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Russian Wants London-to-NY Highway— Via Moscow

London to New York? Skip flying the Atlantic and hop a 13,000-mile superhighway connecting the two via Moscow. That’s the plan a pal of Vladimir Putin's is proposing to create the first modern roadway from the Pacific to the Atlantic, Fox News reports. And while Russian Railways chief Vladimir...

An American Plate That Is Palatable for Human and Planetary Health

What we eat determines our health. It also decides the health of our planet. In the newly proposed Dietary Guidelines, the US is finally moving towards acknowledging the fundamental connections between human and planetary health. The...Show More Summary

The Urgency of Inventing a Democratic Islam

The growth of Islamic terrorist groups and the ongoing carnage in many Islamic countries have attracted worldwide attention. Many view Islam as a religion that condones violence. Undoubtedly, the Holy Quran contains verses that authorize use of violence. Show More Summary

Madrid Becomes a No-Kill City Saving Homeless Dogs

March 12, 2015, will be a day that goes down in history for animal lovers in Madrid! The Madrid Assembly passed a bill banning the "slaughter of stray animals." This new law will make abandonment and euthanasia of homeless dogs illegal...Show More Summary

Shi’ite Militias Reportedly Back Out of Iraq Campaign After U.S. Airstrikes

The withdrawing militias represent roughly a third of the 30,000-strong government-led forces

Oil Markets Blow Yemen Crisis Out of Proportion

There's no need for markets to overreact as Yemen is not a significant player in the oil industry

In Francis' Vatican, the Homeless Get VIP Treatment

"Following Francis" is a monthly blog on the latest happenings of Pope Francis. It is prepared exclusively for The WorldPost by Sébastien Maillard, Vatican Correspondent for La Croix, Rome ROME -- Visitors had to leave the Sistine Chapel earlier than usual on the afternoon of March 26 -- before 4:00 p.m. Show More Summary

Yemen's Hadi leaves Yemen amid air strikes on Houthis

Saudi state media say President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi arrives in Riyadh as raids on rebel targets are reported in Taiz.

Timeline: The rise of Yemen's Houthi rebels

A look at how Shia rebels changed the balance of power, eventually prompting Saudi-led military intervention.

Germanwings Flight 9525: Co-pilot Security checks show nothing unusual

The local government in Duesseldorf says the most recent regular security check on the Germanwings co-pilot, conducted Jan. 27, found nothing unusual. It says it has also checked with authorities in Bremen, where he went to flight school, and Rhineland-Palatinate state, where his hometown is, and turned up nothing from there. It says previous security […]

Prisoner of Conscience Pedro Canché's Letter to Journalist Carmen Aristegui

From jail, Pedro Canché wrote a letter to fellow journalist Carmen Aristegui after her recent and controversial exit from media group MVS. This letter was published on his Tumblr blog “Diary of a prisoner of conscience“. 15 de marzo de 2015 Carta a Carmen AristeguiA propósito del consumado golpe al equipo de investigación de MVS, en...

Airlines Keep Fuel Savings for Themselves

As long as flights are full, there’s no incentive for airlines to cut prices

Why the U.S. Is Fighting Besides Iran in Iraq and Against It in Yemen

Tehran and Washington share an interest in re-establishing state authority in Iraq, but in Yemen their agendas diverge

German Pilots Cast Doubt on Blaming of Co-Pilot for Crash

German pilots reacted with anger and confusion on Thursday after French and German statements said the co-pilot on the Germanwings crash earlier this week deliberately slammed the plane into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board. Stunned at the revelations, some pilots believe that the authorities are eager to find a culprit to…

Asif Ali Zardari: Pakistan's Political Patriarch

Suffering from the lingering image of a money-laundering husband of a world-famous political icon, Benazir Bhutto, former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari is fast emerging as an intellectual patriarch of Pakistani politics. InShow More Summary

Yemeni president arrives in Saudi capital, after fleeing Aden

Saudi state TV says Yemen’s embattled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has arrived in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Al-Ekhbariya TV reported Hadi arrived Thursday at a Riyadh airbase and was met by Saudi Defense Minister Prince Mohammed, the son of King Salman. A day earlier, Hadi fled the southern Yemeni city Aden in a boat […]

How Can Solar Energy Make Life in Tajikistan's Mountains More Sustainable?

"A solar kitchen can greatly reduce the consumption of firewood and other fuels, even if you use it only once a day,” says Tohirbekov

National Guard Soldier Arrested For Trying To Join ISIS

His cousin, accused of plotting an attack on a U.S. military base, was also arrested Wednesday

The Very High Cost of Global Corruption

It was $30,000,000,000,000 or in simple terms, $30 trillion (Source). That's how much has been lost to corruption in the past 15 years. To put that in perspective, if you placed 30 trillion $1 dollar bills end-to-end, it would measure almost 1.5 billion miles. Show More Summary

US may let Iran run centrifuges at fortified site, AP Exclusive

The United States is considering letting Tehran run hundreds of centrifuges at a once-secret, fortified underground bunker in exchange for limits on centrifuge work and research and development at other sites, officials have told The Associated Press. The trade-off would allow Iran to run several hundred of the devices at its Fordow facility, although the […]

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