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Gotcha! 10 Pranks to Turn Your Friends Into 'April Fools'

April Fool’s Day is fast approaching and it provides a rare opportunity for prank lovers to play jokes on their oblivious victims. Here is a list of entertaining home and office practical jokes that may lead to a day full of laughter with friends or to, possibly, even losing a few of them.

'No Law, No Justice': Seselj Re-arrest Ruling Aimed at Destabilizing Serbia

The decision to release and then call for the re-arrest of Serbian political figure Vojislav Seselj by The Hague Tribunal is an attempt to undermine and destabilize Serbia, according to Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Arab League Joint Force to Ensure Safety in Region

Last week, Arab foreign ministers agreed to form a joint rapid-response military force to tackle security threats to Arab nations. The establishment of a joint Arab force may reduce the region's dependency on foreign military interventions.

Public pressure works: The crucial lesson in Mike Pence’s call for a religious freedom “fix”

It remains to be seen what Pence's changes will look like, but activists have already won a major victory

Twitter Under Pressure to Suspend 25K ISIL-Supporting Accounts

Hackers have released a new batch of Twitter account names which have shown support for the self-proclaimed Islamic State. It’s all part of an #OpISIS effort to pressure the social media company into stamping out the terrorist group’s online presence.

MH17 Investigators Video With Buk Missile Launcher ‘Fabrication’ - Expert

A video released by the Dutch-led team of experts investigating the July 2014 Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine showing a Buk missile launcher, which allegedly shot down the plane, is yet another Western attempt to fabricate “pseudo-evidence” against Russia, military expert Igor Korotchenko said.

Russia Confirms Termination of Gas Transit Through Ukraine After 2019

After 2019, Russia is expected to terminate its gas transit through Ukraine and use North and South corridors for gas supplies.

Terrible Failure: Top Danish ‘Nazi Murderer’ Dies Without Trial

Denmark's highest ranking Nazi official, who admitted his part in the abduction and killing of an anti-Nazi newspaper editor, has died at the age of 93 without ever facing trial.

Clinton's Favorability Dips in US States Critical for 2016 Election - Poll

Quinnipiac University that conducted the study specified that in none of the three states (Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio) voters described Hillary Clinton is “honest” and “trustworthy.”

US to Transfer Over $87Mln for Ukrainian Loan Guarantees - White House

The additional transfer to Kiev follows the $2 billion in loan guarantees that Washington has already committed earlier in 2015.

Police Detain Armed Prisoner Who Escaped Virginia Hospital

The escape of an armed prisoner from a Virginia hospital prompted a nearly nine-hour-long manhunt, during which he stole two cars.

Russian Companies to Take Part in Tenders for Greek Oil, Gas Exploration

The Greek energy minister said Tuesday Russian companies would take part in tenders for Greek deepwater oil and natural gas exploration.

Nashville Prosecutors Have Made Sterilization of Women Part of Plea Deals—Recently

Many suggest that the practice happens more frequently than you think. Nashville’s district attorney recently banned his staff from using invasive surgery as a bargaining chip, after it became apparent that local attorneys had been using sterilization as part of plea bargains. Show More Summary

Why Is Social Media Protecting Men from Periods, Breast Milk and Body Hair?

Are men really that delicate? There’s a predictable social media formula for what women’s pictures online should look like. Breasts in barely-there bikinis are good (thumbs-up emoji, even), but breasts with babies attached them are questionable. Show More Summary

US Mainland Vulnerable to Massive ICBM Attack?

The history of US missile defense since 1983 has been one of waning expectations, noted American military expert Steven Pifer, admitting that the country has not yet built a reliable and affordable domestic missile defense system that could protect America against a massive ICBM attack.

Deadly New York City Explosion Likely Caused by Gas Thieves

Investigators in New York City are looking into the possibility that the massive explosion last week which caused three buildings to collapse – killing two – could have been because of gas pilfering.

Forever Guilty: US Sanctions Syria Official, Assad-Linked Companies

The US Treasury decided to punish three Syria- and Lebanon-based companies just for cooperation with the Syrian president.

Russia Extends Gas Discount for Ukraine by Three Months

Considering Ukraine's ailing economy, Russia decided to help the neighboring country and extended the discount for gas for another three months, despite the burden for Russia's own economy.

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