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Former KKK Leader David Duke Announces He's Running for Senate

Last night, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke was ecstatic over GOP nominee Donald Trump's convention speech; this morning he announced his plans to capitalize on what he sees as a ripe political moment and run for Louisiana's openShow More Summary

Robert Reich Horrified By Trump’s Speech: The Most Negative Acceptance Speech I Have Ever Heard

On Trump's use of "Orwellian logic" Thursday, the former labor secretary told Bill Maher, he'd "never heard a speech that was as full of fear." Robert Reich joined "Real Time With Bill Maher" during the last night of the Republican National...Show More Summary

Hari Kondabolu: America's Smartest and Funniest 'Mainstream Comic'

In an election season that has given us plenty of reasons to cry, Kondabolu thankfully serves up the laughs. On his new album, "Mainstream American Comic," comedian Hari Kondabolu is as on-point as ever, firing off wry observations about presidential candidates in the running. Show More Summary

How Internet Porn Affects Romantic Life

When reality fails to match fantasy, relationships can suffer. The world of internet pornography is a pervasive and wide-reaching technology, growing at a breathtaking rate. It is a $13 billion-a-year industry in the U.S. Nine out of 10 boys in America are exposed to it before the age of 18, and men are 543 percent more likely to be users than women. Show More Summary

Michael Moore Gives 5 Scary Reasons Why Trump Will Win

"Get out of your bubble, people!" Despite his "sht show" of a campaign, no one can doubt Trump's momentum; especially not liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, who, for months, has urged mainstream media not to underestimate Donald Trump. ...Show More Summary

Michelle Obama Nails "Single Ladies" and Stevie Wonder During Carpool Karaoke

Michelle Obama's appearance on The Late Late Show finally aired last night, and the first lady and reigning coolest mom ever did not disappoint. As she explained to James Corden, it was the first time in seven years she was able to ride in the passenger seat. Show More Summary

Is Blue Lives Matter a Racist Hate Group?

The pro-cop, Trump-linked movement’s main Facebook community is a cesspool of racist rants and violent threats. The first night of the Republican National Convention featured a parade of alpha-male veterans and tough-talking cops pledging...Show More Summary

What You Won't Hear at the GOP Convention: Crime Was Far More Prevalent Under Reagan Than Obama

Trump’s law-and-order scaremongering is working, but it’s based on complete lies. A dangerous, dystopian America has become the Trump campaign’s happy place. Speakers at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland portray a country teetering on the brink of an apocalypse conveyed by criminals, terrorists, immigrants and Black Lives Matter. Show More Summary

We Asked Trump Voters, "How Should Hillary Clinton Be Punished?" Their Answers Were Amazing.

On the second night of the Republican convention, Gov. Chris Christie assailed Hillary Clinton in a speech that resembled a mock trial for a long list of her supposed misdeeds, including Benghazi and her handling of emails at the State Department. Show More Summary

Exclusive: Retired Corrections Officer Who Knew Delrawn Small, Killed By NYC 'Road Rage' Cop, Speaks Out Against Police Brutality

Frank Olivier is a retired corrections officer who worked at the Rockland County Jail for 30 years. One week before Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were killed by law enforcement in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, another tragic case of police brutality took place in New York City. Show More Summary

RNC Forced to Close Online Convention Chat After Anti-Semites Turn It Into a Jew-Bashing Hatefest

As former Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle gave a speech promoting Reoublican inroads with Jews, the hate spewed online. You can live stream the Republican National Convention on the RNC’s official YouTube page, but you can’t chat about it live anymore. Show More Summary

More Trump Myths: Campaign Claims Melania Has a College Degree, But She Dropped Out Early

The hits keep coming for Melania. There has been a concerted effort by Republicans to present Melania Trump as more than just an ex-model who married a billionaire and hawked cheap jewelry on QVC. That has included a lot of talk about how incredibly smart she is, and promises that her genius IQ will be revealed as she becomes more familiar to us. Show More Summary

Dirty Trickster and Trump Adviser Roger Stone Speaks at Conspiracist 'America First' Rally at RNC

Stone started by calling InfoWars host Alex Jones his "friend." CLEVELAND—It’s easy to dismiss Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, as a right-wing conspiracy theorist nut, because that’s pretty much what he is. But he’s also an integral...Show More Summary

Melania’s Plagiarism Caps Really Weird Day One at RNC

False flags, an aging child star, an underwear model and white supremacy rounded things out. CLEVELAND—American reality television was born during a Hollywood writers’ strike. Apparently, at Donald J. Trump’s Republican National Convention, the writers are still striking. Show More Summary

This Congressman Just Made an Openly Racist Comment on Live Television

Question: How do you define Western civilization? Mull this over while you watch this clip of Congressman Steve King during a panel hosted today by MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Context: Hayes had just asked one of King's co-panelists, Charles...Show More Summary

Donald Trump and the Politics of Being an Asshole

Last year, when Donald Trump and his small band of political advisers were considering whether the celebrity pink-slipper should run for president, there was one factor they did not dwell on: Trump’s obvious negatives as a candidate....Show More Summary

Donald Trump's GOP Convention Will Be Nuts. But at Least It Won't Be Known as "the Klanbake."

Steak magnate Donald Trump emerged from the Republican primary with just enough delegates to stave off a potential floor fight in Cleveland this week. While that's bad news for what's left of the GOP's #NeverTrump contingent, the real...Show More Summary

The Horrors of High Libido! Six Ways We've Used Drugs to Try to 'Cure' Women's Sexuality

Drugs and other "remedies" have been used throughout history to try to fix, suppress or destroy the scary condition known as female sexuality. This article was originally published by The Influence, a news site that covers the full spectrum of human relationships with drugs. Show More Summary

Clues to the Motivation of the Baton Rouge Shooter Emerge

Gavin Long, from Kansas City, Missouri, shot 6 cops Sunday, 3 fatally, before being killed on his 29th birthday. The man police identified as the shooter of six Baton Rouge police officers Sunday morning, three fatally, was also killed at the scene. Show More Summary

The Charmed Second Act of David Petraeus

This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website. I ran into David Petraeus the other night. Or rather, I ran after him. It's been more than a year since I first tried to connect with the retired four-star general and ex-CIA director—and no luck yet. Show More Summary

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