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Russia's draft constitution: End of Syria's Baath era?

The makeshift constitution is the latest effort to model post-conflict Syria in the Russian vision.

UN: More than 700 refugees feared drowned off Italy

UN refugee agency says hundreds of people may have died in three separate shipwrecks in recent days.

Final assault on ISIL-held Fallujah imminent: army

Rights groups sound alarm for 50,000 civilians inside city as special forces await orders to launch all-out assault.

Pope Francis: Refugees not dangerous, but in danger

Pope underscores plight of refugees at meeting with hundreds of children, including a Nigerian orphan, at the Vatican.

The lost generation: Children in conflict zones

Children in conflict zones face severe trauma through the loss of family members to violence.

Max Boot’s perfect propaganda on murdering medic– and why Jeffrey Goldberg can’t do the same

Israel's political crisis puts a burden on its propagandists: How to make Americans feel that Israel is fine, despite the warnings of fascism. Max Boot does the job by saying America is worse. But chief propagandist Jeffrey Goldberg can't get away with that line.

Modern Mongols: Sunni Arabs outraged at Iran role in Iraqi Gov’t Fallujah Campaign

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – BBC Monitoring surveyed the Arabic press on 27 May for the issue of the Iranian role in the Iraq government campaign to take…

Racist ad row: Chinese company blames foreign media

Shanghai Leishang Cosmetics apologises for advert labelled racist but blames foreign media for "over-amplifying" the ad.

US Libertarians convene to elect presidential candidate

Party kicks off nomination process in Florida as public dislike for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump raises its hopes.

ISIL Advance Traps 165,000 Syrians at Closed Turkish Border

By Gerry Simpson | ( Human Rights Watch ) | – – There are two walls on the Turkey-Syria border. One is manned by Turkish border guards enforcing Turkey’s 15 month-old border…

Solar Surges: Renewable Energy Jobs Topped 8 Million in 2015

By Andrea Germanos, staff writer | ( ) | – – In the U.S. alone, solar grew nearly 22% since the previous year On the heels of clean fuel milestones in…

After Obama in Hiroshima: Israel’s Gigantic Nuclear Elephant

TeleSur | – – The criminalization of truth when it comes to Israel’s nuclear capabilities means that its arsenal has been converted into a gigantic elephant in the room. The online version…

Mysteries and murders along the Highway of Tears

For four decades, women and girls have been murdered or gone missing along Canada's infamous Highway 16 -- can a new $30 million investigation help find their killers?

Modest Objectives for the Russian-Gulf Dialogue

The objectives of the strategic dialogue between Russia and the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council are not complicated, but fulfilling them requires the Gulf states to take clear decisions on several issues. This week in Moscow,...Show More Summary

Health experts call for Summer Olympics to move over Zika

The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are just 10 weeks away, but a large group of medical professionals are pushing for the games to not go on as scheduled.

Venezuelan government 'holds talks' with opposition

Ex-world leaders hold secret talks with opposition leaders and government officials to defuse the political standoff.

How will Ankara and Washington heal their rift?

Turkey accuses the US of siding with a banned Kurdish group, while Washington says the YPG is crucial in defeating ISIL.

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