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Five Reasons the Paris Conference Failed

As we said repeatedly in the build-up to Sunday's gathering in Paris of representatives of 70 countries to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian issue, AJC has long supported the search for an enduring peace agreement between Israel and the...Show More Summary

Davos Elites Struggle to Respond to Global Populism Movement

World Economic Forum meets amid protectionist movements around the globe, from Trump to Brexit and beyond.

China Is Now Teaching Its 'Effeminate' Boys to Man Up

China is concerned that its boys are becoming too "effeminate"—a problem some believe could lead not only to social issues, but also snowball into a national security problem. The country's solution: giving boys more to read in the form of a masculinity-promoting book called Little Men, aimed for use...

When 13 masked soldiers break into a Palestinian house at night, grandparents wake the children

Shafiqa Juma'a, 80, sleeps with her grand-daughters in house in occupied Kafr Qaddum, Palestine. When masked Israeli soldiers raid in the middle of the night to prevent demonstrations by the village, Juma'a must wake her grandchildren, so that the guns don't. A staggering report by Amira Hass.

Davos forum's founder: "Listen to the populists"

Elites behind annual World Economic Forum are reaching out to populist pols who've ridden wave of discontent among masses

Sinai residents accuse state of extrajudicial killings

Ministry labels 10 slain youths "terrorists" but El Arish residents vow to "bring to justice all those who killed" them.

Who speaks for Palestine?

Last gasp effort for the two-state solution leaves Palestinians out in the cold.

After Falling Ill, Family Learns New House Was a Meth Lab

There's a reason people cleaning up former meth labs only enter in head-to-toe protection: the environments are extremely toxic, and drug residues can linger on porous and non-porous surfaces alike for months and even years. That's according to a case study published in a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

Palestine: Growing Recognition

Amid efforts to bring the issue back to the negotiating table, 137 UN member nations have recognised State of Palestine.

Jordan pro-reform group decries arrests

Lawyers say activists held in "political witch-hunt" but government says arrest warrants were issued for incitement.

Paper compares Trump inauguration to “The Twilight Zone”

Friday’s inauguration broadcast described by Glasgow Sunday Herald's TV critic as launch of a “nightmarish” interactive virtual reality project

Serbia strikes war-like tone with Kosovo over train row

Center of a late-90s international conflict sees tensions flare up again with heated threats from the Serbian president

'Shelling kills civilians' in Syria's Wadi Barada area

Monitoring group says seven dead in government assault on village in contested valley which supplies water to Damascus.

Francois Hollande: Two-state solution is the only way

French president tells representatives from 70 countries it is up to Palestinian and Israeli leaders to achieve peace.

Beijing again dismisses Trump’s China policy suggestion

The president-elect again hinted he might scrap official recognition of China's dominion over Taiwan, prompting a curt reply from Beijing

Russia-US ties hard to mend, interests differ sharply

BY VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV MOSCOW – The Kremlin hopes that Donald Trump will move to improve badly strained Russia-U.S. ties once he takes office. Relations between Moscow and Washington are at their lowest point since the Cold War amid the Ukrainian crisis, the war in Syria and other issues. It would be challenging to reach common […]

Kremlin blasts Obama in distinctly undiplomatic language, counts days to Trump’s inauguration

BY VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV Exulted by Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S., the Kremlin is counting the days to his inauguration and venting its anger at Barack Obama’s outgoing administration, no holds barred. Careful not to hurt chances for a thaw in U.S.-Russia relations, President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials have deferred questions about their plans […]

Bahrain executes 3 Shi’ites for killing 3 policemen. Iran, Hezbollah condemn move

Bahrain on Sunday executed three Shi’ite Muslim men convicted of killing three policemen in a 2014 bomb attack, the first such executions in over two decades, drawing condemnation from foreign officials including Shi’ite power Iran and Hezbollah Activists in the Sunni-ruled, Western-allied kingdom reacted with rage, calling it a “black day” and posting images of […]

Trump’s Cabinet Of Terror: Let Us Explain To You What These Foul Creatures Really Think

We watched or combed through the transcript of every confirmation hearing for Donald Trump’s cabinet picks this past week to bring you this explainer that is sure to make your knees buckle and induce nausea. This is not for the faint of liberal hearts. Show More Summary

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