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United States of Inc.: Corporations As Nation-States in Silicon Valley’s Latest Utopian Management Scheme

16 minutes agoNews / Independent News : AlterNet

In Holacracy's vision, workers are citizens of the companies that will one day rule the world. During my desultory post-graduation years in San Francisco, I lived in a big duplex with three roommates. We had bands, fledging writing gigs and other financially unpromising passions, until one of us threw over la vie bohème to work at a consulting firm. Show More Summary

Is There Any Movement Among Presidential Candidates on the Death Penalty?

Will changing public opinion have any affect on death penalty hawks? This week, the Supreme Court upheld the use of an Oklahoma execution drug; the ruling was understandably reported as a “defeat for death penalty foes,” but many found...Show More Summary

FBI and Media Still Addicted to Ginning Up Terrorist Hysteria - But They Have Never Been Right

Why do we keep parroting FBI terror warnings when they never actually predict anything? On Monday, several mainstream media outlets repeated the latest press releaseby the FBI that country was under a new “heightened terror alert” from...Show More Summary

Let's Make America a Healthier Place and Start Walking

People from across America will gather in D.C. this fall to proclaim walking as human right. Walking is moving fast these days. We may think of it as a slow activity, but travel by foot is quickly being recognized as an effective prescription...Show More Summary

I Was a Libertarian Internet Troll — How I Turned My Mind Around

For the young male mind, some things are far more damaging than porn. For a growing boy, there are more dangerous things on the Internet than spyware-addled porn sites. One of them is white dude-bro culture — you know, the kind rife with men who threaten to murder women for wanting representation in video games and compare themselves to the KKK. Show More Summary

It's Time for the Black Rights Movement to Finally Embrace Gay Rights

Last Friday's Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide was a milestone for the LGBT rights movement. While it didn't give gay Americans complete equality in every aspect of their lives, the decision provided a long-sought-after...Show More Summary

Parents Fight Conservative Zealots and Charter School Advocates For Control of Their Kids' Education

In Jefferson County, Colorado an acrimonious debate is taking place over the future of public school. It's Tuesday evening, and people have come to church — but not for religion. What's bringing people to Green Mountain United Methodist...Show More Summary

How This Amazing 7-Year-Old Ohio Girl Left a Homophobic Street Preacher 'Deflated'

She holds up a rainbow LGBT flag toward the preacher as onlookers begin to approach her and high-five her. A 7-year-old Ohio girl and her father are garnering fans online after he posted footage of her facing down an anti-LGBT street preacher a day after the Supreme Court ruling legalizing marriage equality. Show More Summary

Miley Cyrus Is Not Alone: 9 Other Stars Making Gender Fluidity Mainstream

Cyrus and Caitlyn Jenner may be the celebs-du-jour challenging our gender assumptions, but there are others you should know about. Caitlyn Jenner’s recent turn as a Vanity Fair cover girl not only made her into a trans icon, it turned the topic of gender identity into a mainstream talking point. Show More Summary

8 Jerkiest Things About Newly Declared GOP Presidential Candidate Chris Christie

The New Jersey gov's temper, arrogance, bullying, revenge-taking, and cronyism are his calling cards. The 2016 Republican presidential trail is already filled with candidates playing the ‘”I’m the toughest” game. There’s union-bashing Gov. Show More Summary

Watch Out: How You Can Get Ripped Off by the Home Warranty Racket

There are many complaints about companies that promise to fix or replace appliances, plumbing or other items in your home. If you’re a homeowner, you may remember seeing ads on television or elsewhere for home warranties that promise...Show More Summary

A 12-Step Program to Cure America of Its War Addiction

It's time to admit we have a problem. To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from  here. War on drugs. War on poverty. War in Afghanistan. War in Iraq. War on terror. The...Show More Summary

Meet Jeff Rense -- The Velvet Voice of Conspiracy Theory Radio

Jeff Rense has been very successful in developing and monetizing a national radio audience. He's the "velvet voice" playing in your head deep into the night. Smooth and articulate, without anger or accent, talk show host Jeff Rense,Show More Summary

What Happens When Oligarchs and Vigilantes Take Over Public Safety in a Big City

In Detroit, safety is a privilege enjoyed by the white and wealthy. Highland Park is a tiny 3-square-mile municipality located within Detroit. Extremely dangerous, blighted, and 94% black, Highland Park is a concentrated example of the...Show More Summary

5 Bobby Jindal Moments That Prove His 'Stupid Party' Bona Fides

The Louisiana governor's support of the Religious Right's attack on gay rights should give you pause. It is almost sad to watch Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, struggling at 0 percent in presidential polls, embrace the “dumbed-down conservatism” and “stupid party” mantras that he once vociferously denounced. Show More Summary

This Is Bernie Sanders' Plan to Beat Hillary Clinton

It's fortunate for Hillary Clinton that Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent socialist from Vermont who is challenging her for the Democratic presidential nomination, despises and eschews negative advertising. That's because the political...Show More Summary

Why Are Churches Using Creepy Face Recognition Technology?

Churches just got a new way to figure out who is sleeping in on Sunday morning. Churches just got a new way to figure out who is sleeping in on Sunday morning: facial recognition software that scans the congregation and records who showed...Show More Summary

Mom Has Son Snatched by Gov't and Faces 30 Years in Prison for Medical Marijuana

What's happened to Shona Banda shouldn't happen to anybody. Shona Banda had been suffering from a debilitating diagnosis of Crohn’s disease for nearly a decade before she took a colossal risk and tried medicinal marijuana. The only thing...Show More Summary

The Big Issue Where Bernie Sanders and Cornel West Go Separate Ways

West is concerned Bernie Sanders' positions on Israel-Palestine aren't humanitarian enough. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is already enjoying success that few could have predicted. Bernie is a big deal. Well, OK, if you’re a white progressive he’s a big deal. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders & Cornel West: The Radical Alliance That Could Change Everything

Can Sanders be the radical Obama wasn't? Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is already enjoying success that few could have predicted. Bernie is a big deal. Well, OK, if you’re a white progressive he’s a big deal. Otherwise, you may have no idea who he is, according to reporting this morning in the New York Times. Show More Summary

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