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Lena Dunham, White Privilege and the Myth That Anything Is Possible

The "Girls" creator had more than just drive and spunk on her side. Watching Lena Dunham’s 2009 proto-"Girls" film, Tiny Furniture, I was struck with a question I often ask myself when I'm watching random films on Netflix: How did this get made? As always, I turned to IMDb for answers. Show More Summary

Top 8 Rock and Roll Death Conspiracies

From bonkers to believable, these stories offer hidden insights into the secrets behind our favorite rock stars' deaths. I love a good conspiracy theory. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I’m not into the loose-cannon, feverishly paranoid, life-is-one-big-false-flag thinking that has a stranglehold on today’s right wing. Show More Summary

Jimmy Carter: American Democracy Has Been Subverted into an 'Oligarchy' with 'Unlimited Political Bribery'

"The incumbents, Democrats, and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves." The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines an 'oligarchy' as: "A government in which a small group exercises control especially...Show More Summary

How Donald Trump Is Causing the 5 Stages of Republican Grief

Republicans hoping to take back the White House have found a badly coiffed billionaire standing in their way. It’s been more than a month since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for presidency. And rather than quickly self-combust,...Show More Summary

The New Holy Grail of Republican Primaries

How Citizens United is turning the Republican Party upside down. Never have so many done so much to reveal so little than in the collected journalism about presidential nomination contests. The personality-driven trivia. The hokey generalizations. Show More Summary

Trump Campaign's Latest Anti-Immigrant Screed: Round Up And Deport or 'Self-Deport'

Ugly and unworkable right-wing fantasies resurface. Typically when a Republican politician who opposes immigration reform is asked what he or she would do with the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., they usually give a non-answer or avoid the question altogether. Show More Summary

America Is Obsessed with Sex, But That Doesn't Even Remotely Mean We're Screwing Each Other 24-7

A silent majority of us are sex-obsessed only once in a while, or not at all, or used to be but aren’t anymore. From Madison Avenue to Sunset Boulevard, from the Las Vegas Strip to Miami’s club scene, America is obsessed with sex. Titillation sells everything from fast cars to grapes to laundry soap. Show More Summary

How the Legacy of Slavery Affects the Mental Health of Black Americans Today

The psychic toll that forgiveness exacts. On July 22, in announcing the federal indictment of Charleston killer Dylann Roof, Attorney General Loretta Lynch commented that the expression of forgiveness offered by the victims' families...Show More Summary

Astrology Is Bunk—But Here Are 6 Ways Your Date of Birth Can Affect Who You Are

Science is looking into the way our birthdays impact our personalities. A search for the amount of money Americans spend annually on astrology turns up estimates ranging from several million to a couple hundred million dollars, depending on the source. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz and the Politics of Faith and Fear

These people are, in a word, afraid. And their candidates have mastered the exploitation of their fears. American politics is not easy for believers. “This is a forum where our candidates can share their faith and testimony and not feel ostracized. Show More Summary

How Far Will GOP Candidates Go to Get Into Next Week's Debate?

Trailing in the polls, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee grabbed the media's attention this weekend by claiming that President Barack Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran is "marching the Israelis to the door of the oven." On Friday, Texas Sen. Show More Summary

When the Gun Lobby Tries to Justify Firearms Everywhere, It Turns to This Guy

When you watch the news after the latest big shooting, there's a good chance you'll come across John Lott. The 57-year-old economist has made more than 100 media appearances over the past two years, from friendly conversations on Fox News to heated debates on MSNBC and CNN. Show More Summary

Why Millennials Are Bailing on the Catholic Church

If young Catholics are increasingly choosing the liberal side in the culture wars, are they really still Catholic? A new survey from Catholics for Choice on the opinions of Catholic millennials as regards doctrinal issues might make the church’s traditionalists want to brace themselves. Show More Summary

How the Far Right Is Quickly Gaining Ground in Socialist Scandanavia

Far-right political parties are making huge gains across Nordic countries as new champions of a working class alienated by the cosmopolitan left. “The basis of the home is commonality and mutuality. A good home is not aware of any privileged or slighted, no darlings and no stepchildren. Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Is Flirting With Disaster: Why His Latest Anti-Medicare Fearmongering Could Sink His Campaign

Much of the GOP base loves medicare. Bush should tread lightly. It’s been a good week for economic reports. For example, we heard that the jobless claims for June were lower than they’ve been in 40 years. Take it from someone who remembers 1975 — it was a long time ago. Show More Summary

Rand Paul's Super PAC is Powered By Whole Foods and Pot

Rand Paul's fundraising has been surprisingly anemic over the past few months as the GOP presidential candidate has found his message failing to resonate with some of the traditional sources of GOP campaign money, such as Wall Street. Show More Summary

Texas Trooper Had No Right To Ask Sandra Bland To Put Out Her Cigarette

There was nothing "lawful" about Trooper Encinia's order. Asking a woman sitting inside of her vehicle to put out her cigarette during a traffic stop is not a reasonable request for an officer to make and Sandra Bland knew it. “You mind putting out your cigarette, please?,” Officer Brian Encinia asked. Show More Summary

My Wedding Was Perfect – and I Was Fat as Hell the Whole Time

As a fat woman, you are told to disguise, shrink or flatter your body. But I wasn’t going to hide at my wedding. Aham and I got engaged on my birthday. He took me to dinner, suggested a “quick nightcap” at our neighbourhood bar, andShow More Summary

Democrats Introduce Sweeping, Historic Bill to Protect LGBT Rights

Members of Congress introduced on Thursday a historically comprehensive bill that would create federal standards to protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, workplaces, schools, public accommodations, and financial transactions. Same-sex...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush Wants to Elimate All Energy Subsidies

The federal government spends several billion dollars each year subsidizing the oil and gas industry. These tax breaks are extremely unpopular with the American public, but they have considerable support from congressional Republicans, who have opposed the Obama administration's efforts to eliminate them. Show More Summary

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