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A Brief, Checkered History of Prom in America

Do you remember how you were asked to your high school prom? (Or how you asked?) Maybe it was some cheesy romantic gesture. Or maybe it was a very informal conversation that took place near your locker between classes. Either way, it probably wasn't documented and put online to become a viral hit. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Reaches Out to Sanders Supporters and Expands Criticism of Trump

Hillary embraces more of Bernie's ideas in California and makes a strong and provocative critique of Trump. Hillary Clinton praised Bernie Sanders’ supporters and previewed aggressive attacks against Donald Trump at a Thursday rallyShow More Summary

It's Not the Kids Turning on to Weed; It's Grandma and Grandpa

Baby boomers have discovered (or rediscovered) the bud. The growing acceptance of and access to legal marijuana has some people worried that the youth are going to start using it more frequently, but that's not the demographic where pot has really taken off. Show More Summary

African-American Student Accused of 'Bias Incident' by St. Louis University for Condemning Israeli Human Rights Abuses

School administration implies that a student is antisemitic for challenging organizers of a pro-Israel campus event. On April 4, after sitting through a two-hour presentation at St. Louis University about the state of Israel’s humanitarian...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Says He'll Debate Bernie Sanders for "Women's Health Issues"

Ever on a magnanimous streak, Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday afternoon that he "would love to debate" Bernie Sanders, but would only do so if the televised broadcast could raise $10 to $15 million for a charity. The GOP presumptive...Show More Summary

I Don't Miss Jon Stewart Now: Samantha Bee's Hard-Hitting Political Comedy Just Keeps Getting Better

Her sharp take on "pro-life" history's unambiguous connection to violent outcomes shows how good late-night can be. As viewers continue to voice disappointment about Trevor Noah’s not-terribly political stance on “The Daily Show,” and...Show More Summary

Extreme Takeover: Why Many Are Calling Israel's New Government the 'Most Racist' in History

Major establishment figures are warning of parallels to Nazi Germany as Netanyahu assembles far-right coalition. With the announcement that hard-right Avigdor Lieberman would soon use his powerful position as Minister of Defense in the...Show More Summary

Trump's 'Christian Policy Adviser' Takes the Cake, Claims He's a Prophet Who Stopped a Tsunami

Frank Amedia was also once implicated in a bribery scandal and claims AIDS is caused by "unnatural sex." Mario Bramnick, an official with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, told Time magazine last week that Donald...Show More Summary

Meet the Community of Men Who Dress Up Like Dogs in the "Secret World of the Human Pups"

Unbeknownst to many, there is a hidden culture of men who enjoy dressing up and acting like dogs—as in canines, not male jerks—all while their partners in the real world play the role of their disciplined trainers. Thanks to a new television...Show More Summary

Corporate Beer Overlords Will Soon Own 1 Out of 3 Beers Made on Earth

Nothing says America like an ice-cold can of lavishly marketed, insipidly flavored beer. That's the calculation of AB InBev, the Belgium-based conglomerate that owns Budweiser, the brand that once towered over the US beer landscape like a giant beer-can balloon at a fraternity tailgate party. Show More Summary

Elizabeth Warren's Anti-Trump Onslaught Looks Like It's Just Warming Up

Elizabeth Warren isn't ready to endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, but she's had no trouble going after Clinton's presumptive Republican opponent, Donald Trump. Warren and Trump have sparred on Twitter...Show More Summary

The Obama Years Have Been Very Good to America's Weapons Makers

The Obama years have been a boom time for America's weapons makers. Since 2009, the United States has approved arms deals worth some $200 billion—more than under any other presidency. The deals include sending Apache helicopters to Qatar, "bunker buster" bombs and cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia, and Hellfire missiles all over the place. Show More Summary

The Legal System Uses an Algorithm to Predict If People Might Be Future Criminals. It's Biased Against Blacks.

On a spring afternoon in 2014, Brisha Borden was running late to pick up her god-sister from school when she spotted an unlocked kid's blue Huffy bicycle and a silver Razor scooter. Borden and a friend grabbed the bike and scooter and...Show More Summary

Shocked By Rise of Jewish Extremism in Israel, Maverick Rabbi Denounces Discriminatory Laws

Conservative Movement rabbis vote unanimously to nullify religious edicts that discriminate against non-Jewish people. Rabbis from a liberal stream of Judaism issued this month a blanket disavowal of religious rulings that discriminate against non-Jews. Show More Summary

John Oliver Takes on the "Electoral Clusterfuck" That Are Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

Ah, presidential primaries and caucuses, or as John Oliver described them on Sunday, "the electoral foreplay that we have been engaging in since February, which will culminate in the mass balloon ejaculations of this summer's conventions." Despite...Show More Summary

It Might Get Harder For Someone to Silence You With a Lawsuit

A substantial bipartisan effort is underway to enact anti-SLAPP protections. Currently 28 states have some kind of anti-SLAPP statutory protection. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, which refers to litigation intended to silence critics by sticking them with the need for an exorbitant legal defense. Show More Summary

Kentucky's Creation Museum Guy Just Spent Millions Building a Life-Sized Noah's Ark That Teaches One Basic Tenet—You Will Burn in Hell

The righteous who claim Jesus—who make it through the Ark's door before it shuts—will find salvation just like Noah’s family did. As for the rest, they are sure to find themselves burning in Hell for eternity. The following is an excerpt from the new book Righting America at the Creation Museum by Susan Trollinger & William Trollinger, Jr. Show More Summary

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