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Why Fake Shrimp Is the Next Veggie Burger

Meet the world’s first plant-based shrimp. Who doesn’t love a good bit of shrimp? Well, apart from vegans, vegetarians, Kosher eaters and those unlucky few who blow up like a big balloon every time they go near the juicy sea critters. Show More Summary

John Oliver Tears Into Equifax Executives for Colossal Data Breach

On Sunday, John Oliver turned his attention to Equifax, one of the three big credit reporting agencies that revealed last month that hackers had breached into the company’s data—compromising millions of people’s personal information including social security numbers, birth dates, and home addresses.  “The point here is that it’s a huge problem and in any […]

Michael Moore's Secret Recipe for Success—How He's Managed to Stay in the National Limelight for Decades

He came to comedy from activism, not the other way around. If there is one thing that we can thank Donald Trump for, it is the extraordinary rise of political comedy his presidency has ushered in for our nation.  Even comedians who generally...Show More Summary

Many Cities Will Do Anything to Get Amazon's Attention in Their Desperation to Fix Their Economy

Cities should think big and creatively to better the lives of their own people, not to attract Amazon. Amazon says it’s going to build a new headquarters. It's calling it HQ2, and plans on sinking $5 billion into its construction and operation. Show More Summary

Democratic Strategist Says Extreme Right-Wing Evangelical Christians 'Made a Deal with the Devil'

Click here for reuse options! These voters sold their souls for political gain. Democratic strategist Maria Cardona told CNN's Don Lemon that Evangelical voters are embracing the devil by choosing to support President Donald Trump. The...Show More Summary

I Have Tasted the Future of Fake Meat: Amazingly, It Did Not Suck

Even die-hard meat lovers may love the vegan Impossible Burger. I have tasted the future of fake meat. Amazingly, it did not suck. It's been a year since the Impossible Burger finally made its debut, after five years of buzz. From the...Show More Summary

Trump Supporters Are Promoting Insane Conspiracy Theories About the Vegas Shooter

Which of the following groups does Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old gunman responsible for the Las Vegas massacre, belong to, according to recent articles promoted by Republican pundits and Trump-affiliates? a) Antifa b) Islamic State c) Illuminati d) All of the above If you chose “All of the above,” you’re correct. The shooting that left 58 […]

Don Lemon Shuts Down Right-Wing Commentator for Daring to Compare Trump to Obama and Clinton

The network should really stop inviting this guy. CNN's Don Lemon invited conservative Ben Ferguson on the show to discuss President Donald Trump, and it quickly went off-the-rails. Ferguson tried to avoid discussing the clear ethical...Show More Summary

Police Action in American Cities Is No Different Than Attacking the Enemy in Iraq

There's no reason for American police departments to have armored tanks. “This... thing, [the War on Drugs] this ain't police work... I mean, you call something a war and pretty soon everybody gonna be running around acting like warriors... Show More Summary

FEMA Will Be Helping Texas for Years. So Why Does Trump Have a Different Standard for Puerto Rico?

Nearly two months after Hurricane Harvey dropped more than four feet of rain in the southeast region of the state, the Federal Emergency Management Authority still has a heavy presence in Texas. The area suffered damage estimated to be up to $190 billion from catastrophic winds and flooding from the Category 5 storm, and since then electricity has been restored, […]

5 Things Trump Lied About Inventing

So many transparent lies. For Donald Trump, lying comes as easily as breathing, and perhaps it's even more effortless. He makes up falsehoods about not only big political issues or even sensitive personal matters, but everything. That includes the small stuff, especially if he thinks the lie will make him look good. Show More Summary

Why It's Basically Impossible to Be an 'Ethical' Meat Eater

No matter how animals are raised, they are all killed the same way. By now, most of us know that factory farming is terrible for animals, our planet and our health. But what about people who call themselves ethical meat-eaters? Doing something ethical by definition means that you’re doing something right or good. Show More Summary

Who Tells Your Story? A Netflix Doc Has Ignited Debate Over Who Owns LGBT History

On Friday, David France’s award-winning film, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, began streaming on Netflix. It is a stirring piece of art that explores the controversial death of Johnson, a black woman who was an icon of transgender rights in the United States. Her attitude toward the cultural conservatism of the time was captured […]

Sean Hannity's 'Coverage' of Trump's Collusion Scandal Has Taken a Sinister New Turn

A new study exposes the Fox News host's full embrace of authoritarianism. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has taken on a new urgency and gotten closer to the Oval Office over the past few weeks. Show More Summary

White House Confirms Stephen Miller Was a Right-Wing Creep Back in High School Too

Trump's adviser once crashed a girls' track meet to prove his athletic superiority. Really. You remember Stephen Miller, don’t you? He’s the smug, dead-eyed presidential adviser the White House trots out when it needs someone to deliver...Show More Summary

5 Historical Monsters Arguably Less Terrible Than Christopher Columbus

Would Serbia ever give Slobodan Miloševi? his own holiday? Despite the fact that an increasing number of states are deciding they'll pass on the opportunity to commemorate a man who by any reasonable measure has to be remembered as a...Show More Summary

Watergate Journalist Carl Bernstein Says Republicans in Congress No Longer Believe Trump Is Fit for Presidency

Click here for reuse options! The Pulitzer Prize-winner's statement is sure to raise eyebrows. Carl Bernstein, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist whose investigative work is considered a catalyst for the resignation of President Richard Nixon, made a startling claim on CNN about how members of today's GOP-led Congress view President Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Billy Crystal Offers Hilariously Scathing Take on Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence and Donald Trump

Click here for reuse options! The comedian is ready for this administration to be over. Legendary comic actor Billy Crystal appeared on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher to bring some levity to discussing the Trump administration trainwreck. Show More Summary

5 of the Worst Things We Know Were Emphatically Confirmed Again This Week

It is deja vu again. Time somehow seems both longer and shorter these days. The news cycle whizzes by, with multiple stories breaking every day at previously unheard-of hours, making it feel like we’re in some warp-speed crisis machine with the TRUMP logo emblazoned along its side. Show More Summary

4 Reasons the GOP's New Favorite Talking Point Against Gun Control is Pure Bunk

Sarah Huckabee Sanders needs to check her facts—they've been outdated for five years. Republicans this week have been quick to shush Democrats pushing for gun control after the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas, cynically arguing the opposition is politicizing a tragedy. Show More Summary

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