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11 Principles for Understanding and Dealing With the Deep State

Click here for reuse options! Guidelines for progressives when they hear about (or talk about) Trump and Russia. Putin’s an oligarch. So is Trump. Putin runs a kleptocracy. So does Trump. Both Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson have done business in Russia. Show More Summary

CPAC Had to Scramble to Control Damage After Attendees Waved Russian Flags During Trump Speech

Click here for reuse options! In addition to the attendees waving Russian flags, journalist Sarah Posner reports at least one attendee was spotted wearing a “Make Russia Great Again” t-shirt. Staffers at CPAC quickly scrambled to confiscate...Show More Summary

GOP Congressman Warns of Mexican Marijuana Nukes

Click here for reuse options! And it wasn't even Louie Gohmert or Steve King. An Arizona Republican congressman has defended the notion of building a border wall by claiming it could prevent a nuclear weapon being smuggled into the United States concealed in a bale of marijuana. Show More Summary

White House Bars Spate of Outlets from Press Briefing

Click here for reuse options! The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and several others were all denied access. The Trump administration continued its steep descent into authoritarianism Friday as several news outlets, including the New...Show More Summary

Bannon Makes Stunning Threat to Media: We're Going to Make It Worse for You Every Day

Click here for reuse options! Bannon doesn't want to change the media. He wants to totally dismantle the media. On Thursday, during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon shockingly...Show More Summary

Can We Finally Ditch the White Working-Class Myth? Obama-to-Trump Voters Weren't the Problem

Click here for reuse options! More white Obama voters switched to third-party candidates than voted for Trump, yet the media won't let it go. Was the 2016 presidential election determined by “economic anxiety” among the white working class? That persistent media narrative has again been shown to be largely untrue. Show More Summary

Donald Trump May Be on Your Television, But Here's What America Really Looks Like

Photojournalist Peter van Agtmael considers his third book, Buzzing at the Sill, the latest chapter of what he calls "one greater book"—a sweeping exploration of the September 11th attacks and the impact of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on soldiers and their families. Show More Summary

The "Pristine" Films That Got Snubbed by the Oscars

Jackie Chan flicks are no longer the only place where you've seen an Asian or Asian American actor play a meaty role onscreen in the US: On TV, they've appeared in trail-blazing shows like Fresh Off the Boat, Master of None, and The Mindy Project. Show More Summary

Here Comes the Police State: New Laws Aim for Brutal Crackdown on Protest

Click here for reuse options! Many bills advancing at state level along with executive orders are part of Trump "law and order." The rise of right-wing populism in the United States—from the White House to state legislatures—has been met with public resistance on a stunning scale. Show More Summary

ICE Reopening Shuttered Private Prisons and Adding Beds at County Jails to Expand Deportation Machinery

Click here for reuse options! ICE reopens the private prisons that Obama’s Justice Department ordered closed. In the netherworld that is the nation’s prison system, news this week that inmate populations have decreased across America...Show More Summary

Your Taxes Are Funding a Secret, Multibillion-Dollar Government Enterprise That Tortures and Kills Tens of Millions of Animals Every Year

Click here for reuse options! Even puppies are subjected to a wide range of torture, including forced heart attacks. Finally, Congress is seeking answers. Last week—following criticism from bipartisan Congress members, citizens, press,...Show More Summary

Forget About 'Reaching out' to Trump Voters, Democrats—That's a Pointless, Self-Destructive Strategy

Click here for reuse options! Is liberal outrage driving away the "deplorables"? Too bad. To win, we need righteous anger, not compromise. I am generally reluctant to wade into the interminable internecine Democratic Party battles. My...Show More Summary

The Donald, a One-Man 9/11, Is Making Me Love My Country More, and Fight Back Harder

Click here for reuse options! For me, resistance is the new patriotism. So reality has inexorably, inescapably penetrated my life. It didn’t take long. Yes, Donald Trump is actually the president of the United States. In that guise,Show More Summary

White People, You Have a Choice to Make

Click here for reuse options! Oppression doesn’t just happen; it’s all about choice. Okay, people, listen up. I know we want to think that oppression is rooted in ignorance and misunderstanding, and yes, some of it is propagated that way, but there’s a lot of fucking choice in it, too. Show More Summary

How to Build a Sustainable Trump Resistance

Click here for reuse options! From protesting to marching to finally winning elections. Resistance is breaking out all over: the women's marches, the immigration airport protests and Sally Yates, the State Department mass dissents, the battle for the Supreme Court with much more to come. Show More Summary

It Is Time to Recognize Iraq as a Failed State

Click here for reuse options! It is time to break up Iraq into three parts, if there is to be a future with peace. Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan — The battle for Mosul is underway. It will be bloody, but the Islamic State will be defeated.Show More Summary

The Hunt for Black Family History

Click here for reuse options! Simple genealogy searches don't work for people whose ancestors were treated like property. But some new tools could help. Maybe you’ve seen those commercials pushing Americans to “discover their stories” by digging into their family histories. Show More Summary

It's Official: The Trump Administration Will Soon Solicit Bids for a New Border Wall

The Department of Homeland Security announced Friday that it will soon begin soliciting bids "for the design and build of several prototype wall structures in the vicinity of the United States border with Mexico." Bidding begins March 6. Show More Summary

Trump Bars Whole Spate of Outlets from White House Briefing in Act of Pure Authoritarianism

Click here for reuse options! The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and several others were all denied access. The Trump administration continued its rapid decline into authoritarianism Friday as several news outlets, The New York...Show More Summary

Los Angeles Demands That Federal Immigration Officials Stop Calling Themselves "Police"

In the wake of raids that resulted in the arrest of 161 undocumented immigrants in southern California earlier this month, the city of Los Angeles is demanding that federal immigration agents end the "deceptive" practice of identifying themselves as "police" with the Los Angeles Police Department. Show More Summary

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