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Bahrain ramps up opposition chief Ali Salman's sentence

Sheikh Ali Salman's jail term increased to nine years from original four on charges of incitement against government.

Thanks for the memories, Stephen Harper

As former PM Stephen Harper quits parliament, his legacy is more of a gift to Conservatives than to Canadians.

Aid & development links: Aust vs NZ largesse, babies doing well, girls badly done by and more

The World Humanitarian Summit took place in Istanbul last week. The ODI provides a good primer. Médecins Sans Frontières stole the headlines for pulling out of the event, a decision which its Australian executive director justifies here. Show More Summary

Mexico footballer Alan Pulido rescued after kidnapping

Pulido, a striker on Greece's Olympiakos team, was kidnapped on Sunday in his home in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

An Introduction to Trumpology

We need to study Donald Trump with the same precision that European and American Orientalists have studied their Orient.

Japanese Boy Left in Woods as Punishment Disappears

Rescuers are scouring bear-infested woods in northern Japan for a little boy who was abandoned by his parents as punishment. Police say that the parents of 7-year-old Yamato Tanooka reported the boy missing on Saturday but initially lied to investigators, claiming he had vanished while they were picking wild vegetables,...

Bleaching is Killing a Third of Coral in the Great Barrier Reef’s North

This is the third and most extreme mass bleaching event in 18 years to strike the Great Barrier Reef

Islamic conversion and custody conundrum in Malaysia

Child custody and conversions put Islamic and civil courts at odds with non-Muslims on the losing end of rulings.

Iraqi army launches assault against ISIL in Fallujah

Special forces enter "third phase" in fight to liberate the central city from ISIL, as 50,000 people remain trapped.

The Jerusalem bookseller targeted by Israel

Stripped of their rights, the last wall of Palestinian resistance is culture, says owner of a Jerusalem bookshop.

Bleaching kills off 'third of Great Barrier Reef coral'

Surveys say around 35 percent of the coral in northern and central sections of the Great Barrier Reef are dead or dying.

Foreign policy fault lines

It’s trite but true to say that all politics is local. Foreign policy rarely gets a look in at election time in Australia. Moreover, the conventional view is that the divisions between the two major parties on foreign policy questions...Show More Summary

Masih's story: An Afghan filmmaker fleeing the Taliban

How one Afghan went from working on an Academy Award-nominated film to a crowded refugee camp in Berlin.

Crocodile snatches Australian woman during night swim

Woman missing after crocodile attack during night swim in waist-deep water in Queensland state's Daintree National Park.

On Memorial Day, US Troops at War with ISIL near Mosul

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – On Memorial Day, it is as well to remember that US troops are still at war. Afghanistan is our nation’s longest such military…

The South China Sea: Next Stop the UN Security Council?

All the signs indicate that China is preparing to reject the anticipated adverse judgment of the Permanent Court of Arbitration on the South China Sea. The Philippines is arguing that China is acting illegally in exploiting resources...Show More Summary

US election: Libertarians choose candidate Gary Johnson

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson hopes unfavourability of Clinton and Trump will boast his third party bid.

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