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Singer Aaron Neville's Rough Road to Salvation

Jacob Blickenstaff The distinct beauty of Aaron Neville's voice has been a constant through a recording career that covers regional soul of New Orleans, his integral work with his siblings in the Neville Brothers, his crossover pop success...Show More Summary

Evidence Is Mounting That a Koch Brothers-Owned Paper Plant Is Poisoning People in Arkansas (Video)

Click here for reuse options! Residents who say they've been sickened by wastewater discharge are demanding Georgia-Pacific take responsibility. The economic pulse of Crossett, a small town of some 5,500 people in west Arkansas, has long been measured through the paper and pulp processing plant owned by the Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific. Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Very Weird Russia Thing

Click here for reuse options! There’s a toxic brew of archetypes served up in the Russia election drama, starting with Putin as the daddy Trump aims to please. Donald Trump, the Republican Party presidential nominee, has a Putin thing. Show More Summary

Here Are All of the Trump Products Made Overseas

Click here for reuse options! Like everything else about his campaign, Trump's trade talk is a pure scam. When right-wing commentators are not making bizarre apologies for sexual-assault braggart Donald Trump's "locker room talk," they are praising him for how great he is on trade. Show More Summary

When Bacteria Is a Good Thing: 10 Ways Probiotics and Prebiotics Can Change Your Life

Click here for reuse options! Your gut is telling you something. Listen! In modern Western society, say the word “bacteria” and alarm bells go off. Germs! Disease! Danger! Modern society seems bent on viewing the microbial world with a combination of fear and disgust. Show More Summary

Mark Cuban Says He Personally Knows Two Women Sexually Abused by Trump

Click here for reuse options! The billionaire shocked CNN's Don Lemon with the latest allegations. Mark Cuban, fellow billionaire and frenemy of Donald Trump, says he personally knows two women who were targets of sexual abuse by the GOP presidential nominee. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Completely Obsessed With Revenge

At the second presidential debate, GOP nominee Donald Trump went where no major candidate has gone: he vowed that if elected he would prosecute and imprison his opponent. This promise was a pure act of vengeance and drew much scorn. But Trump's supporters, who have long rallied around the lock-her-up meme, embraced his declaration. Show More Summary

Melania Trump Offers Surprise Endorsement While Defending Her Husband's Alleged Sexual Assaults

Actress Laura Benanti, who first played Melania Trump after it was revealed she plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention, returned to the "Late Show" on Tuesday with another hilarious impression...Show More Summary

Why the Election Isn’t Quite Locked up for Hillary... Yet

Click here for reuse options! What happens on—and after—election day remains far from certain. Three weeks to go. Does Donald Trump’s escalating weirdness give Hillary Clinton a lock on the race? Not quite yet. Large numbers of voters still don’t like either candidate. Show More Summary

Why Trump Spreading Fears About the Election Is So Dangerous

Click here for reuse options! Even if he loses, Trump's hateful rhetoric will have reverberations for years to come. Even if he doesn't win, Donald Trump has still done untold damage to our country. His sexist rhetoric, xenophobic appeals...Show More Summary

There Are Important Under-the-Radar Victories Happening While America Bemoans the Trump Disaster

Click here for reuse options! Trump has played a significant role in transforming the news into the strange, obsessive, 24/7 creature it is today, and in return the media made him. This piece originally appeared on TomDispatch. Consider it justice (of a sort): he who lives by the media dies by the media. Show More Summary

This Video of a Black Man Arrested After Walking in the Street Is Going Viral

On October 12, a police officer was observed handcuffing a man who had been walking in the street in Edina, Minnesota. A video of the incident, captured by an observer and posted to YouTube, is now going viral online. The video had more...Show More Summary

Here Is John Podesta in His Own Words Reacting to the Wikileaks Mess

This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Last week couldn't have been an easy one for Clinton campaign chief John Podesta. On the one hand, his candidate continued to increase her polling lead over Republican Donald Trump. Show More Summary

The 4 Weirdest Moments in Melania Trump's Interview With Anderson Cooper

Click here for reuse options! It seems her husband is not the only subscriber to conspiracy theories. Melania Trump was dispatched Monday night  to Anderson Cooper's 360 to spin her husbands sexual predations in the best way possible. Show More Summary

Stephen Colbert Helps Decode All the Conspiracy Theories Against Donald Trump

In the days since the Washington Post published an explosive recording showing Donald Trump bragging about groping women without his consent, the Republican nominee has taken to a new set of conspiracy theories to suggest the election...Show More Summary

4 Former Trump Supporters Reveal the Moment They Saw the Light and Realized They Had Been Conned

Click here for reuse options! Definition of a head trip. As deplorable as Donald Trump's comments on the 2005 tape were, there were plenty of other opportunities for Republicans to jump ship over the past 17 months. Here's why four former Trump supporters will no longer support the nominee. Show More Summary

Could Richard Dawkins' New Project Help Atheists Talk to Believers?

Click here for reuse options! A new app called Atheos aims to help non-believers have friendly, thoughtful discussions with people of faith. Modern atheism has a PR problem. For too long, the most outspoken non-believers have been antagonistic, bombastic, and sometimes profoundly embarrassing older white men. Show More Summary

The Trump Files: Donald Attacks a Reporter Who Questioned His Claim to Own the Empire State Building

Until the election, we're bringing you "The Trump Files," a daily dose of telling episodes, strange but true stories, or curious scenes from the life of GOP nominee Donald Trump. If there's one thing Donald Trump really doesn't like, it's being called out. Show More Summary

Trump as Trigger: How His Misogyny and Hatred Are Literally Causing Millions Mental and Physical Pain

Click here for reuse options! Trump's runoff of fear and anxiety are affecting many Americans. According to a recently leaked video from 2005, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump enjoys boasting about his regular practice of grabbing women “by the pussy.” Despite this revelation, Trump remains in striking distance of the presidency. Show More Summary

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