United States and its supporters blocked the text of the Russian-Chinese draft resolution on renewing and strengthening the mandate of this entity which was submitted by Bolivia. Show More Summary

Signs of U.K. Misconduct in Assange Case

The world’s most prominent freedom-of-the-press case remains the legal pressure on WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange, still in Ecuador’s London embassy amid signs of U.K. prosecutorial misconduct, reports Dennis J Bernstein. By Dennis J Bernstein A British court proceeding on a…Read more ?

The Sway of the Nuclear Arms Industry Over Donald Trump and Congress Is Terrifying

This story originally appeared on  Until recently, few of us woke up worrying about the threat of nuclear war. Such dangers seemed like Cold War relics, associated with outmoded practices like building fallout shelters and “duck and cover” drills. But give Donald Trump credit: When it comes to nukes, he’s gotten our attention. He’s […]

The Anti-Pumpkin Pie, and 9 Other Unique Holiday Recipes

On our food politics podcast, Bite, guests like cookbook writer Samin Nosrat, Somali refugee Halimo Isaac, and comic W. Kamau Bell tell the stories behind what ends up on your plate. And, lucky us, these guests tend to be food lovers who know some great recipes. In time for holiday feasting, here are some of some of […]

When Jacksonville Floods, the Rich Don’t Worry; the Poor Fight to Get Through

This story was originally published by CityLab and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  Jacksonville’s Northside region was covered with swampland before the 1950s. The floodplain was home to some bait and tackle shops, commercial fisheries, and luxury waterfront homes, but all that changed as the fledgling city grew. Show More Summary

The Latest Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party Is This Sunday in a Pennsylvania High School Gym

On October 21, Republican Congressman Tim Murphy formally resigned from Congress. The seven-term representative from Pennsylvania had always enjoyed strong ratings from pro-life organizations, but when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette revealed...Show More Summary

Tony Perkins Knew a GOP Lawmaker Sexually Assaulted a Teen—But He Kept Quiet, Emails Reveal

A Washington Post report reveals the emails showing what the head of the Evangelical Family Research Council knew. According to a report from the Washington Post, the head of the evangelical Family Research Council was alerted that a Ohio lawmaker sexually assaulted a teen in a hotel room over two years ago and never made the information public. Show More Summary

Bill Maher: Al Franken Is Not Like Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Donald Trump

The late-night comedian said Franken “did a bad thing” but shouldn’t be “lumped in” with other high-profile figures. In the season finale of "Real Time" late-night comedian Bill Maher made a case for his friend Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.,...Show More Summary

Draft Resolution on the Joint UN-OPCW Survey Mechanism (Russian Veto)

Draft resolution by: France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America. The Security Council, Recalling its Resolutions 2319 (2016), 2314 (2016) 2235 (2015), 2253...Show More Summary

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