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DNA of 78 Recovered From Alps Crash Site

Investigators carrying out the grim task of recovering wreckage and human remains from the Germanwings crash say they have not found an intact body—or the flight data recorder. To aid the search, an access road is being built to the remote site in the French Alps, where forensic teams...

South Sudan has become an aid-dependent entity

From the Pacific to Africa, the fate of nations is too often decided in the boardrooms of London or New York.

Bangladeshi blogger murdered in capital Dhaka

Police arrest two suspects near scene of attack, the second on nation's writers critical of religious teachings.

How sanctions and the Arab Spring helped Iran

Sanctions haven't turned Iranians against the government - worse, failed Arab uprisings have turned them off dissent.

Former Israeli PM convicted in new corruption case

Ehud Olmert, who already faces six years imprisonment, was found guilty of accepting bribes for the second time.

See the Real Side of China’s Great Wall

This photographer cycled 4,000 miles along the country's Great Wall

The greater reality for Iran and Saudi Arabia

The geopolitics of the Middle East are being re-written before our very eyes, yet no one is truly at the helm.

Hillary: Time to mend fences with Israel

Hillary distances herself from #Obama, Calls 4 Return of Constructive Relationship with Israel — Adam Milstein (@AdamMilstein) March 30, 2015

Australia unveils cockpit rules after Germanwings crash

After suspected pilot suicide killed 150 in France, Australian deputy PM says two people must always be in the cockpit.

On eve of the start of the campaign, Britian’s Cameron enjoys a 4 pt lead

A poll showed late on Sunday, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives have taken a four point lead over the opposition Labour Party on the eve of the start of official campaigning for a May 7 national election. The poll,...Show More Summary

Small tsunami follows powerful Papua New Guinea quake

No reports of damage or injuries in the South Pacific nation after tsunami triggered by 7.7-magnitude earthquake.

Solar-powered plane continues flight around the world

Solar Impulse 2 takes off in Myanmar and heads to China, the fifth flight of a journey to circumnavigate the globe.

Israel’s Netanyahu jumps Shark with “Iran-Lausanne-Yemen” axis barb

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, no longer allowed to sit at the adult table because of his past food fights, has been reduced, as Haaretz observed,…

Climate War on Planet Protested at U of Michigan 50 Yrs after 1st anti-Vietnam War Teach-in

Science for the People | – “This event marks the 50th anniversary of the nation’s first teach-in on the war in Vietnam, held at the University of Michigan on March 24-25, 1965.…

US Air Strikes Split Iraq Coalition aiming to Take Tikrit

By Paul Rogers | (The Conversation) – So it has begun – the US is bombing Tikrit, once a stronghold of Saddam Hussein’s regime and now held by Islamic State militants. Strategically…

Contours of future Israeli-Palestinian battles emerge on the soccer pitch

By James M. Dorsey Legal and diplomatic battles in United Nations organizations and international sport associations involving charges of war crimes and efforts to suspend membership of one or the other are likely to shape future Israeli-Palestinian...Show More Summary

Palestinians fear their land will be taken by rising Israeli right

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinians are increasingly anxious for the future and are hesitant on a return to negotiations with Israel in the wake of the success of right-wing parties in Israel’s recent…

Yemen: Saudi-Led Airstrikes Take Civilian Toll

Human Rights Watch | – (Beirut) – The Saudi Arabia-led coalition of Arab countries that conducted airstrikes in Yemen on March 26 and 27, 2015, killed at least 11 and possibly as…

Assad: US-led air strikes have gained recruits for ISIL

In US interview, president says some estimates show armed group is attracting 1,000 recruits a month in Syria.

Hard Times & Harder Choices

"There is a wisdom of the head, and... there is a wisdom of the heart." ? Charles Dickens, Hard Times Recent discussions about inequality have focused on wealth inequality, and with good reason. Thomas Piketty's book "Capital" explores the idea that wealth is now more concentrated than income. Show More Summary

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