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How America's Idiotic Drug Prohibition Helped Kill Philando Castile and Give the Policeman Who Killed Him an Excuse to Walk Free

Click here for reuse options! Drug war madness strikes again. The Minnesota cop who was acquitted last week of killing Philando Castile used the fact that he smelled marijuana in the car as part of his defense. Whether Officer Jeronimo...Show More Summary

The Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief Will Decide the Fate of Secret Documents on JFK's Assassination

Trump's Twitter fingers and the Grassy Knoll. A version of this story first appeared in Newsweek. He’s called global warming a hoax, suggested that Barack Obama was not an American and linked autism to childhood vaccinations. And soon,...Show More Summary

There Are Real Paid Protesters, but They're All Right Wingers

The right has neglected to mention that "paid protesters" are part of the rightwing apparatus. You may have mocked claims about the existence of paid protesters as just another lie from the right. As it turns out, at least on this one issue, they’re actually telling the truth. Show More Summary

Why Are Americans So Obsessed With Apocalypse—and Convinced It Will Happen in the Near Future?

Unfortunately, we are more predisposed to imagine the end of the world than the end of American war-making. The following is an excerpt from the new book The America Syndrome: Apocalypse, War, and Our Call to Greatness by Betsy Hartmann...Show More Summary

Millennials Are Saving the Planet, One Kale Salad at a Time

Click here for reuse options! Young adults are forging a food revolution with lasting impact. It’s been three years since Beyonce made kale sexy, and vegetables are still growing in popularity. The Huffington Post declared that consumers under the age of 40 are eating 52 percent more vegetables than those of the same age a decade ago. Show More Summary

A Billionaire-Backed 'Movement' Is Dangerously Close to Calling a Constitutional Convention

The group hopes to mandate voter ID and dismantle public education, among other goals. A billionaire-backed “movement” is dangerously close to calling a constitutional convention of states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. If...Show More Summary

Alex Jones Just Leaked His Secret Pre-Interview Conversation with Megyn Kelly, and It Is Damning

The scandal grows. Alex Jones has made a lucrative career of deranged conspiracy theories. Now his deep-seated paranoia appears to have scored him something stranger still: a legitimate scoop. On Friday, the InfoWars host revealed that...Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones: Two Peas in a Pod

The new Megyn Kelly is the same as the old Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones actually have a fair amount in common. Both have spent the last couple of years denigrating Black Lives Matter, Kelly on her old Fox News show and Jones in a seemingly infinite number of Infowars segments. Show More Summary

The Tragedy of 'Mountain Dew Mouth' and the U.S.'s Insane Approach to Dental Care

Lack of dental care is causing a mouthful of trouble—and it will get worse. Mountain Dew, the carbonated fluorescent-green soda that Willy the Hillbilly declared “will tickle your innards” in a 1966 commercial, has long been a staple of Appalachia. Show More Summary

Will Mexico Go for the Anti-Trump Candidate?

A left-wing populist is leading in Mexico’s 2018 presidential polls. On a Sunday in February, hundreds of Mexican immigrants gathered in Olivar Plaza in downtown Los Angeles to watch Andrés Manuel López Obrador give a speech. López Obrador,...Show More Summary

Jeff Sessions Should Learn from the Past Mistakes of Fighting the Drug War

Using mandatory minimum sentencing was a proven failed policy that became a poison to the criminal justice system In the 1980s and ‘90s the U.S. relied on tougher laws which mandated mandatory minimum sentencing that did nothing to reduce...Show More Summary

Do Poor People Eat More Junk Food Than Wealthier Americans?

It's time to regulate the fast food industry. Eating fast food is frequently blamed for damaging our health. As nutrition experts point out, it is not the healthiest type of meal since it is typically high in fat and salt. More widely, it’s seen as a key factor in the growing obesity epidemic in the U.S. Show More Summary

5 Reasons Why Trump's Latest Absurdity, 'Workforce Development Week,' Flopped

After a failed "infrastructure week," mixed messaging coupled with a bad budget created major roadblocks. After "infrastructure week" quickly turned into "Comey week," the White House remains desperate to get the Trump train on track. Show More Summary

Holy Moly: Trump Is on His Way to Presiding Over the Most Precipitous Decline of a Truly Dominant Power in History

Trump is going to set a record for the history books. Can we do anything about it? In its own inside-out, upside-down way, it’s almost wondrous to behold. As befits our president’s wildest dreams, it may even prove to be a record for the ages, one for the history books. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Has Lost All Touch with Reality Less Than Six Months in Office

Everything that's real is fake, and everything that's fake is real. Early on Monday a colleague of mine messaged me with a link to a Politico article detailing how Russian intelligence has allegedly gathered “kompromat” on about 2,300...Show More Summary

Will Trump Do the Unthinkable and Fire Bob Mueller?

As the former FBI chief starts investigating, Trump's remaining inner circle is going to extremes to find a way out. If you think the firing of FBI director James Comey set off a storm of protests and nervous backtracking by anxiousShow More Summary

Melania Trump Drops Fake Cyber Bullying Campaign She Only Pretended to Care About

The first lady hasn't said a word about cyber bullying since her husband took office. After video footage surfaced of her husband bragging about sexually assaulting women, Melania Trump contributed to damage control efforts by sitting down to an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Show More Summary

The Family That Brawls Together...

Cops: Five female relatives busted for 2:45 AM Waffle House melee read more

The Alt-Right Is the Modern, Hideous Face of White Supremacy

A panel of scholars discusses the historical roots of modern white supremacy—and its most recent reinvention. Following the first part of this series, where the historical origins of modern white supremacy were explored in depth, and...Show More Summary

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