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Over Easy: Music, Music, Music

One of the places I got to visit when I was living in Florida was The Lightner Museum housed in the front two thirds of the historic Hotel Alcazar building in downtown St. Augustine Florida. Built by Henry Flagler as was The Ponce de Leon Hotel which now houses Flagler College. The museum contains many, [...]

Desperately seeking Jewish settlers, at $136 a day, to colonize Palestinian neighborhood

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Restriction of movement Settlement organization entices Jews into Jerusalem settlement for $136 per day Middle East Monitor 3 Oct — The Ir David Foundation, known as Elad, has published an announcement on social media networks in search of Jewish settlers to live in Palestinian homes that

Interview: Stephen Hadley on Obama's ISIS strategy

Earlier this morning I spoke with the Lowy Institute's 2014 Telstra Distinguished International Fellow Stephen Hadley about the situation in Iraq and Syria. You can listen to the interview below. Hadley, who was President George W Bush's...Show More Summary

“The Tajik Government has made an Honest Mistake”: Scholars Discuss Alexander Sodiqov's Detention in Washington D.C. (+Audio)

On June 27 scholars gathered at different universities as part of an international discussion on the wrongful arrest and detention of Global Voices community member Alexander Sodiqov in Tajikistan.

Two-state solution is ‘psychological solution’ allowing people to take themselves off the moral hook — Telhami

Shibley Telhami says he senses growing "anger and frustration" from the Obama administration at the failure of peace talks, and this will present a psychological crisis to liberals who claim they can be pro-Israel and anti-occupation by supporting the two-state solution

Military & strategy links: Growlers, Ukraine, A2/AD, NSA's Heartbleed problem and more

Increased appropriations for the EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft appear to reflect concerns that the stealth capabilities of the F-35 are unlikely to prove resilient against modern air defences. How can naval air/missile defence...Show More Summary

Crimea, Egypt, Syria: Cole Interview on Ian Masters’ “Background Briefing”

My radio interview with Ian Masters at KPFK on developments in Egypt, Ukraine and Syria is now available on the web: Play it above or if it doesn’t display (it takes 20…

Pete Seeger on Palestine, in 1967

At a performance in November 1967, the late Pete Seeger called on the Israelis to "admit the injustice that was committed when they decided that they would start a new nation where a million people already lived. Vermont is approximately the size of Israel, minus the Negev desert. Show More Summary

Cary Nelson, the AAUP, and the privilege of bestowing academic freedom

One of the most prominent US voices against the academic boycott of Israel is Cary Nelson, professor of English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a former president of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Phan Nguyen demonstrates neither Nelson nor the AAUP is as principled on the issue as it may seem when opposing academic boycotts.

Another Rural Japanese Elementary School Disappears Due to Declining Birthrate

Every year, about 500 public schools in Japan are closing due to shortage of children as the cost of education becomes unbearable for rural communities.

Rants from Tom: My welcome at New America, my chat with Fed'l News Radio

My new boss, Anne-Marie Slaughter, talked with me about Syria and Iraq. And then here is a rant I delivered on Federal News Radio yesterday. Non-stop Tom if you can take it. I can't.

Interview: Joshua Foust on the NSA, Snowden and The Guardian

American journalists and commentator Joshua Foust has been a prominent and somewhat contrarian voice among the journalistic community in regard to the Edward Snowden leaks. Foust recently described the Snowden leaks as a 'systematic attack on the US intelligence community', and that's where our interview begins. Show More Summary

US defence budget crunch still to come

One of the best presentations I heard at the recent IISS Geo-Economics and Strategy conference in Bahrain was by Todd Harrison from the Washington think tank the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. Todd is an expert on US...Show More Summary

China's really big military R&D effort

The scale of China's military research and development effort has been underestimated in the open source literature, perhaps by as much as 50%, says Associate Professor Tai Ming Cheung, director of the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California. Show More Summary

Cole on Middle East Crises (Chuck Mertz interview)

Here is the interview Chuck Mertz did with me for Saturday’s episode of his long-running dissident show, “This is Hell, ” covering the situation in the Middle East. Episode 769: Enemies Forgotten and … 5 hours ago Episode 769: Enemies Forgotten and … 5 hours ago Juan Cole: “I don’t understand why the Secretary of [...]

Alan Dupont on Rudd's foreign policy speech

Lowy Institute Senior Nonresident Fellow Alan Dupont attended Prime Minister Rudd's speech today, and in this short interview Alan echoes some of James Brown's concerns about the cost of Rudd's proposal to move the navy's main east coast base from Sydney to Brisbane. Show More Summary

BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy’s statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast

The BBC will censor a statement made by violinist Nigel Kennedy from its television broadcast of his performance with the Palestine Strings at a prestigious music festival last week. The media company took the action because he used the word “apartheid” to describe the world in which his Palestinian colleagues live while performing at the BBC Proms.

Military deposed Morsi because he was too friendly to Hamas and devalued Israel relationship, says retired Egyptian general

Ayman Salama, a retired brigadier General in Egypt, tells BBC the military took out Morsi because he ignored the "geopolitical" security reality of Egypt's relationship to Israel

The China presence at Shangri-La

The Shangri-La Dialogue wrapped up yesterday with an underwhelming speech from PLA Deputy Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Qi Jianguo. Or at least, so I thought. Yoichi Kato, national security correspondent for one of Japan's...Show More Summary

Polite gloss on maritime disputes

Along with cyber security, the other cut-through issue here at the Shangri-La Dialogue has been the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Yesterday I was joined by CSIS Senior Asia Adviser Bonnie Glaser to talk over some of the dangers raised by these disputes, particularly the risk of confrontation on the seas. Show More Summary

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