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Sleep Raves - Have You Ever Been Part of a 'Oneironauticum'? Maybe It's Time You Tried

Humans have been using oneirogens to hack dreams for pretty much as long as we’ve been doing anything. Original published by Van Winkle's, a new website dedicated to smarter sleep & wakefulness, published by Casper. It’s midnight in a warehouse space in downtown Los Angeles. Show More Summary

VIDEO: 'Shake Off Those Charter Chains!'

What you really need to know about the chains that run charter schools. Advocates for charter schools frequently argue that generalizing about these schools is unfair because charters, by their very entrepreneurial, unregulated design, are not all the same. Show More Summary

5 Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories as Crazy as Donald Trump's Lie About Muslims Cheering 9/11

The right wing is full of paranoia. Donald Trump claims thousands of Muslims in New Jersey rejoiced as the Twin Towers fell during the 9/11 attacks. He says he knows this because he saw it in the news, a magical news that no one else but Ben Carson saw, although Ben Carson now says oh wait, no he didn’t. Show More Summary

Emails Reveal Racists Plotted Confrontation With Black Lives Matters Activists Days Before Shooting

The men, described by some witnesses as white supremacists, wounded five demonstrators in Minnesota. Three white men wearing bulletproof vests and covering their face with masks shot five Black Lives Matter protesters Monday night in Minneapolis — and some social media users are claiming the gunmen fired in self-defense. Show More Summary

Family Gets $4.9M After Cops Beat Mentally Ill Son to Death on Video and Walked Free

Cops murder with impunity and the taxpayer is held responsible - and they call this 'justice.' Because the assailants who beat Kelly Thomas to death on the streets of Fullerton, California were swaddled in government-issued costumesShow More Summary

Inside Anonymous' Messy Cyberwar Against ISIS

The Saturday morning following the deadly terrorists attacks in Paris, the hacktivist network Anonymous declared war on ISIS. In a widely distributed video, a figure in a Guy Fawkes mask announced Operation Paris, or #OpParis, and promised...Show More Summary

Conservatives Have a Very Twisted View of What Pro-Family Means

Forcing women to have babies is not only Isis-like, it's anti-family. It’s not a surprise to me that in the race to win the Republican nomination, the candidates are working hard to find ways to win over women. Each has gushed on stage...Show More Summary

America's Poorest White Town: Abandoned by Coal, Swallowed by Drugs

Beattyville, Kentucky, is blighted by a lack of jobs and addiction to painkillers. Karen Jennings patted her heavily made up face, put on a sardonic smile and said she thought she looked good after all she’d been through. “I was an alcoholic first. Show More Summary

Early State Republican Primary Voters Want A Ground War Against ISIS

There's support for escalating the war in Iraq and Syria. There are early signs that the attacks in Paris are being exploited to gin up more war fever. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a GOP presidential candidate, appeared on Fox News Sunday and spoke of the “political advantage” that the Paris attacks will give the Republicans. Show More Summary

Hillary the Foreign Policy Hawk Returns

The 2016 Democratic front runner turns to the right. In a week where Bernie Sanders aligned himself with Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on safety nets and economic justice, Hillary Clinton moved to the center-right. Show More Summary

Apple Head Jimmy Iovine Thinks Ladies Need Special Help Finding Music

Apple Music can be your new boyfriend who helps you understand music and form opinions and stuff. Jimmy Iovine, who is famous for producing everyone and cofounding Interscope, is now heading up things over at Apple Music. Yesterday, he went on "CBS This Morning" to talk about that Apple Music ad everybody went gaga for starring Taraji P. Show More Summary

Fox News Brings Back One of the Stupidest, Most Harmful Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

After Paris, right-wing pundits embrace Obama as secret-Muslim-destroying-the-country theories, again. Most conspiracy theories rarely die, so much as slumber, ready to be woken fresh anew when political or social circumstances arouse the paranoid. Show More Summary

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