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A Somali in America

The story of Ali, a young Somali refugee in the US, who's now re-assessing his new life under the Trump presidency.

Iran: After the protests

Filmmaker Manon Loizeau secured unique access to young Iranians who took to the streets after disputed 2009 elections.

Restored shrine at Jesus's tomb reopens in Jerusalem

Inauguration ceremony of newly renovated shrine marks the completion of a nine-month project.

Martin McGuinness: Terrorist or Peacemaker?

The ex-IRA commander, who eventually played a key role in the Northern Irish peace process, is still dividing opinion.

Are refugees in Europe facing a mental health crisis?

Already traumatised by loss and conflict, stranded refugees face further trauma without mental healthcare.

Are past ties between India and Palestine being eroded?

As India and Israel become closer, Palestinians in India say they hope New Delhi will continue to support their cause.

Thailand's coin-eating turtle dies two weeks after surgery

Tourists in eastern Thailand used to toss coins at a green sea turtle that lived in a pond in eastern Thailand, wishing for luck and longevity. But swallowing the shiny tidbits turned out to be a death sentence for the reptile. After having nearly a thousand coins removed from its stomach in a...

Army chief: Time to prepare for urban war

The U.S. Army needs to better prepare to fight in megacities, said Gen. Mark Milley, the service’s chief of staff, on Tuesday.

A classic book revisited: Acheson’s ‘Present at the Creation’ reminds us of how our government should work

Dean Gooderham Acheson, the son of Canadian immigrants, graduate of Groton, Yale, and Harvard Law, was probably the most consequential American diplomat of the twentieth century.

Trump’s America First Budget Puts Africa Last

Slash-and-burn cuts to the State Department and USAID would deepen the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

SitRep: Exclusive: Kushner Leaning on Allies; Ex-Trumper Manafort’s Plans for Putin; Tillerson Didn’t Want SecState

ISIS Summit Hits D.C.; North Korea Launches Another Missile; Russians Down in Syria; Israel prepares for Evacuations; And Lots More

Israel's human rights spies: Manipulating the discourse

Revelations about Israel's infiltration of NGOs in the 1970s shocked many, but human rights 'spies' are still out there.

The week's weather in pictures

March signals the change of seasons around the world - and with that a change of weather.

Pink taxi: Women-only service to be launched in Karachi

New service aims to protect female customers from harassment, but some believe it's not a budget-friendly initiative.

'Breakthrough' N. Korea Missile Launch Fails

North Korea's latest missile launch appeared to have ended in a failure on Wednesday, three days after the North claimed a major breakthrough in its rocket development program. Seoul's Defense Ministry said it was analyzing what type of missile was launched from the eastern coastal town of Wonsan but gave...

North Korea 'fails' in new missile test: South

South Korean and US officials say they have detected a failed missile launch attempt by North Korea.

N. Korea attempted missile launch, S. Korea says

Earlier this month, North Korea fired four ballistic missiles that flew about 620 miles on average

Ten arrested in wine and cheese bust

Ten people were arrested in northern Italy on Monday in what officials are calling "Operation Wine and Cheese." Officials hoped to break up a gang that stole more than $250,000 in fine wines and gourmet cheeses since 2015. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has more on the heists.

Neil Gorsuch says he is no 'rubber stamp'

Neil Gorsuch responds to Democratic senators questioning whether he would be willing to hold the president accountable.

How the U.S. Military Can Pushback Against China's Most Dangerous Weapon: Missile Swarms

Harry J. Kazianis Security, Asia What can Washington do?  Protecting the aircraft is just a first step. Combat aircraft sortie generation can be thought of as an industrial process with the airfield as a “sortie factory.” The factory...Show More Summary

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