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Torched van of Australian surfers missing in Mexico found

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were traveling from Canada to Mexico in a van to catch waves, and disappeared in cartel-plagued Sinaloa state

Obama, Putin discuss Turkey and Syria at climate summit

The two leaders met on the sidelines of a global climate conference near Paris on Monday

Taxes: best when broad

Here at the ASI we like taxes to be as predictable, as flat, as broad-based and as non-distortionary as possible—not to mention as low as possible. Until we’ve convinced everyone that we don’t really need the government for most of the things they do now, we’re going to need to raise revenue somehow. We want […]

The Energy Revolution: Budgeting Carbon For the Climate

Climate change requires urgent action. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the planet has a carbon budget of 1,000 gigatonnes (Gt) of CO 2 starting from now. If we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we have to stay within this budget. Show More Summary

Loved Ones Fear Burned Van Belongs to Missing Surfers

They were expected to be in Guadalajara, Mexico, by Nov. 21. But the two Australian surfers never arrived. The girlfriends of Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman, both 33, will travel Monday to Culiacan, the capital of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, to help identify two charred bodies reportedly found in...

Texas Threatens to Sue Refugee Resettlement Group

Last week, the Obama administration reminded states they don't have the legal authority to turn away Syrian refugees. But that's not stopping Texas officials from doubling down on efforts to block refugees, and their latest move includes a threatened lawsuit against the Dallas branch of a resettlement group, the Houston...

COP21 Offers an Opportunity to Integrate Water, Climate and Human Development

In Paris, the world will seek -- once again -- an agreement on the future of climate. Yet for a billion of the poorest people in the world, the language of that agreement will not do nearly enough to address the impacts of climate change...Show More Summary

The Ambition of Paris: A Path Toward Clean Economic Growth

The Paris climate talks offer a once in a generation opportunity to send the clear signal: We can build prosperity and support economic growth without carbon polluting the earth, and we must act with urgency because of a volatile, warming planet. I believe political leaders from around the world will rise to this challenge in Paris. Show More Summary

Mass panic as Kenyan university stages 'terror' drill

Simulation of attack on Nairobi's Strathmore University leaves several injured and many angry about a lack of warning.

Meet the Iranians turned away by Macedonia

Macedonia border closures have left thousands of asylum seekers stranded amid harsh weather.

Pope in Africa: Christians and Muslims Are ‘Brothers and Sisters’

The pope visited an enclave of the Central African Republic capital where 15,000 Muslims are trapped.

'Grow Heathrow' community resists airport expansion

Environmental activists say runway expansion would make for 'the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the country'.

Algeria: The curse of falling oil prices

We look at Algeria's reliance on its oil sector and what can be done to diversify its economy.

Meet Denmark's First 100% Renewable-Energy Island

Denmark and the island of Samso is the "Go To" destination for the world to learn about the successful transition to the low-carbon economy. In 1995, at COP 3 in Kyoto, Denmark, Sweden and Germany agreed to cut CO2 emissions at that time by 21%. Show More Summary

I'm Fighting For You

Dear Grandchildren: I can only imagine the wonderful world you are growing up in. I think of that world -- your future -- almost every day. I think about how to make sure it is a place where all your hopes and dreams can come true. A...Show More Summary

Only A Just And Strong Climate Deal Can Avert Disaster

The international climate summit in Paris is widely seen as our last chance to prevent climate change wreaking a terrible toll on global lives and livelihoods. As we rapidly approach the tipping point beyond which climate change mayShow More Summary

U.S. Embassy in Kabul warns of imminent attack

Americans in Afghan capital urged to use extreme caution for the next two days after election official targeted in suicide attack

U.N. Study: Dating Apps Increase HIV Risk For Asia’s Teens

While HIV infection rates are falling globally, in Asia and the Pacific region infections among 10-19 year-olds have increased.

Israel convicts Swedish-Palestinian-Lebanese national over spying for Hezbollah

An Israeli court convicted on Sunday a Swedish national of Palestinian-Lebanese descent for spying for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Following plea bargaining with the prosecution, Hassan Khalil Hizran, 55, was found guiltyShow More Summary

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