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Chris Christie Faces Long Odds in Bid for US Presidency

Experts claim that new Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a difficult task in his campaign to become the next President of the United States because of his tarnished reputation as a state governor.

Oklahoma Supreme Court: Ten Commandments Don't Belong at State Capitol

The highest court in the state of Oklahoma on Tuesday ruled that a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol is a religious symbol and must be removed.

North Koreans Seek Cure for MERS in Squid Soup

North Koreans are taking to “folk remedies” as the death toll from an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS) in neighboring South Korea rose to 33. The number of new cases now stands at 182, according to official reports.

Poll Reveals Enough Support in S. Carolina to Bring Down Confederate Flag

A new survey reveals 33 senators and 83 House members would vote to have the Confederate flag removed from Statehouse grounds - more than likely enough to meet the two-thirds majority required to pass a bill.

US Declares 'No Drone Zone' Over Washington, DC

The US government announced that the skies over Washington, DC were a “No Drone Zone”.

US Resumes Aid to Bahrain to Maintain Control Over Arab Gulf - Attorney

Human rights attorney Abbe Jolles claims that the United States renewed military assistance to Bahrain despite that country’s human rights violations in order to preserve control of the region.

US Must Work With Syrian Government to Defeat ISIL

US foreign policy experts claims that the United States cannot hope to defeat ISIL and roll back its advances in Syria without abandoning its current policy and starting instead to cooperate with the government of President Bashir al-Assad.

What's That About Human Rights? US Lifts Ban on Military Aid to Bahrain

The United States will resume sending security aid to Bahrain's military, even though human rights groups say that abuses persist in the Gulf nation four years after a deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters.

ISIL Threatens to Oust Hamas From Gaza

As the self-proclaimed Islamic State continues to gain territory across not only Iraq and Syria, but Africa and Afghanistan as well, the terrorist group may now have set their sights set on the Gaza Strip.

New Mom Started Wildfire to Call for Help After Giving Birth in Wilderness

A Northern California woman has been rescued after giving birth while lost in the wilderness for three days, fighting off bees, and ultimately starting a quarter-acre forest fire in an attempt to get help.

Activists to Protest Black Church Arson by Holding Burn-US Flag Rally in NY

A US flag-burning rally is scheduled to take place in a New York City park on Wednesday evening.

IMF Calls on Kiev, Creditors to Continue Talks on Ukraine Debt

IMF called on Ukraine and its creditors to continue negotiations on the country's debt.

US Security Aid Legitimizes Bahraini Regime's Human Rights Violations - NGO

Bahrain Forum for Human Rights spokesperson Baqir Darwish claims that the US decision to lift the ban on sending weapons to Bahrain legitimizes the regime’s human rights violations against peaceful demonstrators.

Surveillance Court: NSA May Resume Illegal Bulk Data Collection

A US court has ruled that the National Security Agency can temporarily restart their once-secret bulk data collection program after the law it was based on expired on June 1st.

Greece Disqualified From IMF Financing Until Repays Debt

Greece will not receive additional financing from the International Monetary Fund.

“You’re giving me a fing ticket for what?” It’s totally legal (though maybe not smart) to curse the police

Swearing at police -- as long it's not threatening -- is protected speech. But you might end up arrested anyway

The social satire history behind “Ted 2? is rich and deep — and Seth MacFarlane obviously has no idea

Animal show trials have long served as satirical critique for humanity's crimes. MacFarlane's doesn't measure up

I am a recovering racist: I was somehow taught hate as a gift of love

I grew up in the segregated South. It took a question from an 11-year-old to teach me how I really felt about it

This is the greatest love story and ghost story

When my husband died at 37, I needed a sign he was OK. I got it -- but could my new love handle a real ghost story?

Jeb Bush Just Released 33 Years of His Tax Returns. Read Them Here.

Jeb Bush's campaign released 33 years of his tax returns on Tuesday. According to his campaign, he has paid an effective tax rate of 36 percent over that period. His taxes also show a significant jump in his net worth in recent years. Show More Summary

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