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Death toll rises to 278 in Italian earthquake

Italian authorities say the death toll in central Italy's devastating earthquake has risen to 278. Civil protection officials gave the updated toll at a briefing Friday afternoon, adding that 238 other people caught up in the quake were rescued. The death toll in the Arquata area of the earthquake...

The Nightmare Egyptian Abdelrahman ElGendy Lives in Prison

Abdelrahman ElGendy is a student, 20 years old. In October 2013, after the ouster of the elected-president Mohammed Morsi, there was a protest in Ramsis Square. Abdelrahman, being a 17-year-old then, wanted to watch and take some footage of the protest. Show More Summary

Biden in Turkey, Turkey in Syria

Mohammed Ayoob Security, Turkey, United States, Syria Public animosity masks continuing strategic cooperation between Ankara and Washington. Turkish-American relations have a surreal quality. In public the pendulum often seems to swing from one extreme to the other, from friendliness to animosity. Show More Summary

Why John Kerry Visited Nigeria’s Sultan of Sokoto

When a top-ranking American diplomat visits Nigeria, one might imagine that their first destination would be the commercial hub of Lagos or the seat of the government in Abuja. But when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry touched down...Show More Summary

Through Their Voices 5.10: The Returnee's Voice

About Through Their Voices serial stories: Moaddamiyeh has been an early hotspot for anti-Assad demonstrations and the following government oppression. The town has endured the siege of the Assad regime since the end of 2012, and it is one of towns hit by chemical weapons in August 2013. Show More Summary

Philippines and Maoist rebels sign indefinite ceasefire

The Philippines has agreed a peace deal with Maoist rebels to end one of Asia's longest running insurgencies.

ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar

The Anti-Defamation League brought a delegation of American police officers to an Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and a settler winery in the Golan Heights as part of their 2016 counter-terrorism seminar in Israel, according to an itinerary of the trip obtained by Mondoweiss. Show More Summary

How the Third Offset (think Railguns) Could Nullify North Korea's Missiles

Patrick M. Cronin Security, Asia A smart idea Kim Jong-un needs to consider.  Kim Jong-un is on a crash program to deploy a missile with a nuclear warhead.  In fact, he wants to deploy a vast arsenal of nuclear-tipped missiles to threaten adversaries at all ranges. Show More Summary

French High Court Rules on Town's Burkini Ban

France's tussle with the burkini was just dealt a strong blow by the country's top administrative court, which on Friday overturned one resort town's ban against the full-body beachwear, the AP reports. The ruling from the Council of State comes during a summer of high-profile cases along the French Riviera...

Is U.S. Prepared to Sacrifice Los Angeles for Taipei? The Extraordinary Danger of Foreign Military Commitments

Taiwan long has been one of the globe's most dangerous tripwires. Other than a brief period after World War II the island has not been ruled by the mainland for more than a century. The 23 million people living on what was once called Formosa have made a nation. However, the People's Republic of China views Taiwan as part of the PRC. Show More Summary

No Rohingya On Commission To Address Their Fate

Rights Groups Doubt that Systemic Discrimination against Rohingya Will Be Resolved As manifested in the United States, race and religion are extremely delicate topics for politicians to explore. And eradicating widespread endemic prejudices against certain racial and religious groups is a notoriously explosive proposition. Show More Summary

Turkey coup attempt: Human rights v responsibilities

Does the West deem only itself worthy of values, or is it stuck in the racist class society of Athenian democracy?

Republicans in Congress Have Actually Achieved a Lot

The myth that Republicans in Congress have stabbed their voters in the back needs to be put to rest.

Tourist describes deadly "harrowing" month in wilderness

Czech woman says couple made several mistakes when they set out to hike scenic track in New Zealand winter

The airport liquid ban is a damp squib

It is ten years to the day that strict liquid restrictions were imposed on travellers through UK airports. Even though there's very little evidence that these rules have stopped a single attack, they continue to have huge economic costs. Show More Summary

Zimbabwe police teargas anti-Mugabe protesters

Zimbabwe police beat up protesters and block off the site of an opposition rally in Harare, despite high court backing.

How A Looming Fiscal Crisis Could Doom America's Military Edge

Loren B. Thompson Defense Budget, United States There's little evidence military planners are giving long-term fiscal trends much thought. The problem with defense professionals is that defense is all they think about.  Other than spending...Show More Summary

Family Can't Escape Vicious Food-Poisoning Cycle

You can forgive friends of the Erdal family if they skip the next dinner invitation. After four members of the family in northern Turkey suffered food poisoning severe enough to land them in a hospital for a week, they decided to throw a "gratitude dinner" to celebrate their recovery. Two...

Don't give index funds the finger

Are passive investors worse than Marxists? These are people who buy index tracker funds to invest in a whole financial market, instead of trying to pick individual firms to invest in. Allister Heath has an entertaining and mischievous piece today, inspired by a recent investor’s note, which toys with the idea that they might be a problem. Show More Summary

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