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World treasures destroyed by Islamic extremists

As satellite images confirm the destruction of Syria's Temple of Bel, we take a look at other historic structures the world has lost to Islamic extremism

Would America Lose the Great Naval War of 2020 to China?

Harry J. Kazianis Security, Asia A look back at a classic scholarly essay begs the question: Does America have what it takes to win a military contest against China in the near future? Back in the Winter 2010 edition of Orbis, the always...Show More Summary

Pope: Priests Can Forgive Women Who've Had Abortions

Abortion is one of the sins that mandates automatic excommunication in the Roman Catholic Church, but for the Holy Year of Mercy that begins Dec. 8, Pope Francis says priests can, at their discretion, absolve women for terminating pregnancies, Reuters reports. "Many … believe that they have no other option,...

Pappé on apartheid, ideology, Chomsky, and the contradictions of “liberal Zionism”

Khalil Bendib interviews British-Israeli historian and activist Ilan Pappé on a wide range of issues including the question, "Is the U.S. Left Truly Anti-Zionist?"

ISIS Blows Up Major Temple

The 2,000 Temple of Bel was considered the most important temple in the ancient city of Palmyra, which was itself considered one of the world's treasures, and it is now believed to be rubble. Witnesses say ISIS militants, who seized the Syrian city in May, destroyed the temple with...

Despite protests, collective self-defence and Abe remain

There were huge protests over the weekend in Japan against legislation, approved in principle by the Abe cabinet in July, which will reinterpret the Japanese Constitution to permit the very limited exercise of collective self-defence. Show More Summary

France drops Arafat poising investigation

French judges probing claims that Yasser Arafat was murdered have closed the case without bringing charges.

Is China's "Carrier-Killer" Really a Threat to the U.S. Navy?

Harry J. Kazianis Security, Asia Maybe not a "game changer," but a great complicator. It seems tomorrow will be a big day for China-military watchers around the world: the mighty DF-21D, or “carrier-killer” anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) will likely be one of the features of Beijing’s end of World War II celebrations. Show More Summary

Polar Bears Lay Siege to Russian Weather Station

Like a combination of The Grey and The Thing that we would definitely watch, a group of polar bears has trapped three Russian scientists inside a remote weather station with no weapons and no clear idea of when help will arrive, CBS News reports. The Russians—two meteorologists and an...

This Is Why Ties Between South Korea and China are Growing Stronger

Scott A. Snyder Security, undefined Seoul and Beijing have big reasons for warming ties.  Many Western observers are likely to raise their eyebrows tomorrow when they see that South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye is standing alongside...Show More Summary

America's Nightmare: The Soviet Union's (Almost) Super Aircraft Carrier

Paul Richard Huard Security, Europe It would have been a Cold War Monster.  Had she ever sailed, the Soviet supercarrier Ulyanovsk would have been a naval behemoth more than 1,000 feet long, with an 85,000-ton displacement and enough...Show More Summary

Archaeologists Race to Map History Before ISIS Destroys It

Archaeologists and thousands of volunteers are in a race against time to digitally map some of the world's oldest and most important statues, temples, and cities before they can be destroyed by the Islamic State, the Los Angeles Times reports. If ISIS "is permitted to wipe the slate clean and...

China prepares for parade marking end of WWII

China is shutting down nearly 2,000 Beijing factories and removing cars off the road ahead of a massive parade to mark 70 years since the end of World War II.

Iran Deal is Best Way Forward

As the calendar turns to September, all eyes are on Congress as it prepares to vote on the landmark Iran nuclear accord, which the U.S., Iran and five other world powers reached after a lengthy set of negotiations. The particulars of...Show More Summary

'If these images don't change Europe, what will?'

Heart-rending pictures of a toddler's lifeless body washed ashore on a Turkish beach spark horror over refugee crisis.

Iran deal garners enough support to avoid veto

The much-debated Iran nuclear deal appears to be a done deal. Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland became the 34th Democratic senator to endorse the plan.

Indo-Pacific links: Pakistan's nuclear program, Beijing parade, militarism and more

The Indo-Pacific is a strategic system encompassing the Indian and Pacific oceans, reflecting the expanding interests and reach of China and India as well as the enduring role of the US. The Lowy Institute's International Security program...Show More Summary

Syrian family nearly hopeless in Budapest, but can't turn back

Although they avoided drowning in an attempt to reach Europe, family is among thousands stranded in Hungary

Drownings show dangers of Syrian refugees' journey

A 3-year-old boy was among 12 Syrians found drowned Wednesday near Turkey's shores

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