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Mahathir Mohamad on corruption and 'saving Malaysia'

We challenge Malaysia's former prime minister, and also debate Ethiopia's treatment of the Oromo people.

Brexit vote leaves progressives suspended between nativists and neoliberals

The lesser-evil choice US progressives face between Trump's nativist populism and Clinton's elitist neoliberalism was played out in the British vote over Brexit. Was it a blow for the working class or a blow against immigrants? And can US progressives make a coalition with populists?

Meeting and greeting the world's young business minds

Global Entrepreneur Summit unites the universal business spirit with investors seeking to better the world.

Hezbollah to send more fighters to Syria's Aleppo

Lebanese ally of Syrian government acknowledges heavy losses but vows to fight on as "retreat is not permissible".

Brexit Should Inspire More European Integration, Not Less

Regretfully, the Brexit results are already proving to be devastating for British businesses and families. What will be the consequences for farmers, traders, industries, and immigrants in the United Kingdom? The Eurozone should take Brexit as a chance to address the madness within its own financial systems. Show More Summary

Shocked Brexit voter: I didn't think my vote "was going to matter"

Brexit vote surprises the world, including some who actually voted for U.K. to leave European Union

Brexit: It's Time London Took Back Control

It didn’t take long after the referendum result was announced for the ScotLond memes to start circulating on social media. By Friday afternoon, a petition calling for London to declare independence had attracted more than 60,000 signatures. Scottish...Show More Summary

World Anti-Doping Agency Suspends Testing Lab in Rio

Due to 'non-conformity with the International Standard for Laboratories'

The U.K.’s Old Decided for the Young in the Brexit Vote

Polls showed that British pensioners were about three times more likely than the youngest voters to want a permanent break with the E.U.

Will house prices fall in the UK and EU after Brexit?

Property price growth is expected to slow in UK and Europe as consumer confidence falls.

South African court blocks Jacob Zuma corruption appeal

The High Court has blocked an appeal by South African President against corruption charges dating back to the 1990s.

The Article 50 Brexit clause explained: the FT’s annotated text

Wondering why there is such a fuss over Article 50, the so-called EU exit clause? We’ve annotated the Article 50 text to explain the issues in full. You can read more about the Brexit divorce talks here and here. Read more

Recognize Responsible Islamic Voices such as the Organization Of Islamic Cooperation

America's relationship with Islam is fraught with tension. Donald Trump doesn't want to let any more Muslims into the U.S. He's not alone. But no one wins if Americans end up fighting an endless war with 1.6 billion people worldwide. Rather, Washington should encourage responsible Islamic voices. Show More Summary

Through Their Voices 2.10: The Teacher's Voice

About Through Their Voices serial stories: Moaddamiyeh has been an early hotspot for anti-Assad demonstrations and the following government oppression. The town has endured the siege of the Assad regime since the end of 2012, and it is one of towns hit by chemical weapons in August 2013. Show More Summary

Israel kills Palestinian woman in occupied West Bank

Israeli soldiers shoot dead woman who allegedly rammed vehicle into a parked car injuring two near a Jewish settlement.

Obama Shares The Blame For Brexit

The process for the disintegration of the European Union has started. The Brexit has set in motion the chain of events that could ultimately spell doom for the once exemplary union of European states. Marine La Pen of the National Front in France has been elated at the exit of the UK. Show More Summary

World Humanitarian Summit: Turning Agreements into Action

Last month, the UN held the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. A huge array of commitments, totaling over 1,500 in number, were made by governments, the UN, and NGOs. Among the most important are the 51 commitments inShow More Summary

After Brexit, could there be Grexit?

Greeks watch closely as Britain votes to leave the EU and contemplate their own future in the union.

Brexit Hangover: A Field Guide for Americans

The political and financial impact of yesterday's "Brexit" vote will have long-lasting and profound implications for the U.S. presidential campaign, for U.S. - European relations, and for Europe itself. Once the Brexit proponents finish downing their champagne, the hangovers will settle in, for certain. Show More Summary

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