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If Only Every Lawmaker In the Country Performed a Whip/Nae Nae YouTube Dance to get the Budget Passed

In an attempt to draw attention to a state budget impasse and its effects on education funding, a group of Pennsylvania state Democratic legislators have come together in the spirit of dance. Not just any dance. These lawmakers thought...Show More Summary

The Psychological Warfare Being Waged Against Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has been demonized following the unrelated murder of a police officer. Here's why. Earlier this week, just before bed, an old high school debate teammate, a white man that I once loved affectionately as a younger brother,...Show More Summary

Can This Genius Strategy Stop Big Ag from Dumping Fertilizer Into Drinking Water?

Gary Taxali Corn is to Iowa what oil is to Texas—so it's not every day that an Iowa official takes on the state's biggest industry. But Bill Stowe, CEO and general manager of Des Moines Water Works, has had it with Big Ag. It "rules the roost in this world," he says. Show More Summary

4 Reasons the Christian Right's Claims of Moral Superiority Over the Rest of Us Just Don't Hold Water

Atheists — even Satanists! — are exhibiting more moral behavior than the Bible thumpers. When Bill O’Reilly recently tried to pin America’s spree of mass shootings on atheism rather than guns or mental illness, he hoped to tap a specific...Show More Summary

Obama Is a Climate Hypocrite. His Trip to Alaska Proves It.

This story was originally published by Slate and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. On Monday morning President Obama headed to Alaska—the front lines of climate change—for a trip the White House is calling...Show More Summary

10 Times White Nationalists Supported Donald Trump (and Why This Should Scare You)

An emerging trend, a media still asleep at the wheel. Donald Trump is achieving two feats simultaneously that, based on conventional wisdom, should be impossible. His poll numbers are skyrocketing while his support among Hispanics - a group that makes up 6-8% of the GOP voting base - has bottomed out to unprecedented lows. Show More Summary

Chicago Activists Starving Themselves to Save Neighborhood School

The #FightForDyett has drawn national attention to the plight of a single neighborhood high school. In 2012, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel announced one of the largest waves of school closures in American history, with the majority of schools...Show More Summary

Overwhelming Media and Elite Propaganda Hide Real Story of Katrina and New Orleans

Where most saw a city in despair, they saw an ideological play toy. Above all, Americans love a narrative. Preferably a moral one, marked by a clear good and evil. For many so-called “school reformers,” the tragedy of Katrina, which marks its 10-year anniversary today, provided that narrative. Show More Summary

4 of the Most Shocking Times Rich People Displaced Poor People for Profit in America

The private and government entities that fund big building projects have a history of destroying poor communities on purpose. How do they decide where to build parks, sports stadiums, resorts and other sizeable building projects? Who...Show More Summary

Female Viagra? Great! But It Might Not Be What Women Really Need

Can female sexual dysfunction be cured with a pill? Get ready ladies: as of October 17, female Viagra will invade your pharmacy’s shelves. The FDA has approved a new drug, Addyi, which is manufactured by none other than Sprout pharmaceuticals. Show More Summary

John Oliver Exposed the Mega-Church Conmen—How the IRS Lets Them Get Away with It

"Everybody pays more because the clergy has this housing allowance." John Oliver’s segment on televangelist prosperity preachers this week has exposed what some say is a massive system of fraud that is being carried out on vulnerable people with no government enforcement or oversight. Show More Summary

Christian Pastor Lashes Out at ‘False Reverend’ John Oliver For Mocking Predatory Televangelists

Oliver’s segment hilariously skewered preachers whose fantastic displays of wealth come at a large cost to parishioners. Comedian and host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight John Oliver slammed televangelists on Sunday for their greed and extortion as they enjoy mass wealth as a result. Show More Summary

8 Reasons Joe Biden Is a Dream Candidate and a Disaster

With the political class chattering about Hillary Clinton's recent difficulties—the email controversy, the Bernie Sanders wave, a decline in some polls—Vice President Joe Biden seems to be closer to running for president. At least, there's more talk about a Biden bid. Show More Summary

Winter Is Coming. Here's What to Expect Around the Country.

This story originally appeared in Slate and is republished here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. There's a silver lining to all this talk of a super mega record-breaking Godzilla El Niño: The seasonal weather outlooks for this...Show More Summary

Anti-Abortion One-Upsmanship Will Haunt Republicans in the Election

They're handing the future Democratic nominee a mighty large sword to wield against them in the general election. If 2012 was the year of Republican men saying stupid things – from “legitimate rape” to pregnancy from rape being something “God intended”– this must be the year of Republican men simply being stupid. Show More Summary

The obesity crisis Coca Cola simply cannot escape

Like Big Tobacco before it, the soda giant's PR tactics have grown increasingly desperate. The public is onto them

How the Boycott Israel Movement Draws Major Inspiration from the Success with Apartheid South Africa

History may be repeating itself -- this time in support of human rights. Over the summer, we learned that foreign direct investment in Israel had dropped by 50 percent since the 2014 summer war in Gaza. The drop could be the result of...Show More Summary

10 of the Most Memorable Stoners of All Time

Here’s a tally of tokers, from Shakespeare to Snoop Dogg. 1 | Dale Denton… from Pineapple Express The inspiration for this 2008 comedy, according to producer Judd Apatow , was Floyd, the stoner played by Brad Pitt in True Romance: “I...Show More Summary

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