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How Novelist Luis Alberto Urrea Wore the Bastards Down

Big Angel—patriarch of the De La Cruz clan, “El Jefe” emblazoned on his coffee mug, a man who once “could make the walls crack with his voice”—is dying of cancer. Relegated to a wheelchair, he realizes that “somebody was going to have to put his shoes on him. Infuriating.” So begins The House of Broken […]

The Warped Environmentalism of America’s Biggest Industrial Meat Producer

This story was originally published by HuffPost and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  Justin Whitmore has the unenviable job of trying to make the nation’s biggest industrial meat company look virtuous. The 35-year-old former McKinsey consultant became Tyson Foods’ first sustainability chief in May. Show More Summary

Prison Food Is Making U.S. Inmates Disproportionately Sick

U.S. prisoners are six times more likely to get a foodborne illness than the general population. This article was originally published by The New Food Economy, an independent, non-profit newsroom that investigates the forces shaping how and what we eat. Show More Summary

Young Courage vs. White Male Rage

The gun-toting right may have met its match in a new generation. Gun violence in the United States is so routine, and the responses that follow a mass shooting so scripted, that the political response emerging in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting last week have caught the nation off guard. Show More Summary

America’s Secret Nuclear Ice Base Is Melting

This story was originally published by Atlas Obscura and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  The creation of Camp Century, from the outset, was an audacious scheme. Under the thick ice of Greenland, a scant 800 miles from the North Pole, the US military built a hidden base of ice tunnels, imagined as an extensive network of […]

Is the Armed Teacher 'Debate' America's Lowest, Stupidest Media Moment?

Teachers are already overburdened with unrealistic expectations—now they're supposed to be sharpshooters? How absurd that we are here. It is dumb, shameful and internationally embarrassing that our country is having a serious discussion about why arming teachers is a bad idea. Show More Summary

How Multilevel Marketing Companies Got the Autism Community Hooked on Essential Oils

When Cheryl Walser was 19, she gave birth to her first child, Ethan. The newborn phase is hard for all young mothers, but for her it was a nightmare. Ethan cried almost constantly and rarely smiled. At 18 months, when most babies giggle, play, and begin to chat with their parents, Ethan was silent and […]

Republican Senator Suggests Trump Could Trigger One of the Worst Losses of Human Life Ever Recorded

It would be among the most "catastrophic events in the history of our civilization.” During a weekend meeting, a Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warned that President Donald Trump’s increasingly hostile stance towards North Korea may have historically catastrophic results. Show More Summary

Pro-Trump Media's Latest Smear Campaign Is Simply Beyond the Pale

Not even children are off limits for the #MAGA faithful. After any mass shooting, disinformation spreads online like wildfire. It happens immediately, created and disseminated on purpose, often in real time as the event is unfolding....Show More Summary

Donald Trump Jr.'s India Speech Mixes Business and Politics in the Worst Way

The president's family continues to disregard basic ethical standards around conflicts of interest. As the Trump family continues to tear up all basic norms that undergird our political system, Donald Trump Jr. has made plans to give...Show More Summary

Law Professor Proposes Bringing Back Indentured Servitude

In fairness, he makes a valiant case for it, but this idea is probably best left in the dustbin of history. It’s 2018, so of course we’re about to discuss the possibility of rejuvenating indentured servitude. The practice, which until...Show More Summary

Chronicle of a White Supremacist PR Crisis and the Making of a Hoax

It created a lesson for media to not take attention-seeking extremists at their word. Following the deadly high school shooting that claimed 17 lives in Parkland, FL, news sites and outlets scrambled to report details about the shooter’s identity and motive in a timely manner. Show More Summary

Violent Clash Over Flag Ceremony Is Latest Flashpoint in Hindu-Muslim Conflicts

Click here for reuse options! Local Muslims claim to have video evidence of Hindu supremacists using anti-Muslim slogans. The communal violence that erupted in a town in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Republic Day, January...Show More Summary

Melania Trump's Parents May Be Examples of So-Called 'Chain Migrants'

The White House won't answer direct questions on the topic. Every year or so, Republicans politicize a new phrase, wielding it as a kind of weapon to slash away at the truth and logic. Most recently, that honor goes to “chain migration,” a 1960s academic term that the GOP has rebranded as a signifier of open borders and the browning of America. Show More Summary

A White Man Shot and Killed Her Only Son. Now Lucy McBath Is Running So It Doesn’t Happen to Anyone Else.

On a Friday morning in December, a freak storm has sent snow billowing down the wide streets of Marietta, Georgia. But despite icy roads and an accident-related traffic jam near her house, Lucy McBath comes walking through the ’50s-style double doors of the Marietta Diner, a smile spread across her face. As she settles into a […]

Imagine Dragons to Conservative Group: Stop Using Our Music

In Washington, it’s nearly CPAC time—that point in the year when thousands of conservative activists assemble in Washington for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. At these gatherings, right-wingers gripe about liberals...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Jr. Just Liked a Tweet Blaming the Florida Shooting on the Russia investigation

Less than an hour before President Trump was scheduled to deliver remarks on Wednesday’s shooting at a South Florida high school, his son Donald Trump Jr. showed support for a tweet blaming the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russian election meddling for its failure to prevent the violence. Donald Trump Jr appears to […]

Paul Krugman: Trump's Infrastructure Plan Was a Always a Scam

The celebrity mogul has never had any interest in serving the public. After an endless succession of "infrastructure weeks," Donald Trump has finally unveiled what he claims to be a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan. For the New York Times' Paul Krugman, it's no plan at all. Show More Summary

The Next Big Storm to Rock Puerto Rico: Suicide

The island hasn't recovered from Maria—and the next hurricane season starts in six months. The number of suicides in Puerto Rico has increased by nearly one-third, or 29 percent, in 2017 over just a year prior. The figures were reported by the Commission for the Prevention of Suicide, a part of the Puerto Rico Department of Health. Show More Summary

Russia is Trying to Bury This Video—And They Might Shut Down YouTube to Do It

Last week, a 25-minute video published by Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny alleging a new link between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign made headlines around the world. Now the Russian government wants it scrubbed from the internet—so much so that it is taking steps that could block millions of its own citizens from using YouTube or […]

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