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Rodrigo Duterte accused of paying police to kill

Philippine president ran a 'liquidation squad' as mayor of Davao city targeting drug dealers, alleges former policeman.

Drought in Somalia: Time is Running Out

Horn of Africa is in the grips of a drought that has affected nearly half the popation.

Dozens Starve to Death in Caribbean Prison

"Straight up: This is hell. Getting locked up in Haiti will drive you crazy if it doesn't kill you first," homicide suspect Vangeliste Bazile tells the AP from Haiti's National Penitentiary. The crumbling facility houses around 5,000 prisoners, 80% of which are in extended pretrial detention. Overcrowding, malnutrition, and...

Danger as Turkey votes on Presidential System while in State of Emergency

By Arzu Geybullayeva | ( | – – On April 16, Turks will head to polls to yay or nay constitutional amendments which have been approved by the 550 seat parliament where…

Trump’s Russia scandals could be about to get much, much worse

Luca Trenta | The Conversation | – – Whatever one thinks of the Trump administration’s policies, it is difficult to ignore that the new president’s tenure has so far been characterised by…

Eight People Flee U.S. Border Patrol to Seek Asylum in Canada

TeleSur | – – As the U.S. looks to tighten its policies on refugees and illegal immigrants, people seeking refugee status have been pouring over the Canada-U.S. border. Eight asylum-seekers, including four…

Year of diversity at Oscars 'does little to even score'

Increased race representation welcomed with caution after marginalised artists sidelined by all-white casts for years.

Ex-officials: Israeli leader spurned secret peace offer

Benjamin Netanyahu turned down regional peace initiative last year brokered by John Kerry, former US officials confirm.

Dutch Freedom Party Leader Cancels Second Election Debate

Dutch nationalist party leader Geert Wilders withdraws from a debate after its organizers interview his brother.

The M4 Carbine: The Gun the U.S. Army Can't Do Without

Kyle Mizokami Security, Americas And a big upgrade will ensure it will continue to win the wars of the future. The U.S. Army is an armed force with a truly global reach. At any given time, America’s premier land power operates on several different continents simultaneously, from hot, dry deserts to humid jungles and sprawling cities. Show More Summary

Ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno leads in vote

Moreno is winning the first round of the election, though he is unlikely to avoid a runoff against his nearest rival.

Israeli leader turned down secret peace initiative, ex-officials say

Then-Secretary of State John Kerry? proposed regional recognition of Israel as a Jewish state alongside a renewal of peace talks, two former officials told AP

Malaysia-North Korea row escalates over Kim Jong-nam

CCTV footage purportedly showing the deadly assault on Kim Jong-un's brother by a woman in Malaysia is also released.

Thousands of Thais obstruct search for wanted monk

Followers of Buddhist Dhammakaya Temple defy orders to evacuate premise amid search for monk wanted for corruption.

When America Threatened to Nuke China: The Battle of Yijiangshan Island

Sebastien Roblin Security, Asia A forgotten fight between China and Taiwan that had big repercussions. In 1955, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army embarked on a bloody amphibious landing to capture a fortified Nationalist island, only about twice the size of a typical golf course. Show More Summary

The U.S. Military's Next Big Worry: Invisible Russian Soldiers?

Michael Peck Security, Eurasia And they will be germ free—if it’s true. Good news for Russian soldiers: not only will a miracle cloak make them invisible, but it will make them germ-free, too. That’s the remarkable claim of the Future Research Fund, Russia’s counterpart to the Pentagon’s DARPA research agency. Show More Summary

Malaysia hunts for North Korean murder suspects

Authorities say Interpol aiding search for North Koreans who flew out of Malaysia on same day Kim Jong-nam was killed.

Battle for Mosul continues

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces launched another assault on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). They're trying to drive the terror group out of Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul. Jonathan Vigliotti has more.

Iran accused of undermining Middle East security

Zarif backs dialogue with 'brothers in Islam' but Saudi counterpart Jubeir urges 'red lines' to halt Iran's actions.

"Zero hour": Iraq forces launch offensive to drive ISIS from key city

“This is zero hour and we are going to end this war, God willing,” said Mahmoud Mansour, a police officer

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