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"Factors oblige" U.N. to probe North Korean abduction claims

Most accusations of abduction are at North Korea, not from it, but rights official says he must get truth about 12 women's fate

McMaster contradicts Tillerson on possible talks with North Korea

The president's national security adviser contradicted comments the secretary of state made Tuesday about talks with North Korea without preconditions

PM Theresa May loses key Brexit vote in U.K. Parliament

The House of Commons voted 309-305 to insert Parliament in the already strained Brexit process

In a Second Korean War, U.S. Troops Will Fight Underground

Kris Osborn Security, Asia U.S. Army looks at new tactics and ways to communicate. There are many facets of a possible North Korean invasion of South Korea, not the least of which are North Korean conventional missiles and artilleryShow More Summary

Italy will (might) vote in March next year

National elections in Italy will be held next March, Italian daily newspapers suggested yesterday. Open Europe’s Enea Desideri reviews the prospects for the country and for Europe. The post Italy will (might) vote in March next year appeared first on Open Europe.

More White People Carry Drugs, But Black People Are the Ones Who Get Arrested

“Of particular concern is the continuing over-representation of black people in stop and search figures,” Mike Cunningham said.

Israel threatens to send Lebanon back to the “Stone Age” if Iran builds bases there

  Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz Wednesday told London-based Saudi news site Elaph that Israel will not allow Iran to have military bases in Lebanon and threatened to bomb them, Israeli daily Haaretz reported. Katz said that Israel knew Iranian weapons factories were being built in Lebanon. “We have information that Iran is building advanced […]

Russia’S Putin praises Trump’s “achievements”, dismisses collusion claims as ‘invented’

By ALASTAIR JAMIESON Allegations of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s election campaign were “invented” by Trump’s opponents, Vladimir Putin said Thursday while praising the president’s “serious achievements” in office. “All of this has been invented, made up by people who are in opposition to President Trump with a view to shedding a negative light […]

Russia is preparing for World War III, but nobody is quite sure who it is preparing to fight

BY OWEN MATTHEWS Russia, surrounded by enemies, is readying to fight an epic war for survival. At least that’s what Vladimir Putin wants his countrymen to think. Nearly every evening, Russian state-controlled television leads news broadcasts with video of Russian planes in action over Syria, interspersed with images of NATO tanks and troops menacing Russia’s […]

Pence trip to the Middle East next week slightly delayed

Pence will be in Washington for a few more days to work on the Republican tax overhaul plan before he leaves

Royals join survivors, families for Grenfell Tower memorial

Blaze at London high-rise, which came after years of ignored safety complaints, left 71 people dead

Egypt: Al Jazeera journalist jailed another 45 days

Imprisonment of producer Mahmoud Hussein extended again as he approaches one year of detention on spurious charges.

One last push to end South Sudan's deadly civil war

Renewed negotiations, guided by the people of South Sudan, can bring genuine and long-lasting peace to the country.

Israeli minister Katz 'invites Saudi crown prince'

Intelligence minister Yisrael Katz extends invitation to Mohamed bin Salman, warns against Iran's presence in Lebanon.

Neoconservatives may finally get their war with Iran, from Donald Trump

Here we go again. The neoconservatives are on the march for a war with Iran, and Trump's delivery on the Jerusalem promise, raises the fear that he may also attack Iran. A reported cabinet shuffle would elevate militarists Mike Pompeo and Tom Cotton, giving power to the neocons, and even Bill Kristol has had a nice word for the president recently.

China's Mao Zedong "Seemed to Welcome a Nuclear Holocaust"

Zachary Keck Security, Asia And you were afraid of Kim Jong-un.  Even more troubling, he seemed to welcome a nuclear holocaust as a means of promoting communism worldwide. At one point, Mao confided to Indian prime minister Jawaharlal...Show More Summary

Report: Trump's Military Buildup Will Cost Additional $295 Billion over Next 4 Years

Frederico Bartels Security, We need to start rebuilding our military in 2018. Delaying will only make the price tag higher. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will cost an additional $295 billion over the next four years...Show More Summary

Forget Stealth Fighters: This Is the Plane China Needs to Take on America

Asia Times Security, Asia The Y-20 is what Beijing needs--for lots of reasons.  China is looking to increase its air tanker fleet after its fighter jets, bombers and surveillance aircraft conducted an “island encirclement patrol” ofShow More Summary

Excerpt From ‘Illusions of Victory’: Here’s Why the Iraqi Awakening Broke Down

In Iraq, the U.S invasion toppled over society and let sectarian dynamics run their course.

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