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Interview: Joshua Foust on the NSA, Snowden and The Guardian

American journalists and commentator Joshua Foust has been a prominent and somewhat contrarian voice among the journalistic community in regard to the Edward Snowden leaks. Foust recently described the Snowden leaks as a 'systematic attack on the US intelligence community', and that's where our interview begins. Show More Summary

US defence budget crunch still to come

One of the best presentations I heard at the recent IISS Geo-Economics and Strategy conference in Bahrain was by Todd Harrison from the Washington think tank the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. Todd is an expert on US...Show More Summary

China's really big military R&D effort

The scale of China's military research and development effort has been underestimated in the open source literature, perhaps by as much as 50%, says Associate Professor Tai Ming Cheung, director of the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California. Show More Summary

Cole on Middle East Crises (Chuck Mertz interview)

Here is the interview Chuck Mertz did with me for Saturday’s episode of his long-running dissident show, “This is Hell, ” covering the situation in the Middle East. Episode 769: Enemies Forgotten and … 5 hours ago Episode 769: Enemies Forgotten and … 5 hours ago Juan Cole: “I don’t understand why the Secretary of [...]

Alan Dupont on Rudd's foreign policy speech

Lowy Institute Senior Nonresident Fellow Alan Dupont attended Prime Minister Rudd's speech today, and in this short interview Alan echoes some of James Brown's concerns about the cost of Rudd's proposal to move the navy's main east coast base from Sydney to Brisbane. Show More Summary

BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy’s statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast

The BBC will censor a statement made by violinist Nigel Kennedy from its television broadcast of his performance with the Palestine Strings at a prestigious music festival last week. The media company took the action because he used the word “apartheid” to describe the world in which his Palestinian colleagues live while performing at the BBC Proms.

Military deposed Morsi because he was too friendly to Hamas and devalued Israel relationship, says retired Egyptian general

Ayman Salama, a retired brigadier General in Egypt, tells BBC the military took out Morsi because he ignored the "geopolitical" security reality of Egypt's relationship to Israel

The China presence at Shangri-La

The Shangri-La Dialogue wrapped up yesterday with an underwhelming speech from PLA Deputy Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Qi Jianguo. Or at least, so I thought. Yoichi Kato, national security correspondent for one of Japan's...Show More Summary

Polite gloss on maritime disputes

Along with cyber security, the other cut-through issue here at the Shangri-La Dialogue has been the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Yesterday I was joined by CSIS Senior Asia Adviser Bonnie Glaser to talk over some of the dangers raised by these disputes, particularly the risk of confrontation on the seas. Show More Summary

Shangri-La snippets

One of the talking points so far has been how vocal the Chinese delegation has been from the floor. The blunt question put to Secretary Hagel is just one example; in every session so far, one representative from the PLA has put a polite...Show More Summary

Turf War Brewing in Brazil Over Corruption Investigations

On the heels of a landmark corruption case in Brazil that saw former members of ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's government convicted of participating in a vote-buying scheme, a proposed constitutional amendment in Brazil would hand over much of the investigative powers of the public prosecutors' office, which prosecuted that case, to police.

Another awakening: US travel sites feature West Bank as tourist destination

Travel guru Rick Steves interviews Pamela Olson about the occupation. And so does National Geographic. America is changing. Olson will be doing events in Washington on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

William Bradley: Jerry Brown Leaves the Party Behind in China

Governor Jerry Brown is just back from his first major trip abroad during this incarnation as California's governor. It coincided with the annual state Democratic convention, but that didn't give him pause as he had bigger fish to fry in China.

Charlotte Robinson: LISTEN: LGBT Filmmakers Seek To Reverse Ugandan Homophobia

This week I talked with filmmaker Tim McCarthy about his new film project, Voices of the Abasiyazzi: Creating Allies, which he's producing with Pepe Julian Onziema. The concept is to film LGBT Ugandans sharing their lives with their clanspeople in their own languages and cultural traditions.

California Dreamin’… About China

California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. spent the week in China meeting with officials in a bid to bring a greater share of China’s growing investment and trade with the United States to his state. At a dinner held in his honor shortly after arriving in China, Governor Brown told his audience, “We’re from California…. Show More Summary

North Korea's permanent war footing

When your country is always on a war footing, how do you know you are on the brink of war? When your political leadership and government propaganda constantly remind that your enemies are plotting against you, how do you know that times...Show More Summary

Dr. Andrew Steer: Navigating the "Vast Sea of Unknowns" of Water Risk

The World Economic Forum recently named the water supply crises as one of the top risks facing the planet -- edging out issues like terrorism and systemic financial failure.

The consular death spiral

Back in October last year, my colleague Alex Oliver posted an item about the case of Alexandra Bean, an Australian who had been detained in Libya. Alex wrote that Foreign Minister Bob Carr 'is beginning to comprehend the intractability...Show More Summary

Introducing the 2013 Gelber Prize finalists: today's nominee, Chrystia Freeland

Over the past few days, we've been sharing interviews with the authors nominated for this year's Lionel Gelber Prize. A literary award for the year's best non-fiction book in English on foreign affairs. The award is sponsored by the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto in cooperation with Foreign Policy. Show More Summary

Yemen lurches away from national dialogue with renewed violence

It was a year ago yesterday that Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi was formally made president of Yemen in a national referendum. He succeeded the hree-decade rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh, who finally yielded to international pressure to step down...Show More Summary

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