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Facebook Made It Easy for Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’

This story originally appeared on ProPublica. Want to market Nazi memorabilia, or recruit marchers for a far-right rally? Facebook’s self-service ad-buying platform had the right audience for you. Until this week, when we asked Facebook about it, the world’s largest social network enabled advertisers to direct their pitches to the news feeds of almost 2,300 people […]

Trump Administration Refuses to Turn Over Mar-A-Lago Records

A watchdog group is threatening to renew a legal fight against the Trump administration following the White House’s decision Friday to withhold the names of thousands of people who have visited the president’s exclusive Florida club since January. Back in July, after Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington first filed a lawsuit to obtain the […]

St. Louis Cop Who Gunned Down Unarmed Black Man After Vowing to Kill Him Found Not Guilty

The city is preparing for mass protests. Police Officer Not Guilty in St. Louis Shooting Death Update | A St. Louis judge on Friday ruled that police officer Jason Stockley was not guilty in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith....Show More Summary

When Trump Predicted He'd End His Life a 'Howard Hughes-Like Recluse'

An anecdote from 1992 offers a glimpse into the president's psyche. President Donald Trump came to the White House without friends and with a misunderstanding of his role — but those who know him best say he can fake his way through the job. Show More Summary

Jeff Sessions Was Ready to Resign But Refused for One Deplorable Reason

A new report explains why the attorney general puts up with Trump's abuse. A passionate anti-immigrant agenda is one of the main reasons Attorney General Jeff Sessions has continued to endure the indignities of working for President Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Has Trump Alienated a Key Segment of His Base?

Pennsylvania voters say he's "going soft" on his border wall promise. Reports of a deal between Donald Trump and Democratic leaders to protect undocumented migrants who arrived in the US as children have generated ripples of doubt among...Show More Summary

The Alt-Right's Favorite Cesspool of Hate

A Reddit group is helping to infuse the extremist movement with constant new life. The internet has given us many things, some of them wonderful and some of them awful. The so-called alt-right—the racist, misogynist collective of angry...Show More Summary

Netanyahu strengthened by investigations

Two judicial inquiries have been initiated probing into the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and another one initiated into his wife's, Sara's, affairs. These investigations came after his predecessor, Ehud Barak, launchedShow More Summary

Trump’s Bonfire of Washington Politics

President Trump shocked the political world and his own “base” when he struck a budget deal with Democrats to get emergency funding for Hurricane Harvey victims, reports ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke. Last week, President Trump threw a grenade into the…Read more ?

Berlin, we recommend you: Grab the Nato bull by its horns!

While Chancellor Merkel and Macron have already met to discuss governing the EU together, Federal Germany's official think tank, the SWP, recommends that Berlin takes the military leadership of both the EU and Nato. Taking due note of...Show More Summary

Robert Reich: Trump's Tax Plan Is a Cruel Farce

It solves problems that don't exist, while doling out cuts to those who need them least. Have you noticed that there’s no Trump tax plan and no Republican tax plan? All they’ve come up with so far is a bunch of platitudes about how nice...Show More Summary

Why Evangelicals Believe They're the Most Persecuted Group in America

The answer is right there in the Bible. A recent Pew study found that white American Evangelical Christians think they experience more discrimination than Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Atheists or Jews. Really?! Christianity is the majority religion in the U.S. Show More Summary

GOP Strategist Delivers Savage Tweetstorm Against Trump Supporters

Click here for reuse options! He deleted the one about drinking their tears. Republican strategist Rick Wilson is among the most intense critics of President Donald Trump. As right-wingers melted down over Trump's decision to work with Democrats on saving DACA recipients from deportation, Wilson was thoroughly enjoying himself. Show More Summary

North Carolina Republican Official Gets Teary-Eyed After Constituent Calls Him a Racist

Voters confronted state Rep. Mike Clampitt over his defense of the Confederate flag. A state representative from North Carolina found himself misty-eyed after a constituent called him a racist over his support of flying the Confederate flag. Show More Summary

Trump Won't Shut Up About the Size of His Hands at Disaster Relief Events

Click here for reuse options! His obsessive insecurity is startling. President Trump, who was called a "short-fingered vulgarian" in the 1980s, is still feeling insecure about his hands. He brought up the size of his hands at a Hurricane Irma relief location run by the Red Cross in Florida, as he was handing out food. Show More Summary

Since Trump’s Big Photo Op With Black College Leaders, He’s Delivered on Nothing, They Say

In early February, in a high-profile meeting with black leaders in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump promised to make historically black colleges and universities an “absolute priority.” Leaders of HBCUs left that meeting, the culmination of weeks of frequent communication with the incoming Trump administration, feeling enthusiastic. Show More Summary

Harvey’s Poorest Victims Will Never Rebuild. They’re Getting Evicted.

This story was originally published by CityLab and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Hilton Kelley has been sounding off on Facebook Live the past few days about families who evacuated their homes to escape Hurricane Harvey and are now getting eviction notices. The families live in Port Arthur, Texas, the small Gulf Coast city […]

New Mexico Doesn’t Want Your Kids to Know How Old the Earth Is

New Mexico’s public education agency wants to scrub discussions of climate change, rising global temperatures, evolution, and even the age of planet Earth from the standards that shape its schools’ curriculum.  The state’s Public Education...Show More Summary

We’re Undercounting Opioid Overdoses by Thousands

First came the headlines in August that 64,000 Americans died of overdoses in 2016—a 22 percent jump from the previous year. Then came the news this month that the number of heroin users more than doubled between 2002 and 2016. The two biggest national datasets on drug deaths and use, from the Centers for Disease Control […]

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