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The Geopolitics of Crazy: How to Avoid War With North Korea

Step one: Stop threatening fire and fury from a golf course. The United States has beaten its head against the wall of North Korea for more than 70 years, and that wall has changed little indeed as a result. The United States, meanwhile, has suffered one headache after another. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is at War With Arizona’s Republican Senators. It Could Get Worse Tonight.

As President Donald Trump heads down to Arizona for a rally Tuesday evening, a lot of the attention is focused on potential clashes between Trump supporters and protesters and the possibility he’ll announce a pardon disgraced former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. But there’s another subplot worth watching: the escalating battle between Trump and Senate […]

Trump Voters' Total Devotion to the President Renders CNN's Alisyn Camerota Speechless

"He's Trump—he can do what he wants!" President Donald Trump’s supporters are still in his corner and nothing will shake their dedication to his agenda — even if his legislation hurts them. In a panel discussion with CNN, his supporters agreed that they were all fine with the increase in troop levels with Afghanistan. Show More Summary

India's Progressive-Minded Vice President Steps Down: Minorities Are Now More Vulnerable to a Hindu Theocratic State

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had some vicious words for his departing VP. It happened last week, again, when the simple, formal farewell to an outgoing constitutional authority in India, within the Indian Parliament, was so very bereft of grace and decency—and in fact, so full of viciousness. Show More Summary

Trump and the Nazis: Our Troll-In-Chief Has a Deep Affinity with the Alt-Right — and with Their Ancestors

After the outrage in Charlottesville, Donald Trump emerges as the leading alt-right troll, a Hitler of lulz. It must, over and over again, be pointed out to the adherents of the movement and in a broader sense to the whole people that...Show More Summary

Burger King Is Building Artificial Limbs So That Disabled People Can Eat Their Unhealthy Burgers

Click here for reuse options! BK's new cholesterol-laden monstrosity is five beef patties layered with bacon and cheese. Over the years fast-food outlets have employed a myriad of tactics to tempt new customers. There have been the classics like McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, or Subway’s Five Dollar Footlong (R.I.P.). Show More Summary

One More Lesson from Charlottesville: Our Comedians Are More Ethical Than Our President

How did we get to a point where late night comedians have a better moral compass than our nation’s leaders? There is so much to unpack in the wake of the events in Charlottesville last week that I suspect we will be debating its significance for some time to come. Show More Summary

5 White Supremacists Whining About How Unfair Things Are After Charlottesville

Their perpetual state of imagined victimhood has only grown more acute. No snowflake melts quite so easily as a neo-Nazi, or a white supremacist, or an alt-rightie, or an identitarian, or whatever obfuscatory name racists are hiding behind this week. Show More Summary

There's a Big Fight Brewing Between 1 Billionaire and 2 Million School Kids in Illinois Over Funding

Click here for reuse options! As the school year begins, a bitter battle over funding rages in Illinois. While the national education debate is largely focused on Betsy DeVos and school choice, the fiercest fights over the future of public education are playing out at the state level. Show More Summary

How Movies Like 'Toy Story 3' and 'The Incredibles' Are Turning Our Children into Violent, Militarized Monsters

Buzz Lightyear is tortured and becomes a prison guard in the surveillance-laden dystopia of "Toy Story 3." Does it matter? “Ten percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and ten percent is merciful, no matter what, and the remaining 80 percent can be moved in either direction.” Susan Sontag. Show More Summary

Here’s Where Confederate Monuments Are Coming Down—And Which Ones Could Be Next

This past weekend’s violent protests against the planned removal of a Charlottesville, Virginia, monument commemorating Robert E. Lee by “alt-right” activists and white supremacists—and the counter-protests that opposed those demonstrations—has captured the attention of the entire country. Show More Summary

Right-Wing Website Quietly Removes Writings of Neo-Nazi March Organizer from Its Archives

Before the Unite the Right rally, Jason Kessler was a contributor to the Daily Caller. Before he organized the recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, Jason Kessler wrote for The Daily Caller and the white nationalist site VDare and appeared as a purported expert on Alex Jones’ Infowars network. Show More Summary

Why the GOP Sides With the Klan and the Nazis

Click here for reuse options! If you can’t win on issues, you win on racism. Why is it that the president and the vast majority of Republican elected officials are refusing to refer to the white Christian neo-nazis who committed mayhem...Show More Summary

CNN 'Analyst' Michael Weiss Hosted Anti-Muslim Rally with Far-Right Hate Queen Pamela Geller

From Muslim-bashing neocon operative to CNN’s Syria and Russia “expert,” it’s been a long, strange trip for Weiss. CNN terminated its contract on June 4 with Reza Aslan, the popular religion pundit, bestselling author and host of the network’s recently released show Believer. Show More Summary

Charlottesville Cops Were Slammed for a Hands-Off Approach. Local Police Across the Country Are Taking Notice.

On Monday, Texas A&M University canceled a “White Lives Matter” rally planned for early September, citing reasons related to student safety. In a press release to promote it, a former student and one of the rally’s organizers linkedShow More Summary

Spare Us Your Sober Monologue About Trump and Charlottesville, Jimmy Fallon

The "Tonight Show" host helped normalize a white supremacist. It's a little late for condemnation now. Google “Jimmy Fallon + Trump” today, and you're bound to find fawning reviews of "The Tonight Show" host’s atypically sober remarks...Show More Summary

The Damage We Do to Boys and Men That Explains the Trump Presidency

Click here for reuse options! Toxic masculinity hurts men and women alike. It is impossible to talk about Donald Trump—his election victory, his personal brand, his public persona—without also discussing toxic masculinity. This is aShow More Summary

A Depressing Psychological Profile: My Meeting With Donald Trump Shows His Obvious Impairment Has Only Gotten Worse

I didn't get his endorsement when I ran for governor—but the severely troubled man I met has only gotten worse. In 1994, I visited the home of Donald Trump. He was a Democrat then, of sorts, and I was the party’s nominee for governor of Connecticut. Show More Summary

Neo-Nazis Called on Trump to Pardon Joe Arpaio—Now He's 'Seriously Considering' Doing It

The president has called the former Arizona sheriff "a great American patriot." President Donald Trump is reportedly considering a pardon for Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, after neo-Nazi and other fringe media that have supported Trump called for him to do so. Show More Summary

If We Can't Defend Animal Rights, We Don't Deserve to Call Ourselves Progressives

Click here for reuse options! It's time for a revolution in thinking about the world's most pervasive form of exploitation. The world’s most pervasive form of exploitation, along with its resultant environmental harm, can't be laid at the feet of Republicans, conservatives or those we define as bigots in our society. Show More Summary

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