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India's richest corner 73 percent of wealth: Oxfam

Bottom half of population saw just one percent increase in their wealth last year, says report by anti-poverty charity.

Saudi Arabia pledges $1.5bn in Yemen aid

Saudi has vowed to donate half of the UN's humanitarian appeal for Yemen, which has been largely devastated by years of war.

Trump and the 'immigrant terrorists'

With a misleading new report, Trump is trying to convince Americans that 'terrorism' is an exclusively foreign crime.

B-52 Bomber: It Could Serve for 80 Years (Everything You Need to Know)

Kyle Mizokami Security, An amazing bomber.  Today only the B-52H model remains in service, with -G models shredded in order to comply with arms-control agreements. Recently the B-52H force was stripped of the nuclear gravity bomb role and now carry nuclear ALCMs or conventional ordnance. Show More Summary

Killer nurse charged with murder of 97 more patients

Prosecutors in Germany say Niels Hoegel, already serving life sentence, may have killed more than 100 patients in total

Zambia reopens schools after cholera outbreak

Schools, churches and markets in Zambia are reopening three weeks after the government introduced emergency measures to contain a deadly cholera outbreak.

'Relentless' shelling as Turkey intensifies Afrin push

Ground operation advances east in Syria's Azaz as Turkish jets hit mountain strategic for Kurds, state media says.

Greek far right burn squats, vandalise Holocaust statue

Violence followed rally by hundreds of thousands of nationalists Thessaloniki over Macedonia name dispute.

Boy says he lived with U.S. family under ISIS rule

Now back with his own family in Iraq, 8-year-old Ayham Elias misses the American woman who cared for him in Raqqa

Insurance risk lab creates disaster environments to help protect businesses

In a new U.S. record, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, along with 13 other major natural disasters, caused more than $300 billion in damage last year. Tony Dokoupil went inside a unique research lab helping businesses protect themselves.

Oxfam: 42 People Now Have as Much as World's Poorest 3.7B

Last year was another bumper year for the very richest people in the world and another step backward for billions of others, according to Oxfam's annual report on inequality ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The report estimates that the lowest-income 50% of the world, or around 3....

Palestinian legislators are removed from Knesset as Pence promises embassy will move in 2019

As Vice President Mike Pence began his speech to the Israeli Knesset, Palestinian lawmakers disrupted the speech, protesting the Trump administration's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They were forcibly removed from the chamber-- reportedly all 13 members of the Joint List. In his fiery speech, Pence advocated regime change in Iran.

US: Underground university for undocumented immigrants

Undocumented students are being forced to study in secret because they are being banned from public universities.

Pellets and rubber bullets are not 'humane'

Are India and Israel actually being more humane by using weapons that blind and maim, as opposed to kill?

Ecuador leader calls Julian Assange a 'problem'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has strained the patience of his hosts since taking up the offer of asylum in 2012.

US Vice President Mike Pence in Israel visit

Pence's visit is being boycotted by Palestinians who are angry at the US decision to name Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

8-year-old boy says he lived with American family in ISIS territory

A Yazidi boy in Iraq says he was sent to live with an American family after he was kidnapped by ISIS. The 8-year-old appeared in an ISIS propaganda video after he was taken. He spoke to Holly Williams about the ordeal.

How Worried Is the World About Trump’s Abdication of Leadership?

Parag Khanna sees the president as little more than a bystander. Fred Kaplan argues he is reminding the world of America's importance.

DARPA's Mad Scientists Might Be on Verge of Building Reusable 'Swarms'

Kris Osborn Security, Coming soon to a war near you?  The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency plans to demonstrate an ability to launch and recover small drones from an Air Force C-130 aircraft as part of its continued development...Show More Summary

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