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Loretta Lynch Announces DOJ Will 'Aggressively Prosecute' City of Ferguson for Targeting Its Black Citizens (Video)

Lawsuit alleges pattern of law enforcement conduct that violates the Constitution and federal civil rights laws. The Justice Department has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Ferguson, Missouri after officials there rejected an agreement to retool their police and court systems. Show More Summary

Why I Came Out After Watching Beyoncé's Fearless "Formation"

When Beyoncé performed her new pro-black anthem "Formation"—flanked by an army of Black Panther-clad women at the Super Bowl last weekend—I was proud of her like I was proud of Bree Newsome for snatching the Confederate flag off that...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Admits He Was Rooting for Peyton Manning Just Because He Gave Him Money

Bush betrayed zero shame when he told this to a South Carolina audience. Jeb! Bush -- the legacy candidate who still seems totally baffled by how this whole thing is shaking out -- knows he needs all the support he can get. So when a...Show More Summary

Capitalism is making us miserable: New global survey challenges the most sacred of free-market dogma

Data indicate the basic happiness of a citizenry is unrelated or even inversely proportional to its nation's wealth

Running Out of Supplies but Still Defiant, the Remaining Oregon Occupiers Have Started Posting Videos Again

What a long strange trip it's been. Flogging a dead horse might be the best way to describe the ongoing occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Center in rural Oregon by a group of anti-government extremists who took over the reserve more than a month ago. Show More Summary

Reports: Chris Christie Suspending Campaign

After a disappointing sixth-place finish in the New Hampshire Republican primary Tuesday night, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will suspend his campaign for president, multiple outlets are reporting. CNN reported Wednesday morning that...Show More Summary

How Elizabeth Warren Helped Sanders Deflate Clinton's Massive Political Apparatus

Clinton has failed Warren’s ‘money-in-politics’ litmus test — and now the Democratic Party is splitting in two. Several years before Bernie Sanders zoomed towards a virtual tie in national polls with Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren began the discussion about Wall Street's influence in American politics. Show More Summary

Goodbye Sam Cooke, Hello James Hunter

Jacob Blickenstaff Making something real of an often-appropriated and mythologized musical style like soul or R&B is no easy task, but James Hunter has a unique ability to express himself through the sounds of the era, not just imitate them—and he only seems to get better at it over time. Show More Summary

Which Countries Are Happiest? Global Survey Suggests Capitalism and Wealth Aren't Delivering the Goods

They're called first-world problems for a reason. What is happiness? This might sound like a question you’d hear come out of Derek Zoolander’s mouth. But seriously, think about it. Is it a matter of perspective, your relationships, a...Show More Summary

Degenerate Culture: Inside the Israeli Govt's Persecution of the Jewish Left and One of Its Most Daring Artists

Netanyahu’s right-wing government is treating Natali Vaxberg Cohen's art as a criminal act In recent weeks, Israeli media revealed that the government is producing a “blacklist” of artists whose works are “politically undesirable" and...Show More Summary

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