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Dear Mr. President, Human Rights Should Never Be Mere Lip Service

President Obama visited Vietnam this week in hope of firming up his "rebalance to Asia" policy, which had faltered in recent years. It requires being friendly to dictatorial regimes in the region in order to shift their allegiances with...Show More Summary

Moving Markets: How the Middle East Gets Beyond Oil

By Amanda Zeidan Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil-exporter, is kick starting non-oil growth by opening to foreign investment for the first time. Generational shifts in opinion on financial reform and regulation could lead SaudiShow More Summary

Turkey Threatens to End Migrant Deal with Europe

Turkey threatens to stop readmitting refugees unless Europe lifts visa requirements for Turkish nationals.

Anti-cop or pro-cat? Police seek fine for initials on bag

Police interpreted A.C.A.B. to stand for "All Cops Are Bastards" and not "All Cats Are Beautiful," based on the type and coloring of the bag's lettering

Rome wants basically anyone to sponsor its monuments

Ancient capitol is seeking all the help it can find to fund restoring and maintaining its hundreds of priceless artifacts and treasures

More Russian Olympic champions retest positive for dope

State tv says 14 athletes, including 10 medalists, tested positive on reanalysis of their doping samples from 2008

After 68 years of Nakba, is coexistence still possible?

By Mohammed Alhammami, Gaza project manager, We Are Not Numbers When I was a kid, my father used to tell me stories of past Jewish-Palestinian coexistence. "My mom had a Jewish neighbor in our hometown--Yaffa. She was her best friend," he'd always say. Show More Summary

Michel Temer Is Sending Brazil Back To The Past

The traitors didn't see this coming. Only a few days after Michel Temer became Brazil's interim president -- following a coup that drastically tore our democracy apart -- the stock market fell and the Brazilian currency lost value against...Show More Summary

Journey behind a Name: Reviving Circassian Mythology

I have often been questioned about my name in my home country. Every year, on the first day of school, all students looked the same; grey pants, striped shirts and maroon ties. But when roll call kicked off, I slid deeper into my seat and waited for the barrage of inquisitiveness from my teachers about my uncommon name. Show More Summary

Bhopal Call for Justice Missing on Key Facts

Recently saw Martin Sheen's youtube video asking for the White House for the justice for Bhopal. He also asked to sign a petition. I would really like to commend this gesture that even after so many years, people still remember the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, often called the Hiroshima of the Chemical Industry. Show More Summary

Rajoy’s Left-Right Narrative Could Crush Socialists

Mariano Rajoy hopes to win back power by framing the election as a choice between himself and the far left.

Model admits taking dead millionaire boyfriend's vehicle

Maria Kukucova, accused of murdering Briton Andrew Bush, said she didn't know he was dead when she took his Hummer

Obama pushes Vietnam on human rights record

Thousands of Vietnamese greeted the president Tuesday as he arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon

Congress Denies Justice to 9/11 Victims' Families

Daniel R. DePetris Politics, Americas A bipartisan deal puts Saudi Arabia before Americans. Last week, the United States Senate did something extraordinary: they passed an incredibly important piece of legislation on a bipartisan basis...Show More Summary

The US Navy's Battleplan to Crush Enemy Missiles, Drones and Aircraft

Kris Osborn Security, The SeaRAM could be a game-changer.  The Navy is arming four forward-deployed destroyers with an emerging ship-defense weapon able to track and destroy attacking enemy missiles, drones, aircraft, small boats and...Show More Summary

Kurdish-led SDF starts operation to take Syria's Raqqa

US-backed coalition of armed groups aims to oust ISIL from its de facto capital of Raqqa.

After 68 years of Nakba, is coexistence still possible?

Mohammed Alhammami recalls stories he heard growing up of Jews, Muslims and Christians living alongside each other in historic Palestine as one people, not divided factions. But he wonders what about now? Can Jews and Palestinians (Christians and Muslims alike) really coexist in the Holy Land, after 68 years of Nakba?

Myanmar landslide kills over a dozen at jade mine

At least 13 killed and many "still buried" after second mining incident in a month in Kachin State.

My time as a fake boyfriend to China's 'leftover women'

As Chinese women face stigma for remaining unmarried past their late 20s, the boyfriends for rent business is booming.

'Emblem' of Refugee Failure Is Being Dismantled

An "an emblem of Europe’s failure to manage the refugee crisis," as the Guardian puts it, will soon be no more. At daybreak Tuesday, roughly one Greek riot cop for every 20 residents entered Idomeni, the refugee camp on the Greek-Macedonia border, and began clearing out inhabitants. That border was...

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