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Obama and Bill Nye Rip Climate Deniers in Congress Using ‘I’m Not a Scientist’ Excuse

45 minutes agoNews / Independent News : AlterNet

Nye also encouraged the president to promote “science every day in every grade,” calling it a huge opportunity. President Barack Obama asked “Science Guy” Bill Nye how to promote science education in a video released by the White House on Friday, while also taking a shot at lawmakers who have argued against the existence of climate change. Show More Summary

5 Wacky Conspiracy Theories From the Right About Hillary Clinton

The former secretary of state's critics have a whole new batch of molehills to try and make into mountains. Hillary Clinton may have just kicked off her nascent presidential campaign last week, but the vast archipelago of conservative...Show More Summary

What's Behind Michael Dyson's Over-the-Top Takedown of Cornel West?

Hoping to salvage Obama’s legacy and his own reputation, Michael Eric Dyson is lashing out at their most relentless African-American critic. As the Obama era sputters to an end, new social movements are erupting in rebellion againstShow More Summary

Amy Schumer Is Making Genius Feminist Comedy (Video)

On the season three premiere of her notorious comedy show, the comedian skewered misogyny in way that's smart, funny, and brilliant. "It's season three, we're gonna do whatever the fuck we want!" And with those words delivered at the...Show More Summary

Documentary Blows Open Serial Killer's 25-Year Spree of Killing Black Women and Shocking Lack of Interest in Catching Him

Filmmaker Nick Broomfield discusses 'Tales of the Grim Sleeper' and a society that treats poor black women as "disposable people." By the mid-1980s, the Los Angeles Police Department knew there was a prolific serial killer operating in the South Central section of the city. Show More Summary

Steve Earle Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Steve Earle Jacob Blickenstaff At the age of 60, songwriter Steve Earle has 1,000 stories, six ex-wives, and 16 studio albums recorded over nearly three decades. His latest, Terraplane, is a collection of blues-based songs he wrote during a difficult separation from his latest wife, songwriter Allison Moorer—with whom he has a five-year-old son. Show More Summary

Baltimore Officer Suspended in Freddie Gray Case Has Past Accusations of Domestic Violence

Protests continue as people demand charges against six officers. The Baltimore police officer who led the initial chase of Freddie Gray, the young man who died after being arrested and suffering a broken neck, has twice been accused of domestic violence and was temporarily ordered by a court to stay away from a second person. Show More Summary

Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What U.S. Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know

Documents show that AFRICOM personnel have all too regularly behaved in ways at odds with 'core values.' To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from here. Six people lay lifeless in the filthy brown water It was 5:09 a.m. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart: Why I Quit The Daily Show

Stewart’s decision to retire as host of the satirical news show after 16 years has left liberal America in mourning. There was no one moment when Jon Stewart knew it was time for him to leave what he describes as “the most perfect job in the world”; no epiphany, no flashpoint. Show More Summary

Arizona Hate Preacher Who Tells Women They Deserve Rape Is Harassing Mosque-Goers

"Brother Dean" Saxton rips pages from the Quran and throws them onto the ground, stomping on them in protest. “Brother Dean” Saxton is a far-right hate preacher who made his name by showing up at the University of Arizona and telling...Show More Summary

Apple Refuses to Answer Questions Over 'Homophobic' Russian Siri

The Russian voice assistant provides homophobic answers to queries relating to gay or lesbian topics. Apple is refusing to explain how and why the Russian language version of its voice-controlled virtual assistant, Siri, provided homophobic answers to queries relating to gay or lesbian topics. Show More Summary

"I'm a Man in a Dress, and I'm Not Afraid to Show That."

On a Saturday afternoon, Olivia Hart gets dressed in her pay-by-the-week hotel room before heading out to Aunt Charlie's Lounge, one of the last gay bars in San Francisco's tough Tenderloin neighborhood. Fifty-four-year-old Olivia is...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Goes a Step Beyond in Her Support For Same-Sex Marriage

The Democratic presidential candidate wants the Supreme Court to rule same-sex marriage a constitutional right. Hillary Clinton has now set the gold standard for supporting marriage equality in the 2016 field. Not that any Republicans...Show More Summary

WATCH: Terrified ‘Tea Party Patriot’ Realizes He Could Lose Obamacare If GOP Wins in 2016

"The Republican Party, they haven’t done nothing for me, man. Nothing." A conservative video blogger with over a million views on YouTube said this week that he would likely vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary ClintonShow More Summary

We Might Actually Put a Woman on the $20 Bill

It's about time there was a woman on our money. There’s a saying that goes, “A woman’s place is in the house…and Senate.” Now, with a proposed Senate bill actually aimed at supporting a grassroots effort to put the face of a history-making...Show More Summary

My Travels on the Clinton Conspiracy Trail

Illustration by John S. Dykes I met Larry Nichols, the self-described smut king of Arkansas, at a breakfast joint in Conway, not far from the spot where he claims Bill Clinton loyalists once fired on him and a reporter for London's Sunday Telegraph. Show More Summary

Please, Everyone, Can We Stop Pretending We Must All be Constantly Happy?

There is plenty of unhappiness to go around. And we shouldn’t refuse to acknowledge it. I am going to come out of the closet, and make a shocking, even shameful, admission. I am not a happy person. In fact I am the sort of chap who complete strangers come up to in the street and advise to cheer up, since it might never happen. Show More Summary

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