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Does Iran have nuclear weapons in N Korea?

Lausanne Talks May Be Camouflage for Iranian Nukes in North Korea – — The Jewish Press (@JewishPress) March 30, 2015 It may be a little late to be bringing up this possibility, but there’s...Show More Summary

China: Uyghur Couple Convicted of Violating “Abnormal Appearances” Rule for Wearing Beard, Burqa

The 38-year-old husband, member of China's Muslim minority Uyghur community, has been sentenced to six years in prison. Online reporting about the case has since been censored.

Yemen Ports Frozen by Saudi-Led Forces: Coalition Rep

The spokesman for the Saudi-led campaign against Yemeni rebels says coalition naval forces have besieged the country's ports. Ahmed Asiri told reporters today that the naval forces are blocking the movement of ships to prevent weapons and fighters from entering or leaving Yemen. Asiri, speaking from the Saudi capital of...

Tyranny of the Majority: Why It's OK Not to Be OK With Israel's New Government

Israel's March 17 election has swept in a new coalition government dominated by the far-right of its already rightward-leaning political spectrum. The vote, and also the unseemly campaigning of the final few days, has stirred no small...Show More Summary

Ten Reasons Why Obama Should Travel to Armenia on April 24

Armenia's President Serzh Sargsyan has invited several world leaders to Yerevan on April 24 to commemorate the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. The Presidents of France, Russia, Poland, Cyprus and Belarus have already accepted Pres. Show More Summary

As the Celebration of Women Moves On, Let's Leave No One Behind

It's an hour-long drive from the chaotic capital city of Managua to the smaller, but no less frenetic town of Jinotepe, Nicaragua. Outside of the city, open fields line each side of the small highway, and volcanoes loom large in the distance. Show More Summary

One dead after car rams gate of NSA headquarters in US

Second person seriously wounded after two men try to a ram vehicle through the gate of security agency at Fort Meade.

Listen: The Washington Report

Talk Radio News Service White House correspondent Victoria Jones talks about the gate attack at the home of the NSA, Iran talks, Hillary Clinton’s call to mend fences with Israel and President Obama’s announced trip to Kenya.

Arab Summit Will Highlight Stark Differences Between the US and Its Main Arab Allies in the Fight Against Extremism

On March 28-29, Egypt will host a two-day Arab Summit, with Arab cooperation in the fight against terrorism high on the agenda. The Egyptian regime has made it clear it will use the occasion to further solidify its alignment with Saudi...Show More Summary

Co-Pilot Lubitz Had Suicidal Tendencies Years Ago

The man thought to have deliberately sent a Germanwings Airbus into the side of a mountain last week was treated for suicidal tendencies for several years before he became a pilot, German prosecutors said today. Andreas Lubitz underwent therapy "with a note about suicidal tendencies," reports the AP. "In the...

After ISIL: What Tikritis found when they came home

With ISIL pushed from the countryside near Tikrit, many locals are returning to find their property destroyed.

News and Search Websites Blocked in Yemen as Conflict Escalates

Several websites, some of which include content critical of the Houthi takeover in Yemen, have been blocked by Yemen's largest ISP.

Love Is All You Need

This post is part of the Relay for Kids in partnership with SOS Children's Villages. Each time you share this post, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per action) to support children worldwide affected by crisis. Scroll to the bottomShow More Summary

Is China's Economy Doomed?

Stephen Grenville Economics, Asia China's shadow-banking system could be its weakness. There has been much fretting about China's growth over the past five years. One special focus for hand-wringing has been the Chinese financial system...Show More Summary

Christian footballer kicking down barriers in Pakistan

Minorities are often targetted in Pakistan but a Christian girl from Karachi ended up playing football for the country.

George Soros: I'll Invest $1B in Ukraine if West Gets Involved

It's time for the West to push for more private investment in the Ukraine, says billionaire George Soros, and he's ready to put his money where his mouth is. "The West can help Ukraine by increasing attractiveness for investors. A political risk insurance is necessary," Soros told Austria's Der Standard...

200 protesters in Nabi Saleh are met with rubber-coated bullets, then live ammunition

About 60 Israeli soldiers and police rained tear gas on 200 unarmed and unoffending protesters in Nabi Saleh today in commemoration of Land Day. Then the forces shot rubber-coated steel bullets, and live ammunition

Clinton and Cruz both betrayed Obama’s foreign policy yesterday

Hillary Clinton throws Obama's foreign policy under the bus, making a call to a leading rightwing Israel supporter Sunday to say that she wants to put the relations between the countries back on a constructive track. Not a word in the Times about her fundraising concerns.

Obama to visit Kenya

The White House has Confirmed Barack Obama will be visiting Kenya this July. Details here: — ChimpReports (@ChimpReports) March 30, 2015 He’s been there before, as a senator. But never as president. Show More Summary

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