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Belgians to Donald Trump: 'We Love Our Hellhole'

The U.S. president arrived in the Belgian capital Wednesday, greeted by protests.

NATO troop increase plan draws criticism in Afghanistan

NATO set to discuss sending more soldiers to Afghanistan, but many in Kabul fear such a move could prolong war.

Italy's pollution-eating cement

In Milan, earthrise meets the engineers who created a special kind of cement that cleans the air.

Turning CO2 into stone in Iceland

One geothermal power plant in Iceland is taking its green credentials to new levels.

Air: Changing the Atmosphere

earthrise looks at some high-tech innovations that help clean the air.

21 Killed as Militants Besiege Philippine City

Army tanks packed with soldiers have rolled into a southern Philippine city to try to restore control after militants linked to ISIS launched a violent siege. Thousands of civilians have been fleeing Marawi, a city of some 200,000 people, the AP reports. At least 21 people have died in...

Tunisian businessmen arrested in 'war on corruption'

Those detained are accused of corruption and helping finance protest movements linked to economic frustrations.

Iceland's glacier guides: Tourism under climate change

Popular glaciers are melting so fast that guides are being forced to constantly reinvent how they carry out tours.

Afghan plane forced to fly back after MPs miss flight

MPs deny involvement, but aviation bosses open probe after Bamiyan-bound plane is forcefully diverted back to Kabul.

Trump budget cut would make UN work 'impossible'

Proposed cuts would severely impact the world body's ability to continue its work, a spokesman for the UN chief says.

NATO to 'formally join' anti-ISIL coalition

Member states of military alliance are set to officially join a US-led coalition fighting ISIL, diplomatic sources say.

Manchester attack probe widens with arrests in Libya

Bomber's father detained in Tripoli says 'everything was normal' with his son days before and he didn't belong to ISIL.

Vatican Presses Trump on Climate Change

Pope Francis put climate change on the agenda of his first meeting with President Trump on Wednesday, and the subject is likely to come up again and again in the president’s encounters with other world leaders in the coming days. That could put Mr. Trump on the back foot after what had been an energetic […]

How America Could End Up in an Unexpected War with China

Doug Bandow Security, Asia The Chinese are prepared to yield before superior force, but are not prepared to concede that America always will possess that edge. Three decades ago the People’s Republic of China was an economic backwater. Show More Summary

Is the U.S. Navy Dying?

Dave Majumdar Security, Thanks to the U.S. Congress, that is the question.  The United States Navy is in a dire situation when it comes to the readiness of its aircraft, ships and submarines. The blame for the situation can be laid directly at the feet of the U.S. Show More Summary

Georgia Wants Reassurance That America Will Help Deter Russia

Kenneth Yalowitz, William Courtney Security, Eurasia Georgians worry that Washington is averting its gaze, or might cut a deal with Moscow at their expense. Georgia and America are celebrating twenty-five years of diplomatic relations and remarkable partnership. Show More Summary

US warship challenges China's claims in South China Sea

A first under President Trump, USS Dewey cruises past artificial island built by Beijing in move likely to rile China.

America's Most Powerful Aircraft Carrier Ever Is Close to Joining the U.S. Navy

Dave Majumdar Security, But what about the costs?  The new U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford got underway today for her acceptance trails, paving the way for the ship to be formally commissioned into service later this year.Show More Summary

America's Military Is In Danger of Decline (And Trump's New Budget Won't Save It)

Frederico Bartels Security, While this is a $54 billion increase over the spending levels mandated by the 2011 Budget Control Act, it is actually only a timid $16.8 billion (or 3.3 percent) increase over President Barack Obama’s budget...Show More Summary

2018: The Year the U.S. Military Goes "Iron Man"?

Kris Osborn Security, Don't laugh, it could happen.  U.S. Special Operations Command Plans to Have Some Initial TALOS Iron Man suit Prototypes by 2018 U.S. Special Operations Command is making progress researching, developing and testing...Show More Summary

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