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From the European Union of the Cold War to a Renaissance Europe

The European Union is the result of the horrific effects of World War II: some 60 million dead, genocide, and barbaric destruction of epic proportions. The surviving European statesmen and the American supervisors of the reconstruction...Show More Summary

US congressman: Chechen extremist behind Istanbul attack

A Chechen extremist masterminded the triple suicide bombing at Istanbul's busiest airport that killed at least 44 people, a U.S. congressman said. U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, told CNN that Akhmed Chatayev directed Tuesday night's attack at Ataturk...

NYT reporter on Canada's welcoming attitude towards Syrian refugees

Syrians fleeing the civil war are finding it hard to settle in Europe or the U.S., but Canada is embracing them. New York Times reporter and CBS News contributor Jodi Kantor spoke to Canadians who help Syrians find homes, schools, jobs and a way to navigate their new culture, and found the process can be surprising for both sides. Show More Summary

Rio Olympics athletes face risks in contaminated water

When the U.S. Rowing Team takes to the water at the Rio Olympics next month, their uniforms will be different from what they planned. They'll wear anti-microbial suits to protect themselves from pollution. The lagoon where they'll row...Show More Summary

New details on Istanbul killers' days before attack

Turkey reportedly made new arrests overnight connected to the deadly Istanbul airport attack. Investigators learned more about the backgrounds of the three terrorists. The death toll in the bomb and gun assault on Ataturk Airport has risen to 44. Holly Williams reports from the Istanbul apartment, where police men believe the men lived before the attack.

Did local plumber catch wind of Istanbul attack plot?

Local tells CBS News he fixed a tap in apartment used by suspected ISIS bombers, and he smelled something strange inside

Hezbollah may quit Aleppo battle over strategy dispute with Syria’s Assad forces , report

Hezbollah is reportedly refusing to back Syrian government forces in a proposed attack on Aleppo, arguing that the city – a bastion of the Syrian uprising – is “impossible” to take, according to a report by an Italian news agency citing sources within the Lebanese Shia movement. Hezbollah has been a key ally of Syrian […]

Turkey Foils Foreign Fighter ISIS Cell in Istanbul After Airport Attack

Turkish police arrested 11 foreign nationals who are suspected of participating in an Islamic State militant group (ISIS) cell in Istanbul just days after three suicide bombers struck the city’s international airport, killing 44 people. Counter-extremism...Show More Summary

British Man Who Must Give Police 24 Hours' Notice of Sex Threatens Hunger Strike

A man cleared of rape who must give police 24 hours’ notice before he has sex is to go on hunger strike in protest over the ruling. The man, who is in his 40s and cannot be named for legal reasons, was acquitted at a retrial in 2015,...Show More Summary

Austrian Court Annuls Presidential Election Result After Freedom Party Challenge

Austria's presidential run-off election must be held again, the country's Constitutional Court ruled on Friday, handing the Freedom Party's narrowly defeated candidate another chance to become the first far-right head of state in the...Show More Summary

Brussels briefing: Brexit treachery

Where to begin? First order treachery, the double Brutus, a “cuckoo nest plot” – this is a political assassination that will go into Conservative party lore alongside the defenestration of Margaret Thatcher. On a cold summer morning,...Show More Summary

Taiwan Just Fired a Missile Toward China By Accident

Taiwan has elected a new president skeptical of Beijing, raising tensions across the strait

Mastermind of Earlier Suicide Attack Killed, Says Turkish Official

The February attack on military personnel in Ankara was claimed by the PKK.

Time for Eastern Europe to shine at the United Nations

A new secretary general from Eastern Europe would bring a global view much-needed in the UN.

Survival and resurrection after Congo's civil war

Daniel Kanyarahuru was imprisoned for 15 months in torturous conditions but was rescued and now lives happily in the US.

The Former Soviet Union's Embrace of Encryption-Busting Laws

Image: Computer code. Stock Photo. U.S. privacy-policy whistleblower Edward Snowden made headlines recently for blasting an encryption-skirting provision in a new Russian Internet and cellphone regulation law. The legislation...Show More Summary

Supersonic missile misfired in China's direction

Taiwanese media say Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile likely sent flying from patrol boat due to human error

Saudi Arabia outraged by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch’s criticism

Saudi Arabia on Thursday said it was “alarmed and outraged” by a call from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for the kingdom to be suspended from the U.N. Human Rights Council until a Saudi-led military coalition stops killing civilians in Yemen. The two human rights advocacy groups said the Saudis have had “an appalling […]

Turkey could be soon getting its gas from Israel, report

While the Lebanese politicians have not been able to sort out the mess of the oil and gas issue, Israel which has been for years actively exploring its gas and oil fields could be soon shipping its gas to Turkey. Lebanon ofcourse will be watching the gas tankers pass by its shores as its politicians […]

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