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Israel frets about “Iran as Neighbor” if Aleppo falls & al-Assad Regime Wins

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – An Arabic site that aggregates Facebook and other social media postings reports that Israeli officials are filled with anxiety and consternation about the…

America's "powerful signal to allies" -- and Russia

Obama to quadruple spending to $3.4B on military support for European allies, aimed at "deterring Russia from further aggression"

Q&A: Does launch take N Korea closer to nuclear weapon?

How much closer does North Korea's satellite launch bring it to developing an intercontinental ballistic weapon?

The perilous state of Scottish media

Cuts at Scotland's newspapers are bringing quality journalism to its knees but can new media websites fill the deficit?

Jacob Zuma's about-turn suggests South Africa faces another Unhinged Political Year

Giovanni Poggi, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Why now? Will he really #PayBackTheMoney? How much of it will he pay back? These are some of the questions on the lips of many South Africans. These questions come after President...Show More Summary

Brussels Briefing: Back to Turkey

This is Monday’s edition of our new Brussels Briefing. To receive it every morning in your email in-box, sign up here. Once more to the breach, dear friends. Angela Merkel will be back in Turkeytoday for her second visit in five months. Show More Summary

Two Members of Jihadi John's 'Beatles' Execution Cell Named as Alexe Kotey and Aine Davis

Two extremists from London have been named as accomplices in Islamic State militant group (ISIS) executioner Mohammed Emwazi’s infamous “Beatles” cell that took part in the imprisonment, beating and beheading of a number of the radical...Show More Summary

Fireworks and dragon dances usher in Year of the Monkey

Colourful festivities get underway as communities around the world celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Merkel visits Turkey as fleeing Syrians wait at border

German chancellor to meet Turkish leaders as tens of thousands of Syrian refugees remain stranded at border with Turkey.

Two rescued from Taiwan quake rubble as time runs out

Over 100 people are still thought to be trapped inside collapsed building after Saturday's powerful quake in Tainan.

Erdogan said Washington should choose between Turkey and the Kurds

Turkey’s president lashed out at the United States a week after President Barack Obama’s envoy visited a northern Syrian town that is under the control of Syrian Kurdish forces, which Ankara considers terrorists. In comments published Sunday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Washington should choose between Turkey and the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, or […]

We wish we had said this about inheritance tax

And in fact we have said things like this before: Do you plan to leave your wealth to your children? Yes, on the understanding that they, in turn, protect it for their children and grandchildren, as I’m strongly against inheritance tax. Even at the height of my youthful Marxist fervour in the great socialist Jerusalem […]

Aid & development links: World Bank hits 70, emergency in Zimbabwe, women of Somaliland and more

By Jonathan Pryke, Research Fellow and Chloe Hickey-Jones, Intern in the Lowy Institute's Melanesia Program. The 2016 Australasian Aid Conference is on this week in Canberra. The conference brings together a host of researchers from Asia, Australia and the Pacific who explore aid and development issues in the region. Show More Summary

The toilet or the iPhone: Which is the more important for civilisation?

Following the stunning success of Thomas Piketty's door-stop book Capital in the Twenty-first Century, Robert Gordon has consolidated his recent writings into a 600-page tome: The Rise and Fall of American Growth, that argues America's 150-year run of rapid economic advance is over. Show More Summary

What the Washington Post gets wrong about Southeast Asia

The Washington Post editorial board, which has long argued for a vocal and uncompromising emphasis on democracy promotion in American foreign policy, has published an editorial criticizing the Obama Administration's decision to hostShow More Summary

Sleeping next door to Hemingway (part 1)

Cuba, I recently discovered, is a highly popular destination. The US and Cuba have restored their diplomatic relations, and in January Habana Vieja (Old Havana) was crammed with European and Canadian tourists. It is just as charmingShow More Summary

Weekend catch-up: Power transition in Myanmar, Japan's new fighter jet, PLA reform and more

The week kicked off with Aaron Connelly writing about the power transition in Myanmar, something last attempted in 1990: Few people in Myanmar think that the military will seek to prevent a transfer of power along the lines prescribed...Show More Summary

European Union rebukes Israel for home demolitions, squatter settlement expansion in Palestine

Ma’an News Agency | – – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — The European Union on Saturday called on Israel to stop demolishing Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank, and reiterated “the EU’s firm…

Would Trump or Cruz be worst President ever? & Why Jimmy Carter’s Answer will Surprise you

By Ana Kasparian & John Iadarola | (The Young Turks Video Report) | – – “Who would be worse for America as President, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? Former President Jimmy Carter…

After 14 Years it sinks in: Maybe US is just not Good at Asian Counter-Insurgency

By Tom Engelhardt | ( | – – Here’s my twenty-first-century rule of thumb about this country: if you have to say it over and over, it probably ain’t so. Which is…

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