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Colbert Calls Out Homeland Security Secretary for Dodging Trump’s “Shithole” Remarks

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday roasted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who earlier in the day told a panel of senators that she did not hear Trump use the word “shithole” to describe African nations during a White House meeting...Show More Summary

We Asked Ethics Experts About Trump’s Worst Abuses During His First Year In Office

No president in modern history has run roughshod over the laws, guidelines, and norms of running an ethical and transparent administration like Donald Trump. He’s refused to divest any of his business holdings or meaningfully separate himself from his company. He’s visited (and so promoted) his private properties and golf courses at a breathtaking clip: […]

Trump Is Not the First President to Bash the Media—But He Might Be the Worst

Despite a scheduling delay and potential ethics violations, President Donald Trump has still been promising to announce his much-anticipated “Fake News Awards” on Wednesday afternoon. No one outside the White House really knows for sure—and,...Show More Summary

Why Urban Farming Is Key in the Fight Against Hunger and Climate Change (Video)

A new study has found that urban farms are "critical to survival" in a changing climate. The urban farms sprouting up and across cities around the world aren't just feeding mouths—they are "critical to survival" and a "necessary adaptation" for developing regions and a changing climate, according to a new study. Show More Summary

How Republicans Normalized Donald Trump’s Racism

Once again, the political-media world is in a tizzy over a Donald Trump remark. In a White House meeting on Thursday, he…oh, you know what happened. “Shithole”—he referred to African countries and possibly Haiti as “shithole countries.” Yeah, Trump in a tweet—half a day after the story broke—denied it. But does anyone believe he didn’t […]

Sex Doll Maker Says New Menbots with 'Bionic Penises' on the Way

And now, for something completely different. In the movies, the sexy robots almost always read as women, from Maria of Metropolis to Ava in Ex Machina. Men are the inventors and “fembots” are the ever-evolving inventions, because even the world’s most visionary filmmakers apparently can’t imagine a world with STEM field gender parity. Show More Summary

Trump's Bigotry Has Inspired a New Push to Close Guantanamo, 16 Years After Its Opening

Lawyers ask the court to intervene on behalf of the men they call "forever prisoners." Sixteen years after it opened, 41 men remain in detention at Guantanamo Bay, the majority of whom have not been charged with a crime. On January 11,...Show More Summary

Trump Epitomizes the Personal Failures He Tries to Pin on Black Folks

Click here for reuse options! His racist attacks give us insight into his own shortcomings. Donald Trump doesn’t know the words to the national anthem. There was some evidence of this as far back as Memorial Day, when during an otherwise...Show More Summary

A Fracking Company Is Suing a Victim of Its Own Pollution for Speaking Out (Video)

Click here for reuse options! A Pennsylvania resident is being sued by the company that polluted his water. Cabot Oil & Gas, a petroleum, natural gas and natural gas liquids exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas,...Show More Summary

What Happens When You Suddenly Stop Using Marijuana?

What to expect when you suddenly just say no. Back in 1994, there were lots of things we were undecided about: Raves, were they the pied-piper of the techno-tribal revolution, or unrelenting embarrassment? Bill Clinton—corrupt, lying...Show More Summary

Trump’s Lying New Ambassador to the Netherlands Just Humiliated Himself in Front of Dutch Reporters

American journalists could learn a thing or two from the Dutch. Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra, is proving to be just as cringe-inducing as many of this administration’s other appointees. You may remember Hoekstra...Show More Summary

How Bitcoin and Amazon Are Ravaging the Middle Class

The tax bill, as regressive as it is, isn’t new, but simply the logical outcome of our current economic system. As 2017 drew to an end, it was perhaps fitting that Congress chose to close out the year with the passage of a tax bill that does more to redistribute wealth to the already wealthy than any other piece of legislation since the Gilded Age. Show More Summary

A Federal Judge Just Threw Out the Case Against Cliven Bundy

A federal judge in Las Vegas has dismissed the case against Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who led an armed stand-off with law enforcement in 2014 after the Bureau of Land Management tried to seize cattle that, it said, he was illegally grazing on federal land. The episode turned Bundy into a folk hero of the […]

The Secret to Understanding Kamala Harris

Down road 22 in Chowchilla, behind a wall of trees, impossibly green despite the brutal summer heat of California’s Central Valley, is the country’s largest prison for women, home to about 3,000 inmates. For at least a decade, no member of Congress had visited the facility—until this sweltering Wednesday afternoon in July. Dressed in a cream-colored […]

Turning #MeToo Into a Movement for Gender Justice

Heads have fallen aplenty, but what will it take to channel this sea change into a lasting cultural shift? The #MeToo phenomenon was one of the most important social and political moments of 2017. While the floodgates have opened, it...Show More Summary

Think Tank-Addicted Media Turn to Regime Change Enthusiasts for Iran Protest Commentary

Leading the pack in the “do something” insta-consensus on Iran protests was the right-wing pro-Israel think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). Since the outbreak of mass demonstrations and unrest in Iran last week, USShow More Summary

7 Acts of Native Resistance They Don't Teach in School

It is irresponsible to teach the tragedies without also teaching the resistance movements that oppose colonial violence. The history of people indigenous to the North American continent is often glossed over in education. We are badgered with the legend of Native benevolence to the pilgrims who landed on the East Coast on Thanksgiving. Show More Summary

“I’m Just a Bill” and Beyond: Our Favorite Hits From “Schoolhouse Rock”

“As your body grows bigger, your mind must flower!” began every episode of Schoolhouse Rock!, the silly (yet self-aware) show that found a way to make history, math, and civics both fun and memorable. The Emmy Award-winning series—born...Show More Summary

Patriots Games, Birthday Bashes, and Vicious Tweets: Trump and Romney’s Failed Bromance

When Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) announced his retirement from the US Senate on Tuesday, President Donald Trump marked the occasion with a Tweet that congratulated Hatch and called the senator a “tremendous supporter” and “friend.” Congratulations to Senator Orrin Hatch on an absolutely incredible career. He has been a tremendous supporter, and I will never forget […]

Trump Administration Proposes Massive Expansion of Offshore Drilling

This story was originally published by The Huffington Post and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has proposed a sweeping new offshore drilling plan aimed at opening huge swaths of the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific oceans to oil exploration as part of the Trump administration’s plan to transform the United […]

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