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All (Hopefully) of the Bad Arguments About Rape on 'Game of Thrones' Debunked

Bad arguments makes it easier for anti-feminists to paint feminists as a bunch of overly emotional, censorious creatures. One way you can tell that people are starting from a conclusion and arguing backwards is when they bust out the...Show More Summary

Past 12 Months Tied for Warmest on Record

Of the 15 warmest years on record, 13 have occurred in the 21st century, with 2015 on track to be among the hottest. April capped a 12-month period that tied the warmest such stretch on record, according to data released Tuesday. That period, going back to May 2014, tied the previous record holder, the 12 months from April 2014 to March 2015. Show More Summary

WATCH: Letterman Gets Send-Off From U.S. Presidents Current, Former and Deceased

Our long national nightmare of life without Letterman begins. As you may have heard, David Letterman brought an end to his brilliant, groundbreaking talk show last night after some 33 years behind the desk. The highlights in Letterman’s final episode were numerous. Show More Summary

The Clintons Made Wall Street Richer, and It Returned the Favor

The Clintons' wealth is derived from an army of corporations that benefited from the laws the couple passed. Late at the end of last week, the Clinton campaign sent its long-awaited personal financial disclosures to select media outlets. Show More Summary

Don't Let the Mortician Turn You Into a Superfund Site: Alternatives to Toxic Embalming

Conventional burials are bad for the environment, but there are eco-friendly ways to shuffle off this mortal coil. People who are buried after death are most often embalmed. Their blood is replaced by a fluid that delays the natural decomposition process to maintain a life-like state — mainly for purposes of public display at funerals. Show More Summary

Clinton Smear Book Author's Past Revealed: He Was Ghostwriter for Jesse Helms

Odd that Peter Schweizer's right-wing roots didn't give pause to the Times or Post. Something strange is happening in America’s biggest-time media circles. When it comes to mainstream news departments covering the present and future, the past is not important—even when the latest information-bearing source is a walking red flag. Show More Summary

Mike Huckabee Just Can't Seem to Make Up His Mind About Biofuels

Mike Huckabee said the right things at the Iowa Ag Summit in March. Charlie Neibergall/AP On the campaign trail, GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has been a vocal supporter of the ethanol industry. The former Arkansas governorShow More Summary

When It Comes to Extreme Positions on Choice, Jeb Bush Is Really His Own Man

He likes to defend his anti-choice record by saying 'the most vulnerable in our society need to be protected.'? Jeb Bush spent a lot of time this week trying to convince us that he’s different than his brother. His amateurish efforts to set himself apart on Iraq are cringeworthy and incoherent. Show More Summary

Bad Apple: 5 Ways the Computer Giant is Plundering America

No amount of clever branding can hide these harsh truths. An emotional response to any criticism of the Apple Corporation might be anticipated from the users of the company's powerful, practical, popular, and entertaining devices. Accolades to the company and a healthy profit are certainly well-deserved. Show More Summary

Fear the Dark Art of Yoga! Why Conservative Christians Are Freaking Out After Yoga “Miracle”

Many biblical literalists are suspicious of yoga and see it as a seductive point of entry into the Hindu religion. If yoga helps a Christian man to walk for the first time in thirty-three years, does his newfound strength come from God or the Devil? That is the question tearing apart an Evangelical church in Las Vegas. Show More Summary

Why Peggy Olson Is the Biggest Badass on Mad Men

Maybe we should stop asking "Who is Don Draper?" and consider Peggy Olson. What is Mad Men really about? The series opens (“Smoke Gets in your Eyes”) with handsome, duplicitous, womanizing, alcoholic Donald Draper (or Dick Whitman) alone in a bar, observing patrons through smoke, seated exactly like the opaque window-jumper from the series credits. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart vs Sean Hannity: We all Know Who the Real “Sanctimonious Jackass” Is

Hannity embarrasses himself as usual. On Wednesday, Sean Hannity, the right-wing host of Fox News’ “Hannity” weeknight program, had two pieces of big news. First, he claimed that his coverage of spring break excesses in Panama City Beach had led the city council to pass a ban on beach drinking. Show More Summary

The Conservative Case for Taxing Carbon Pollution

This story originally appeared in Slate and is republished here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Conservative climate champions are often laughed off or ignored. But what's happening within the American political right could...Show More Summary

Alex Jones Is Actually Dangerous: Why We Have to Start Taking his Paranoid Worldview Seriously

He he has a captive audience and a sizable influence. In response to the Jade Helm military training exercises planned for this summer, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) will deploy the Texas State Guard to apparently serve as a shield against...Show More Summary

Justin Patterson Is Another Dead, Unarmed, Young Black Man: Why Don't You Know His Name?

Gillian Laub's heartbreaking documentary 'Southern Rites' looks at a case that went under our national radar. Justin Patterson’s name should be known far beyond the courtroom where his killer—who fired shots at Patterson even as he was running away—was sentenced to just one year for his murder. Show More Summary

Man Without Penis Slept With Over 100 Women

Andrew Wardle was born with a rare condition called penile agenesis. Andrew Wardle claims to have slept with over 100 women. It’s an impressive feat for any man, but especially so for Wardle, namely because he doesn’t have a penis. The 40-year-old was born with penile agenesis, a condition that occurs in just one in every 30 million babies. Show More Summary

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