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Germany May Be Co-Responsible for Killing Civilians in the Middle East

The secret documents, to which the German magazine “Der Spiegel” gained access, revealed that drone operations in the Middle East were controlled and operated from the US military base Ramstein in Germany.

Doggie Hits Reverse to Eat With a Friend

How did the dog manage to carry the plate (look carefully)?!

‘One Race, One Nation’: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi March in Odessa

Radical nationalist movements are currently on the rise in Ukraine. A group of neo-Nazis marched on the streets of Odessa to commemorate the death of the former leader of Ukrainian ultranationalist group "Blood and Honor."

Radioactive WW2 Aircraft Carrier Found off California Coast

A mostly intact World War2-era US aircraft carrier used in atomic bomb tests and then sunk at a secret location off the Northern California coast decades ago was rediscovered by scientists earlier this week.

Norway’s Labor Party to Recognize Palestine as Independent State

Norway has long been involved as a peace broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Russia to Lend Pakistan $2 Billion for Gas Pipeline Construction

Pakistan and Russia have finalized an agreement under which Moscow will lend Islamabad $2 billion to lay a pipeline that will transport liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Russia Will Work With Any Elected US President - Putin

The next presidential elections in the United States are scheduled to be held in 2016.

Pilotless Flights: Are They for Real?

Less than a month after the tragic crash of a Germanwings plane in the French Alps, the prospect of pilotless flights someday becoming a reality is gaining traction among professionals and passengers alike.

Police Chasing Sydney Gunman After Mall Shooting - Reports

New South Wales Police cordoned off several neighborhoods in downtown Sydney and launched an investigation into the incident of a shooting.

Putin Does Not Comment Possibility of Russia Recognizing Donbass Republics

Russia has not officially recognized Donbass republics' independence or their regional elections, but the Russian Foreign Ministry said it respected the will of the people of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Russia Reliable Partner, Does Not Dance After Somebody's Pipe - Putin

Russia is a reliable partner because it "does not dance after somebody else's pipe" and does not shift positions under the influence of circumstances, President Vladimir Putin said.

Ukrainian Insurgent Army Claims Responsibility for Murder of Buzina

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army took responsibility for the deaths of five opposition members and pledged a Vendetta against all traitors of Ukraine.

Possible Israeli Arms Deliveries to Ukraine 'Counterproductive' - Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Israel could supply weapons to Ukraine in response to Russia's delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran, but such a move would be counterproductive.

Euromaidan Was Special Operation by US, Poland – Polish MEP

A European MP and leader of Poland’s conservative KORWiN party said that the 2014 Euromaidan riots in Kiev were organized by the CIA and also by Polish spooks.

Stock Markets Decline on China Regulation Concerns, Possible Greek Default

Global bourses retreated on Friday, with a major exception of mainland China, amidst the downward pressure of Greece nearing a sovereign default.

Confrontation With Moscow is a Mistake – Polish Presidential Candidate

Polish politician Magdalena Ogorek criticized Poland's foreign policy towards Russia and called for lifting anti-Russian sanctions.

India to Push to Expose Pakistan's 'Double Standards' on Terrorism - Source

India denounced comments made by one of the leaders of a terrorist organization claiming official Pakistan's support in the Indian-administered Kashmir, a senior Home Ministry official told Sputnik on Saturday.

Three Men Arrested in Australia for Planned ISIL-Inspired Attack

The news comes just days after Australia began deploying 330 more troops to Iraq to train local soldiers to fight jihadists, including the ISIL militant group.

Mexican Authorities Continuing Search for Stolen Radioactive Material

A container carrying hazardous radioactive Iridium-192 was stolen on April 13. Officials think the thieves probable did not know they were stealing radioactive material when thet robbed the truck in Cardenas.

EU Expects Russia to Take Real Steps on Ukraine – Finnish Party Chief

SDP leader Pentti Vaananen underscored that, as Russia's neighbor, Finland wants to maintain a friendly relationship with Moscow, but standing united on the Ukrainian issue is at the moment equally important, he said, because it is "the only way the EU can function."

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