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‘NYT’ piece on nationalism as a cause for ethnic cleansing leaves out the Nakba

Amanda Taub's smart piece in the NYT on ethnic cleansing as an inevitable consequence of national "self-determination" cites examples of Rohingya, Roma, Jews and Muslims. The glaring omission is the Nakba, the expulsion of 700,000+ Palestinians during the creation of Israel. Show More Summary

Toilet Clogs in Geneva Had Unlikely Source

Some $120,000 has gone down the drain in Switzerland—literally. Prosecutors say 500-euro bank notes were found stuffed in a toilet serving a vault containing safe deposit boxes at Geneva's USB bank back in May, per Bloomberg. A few days later, per Reuters, 500-euro notes, which "had probably been...

Trump Has New Message at UN for N. Korea's 'Rocket Man'

President Trump delivered his first-ever speech to the full UN General Assembly Tuesday, and he didn't mince words about North Korea. The North's nuclear arsenal threatens the "entire world," he said, and if the US must defend itself or an ally, "we will have no choice but to totally destroy...

Hurricane Maria pounds Caribbean, targets U.S. islands

Public safety chief in Puerto Rico issues ominous warning as powerful storm slams Caribbean

Calls for more security after series of rapes in Italy

Far-right parties gain traction claiming link between immigrants and crime as Rome’s mayor demands increased police patrols

World War I submarine found with bodies inside

Belgian officials report "quite amazing" find: a century-old sunken sub on the floor of the North Sea

Like I was saying: Tactical nukes are on the table for use against North Korea

Here’s an exchange Defense Secretary James Mattis had with reporters yesterday about tactical nuclear weapons.

‘Vietnam’ Episode 3: Casting the die

Episode 3 forgets how the U.S. neglected greater cooperation with South Vietnam at great cost.

Mea Culpa: I Said Trump and Bibi Would Blow Up

But eight months in, the U.S. president is still playing nice with Israel — thanks to a moribund peace process.

Here Is What You Need to Know about the U.S. Navy's Newest Ship

Dave Majumdar Security, North America The future USS Portland is the eleventh San Antonio-class ship built for the service. Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) has delivered the U.S. Navy newest amphibious assault ship, the future USS Portland (LPD-27). Show More Summary

Why were 39 Burundian refugees shot dead in the Congo?

There are various accounts of Friday's protest, in which a 10-year-old girl was among those killed. Here's what we know.

Hurricane Maria Dominica Photos: Historically Strong Storm Causes 'Widespread Devastation'

As of Tuesday morning, Maria was located about 85 miles west of Guadeloupe and 170 miles southeast of St. Croix.

US colleges under the spectre of sexual assault

Betsy DeVos' move to rescind Obama era Title IX guidelines raise concerns rape survivors will fall back into silence.

Regional implications of the Kurdish independence vote

Iraqi Kurdistan's neighbours will not allow the upcoming referendum to trigger wholesale changes in the regional order.

The very least the UK owes the Rohingya is protection

Blame for the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in Myanmar is very easily traceable to British Colonial times.

This Is What the Russian Army Will Look Like in 2030

Kyle Mizokami Security, Europe Maybe.  Twenty-four feet long and weighing 8,400 pounds, Iskander is carried and launched from an 8×8 armored vehicle. Iskander can carry a munition payload of 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, including high-explosive, submunition or fuel-air explosive warheads. Show More Summary

The 5 Weapons Russia Would Use to Win a War Against America

Dave Majumdar Security, Could it happen?  As an air-superiority fighter, the Su-35’s major advantages are its combination of high altitude capability and blistering speed—which allow the fighter to impart the maximum possible amount of launch energy to its arsenal of long-range air-to-air missiles. Show More Summary

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