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Germany: Dresden mosque bombed in 'xenophobic' attack

Blasts at mosque and convention centre overshadow events marking the 10th anniversary of the German Islam Conference.

Three Questions Facing the Mosul Operation

Daniel R. DePetris Security, Middle East How Mosul will be governed after ISIL is just as important as whether or not it is defeated in the first place Two years ago, the Islamic State was on the warpath. The jihadist group, treatedShow More Summary

Once Upon a Time, Another Tycoon Stole the GOP

But unlike Donald Trump, Wendell Willkie was a powerful proponent of internationalism and America’s role as a global steward.

Living Dangerously: Egypt's Unfinished Revolution

"The revolution will begin and I know you won't want to miss it," Mohamed whispered, urging me to go to Tahrir Square. It was January 5, 2011 and Mohamed, whom I'd first met as a 12-year-old in 1993, when he'd visited me at my office in downtown Cairo to appeal to me to take him with me to Bosnia, was on the other end of the telephone line. Show More Summary

When You Make A Deal With The Devil

This week, President Barak Obama made his final speech to the United Nations General Assembly and overall it was a very good one. In his well-written address, President Obama articulated both the socio-economic successes and struggles...Show More Summary

At least 12 Afghan soldiers die in 'insider attack'

Taliban claims responsibility for incident involving two colleagues assisting attackers in killing their comrades.

Are presidential debates important?

US presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take part in their first televised debate

Does Russia Have a South China Sea Problem?

Carlyle A. Thayer Security, Asia Russian and Chinese interests always aren’t congruent.  At the G20 Hangzhou summit earlier this month, China made clear that Russian president Vladimir Putin was a top guest. Both China and Russia claim...Show More Summary

After Burkini Bans, France Moves to Open Nudist Park in Paris

Burkinis might be a threat to public order, but nudist camps? Those are just fine.

Iran's Ahmadinejad rules out another presidential bid

Two-term president and former Tehran mayor says he is bowing to the advice of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Top 5 Naval Battles and 5 Most Lethal Battleship Battles of All Time

TNI Staff Security, The most lethal combination on the water.  Fighting on the water for trade routes, territory or plain power and glory is as old a concept as there is when it comes to war.  Naval powers have also used various types...Show More Summary

Teen Boy Tries to Impress Girl, Falls 23 Stories From Balcony

A 16-year-old boy who set out to impress a girl probably did not accomplish his intended goal. The Siberian teen climbed over the railing and swung from a 23rd floor-balcony... and ended up falling to the ground, all in an attempt to impress a girl who was in the Novosibirsk...

China’s Internet Is Incensed by Gangsta Rap

Two years ago the rapper YG released a song with lyrics targeting Chinese neighborhoods for burglary. Now the Chinese internet is outraged.

Coming to America: the Most Beloved Chinese Novel Ever Written

But is it possible to translate 'Dream of the Red Chamber' for U.S. audiences without ruining it?

Debate Gaffes, Platitudes and Absurdities On National Security

On nuclear weapons, war strategy and cyber threats, Trump stumbled and Clinton avoided specifics

Syrian troops launch major ground assault for Aleppo

After massive aerial bombardment, Syrian forces mobilise for ground operation to "wipe out" rebels and retake key city.

9 out of 10 people breathing excessive air pollution

The World Health Organization warns that poor countries are getting worse, not better, when it comes to addressing air quality

Latvia Removes Soviet Sailor Monuments for ‘Public Safety’

The Latvian government has finalized the removal of a monument to Soviet sailors, deeming it a safety hazard, despite Russia’s objections, according to Baltic news site Delfi. The monument to 26 Soviet sailors who died in northern Latvia during World War II was installed in the city of Limbazi in 1974, while Latvia was still part of the Soviet Union. Show More Summary

Domestic Violence Against South Asia's 'Disposable Women'

Some British Asian men are using their wives as domestic slaves, marrying them for financial gain before abandoning them, a report has found. Shedding light on the little known phenomenon of transnational marriage abandonment, the study,...Show More Summary

Human intestines found in luggage by customs

A woman told police that she had brought the intestines of her dead husband to Austria to have them examined

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