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Sig Sauer P226: The Navy's SEALs' Gun of Choice (Soon to Be Replaced By Glock)

Kyle Mizokami Security, While Mk. 25s will carry on, the SEALs will gradually replace them with newer Glocks. Sig Sauer had a good quarter-century run arming America’s naval commandos, and now the torch is passed to Glock. The SEALs put in an initial request for eight hundred P226s and the first pistols, officially named Mk. Show More Summary

Left-Right Coalition Would Be Best Outcome for Italy

A grand coalition, with Antonio Tajani as prime minister, would be the best outcome for Italy.

Israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war that could lead to world war — Lawrence Wilkerson

War with Iran could "perhaps terminate the experiment that is Israel and do irreparable damage to the empire that America has become," Col. Lawrence Wilkerson warns, but Israel is trying to "suck" America in to such a conflict, with Senator Chris Coons of Delaware providing militarist propaganda worthy of the Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

How 6 Torpedoes (And A Fatal Design Flaw) Sunk an Aircraft Carrier

Robert Beckhusen Security, Seven hours later, Taiho blew up and sank, taking with her 1,650 sailors and dozens of aircraft. Five hundred sailors survived. Either way, Taiho would be more advanced — and beautiful — than any Japanese carrier...Show More Summary

Trump Launches Trade War, Berlusconi Confirms Tajani Candidacy

Donald Trump announces tariffs for aluminum and steel. Silvio Berlusconi names his candidate for prime minister.

Israeli army’s lies can no longer salvage its image

It is has been a very bad week for those claiming Israel has the most moral army in the world. Here’s a small sample of abuses of Palestinians in recent days in which the Israeli army was caught lying.

5 Best Guns for Defending Your Home (Glock and Beretta Made the Cut)

Kyle Mizokami Security, What firearm would you choose?  New for 2018, Ruger’s PC (pistol caliber) carbine looks to be an excellent choice for home defense, combining the best attributes of a handgun and a long gun in a home-defense weapon. Show More Summary

Learning the Wrong Lesson from Weimar

It's not the size of the state that matters, but the willingness of state actors to defend their independence.

AIPAC panics over progressives abandoning Israel

The Israel lobby group AIPAC kicked off its annual policy conference in Washington on the weekend, and speaker after speaker expressed fears that progressive Democrats are abandoning Israel. The speakers urged progressives to stay in the bipartisan fold of support for the Jewish state; they insisted that Israel is a progressive cause. Show More Summary

China Wants the Most Powerful Military on the Planet by 2050. And They Might Pull It Off.

Adam Ni Security, Chinese scientists are also working to develop revolutionary technologies that would change the way wars are fought – and the way we live. Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to transform China’s military into the world’s most powerful force by 2050. Show More Summary

As anti-Muslim riots flare in Sri Lanka, government blocks social media

Anti-Muslim rioting flared anew Wednesday in the hills of central Sri Lanka despite a state of emergency, residents said, as the government ordered popular social media networks blocked to stop the violence from spreading. The police also ordered a curfew across much of the region for a third straight...

Avraham Burg speaks at Temple Israel in Boston

There was no political opposition to Avraham Burg's message of equal rights in Israel and Palestine at Temple Israel in Brookline, and that's bad news. The political winds are blowing in such an opposite direction in the U.S. and Israel right now that those who object to his message don't believe he is even worth pushing back at.

The Russian Military Wants Students to Design Its New Underwater Super Weapon

Samuel Bendett Security, Think UUVs.  In recent years, Russian Federation borrowed one great idea from the United States — creating a federally funded center for breakthrough and innovating technologies. The Foundation of Advanced Studies...Show More Summary

Russian cargo plane crashes in Syria, 32 dead

A Russian military cargo plane crashed as it was descending to land at an air base in Syria on Tuesday, killing all 32 people onboard, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The Russian military said the An-26, with 26 passengers and six crew members onboard, crashed just 1,600 feet from the runway....

West Bank village Bil’in marks 13th anniversary of nonviolent resistance against the Wall

IMEMC reports: On Friday, March 2 dozens of Palestinians, accompanied by Israeli and international peace activists, marched in Bil'in village marking the 13th anniversary of ongoing popular nonviolent resistance against the illegal Israeli Annexation Wall.

North Korea willing to hold denuclearization talks with U.S., South says

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has agreed to hold a landmark summit meeting with South Korea's president next month and impose a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests if his country holds talks with the United States, a senior South Korean official said Tuesday. Chung Eui-yong, South Korea's...

‘Israel-related censorship’ on Upper West Side is deplored by 40 Jews, including Beinart, Hirschmann, Peratis, Zellner

It is "shameful" and "unacceptable," that on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a book store, Book Culture, was coerced into signing a political statement opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) targeting Israel in order to participate in a bookfair at a leading synagogue. Show More Summary

Judge, police help oust Trump Hotels from Panama property 

Escorted by police officers and a Panamanian judicial official, the owners of the Trump Panama City hotel have taken control of the property. A team of Trump Organization security officials abandoned the area Monday. The action by Panama's government resolves a 12-day standoff between President...

Seoul envoys to meet North Korea's Kim during Pyongyang trip

Envoys for South Korean President Moon Jae-in planned to meet Monday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the start of a rare two-day visit to Pyongyang that's expected to focus on how to ease a standoff over North Korea's nuclear ambitions and restart talks between Pyongyang and Washington....

A minister comes out

WHEN Edgars Rink?vi?s, Latvia’s foreign minister, came out as gay last week, he had a good sense of the political and cultural minefield he was stepping into. “All hell is likely to break loose, but #proudtobegay”, his Latvian coming-out tweet concluded. The English-language version was shorter, and actually featured a typo.

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