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RATKING: Gritty, Grimy Hip-Hop That Totally Grows on You

The rat king is a haunting image from European folklore: a bevy of rats, tangled together by their tails and thought to grow together as a bunch. (Rat king characters also make appearances in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics and...Show More Summary

"Food Chains" Looks at the Real Cost of Your Cheap Tomatoes

Food Chains opens at the break of dawn, as tomato pickers in Immokalee, Florida, hustle onto buses and out to the fields where they spend long hours trying to pick enough fruit to survive. Late in the evening they return to cramped trailers, with barely enough wages to purchase groceries for a family meal. Show More Summary

4 Stupid Conservative Arguments Against Net Neutrality, Debunked

Last week, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas set off a firestorm of ridicule when he took to Twitter in an attempt to mock the concept of net neutrality: "Net Neutrality" is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate...Show More Summary

These Simple Charts Show Why the US-China Climate Pact Is Such a Big Deal

This story originally appeared in Slate and is republished here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The big climate news of last week, indeed maybe of the past several years, was the surprise announcement of a bilateral US-China agreement setting targets for CO2 emissions out to the year 2030. Show More Summary

This Jeopardy Champ and Proud Geek Gives Swirlies to Gamergaters In His Spare Time

Like Disney and the WWF, the game show Jeopardy! has its villains—or at least one, in the form of Arthur Chu, the 30-year-old Cleveland native who took home nearly $300,000 after winning an 11-game streak and seemingly pissing off half of America. Show More Summary

Röyksopp and Robyn Meet the Inevitable End

Most bands don't announce their final album in advance. That designation is typically applied post-facto, when once-harmonious bandmates descend into irreparable squabbles on the road. But Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp has declared...Show More Summary

A Princess Bride Memoir? Inconceivable!

A purple-haired woman stops in front of the actor Cary Elwes' table among the shelves of San Francisco's Book Passage. "Can I just say, 'Thank you for my childhood?'" If Elwes were slicker, or perhaps more full of himself, he might have...Show More Summary

Jon Stewart's New Film Is Very Real, and Frighteningly Familiar

First there was the initial optimism, the confidence that this was all a misunderstanding, and once they found out who you really were they would let you go. Then there was your conviction that you were innocent, that you had nothing to hide. Show More Summary

Adam Savage on #Gamergate, Hollywood, and Women in Science

Last week, as part of the Bay Area Science Festival, I had the chance to interview Mythbusters host and producer Adam Savage for a live episode of the Inquiring Minds podcast. Savage is a science evangelist, and he's been instrumental in educating huge numbers of people on how science works and why it's so much fun. Show More Summary

Republican David Perdue Wins Georgia Senate Race

There weren't many bright spots on the map for Democrats this year. But in Georgia, the party was hoping that Senate candidate Michelle Nunn might harness the state's changing demographics for an upset against GOP nominee David Perdue. The...Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell Wins Reelection

We have entered the McConnellsance. After 18 months, this YouTube video, and a staggering $73 million in campaign and outside spending, Mitch McConnell, a senator who was sometimes more despised in his deep-red home state than President...Show More Summary

How 3,500 Voters in North Dakota Could Put the Brakes on America's Biggest Fracking Boom

The run-up to tomorrow's midterm elections has seen an unprecedented spending surge from environmental groups. Climate and energy issues—from fracking in Colorado to coal mining in Kentucky—have taken center stage. But a far less prominent...Show More Summary

7 Big Gun Fights to Watch on Election Day

No election cycle in recent memory has seen the guns issue heat up the way this year's has. The National Rifle Association, continuing a long-running strategy of campaign spending, earmarked over $11 million for this year's elections—but for the first time in decades the nation's leading gun lobby is facing some truly formidable opposition. Show More Summary

The Mother Jones Guide to Evil NBA Owners

Advertise on Six months ago, the NBA rid itself of its worst owner, perpetual sleazebag Donald Sterling. Everyone praised the swift, harsh punishment meted out by commissioner Adam Silver for Sterling's racist tirade—well, almost everyone. Show More Summary

Lay Off the Artisanal Ice, You Ignorant Hipsters

If you want to understand the latest trend in craft cocktails, you could do worse than to listen to Outkast. What's cooler than being cool is indeed ice cold. Specifically, it's stored at negative two degrees, sculpted with a Japanese band saw, and retails for $1 a cube. Yes, artisanal ice is now a thing. Show More Summary

Is Your Judge for Sale?

Illustration by Mark Hammermeister The 30-second TV spot is stark and brutal. First it shows the bespectacled face of candidate Louis Butler, then a grainy mug shot of an ex-con. "Louis Butler worked to put criminals on the street,"Show More Summary

Mitch McConnell Can Barely Form a Coherent Sentence About Obamacare Now

Mitch McConnell came prepared with a soundbite. The Affordable Care Act, the Republican Senate minority leader declared during a debate Monday, is "the worst piece of legislation in the last half-century," and needed to be pulled out...Show More Summary

Charts: How the Recovery Left Most Americans Behind

Advertise on The Great Recession officially ended five years ago, but that's news for millions of Americans: A stunning 95 percent of income growth since the recovery started has gone to the superwealthy. If an average...Show More Summary

Susan Collins Says She Voted Against The Government Shutdown Last Year. Um, Really?

Late last month, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine released a new campaign ad bragging that she tried to avert the government shutdown crisis last year, when tea party GOPers held the federal budget hostage in an effort to take down Obamacare. Show More Summary

Endless War

Under the Shadow of the Drone Leah McInnis The silver bird circles in the sky, its lawnmower rasp mingling with the loud birdsong audible on the ground, and the cries of children. Two men drink coffee on a balcony: steam rises from their glasses in the sharp morning light. Show More Summary

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