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?117-year-old woman dies hours after getting birth certificate

Born in 1898, Mexican woman suffers heart attack hours after receiving document allowing her to get old age benefits

Severe water pollution clouds the Olympic games in Rio

Olympics organizers in Rio are dealing with a raft of problems including severe pollution in the venues for sailing, rowing, and other water sports

Mutilated body, pollution just some of Rio's Olympic woes

Five weeks before the start of the Olympics in Rio, a mutilated body washed up on Copacabana beach that will host beach volleyball events. The horrific discovery comes as Olympic organizers deal with a raft of problems including severe pollution in water sports venues. Ben Tracy reports.

New details in Istanbul terror attack probe

Three suicide bombers from Russia and Central Asia are believed to be responsible for the terrorist attack that killed 44 people at Istanbul's airport. Newly released footage of the attack has provided new clues for investigators. Holly Williams has a report

Poems: Return is Inevitable and Love Under Apartheid

They can not erase, the sharp metallic taste of absence of the hands that terraced these mountains and planted cacti and olives, the heart's left behind Falesteen I will sing your name from the minarets, even after they transformed the mosques into bars, until he inevitable, Return. Read two poems by Neta Golan, "Return is Inevitable" and "Love Under Apartheid."

How Lockheed’s F-35 Rose From the Ashes to Dominate the Global Fighter Market

Dan Goure F-35, United States Like the mythical bird, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) has risen from the ashes.   It’s called the Lightning II, but perhaps it should be renamed the Phoenix. Like the mythical bird, the F-35 JointShow More Summary

This week in Jakarta: Brexit, Ramadan and the South China Sea

The time of year is approaching when Indonesia's major cities are suddenly emptied of millions of their inhabitants, before being just as suddenly filled with even more people than before. This phenomenon is known as 'mudik'; the tradition...Show More Summary

Turkish Official: We Know Where Airport Attackers Were From

As the death toll from the Istanbul airport attack rose Thursday to 44, a senior Turkish official said the three suicide bombers who carried it out were from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, and police raided neighborhoods for suspects linked to the Islamic State group. Turkish authorities have said all information...

Nicola Sturgeon Wants Scotland to Remain in the E.U.—But the E.U. Isn’t Sure

'There are people in the U.K feeling a real sense of bereavement that this is not what we wanted'

How the Russian Fighters of ISIS Became a Terror Threat in Turkey

Turkish officials say the three men who attacked the Istanbul airport came from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzkbekistan

Everything You Need to Know About Michael Gove

He dispatched Boris Johnson with a surprise bid for the Conservative Party leadership. Could he win?

Inside the Week That Broke British Politics

Few observers of British politics have lived through a week like this one

UK Labour 'not overrun' by anti-Semitism

Inquiry into allegations of anti-Semitism in UK's Labour comes as MPs attempt to oust party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Egypt's Sisi celebrates Morsi's ouster

Sisi declares the ouster of Egypt's first democratically-elected president a national holiday with lavish celebrations.

Thousands of Americans to stage anti-bigotry rally

American Muslims to be joined by interfaith leaders in a stand against gun violence, bigotry and "extremism".

Brazil's Undeclared War On Its Black Children

"Everyone for Biel. Justice, justice." This was the chant repeated by the friends and family of 11 year-old Waldik Gabriel Silva Chagas, all the way to his five-foot-long casket. It was surrounded by white and yellow flowers. We could...Show More Summary

Seeing Past The Illusion Of Separation

An Istanbul airport attacked, many souls have gone on... when will this end? How many times will we hear the same story in a different setting? I woke up to hear yet another story of bombings and lives lost. A series of deadly explosions...Show More Summary

A Wonderful World

I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself What a wonderful world. - Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World Race relations were tense in the United States when this song was first released. Show More Summary

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