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Bibek Bhandari: Nepal's LGBTI-Rights Movement: Personal Perspectives (AUDIO, PHOTOS)

In a society still divided by caste and ethnic identity, a discourse on sexual identity seems to be less of a priority. Despite official recognition and a lenient social attitude, family pressure and social expectations still prevent most people from coming out.

Queer activists disrupt SF Film Festival over Israeli sponsorship

Twenty Palestine solidarity activists briefly interrupted the screening of The Invisible Men at the Roxie Theater on Saturday night to protest the San Francisco LGBT International Film Festival's relationship with the Israeli government.

Kimberly Abbott: Central Asia: Region in Decline (AUDIO)

Central Asia provides a textbook example of the damage that endemic corruption does to a country. The education and health systems in places like Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, for example, are nearing total collapse.

Georgianne Nienaber: U.N. Says There Is No Document Charging Rwanda-Helped M23 Rebels

Google "M23 Congo" and it is obvious that accounts of the leaked report have gone viral. But is it correct? Does the report exist? What, exactly, does it say?

Interview: Ambassador to Indonesia

Australia's Ambassador to Indonesia, Greg Moriarty, dropped by the Lowy Institute on Monday to talk about his impressions of the country and Australia's relationship with Jakarta. Here's what Greg told me about how the country has changed since he was first posted there in the late '90s. Show More Summary

Michael Scheuer says Israeli lobby has tied American gov’t down like Gulliver

Our leaders tell us bin Laden attacked us because of our liberties. But they ignore what he said in his declaration of war

5-min Lowy Lunch: Predicting genocide

Last Wednesday Sydney University academic Ben Goldsmith presented to the Lowy Institute his research on forecasting genocides. After examining data from the early 70s onward, Goldsmith and his fellow researchers found four key factors...Show More Summary

Secrecy pact over Israel’s nukes, reached by Nixon and Meir, serves policy of ‘nuclear coercion’ to avoid peace deal

Israel diverted hundreds of pounds of highly enriched uranium from plant in Pennsylvania in 60s with help of American Israel supporters

Brian Kahn: Interview: Mariela Castro Espin Opens a Window Into Today's Cuba

Mariela Castro Espin is a leader in Cuba's struggle to achieve equal rights for its LGBT people. In this interview, Mariela answers probing questions: the politics of advocating gay rights in Cuba, criticism of Soviet-style socialism, and her critique of capitalism.

5-minute Lowy Lunch: Afghanistan

Two points I take away from this interesting interview with Afghanistan's Ambassador to Australia Nasir Andisha, who was our guest speaker at the Lowy Institute on Wednesday (full audio of the speech here). The first is a rather stark...Show More Summary

Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi

Author and talk-show celebrity Irit Linur explained how pleased she was to see the Israeli officer slam the butt of his rifle into the face of the (unarmed, nonviolent) Danish peace activist. She said his golden hair made him look like a member of the Hitlerjugend.

MJ Rosenberg: Neocons Do Not Speak for Iranian-Americans

The schedule for the American Jewish Committee conference in Washington coming up in May highlights that Sohrab Ahmari, an Iranian-American, will be addressing the question:...

Richard Bitzinger on China's military rise

This morning one of the region's foremost experts on China's military, S Rajaratnam School of International Studies Senior Fellow Richard Bitzinger, dropped by the Lowy Institute to meet with some of our experts. He was kind enough to give me a few minutes for an interview, and we began by talking about regional perceptions of China's military rise. Show More Summary

Malcolm Turnbull on secrecy

Last Friday The Interpreter's Future of Secrecy discussion culminated in a live event in Canberra. I hope some of the presentations made at the event will be released shortly, but meantime, Malcolm Turnbull agreed to a short interview after his speech. You can listen here. Photo by Mark Graham.

International Mother Language Day in Francophone Regions

February 21st is International Mother Language Day. Discussion of the origins of this celebration, and a brief review of current developments in French language and new technologies.

Republicans silent as Netanyahu disses Gen. Dempsey

Courtesy Paul Jamiol For background see this posting and Ian Master’s recent interview with me on this issue

John Tirman: Afghanistan: "A Deeply Violated Land"

For people who pay close attention to America's many military interventions, Afghanistan seems mostly opaque to understanding. Basically, we want it to end. For us. And so we let it slip away from our thoughts.

5-minute Lowy lunch: Jamie Briggs MP

For our latest 5-minute Lowy lunch, I interviewed one of Australia's newest and youngest MPs, the Liberal Member for Mayo, Jamie Briggs. Jamie won the by-election for Mayo in 2008 after the retirement of former Foreign Minister Alexander...Show More Summary

5-minute Lowy Lunch: Stop the boats

We've been getting inquiries from the media and the political world about yesterday's presentation by Dr Khalid Koser on Australia's unauthorised boat arrival problem, and for good reason. You can listen to the full presentation here. Koser is a non-resident fellow at the Lowy Institute who has written various publications for Lowy. Show More Summary

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